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Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most enigmatic cities. A famously liberal centre of art and culture, the Dutch Capital welcomes millions of visitors each year and offers a unique experience within its historic, canal-crossed streets. Apartments to stay in Amsterdam differ in size and location, but all offer advantages over booking into a hotel, as they offer visitors the chance to enjoy the city in the same way the locals do, at their own pace and with their own private accommodation.

The fantastic thing about apartments to stay in Amsterdam is that they also open up the lesser visited areas of the city. Whilst many visitors will want to stay close to the famous sights of De Wallen, many repeat visitors may be looking for a different experience and so might wish to consider choosing somewhere in one of the fashionable suburbs. Regardless of location, Amsterdam apartments guarantee a private environment offering unparalleled comfort and convenience.

Serviced apartments in Amsterdam can also make any trip to the city a more pleasurable experience, thanks simply to the format of the accommodation. As a self-contained living space with dedicated secure access, these properties offer a much higher level of privacy than that of hotels. Nonetheless, they still offer many of the benefits of traditional accommodation, including regular room cleaning and reception services where available. Whatsmore, the inclusion of full kitchen facilities and home entertainment offers much more flexibility when it comes to guests catering and enjoying their stay.

When choosing apartments to stay in Amsterdam, it’s important to consider which area of the city will best suit the requirements of the individual. For example, those looking for the ‘classic’ Amsterdam experience - perhaps visiting for the first time, will more than likely want to stay in the areas within the canal network, such as De Pijp, Grachtengordel and De Wallen. However, Amsterdam Nord and Westerpark are also becoming hugely popular, offering a different experience of the city - and with fewer crowds.

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