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I am moving to France in September this year. Any tips for an expat moving to France?

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Benjamin    |   


Hello Ryan. Great to know you are relocating to France. Moving to a new country is not as simple as it might sound. There are a lot of things you need to straighten out and plan beforehand. The new culture, language and environment needs a lot of patience to adjust in. I have a few things on my priority list here. Do take a look:

International packers and movers: There are always a lot of personal belongings one would wish to take along with them while relocating to a new country. Shifting the entire bag and baggage on your own often sounds easy and budget friendly, but it isn’t. The idea of making frequent international trips back and forth will obviously not work here. The best way to bring all your important stuff with you is to hire one of those international packers and movers. Check Angloinfo, they provide services across UK, US and Europe.

Ensure your French Visa is in place: do make sure you have all the French Visa formalities completed before you can relocate to France. Do you belong to UK? If you belong to UK or any other European country, you might not need a French Visa. Check the French Government website for rules on French Visa requirement.

Language and etiquette: learning the language of the country you are moving to is one of the basic preparations you can start with. French isn’t that tough to acquire. There are plenty of online options where you can learn some basic French language skills. Check out the YouTube videos like FrenchPod101 or Enjoy Phoenix.

Hope this helps! 


Amelia    |   


I agree with what he is saying. There is another side to a work permit in France. If you are a scientist, researcher or teacher, who will be working here for less than 90 days in, you need your employer to get you a temporary work permit.

If you are from the EU, or EEA or Switzerland, you would need a short stay work Visa from your French employer. Citizens of those countries who are recognised under the Visa Waiver category of France do not require a Visa for France but they need a valid work permit from their employer.

You can check the countries under the Visa Waiver category on


Gore    |   


Bonjour! Do you have a work permit for France? I do hope you plan to work here once you get to France. If you belong to the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland, you don’t need to fret as you do not require a work permit in this case. Citizens or nationals of any other country would need a work authorisation from the French authorities.

Your employer in France should arrange a French work permit before you apply for a French Visa or residency. Do check the immigration website for France. It might help.


Beatrix    |   


Hey Ryan. Most of the information that has been shared by some of the good Samaritans above is essential no doubt, however, let me add one more significant point here. Health insurance is the most important step to consider when settling abroad in any country be it France or US or any other place for that matter.

Once you move to France, you would be required to get yourself medically insured. It’s called the ‘Security Socaile’ in France. You will have to get yourself registered at the Caissi Primaire’d Assurance Maladie before you can use the French health system.

In case if you don’t qualify for it you could always get one of those private health insurances done.

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