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Coventry Cathedral

There are three Coventry Cathedrals. This is for the ruins of the St Michael’s Cathedral that was bombed during the Second World War. Offering visitors a sober view of the consequences of war and an enthralling image that will be hard to forget, this is ideal for the inner history buff. With a searing spire that rises to 90 metres, you’ll feel humbled by the experience. You can also see the new St Michael’s Cathedral that was built after the war, and retains a spire, while respectfully ensuring it doesn’t top the original.

Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

A vast selection of galleries and exhibitions grace this popular attraction. With free admission and plenty to marvel at, this museum is the ideal day out after a long week of work and meetings. You may also find the a talk and event that takes your fancy.

Belgrade Theatre

Enriching the local community with excitement and imagination, the Belgrade Theatre hosts a variety of shows that can liven up your evening and leave you laughing, crying and applauding. The events cost a modest amount and are a great addition to your evening. Make sure you attend at least one show to witness the joy Coventry’s largest theatre brings to the community.

Ricoh Arena

The home ground of Coventry FC and Wasps RFC, the Ricoh Arena is an international destination for business, entertainment and sport. A whole array of events are hosted throughout the year from music concerts, conferences, exhibitions and sports fixtures. Prices vary depending on the event but either way you’ll be left in a state of euphoria. Book your event ticket now to avoid disappointment.

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