Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

From being one of the largest marine ports to being a prominent center of nightlife and entertainment, Amsterdam is one of the most aesthetic cities in the world. With canals running across the city and a plethora of attractions and restaurants adorning it, Amsterdam deserves a long term stay. TheSqua.re has curated serviced apartments in Amsterdam to cater to modern global travelers picking Amsterdam for a vacation or flying here for work purposes. Everyone deserves a warm snuggly place one can call home in a huge city like Amsterdam.

Being a celebrated capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam gives you enough options to choose from. Thanks to the home-like comforts like a warm ambiance, excellent amenities, tight security, and 24/7 availability of our online team, our guests can expect the best living experience with us in Amsterdam. 

Our Best Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

Every urban pad curated by TheSqua.re goes through endless rounds of security and quality checks. Personalized elements that go in every corner of the apartment to make it feel closer to home is what makes us so distinguished at our niche. Our team lays extra emphasis on adding comfort at every step of curating the end-experience for our esteemed guests coming over from across the globe. 

Pictures of families enjoying our in-house kitchens, eating on our dining tables, making the most of their vacation make us so confident in what we do. With every passing year of studying Amsterdam, we aim to help you stay closest to all the seen and unseen fun in our exclusive serviced apartments in Amsterdam. 

Some of our handpicked serviced apartments in Amsterdam include:

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

The kind of facilities that come with TheSqua.re serviced apartments in Amsterdam take every aspect of living into consideration. From living comfort with the right mattresses, air conditioning, availability of all the required furnishings to cooking comforts with modern appliances right in your kitchen. While cleaning and groceries, toiletries, and bills are all taken care of, our service team is always available online for any last moment requirement.

With the easiest modes of booking, transparent affordable prices, direct dealing, unmatched comforts, and a whole responsible team holding everything together, the list of benefits sure goes long. With Wi-Fi routers, Netflix, and flat-screen television sets coming to your rescue, your entertainment is also well-covered.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of surprises. No single neighborhood can give you the complete taste of its variety. While the Central De Pijp lets you make the most of its markets, Westerpark lets you enjoy its lush dense greenery for romantic walks or picnic with kids. Oud-West is full of trendy vibes and fun bars while Buiksloterham awaits you to change your whole perspective of the city with its distinctive side of Amsterdam. After you have made the most of all these appealing sides, head over to De Wallen to see for yourself the shining Amsterdam that a lot of travelers find very fascinating. Such is the range of living experiences that our serviced apartments in Amsterdam can get you closer to.

To help you find the most convenient distances to city attractions, some of the best places to stay here are:

  • Buiksloterham - This is a recently developed cultural epicenter of Amsterdam covering its northern shoreline. If you have traveled to the city before, this neighborhood will surprise you with its distinct experience. It is loved for offering a very unique side of the city. 
  • De Pijp - This is where all the young travelers like to stay in Amsterdam. It is happening, full of markets and other experiences. The Albert Cuyp Market is the star that the neighborhood revolves around. With cozy cafes and a great vibe, this former home of the working class is quite fun to stay in. 
  • Westerpark - Traveling with your kiddos? This is an excellent green choice to pick when thinking about where to stay in Amsterdam. With graceful 20th-century arches, red-brick buildings, and lots of green spaces, this is one of the finest in the city. It is also home to the large city park which makes it picnic perfect.
  • Oud-West - With concert venues, trendy bars, and lots of cozy restaurants adorning it, this neighborhood has a wonderful ambiance to offer. With its wide streets, aesthetic outlook, and foodie hubs, it is just the mix of central and secluded you were looking for.
  • De Wallen - If you are traveling with friends and want to see what the most happening site of Amsterdam looks like, this is the infamous Red Light District to consider for a fascinating living experience. It is a great pick to stay closer to only if you find the vibe of the area interesting enough.

Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

From reliving one of the toughest times in global history at the Anne Frank House to taking interest in the 18th-century marine voyage stories, Amsterdam City adds to your experiences by a huge margin. Learn about art, cinema, history, and so much more within just a few weeks with us. Having a homely place to stay in while you make the most of your holiday makes an unthinkably vast difference in a lot of travel choices. 

Our serviced apartments in Amsterdam offer proximity to the following list of attractions:

  • Anne Frank House - A historic site that deserves your time and attention to every little detail. Reliving the details of WWII might get triggering for some. Re-read your copy of her book to absorb as much as possible.
  • Rijksmuseum - One of the finest museums in all of the Netherlands, marvel at the oldest library here along with an exquisite collection of paintings and dolls from around the world. Don't miss the iconic blue pottery selection here. 
  • The Oude Church - Visit here to marvel at the oldest church majestically standing since 1306. Visit this free Amsterdam attraction to enjoy one of the most gorgeous architectures ever built in the country. 
  • Artis Zoo - If you are traveling with kids, head straight to its planetarium or spot zebras and giraffes with them. The large area of the zoo facilitates some very exciting performances as well. 
  • The National Maritime Museum - One of the most visited attractions in the city, it boasts of some marvelous installations that replicate some historic voyage stories and legacies. Come here and look at how marine life looked and felt back in time. 
  • Efteling Park - A theme park loved by both kids and adults alike. Amsterdam welcomes a good chunk of its tourists here every year as the fun experience here is quite different when compared to the historic ones in the rest of the city. 

Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

Enjoy unmatched fine dining experiences in the heart of Amsterdam. With an exclusive bunch of restaurants awaiting admirers of great food, our wonderful apartments can't wait to welcome you. Tourists with varied tastes love being in Amsterdam, majorly because of its great variety in cuisines. Our team has been very particular about picking homes that offer proximity to delicious menus curated by food experts from around the globe. 

Our serviced apartments in Amsterdam let you stay just a hop away from the following incredible restaurants:

  • Brasserie Ambassade - This French bar and restaurant is gorgeous in its outlook and serves delicious food, thanks to its seasonal menu. The service is warm while the venue is charming.
  • Senses Restaurant - This award-winning restaurant is one of the top places to visit to get the incredible taste of Amsterdam. Head here for dining in style on a special occasion with your loved ones. 
  • Cafe Sonneveld - This Dutch bar is one of the finest in Amsterdam and a loved spot by tourists. It feels like an authentic Amsterdam pub serving great food with the nicest people serving. Their Pork Tenderloin stands out. 
  • Eastwood Beer & Grill - This steakhouse and bar is an excellent choice for a global culinary experience. The charcoal-flavored red meats are an absolute delight in this fine-dining restaurant. Find it 0.5 km from the Red Light District.
  • Pier 62 Fish & Chips - Enjoy some delicious seafood and bar snacks in this fun diner. Find this gem just 0.6 km from Van Gogh Museum. It is a great spot to enjoy a few drinks with your new friends in Amsterdam City. 
  • Cafe Zaza’s - This fine dining restaurant offers an exquisite taste that makes it unbeatable in the city. It can be safely said, the taste that this great place can provide you no other can. It is also a great choice for vegetarians.

Corporate Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

Considering the ever-increasing work opportunities within the city, corporate workers have been flooding Amsterdam from around the world. Without any kind of generalization, it can be safely said that if not anything else, a majority of guests from the corporate world need their handmade breakfast hot, a good night’s sleep, and high-speed Wi-Fi for WFH days. 

We not only care for your work hours with quick elements like microwaves for that leftover pizza but your time other than that is equally important to us too. Our abodes save you time to clean the house, buy groceries, fix your mobile hotspot, or make runs to the restaurants for morning coffee and meals. Our service team, our modern kitchen appliances, excellent free Wi-Fi speed, and so many more amenities make living in a foreign city for months a piece of cake. Our team is grateful for how our guests have embraced these additions to their stay beautifully. 

Our Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam for Leisure

Holidays in Amsterdam with us sure look like an ideal vacation. The city oozes with tourist attractions, exciting places to see, museums, and lots of entertainment with fascinating nightlife. For such packed itineraries scheduled for each day, a cozy place to snuggle back to is something every guest has struggled for. 

To dive a little deeper into the kinds of comforts that we offer, simply put, it is everything that an expert combo of hotel and home should have. Lavish interiors, excellent welcoming decor, homely feel, and most importantly a wonderful kitchen all set to cook in; balcony with a view and Netflix with Wi-Fi on the big TV screen for movie nights are a few things that ensure home-like comfort in the heart of Amsterdam or any foreign city. 

Transportation Near Our Serviced Apartments in Amsterdam

First thing first, the Schiphol Airport of Amsterdam is a world-renowned one around the globe as it happens to be the 14th largest and once the busiest airport in the world. Amsterdam Centraal Station is your closest and most convenient one to hop on to. Our abodes have been cautiously picked nearest to it, which makes reaching the apartment after a hectic journey easier. 

One can consider trams and buses to reach your nearest destination or regular travel expeditions within the city. Talking of the city, people here mostly rely on bicycles and walks to get around as driving is the least popular mode of travel here considering the expensive parking. For itineraries that involve a combined trip to Paris, intercity trains are a boon in Amsterdam that take you to as far as Switzerland and even Germany. While you must get a hang of the bicycle culture here, the very popular waterways letting you move across the canals in boats and cruises fall under the must-try experiences here.  

Some of the closest public transport stations from our serviced apartments in Amsterdam include:

  • Sloterdijk
  • Centraal Station
  • Zuid
  • Muiderpoort
  • Science Park
  • Holendrecht
  • Bijlmer Arena
  • Lelylaan

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