Furnished Apartments Berlin

Furnished Apartments in Berlin

Berlin as a significant contributor in Europe’s economic sector is a celebrated capital of Germany. With the highest population and the largest land area, Berlin also enjoys the position of being the largest city in the whole of Germany and the most populated one in all across the European Union. With so much to offer with such striking facts, our furnished apartments in Berlin have been curated from scratch to welcome both business and leisure travelers from around the globe. 

Considering the area and the dense population of the city, finding a central location can be a challenge for both short term and long term travelers. Our exclusive modern pads come with options of studio apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, and so on. Each apartment with its thoughtful modern furnishings, walkable distances to restaurants and transport, and TheSqua.re team available at your disposal online around the clock, ensures an experience closer and more familiar to your home. 

Our Best Furnished Apartments in Berlin

Berlin facilitates excellent living standards and ambiance in the heart of Germany. Our elaborate catalog uses each opportunity to its fullest potential by going all the way to use the finest quality furnishings and Berlin locations. Our abodes can be considered for busy business trips as their locations and Wi-Fi keep everything in check. Working comforts range from convenient back and forth from office to work-from-home weekends. For families coming over, fully-stocked kitchens and luxury bedrooms allow complete privacy and comfort. 

From soothing street views from the apartment balconies to lavish master bedrooms, shining modern kitchenettes to a full-fledged dining table by the living room, our abodes have them all.  

Some of our handpicked furnished apartments in Berlin include:

Facilities in Our Furnished Apartments in Berlin

Our serviced apartments take care of amenities from your entertainment to your good night’s sleep, hot morning bath to cooking a feast in a foreign country. The 5-star facilities range from a lavish flat-screen adorning the living room with a poppy couch to ultra-modern kitchen appliances assisting you in last-minute cooking batches. From a hot bubble bath in our luxury bathtub to pillow fights on our memory foam mattresses, such is the expansive range of comforts our furnished apartments in Berlin proudly offer.

If you are still worried about the security of your family or thinking of sending your kids here on a staycation, we are here to reassure you. Each of our apartments comes with complete CCTV surveillance and the doors are always secured by video cameras. While our buildings are guarded round the clock, if any need arises, our reception desk and the online team will always be just a call away. 

Best Neighborhoods in Berlin

From the trendiest art streets to friendly green parks ideal for family picnics, our furnished apartments in Berlin are ready to welcome all kinds of travelers. It is fascinating how Berlin is great for its hipster loud nightlife and at the same time for its quieter side. It is this diversity of experiences available across multiple neighborhoods and districts that make the city and our set of accommodations stand apart. 

Some most preferred neighborhoods where our furnished apartments in Berlin can be picked are:

  • Wilmersdorf - An ideal place to stay right in the center of the city minus the hipster vibe. Ideal for expats looking for a more laid-back area which is more sophisticated. Families pick it for long-term stays. 
  • Neukölln - This is a very multicultural part of Berlin to consider. Unlike Wilmersdorf, this is quite cheap and convenient to explore. It is the ideal pick for artists, students, and budget backpackers looking for a boho vibe. 
  • Kreuzberg - If trendy Berlin is your ideal pick, this is the neighborhood to go for. With artists and cyclists filling up the streets, travelers love the hip vibe of the place with poppy street art and exciting nightlife. 
  • Marzahn-Hellersdorf - Another excellent choice for a budget family stay. With a lot of green spaces and a quiet ambience, this is one of the most preferred Berlin neighborhoods. It gives you a great taste of the countryside of Berlin.
  • Schöneberg - Young working professionals often look for upscale spaces that are closer to both the sophisticated and trendy parts of the city. This Berlin neighborhood is your best shot at making the most of work opportunities from a distance. 

Attractions Near Our Furnished Apartments in Berlin

This list of Berlin attractions is an exclusive peep into heaven for history buffs and museum lovers. The admirers of history love exploring some of the finest global collections from the past. From an 18th century Palace to an unbelievably elaborate background of Berlin city, our furnished apartments in Berlin take you multiple steps closer to the true picture of the city.

Our furnished apartments in Berlin brush closely with the following bunch of attractions:

  • Charlottenburg Palace - A remarkable flag-bearer of the notable Berlin opulence, this palace is royal heaven in every sense. The Rococo and Baroque decor with a 50-meter dome, and the entire majestic palace from 1746, is a world of its own. 
  • Museum Island – It is home to historic attractions including the Old Museum, Old National Gallery, collection from Egyptian Museum and so much more. Spree Island is a worthy UNESCO World Heritage site and a must-visit.
  • German Historical Museum - If you still have time for one more museum, you owe a visit to this elaborate one to decode the rich history of Berlin. From printing and fashion to military and art, expect a satisfying history buff walking out of here. 
  • The Reichstag - From being burnt in 1933 to becoming the seat of the Berlin parliament after 10 years of extensive overall construction, this is a legendary site. Its history dates back to 1894 which makes it even more fascinating.
  • Brandenburg Gate - This Neoclassical Gate is monumental and a historic landmark that represents Berlin in ways more than one. Not only is it a treat at night when it is beautifully lit under the stars but also one of the best free attractions to visit in Berlin.
  • Nikolai Quarter - If you are still looking for a more unconventional attraction to end your trip with, this quieter and more culturally rich part of Berlin takes you closer to the old city. Attend workshops, buy local, and get lost in the nooks of this heart of old Berlin city.

Restaurants Near Our Furnished Apartments in Berlin

If you are a traveler who is very particular about your food choices, Berlin is not going to disappoint you. From impressing your date in this foreign city to enjoying the most lavish meal with your fam, savoring an even more impressive vegan menu to fusion restaurant winning hearts, our urban pads let you stay closer to all kinds of culinary experiences. While you have chosen TheSqua.re to make the most of Berlin, you have signed up for a hearty and diverse food experience. 

Our furnished apartments in Berlin share neighborhoods with the following bunch of notable restaurants:

  • Zur Letzten Instanz - How about beginning with a restaurant where Charlie Chaplin and Napoleon once ate? Head here for a legacy maintained since 1621 making it the oldest one in the city.
  • Zeit für Brot - If you are living here for over a week and you prefer stuffing your home with baked goods for last-minute cravings, this will be your staple. They serve the most delicious cinnamon rolls in Berlin.
  • Local - An exemplary restaurant with a simple, appealing, and seasonal menu combined with sparkling modern interiors. German dishes can be tasted at their best versions in this very contemporary restaurant. 
  • Restaurant Tim Raue - This fusion restaurant sits majestically in the top 5 Asian restaurants in Berlin. Head here for stellar food presentations, excellent taste, and unthinkable innovative standards in the culinary world. 
  • Kumpel & Keule - If you are wondering that Berlin is all about upscale food experiences then this will change your mind. Grab some of the healthiest burgers on your way from here and taste authentic America in Berlin. 
  • House of Small Wonder - For the vegans out there visiting Berlin, head straight to this cute little wonder serving the most delicious menu. Cooked to perfection, their breakfast menu particularly stands out. 

Corporate Furnished Apartments in Berlin

Technical branches, creative industry, and tourism largely constitute the work scenes of Berlin. The economy here is largely dominated by the working sector, which is why business officials visit Berlin in such huge numbers every year. 

Our corporate accommodations are aptly prepared to facilitate every single need of a traveler living away from home. Whether it is seamless Wi-Fi connectivity in all the rooms for Zoom meetings or Skype calls back home, or it involves the availability of a microwave for that leftover pizza, we offer them all. From the cleaning team keeping bed linens up to date to grocery bags coming directly to you, excellent quality cutlery for bringing a date home to enough facilities for twin sharing basis; the living experience with us is personalized and therefore unmatched. 

Our Furnished Apartments in Berlin for Leisure

Thanks to the impressive geography of Berlin, one-third of the city is adorned with rivers, forests, parks, and canals. Families adore Berlin for heartwarming vacations. Our furnished apartments in Berlin make the most of the impressive diversity that the city has to offer. Travel groups can expect to board metro trains in a hop from the apartment doorstep. The convenient distances to restaurants, local gems, tourist hotspots, and public parks are quite loved by tourists. 

While exploring the city is sorted, the exquisite interiors including modern appliances, interior decor, and excellent furnishings together create the best place to come back to. Our family apartments are specially curated keeping the expectations of families, couples, and groups in mind. From clean kitchens and organic ingredients to fluffy mattresses and spacious bedrooms. Expect to end your days in Berlin with a champagne glass, enjoying the gorgeous city view from the apartment balcony. Picture perfect, isn’t it?

Transportation Near Our Furnished Apartments in Berlin

Some things that can be said with conviction about Berlin's transportation system is that it is safe, spacious, reliable, and well-organized. It comprises buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn. If the last two got you confused, the former stands for Underground trains while the latter for Stadtbahn that runs above the ground. The U-Bahn alone has over 170 stations, the tram itself enjoys 377 stops over 20 lines. 

The city offers you enough places to travel and explore. One ticket here goes for all modes of transportation. To give you a clear idea, it will cost you 2.90 euros to go on a single-direction journey for two hours. While our serviced abodes grant closer access to the multiple modes available here, it is still advised to note that public transport here is complex and it takes a long term stay to get a better hang of it. 

Some of the busiest and the nearest public transport stations from our furnished apartments in Berlin include:

  • Alexanderplatz
  • Mariendorf
  • Nollendorfplatz
  • Krumme Lanke
  • Zoologischer Garten
  • Friedrichstrasse

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