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Good bar near Trafalgar Square? Preferably with a pool table

2 answers
0       I've had a look and there is one close, still a bit of a walk though. Try Riley's you can find the directions here - I hope that helps

Jayden    |   


Trafalgar square is a very lively area at all times of the day and night and there is no shortage of bars. The best bars with a pool table in the Trafalgar Square area are:

  • Rileys Sports Bar Haymarket: This is a bar that is part of a chain and features a pool table, dartboard and bingo machines.
  • The Billiard Room at the Sanderson Hotel: The bar is a classy one and features 1950s style interiors and an antique silver-leafed billiard table.
  • Greenwood: Located in the Victoria area, this spacious bar offers multiple pool tables, large tv screens and all your favorite drinks served in this popular venue.
  • Ludgate Hill Club room: If you are located near St. Paul’s then this bar is a great place to check out. They offer pool tables and craft beers to suit every taste.
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