A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Amsterdam's canals are referred to as "Venice in the North". Guests who often get tired of the no-smoking signals all across the city appreciate the thought behind our smoke friendly apartments in Amsterdam. Our apartments are equipped with the finest furnishings, kitchen appliances, hotel-like amenities, along with comfort and utmost privacy. No wonder it makes each listing a perfect package for our guests, especially smoke lovers.

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Top Smoke Friendly Apartments near Amsterdam fully furnished apartments are finely curated to comfort guests who like to travel and enjoy their cigarettes whenever they can. Wanting good smoke while you enjoy the city views from your accommodation lobby is made possible at our specially curated smoke friendly abodes.

Where to Stay in Amsterdam?

Throughout the city, we offer a wide variety of fully furnished home-like apartments. These are highly ventilated apartments that come with smoke suckers to prevent smoke from alarming the smoke detectors. Westerpark is a great option with Central Station and City Center in just 15 minutes. Zuid is a trendy New Amsterdam neighborhood to consider. Out of all the areas, Canal Belt is the closest to Van Gogh Museum, art galleries, and both Leidse and Rembrandt Square.

Facts about Amsterdam

Some of the rarest facts about Amsterdam City that can hype your search for smoke friendly apartments in Amsterdam include:

  • Eleven million bars are used to support the city's infrastructure. A meter or two below sea level, the town is situated.
  • Only the Amsterdam Centraal railway station requires the support of 9000 poles.
  • Until 1983, Amsterdam was not officially the capital city of the Netherlands, but it is now. As long as it wasn't made official, everyone considered Amsterdam to be the capital.
  • A poet will create a poem and speak it at your funeral if you die in Amsterdam without family, friends, or acquaintances.
  • The oldest and broadest bridge in Amsterdam is the Torensluis bridge, built-in 1648.
  • Since its inception in 1862, the floating flower market has become one of the Netherlands' most popular flower markets. The stalls are all located on boats, a reminder of the days when flowers were transported by ship.
  • Ajax, the largest football club in Amsterdam, boasts one of football's best youth teaching programs.

Weather in Amsterdam

The very popular capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a humid and rainy sub-oceanic climate affected by the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, which is only a short distance away. The winters are chilly but not freezing, and the summers are pleasant but not hot. During November and throughout March, the wind can be very fierce. January's low of 3.5 degrees C rises to a high of 18 degrees C in July and August. While the weather remains pleasant throughout, our smoke friendly apartments in Amsterdam will be at your service all year long because there is no good time for a good smoke.

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