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This commercial modern metropolis of Texas is all about, lots and lots of art, its rich history, Kennedy, business opportunities, and believe it or not, a lot of flowers. Our exclusive furnished apartments in Dallas range offer top-notch accommodation standards and facilities to welcome guests, families, and business enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Some of Our Best Picks of Furnished Apartments in Dallas Include:

From free Wi-Fi to walk-in closets, spacious working kitchens with coffee machines and microwaves to charming balconies, you must expect to see a very elaborate home-like setup in our serviced apartments in Dallas.

Benefits of Booking Dallas Serviced Apartments

Furnished apartments in Dallas come with a whole backpack of benefits and perks that make it so popular and growingly irresistible among modern travellers. The benefits range from free parking to weekly groceries, luxurious television and entertainment zone to the most comfortable bedding and rich upholstery.

Thanks to our in-house kitchen that comes all prepped with kitchen appliances and groceries, you can enjoy your food cooked by you just the way you like it. This is a feature that makes these furnished apartments in Dallas stand out, particularly for long-term stays. With the exclusive central locations that TheSqua.re rentals offer you access to, you can easily get a taste of the local vibe and lifestyle of Dallas. With proximity to metro stations and other modes of local transportation, you are all set to hop around Dallas and make the most of it right from your doorstep.

Corporate Housing in Dallas

Corporate apartments in Dallas are enjoying a very rapidly growing scene among modern business travellers. As far as small business opportunities are concerned, Dallas enjoys a great rank among the topmost Texas cities offering small business employment. For businesses looking for bigger hunts, our corporate housing in Dallas shares neighbourhoods with over 10 headquarters of some of the most reputed Fortune 500 companies. From IT and finance to telecommunications, no matter what you are here for, our modernly furnished and carefully curated abodes will keep you sorted.

Dallas brims with a lot of romantic spots and attractions that are loved by families. If you wish to bring kids on your work trip, or Texas has called you on a leisurely vacation with friends and family, there is plenty to do here. While you get impressed by your itinerary, our exclusive catalogue of accommodations waits for you back at home for a friendly and sophisticated place you can call home. From a kitchenette to Bluetooth speakers, luxurious flat-screen to a balcony view, the fluffiest mattresses to hit by the night, or an instant dishwasher to help you be at ease with the chores, you must expect a homely welcoming stay in our short term rentals in Dallas with TheSqua.re.

Where to Stay in Dallas

When visiting for the first time, Downtown in Dallas is your best pick for an all-around experience in the heart of city offering everything from rich history to fancy skyscrapers. When travelling with kids and family, Uptown in Dallas can be a very promising choice too. If on a budget, Deep Ellum is a great pick with its night bars and lots of music. If you are into art and all things about art, Bishop Arts District is by far the coolest part of Dallas to consider.

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Things to know before booking serviced apartments in Dallas

More about Dallas

Facts About Dallas

Dallas is a huge part of U.S. history and the world's inventions and affairs. From cheerleading squads to inventing the frozen Margarita machine, Dallas will take you by surprise with some of its most interesting set of facts. You might want to flaunt before your friends after you return from Dallas.

Some of these surprising facts that you must note before flying in are:

  • With 19 blocks of all things art, Dallas Arts District is the largest in the nation.
  • Not Germany but Dallas itself is the home of the world-renowned German chocolates and cakes.
  • The nationwide craze of the State Fair of Texas is a celebration of history because it has been a part of Dallas every year since 1886 (with 5 exceptions).
  • Dallas is the proud originator of professional cheerleading.
  • Dallas is even home to the chain of 7-Eleven and the world-famous pair of Bonnie and Clyde.

Cost of Living in Dallas

With Home prices and living costs quite below the national average here, Dallas becomes quite an affordable choice for travellers to pick. While housing expenses are covered, DART makes transportation quite affordable. Our in-house kitchens take care of your eating expenses but for those lazy meals outside, expect to pay around $15-25 per meal at the local restaurants. Overall, Dallas is pretty inexpensive and travellers on a budget love it.

Tips for Visiting Dallas

Dallas comes with a few tips that can prove very useful to make you adjust to the local vibe and weather conditions here. Some of them to consider are:

  • Don’t base your expectations on the TV shows that have featured Dallas in the past.
  • Do not bring up Fort Worth in conversations but don’t leave any conversation without talking about football.
  • You simply cannot miss the Texas State fair at all costs.
  • Figure out what you can do while stuck in the endless Dallas traffic.
  • Google and ensure to take enough measures to escape or battle Tornadoes and Hailstorms when staying here for long.
  • Pack your formal wear at all costs.

Things to Do in Dallas

Dallas brims with art scenes from head to toe and there cannot be a more impressive itinerary in Texas. One can expect a whole bunch of museums to visit, art galleries to hop to, local markets to hit, and witness big fishes and huge dinosaur skeletons right here. Some of the categories to consider are:

1. What are the most popular things to do in Dallas?

Dallas Zoo, a set of excellent museums, gardens, and especially the calming lakes together make up the popularity chart of Dallas attractions.

2. What are some free things to do in Dallas?

Getting to marvel at and click some stunning pictures amid the Dallas Cattle Drive Sculptures is one of the marvels in Dallas that reflect art and history that too for free. 

3. Does Dallas have many romantic attractions?

Without a doubt, the Botanical Gardens with its unbelievable size of flowerbeds can be a perfect site for proposals. White Rock Lake Park is another very soothing and private place for couples to spend some quality time together.

4. What are the most family-friendly things to do in Dallas?

Museums are a hit with kids so Perot Museum of Nature & Science is a big hit. The Dallas World Aquarium is a magnificent attraction to head to for a very grand yet knowledgeable experience from the aquatic world. 

5. What are the more unusual things to do in Dallas?

Click the most unusual and massive eye installation Downtown and experience the serene beauty of the Thanks-Giving Square, from Adrian E. Flatt’s Hand Collection to endless life-size art installations across Dallas, there is plenty of unusual things to please you.

Places to Visit in Dallas

From tulips and skeletons to books and history, Dallas has something for people of all ages and taste groups. Have an elaborate luxury dinner from over 400 feet to a breathtaking paradise-like garden filled with hundreds and thousands of flowers, our serviced apartments in Dallas are brushed by some of the finest experiences that one can expect. 

Some of the most charming spots neighbouring our exclusive furnished apartments in Dallas are:

  • Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens - A magnificent field of over 66 acres with a whopping 500,000 spring bulbs and Cherry Blossoms all over the place making it one of the most magnificent gardens in the world.
  • Dealey Plaza Museum - This historic site is all about former President John F. Kennedy and his legacy. It is a classic and fascinating place to be if one is inclined toward politics and history.
  • Reunion Tower - Immerse in the breathtaking Dallas skyline with a 360-degree view from this exclusive therefore pricey Dallas landmark. Grab a bite at this enormously tall tower for a one-of-a-kind experience.
  • George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum - A dream for most scholars and lovers of museums, this is a place to visit that offers eclectic experiences to offer in its field. The experience of his 8 years of the journey is immersive and memorable.
  • Perot Museum of Nature and Science - From extensive exhibits to life-size skeletons studying evolution, some very detailed inventions, and scientific investigations to whatnot, this is a science paradise for science lovers.

Places to Eat in Dallas

Start with the most celebrated school-themed restaurant in the North of Dallas named Public School 972 for a very unique experience in gastronomy dipped in nostalgia. Try Zoli’s NY Pizza, Cattleack Barbeque for the city’s favourite bbq, and Grill Preston Royal for TJ’s exclusive seafood. Don’t forget to stop by Jose’s for some Mexican treats and Royal China restaurant or its 40-years old legacy.

Street Food in Dallas

Pulled pork sopes in Oak Cliff to impeccable Mexican tortas, delicious local egg rolls to tons of ice cream kinds, there are a lot of cheap eats to explore around our corporate housing in Dallas. While you are here, don't forget to get your hand on fresh street-style hot dogs and corn sundaes. Garland, Taqueria La Chiquita, Aunt Stelle’s Sno Cone, and The Eggroll House are a bunch of street food heavens to look out for.

Shopping in Dallas

With maximum per capita shopping centers across the U.S Dallas is a dream come true destination for the shopper in you. From the biggest brands at retail prices to 40-70% off on actual prices, you can expect a lot of variety across this handful of luxurious shopping arcades mushroomed across Dallas in all impressive glory.

Some of the best markets and shopping outlets that one must check out here are:

  • NorthPark Center
  • Highland Park Village
  • West Village
  • Galleria Dallas
  • Park Lane
  • Legacy West
  • Willow Bend

Transportation in Dallas

Dallas offers enough ways to travel across the city including four extensive ways of the rail system, buses, and trolleys. Public bus service and Mass Rail Transit are two major modes of travel that locals prefer in Dallas while the M-line trolley is a hit Downtown that one must experience. Getting a monthly pass for $96 could be a convenient option for a longer work stay. It costs $2.50 for a one-way trip which is quite convenient as well.

The most central rail and bus stations near our corporate apartments in Dallas include:

  • Irving Convention Center
  • Las Colinas Urban Centre
  • City Place/Uptown Station
  • McKinney and Blackburn
  • Inwood/Love Field Station
  • Victory Station
  • West End Station
  • Oak Grove
  • Akard

 Weather in Dallas

With windy and bitter winters to hot summers, Dallas varies majorly between 39°F to 96°F all year long. While July is the hottest month of the year, January is the coldest, both of which you should consider avoiding. May to September is the best period to enjoy summer activities, lakesides, and pools here. While these are safe months to consider if you wish to avoid getting wet and spoiling your day outs, avoid getting here between April to October.