Serviced Apartments in Berlin

Serviced Apartments in Berlin

Germany’s capital Berlin is a fascinating city with several incredible facts to impress. With over 180km of waterways to being 9 times bigger than Paris, tourists from across the globe fly down to Berlin. To cater to such expansive diversity of tastes, nationalities, and expectations, our serviced apartments in Berlin are all set. With the finest city locations to the exquisite range of culinary experiences, the most welcoming ambience to stunning apartment interiors, just like Berlin, our serviced apartments here plan to make you feel just like home. 

With over a decade of experience in the housing industry, thanks to the most incredible customer responses to our global serviced apartments, TheSqua.re has managed to earn a global reputation. To share our apartment experience with more and more travelers, we are proud to bring to you our catalog of serviced apartments in Berlin.

Our Best Serviced Apartments in Berlin

The parameters that go behind picking the best from our catalog are quite diverse. Details like; the convenience of reaching the apartment from the airport, distance from the nearest public transport, the quality of each set of finishing, kitchen appliance, and even bed linens with upholstery make us stand apart. Each part of our serviced apartments in Berlin qualifies our strictest quality standards before reaching out to our ideal customers. 

Our dedicated team makes sure to offer you the highest standards of personalization, quality, and precision. With our modern apartments hosting, you can be well-assured of the comforts to cook, travel, sleep, and unwind in the most comforting abodes curated with all the love and research. Our kitchens, luxury bathrooms, soothing view from the balcony, and all the amenities to facilitate a homely stay in the heart of Berlin.

Some of our handpicked serviced apartments in Berlin include:

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in Berlin

The facility to cook your own food, just as you like with the strictest hygiene measures, make the experience of serviced apartments so loved. To give you a brief overview, amenities like coffee machines, microwaves, bathtubs, Bluetooth speakers, free Wi-Fi with both flat-screen and Netflix, CCTV surveillance, excellent interiors and so much more make our apartment compete to be home. Expect everything as lavish as bone china plates and wine glasses to something as basic as in-house lockers and spacious almirahs here. 

Best Neighbourhoods Near Our Serviced Apartment in Berlin

With multiple cultures coming together in Berlin, travelers from around the globe are hitting the German capital with lots of expectations. Based on the diverse set of tourists and travelers making it to the city, TheSqua.re has come up with fully-furnished serviced apartments in Berlin neighborhoods. From artsy locations full of hip lifestyle and poppy street art to quiet neighborhoods with parks and playgrounds, our catalog has both extremes to offer. 

Some most preferred neighborhoods where our serviced apartments in Berlin can be picked are:

  • Prenzlauer Berg - With kids tagging along on your Berlin trip, this is a fantastic option for a long term family stay. With several parks, playgrounds, a welcoming ambience, and a slight distance from the constantly thumping Berlin nightlife, it is your best choice.
  •  Kreuzberg - It is the first choice for couples and solos picking Berlin for a fun vacation. If staying closest to the very happening nightlife of Berlin is your top priority, Kreuzberg allows you maximum proximity to the trends of the city. 
  • Spandau - A heaven for history buffs and the admirers of quiet nature. Families and groups of scholars often like this Berlin district. With so much to absorb around, living here can be a vacation that brings you peace and relaxation. 
  • Neukölln - A great choice for a budget stay in Berlin with all its fun and hipster experiences. The surroundings here are quite trendy and groups of friends often consider it as their first choice. Considering the low rents for such diverse Berlin experiences, it is quite a steal. 
  • Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf - Keeping the best for the last, this is the most preferred neighborhood among tourists flying to Berlin. The upmarket outlook, excellent ambience, and relatively quieter part of the city is your best shot at staying closest to the center of Berlin and still be slightly away from its loud nights.  

Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in Berlin

Berlin is proud to host travelers of all ages and tastes. From religious ones heading straight to the Cathedrals to history lovers going gaga over the endless museums here, Berlin has a lot to impress. An ancient hunting reserve for the royals to a present-day UNESCO World Heritage site, the city has always maintained a fine balance between two starkly opposite worlds. Our exclusive apartments cautiously make sure that not one part of both worlds misses by. 

Our serviced apartments in Berlin brush closely with some very popular attractions listed right below:

  • The Gendarmenmarkt - The historic French Cathedral, the Konzerthaus, and the German Cathedral can be found here. It boasts of being one of the largest Berlin Squares. Just head here on Christmas to witness a very celebrated Berlin Christmas Market. 
  • Museum Island - A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this island is a unique cluster of several historic museums of Berlin. This one of a kind site alone houses historic gems like Byzantine art at the Bode Museum to the Old Museum from the 1930s.  
  • Berlin Zoological Gardens - Join over 3.5 million people visiting this huge zoo annually. Built in 1844, this Berlin attraction proudly remains the oldest zoo in Germany. From giant pandas to African penguins, 20k animal species to over 9k aquatic species in its aquarium, this is a fine one to pick. 
  • Brandenburg Gate - A representative Berlin attraction worthy of being your list topper. It dates back to 1788 and is symbolic of peace and unity. Its existence during the Cold War makes it interesting for history buffs. 
  • Grosser Tiergarten - From a hunting reserve for the royals to a public park in 1700 to one of the most popular Berlin attractions, the Animal Garden has come a long way. The gold Victoria statue touching 70-meter height is one of the finest things you will see on this trip. 
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church - End your trip with another striking Berlin attraction doubling as a war memorial. Don't devoid yourself of this opportunity to witness this ultra-modern church and an architectural marvel, standing 63 meters high in the heart of Berlin city. 

Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in Berlin

From the oldest restaurant in all of Berlin to impressing a date in a foreign city with the most delicious Jap ramen or fancy lighting, Berlin food scenes are quite happening. Pick places especially for their excellent cocktails or go hunting for smaller food gems in the nooks, the city offers you everything ranging between delicious bar snacks and the fluffiest cinnamon buns and so much more. When you finally go through your decision of choosing TheSqua.re serviced apartments in Berlin, you can be well-assured of treating yourself with the most diverse food platters ever. 

Our serviced apartments in Berlin brush closely with the following culinary gems of the city:

  • Zur Letzten Instanz - This list cannot be complete without the mention of this culinary marvel standing since 1621. This oldest restaurant in Berlin has been serving and memories in the same place even now which cannot be missed even for the world. 
  • Michelberger Restaurant - Have a date to impress? Pick this gorgeous restaurant with the most dreamy setting. Enjoy their organic menu in all its glory while the vegan visitors are particularly impressed by its variety.
  • Cocolo Ramen - A perfect spot for that last-minute Japanese ramen craving. Grab a bowl of perfectly cooked ramen served with all heart at this little eatery. Don't miss their pork gyoza and tonkatsu broth when here. 
  • Pauly Saal - For an effortlessly stylish fine-dining experience in Berlin, head straight to this gorgeous restaurant. With stellar cocktails and opulent chandeliers adorning the place, their bar and bar snacks stand apart. 
  • House of Small Wonder - If you are always hunting for little food gems, this will be your treat in Berlin. Enjoy a very unique take of the chef on global cuisines in this cute little place. Their breakfast menu and vegetarian options particularly stand out. 
  • Cookies Cream - An incredible little place for high-quality European food served impressively. For vegetarians looking for healthy and delicious restaurants, you will not regret this one. Go for the 7-course meal, worth every penny. 

Corporate Serviced Apartments in Berlin

Corporate travelers are the ones who either come for the shortest trips or the longest ones ever. In both cases, our abodes in Berlin have so much to comfort you. While ovens and microwaves don't let you be all stressed about reheating food, the cozy bathtubs, and memory foam mattresses await you after a hectic day at the new office.

More often than not, modern business travelers start getting worried about their messing workout schedules on longer trips. Most of our long stay abodes offer complimentary gym memberships near the chosen apartments. While that is sorted, our reception desk and service team are always ready to offer you the best recommendations for Berlin. From the excellent theatre to Opera shows, you will get plenty of advantages to feel familiar even in a foreign city. 

Our Serviced Apartments in Berlin for Leisure

Berlin is noted across the globe for being a historic gold mine and for its cultural diversity. Right from the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Museum Island, flooding the city with its artistic and historic legacy to Berlin Opera and iconic Orchestra. While families, couples, and friends come over to add to their travel stories, our exquisite pads offer you a very relaxing stay curated exclusively for you.

Groups coming to Berlin for a holiday can expect all modes of entertainment available at the house. From Netflix up on the flat-screen to uninterrupted Skype calls back home, free Wi-Fi makes sure to keep you connected to all worlds alike. Travelers of all ages are welcomed here for long-term stays as well. Thanks to the full-fledged kitchens, hygienic child-friendly cooking in the middle of the night is quite possible in our abodes. 

Transportation Near Our Serviced Apartments in Berlin

Underground trains called the U-Bahn and the above-ground trains called the S-Bahn of the  Stadtbahnare the primary modes of transportation here. While these are the fastest, a slower and cheaper mode would involve buses and trams. With one of the busiest train stations and the longest tram networks in the world, the Berlin transportation system is completely reliable and very well-organized. 

How it works in the Berlin transport system is that 2.90 euros allow you a 2-hour long single-direction journey without any hassle. It is also interesting to note and remember that one ticket will let you travel on trains, trams, and buses. While it can be true that you might find Berlin’s transport system slightly complicated, you can always count on us. The convenient distances of places, restaurants, and stations from our apartment doorsteps make it way easier to travel. Do remember, you can always come here for a long term stay and get a hang of the city. 

Some of the busiest public transport stations available at walking distance from our serviced apartments in Berlin include:

  • Alexanderplatz
  •  Mariendorf
  • Nollendorfplatz
  • Krumme Lanke
  • Zoologischer Garten
  • Friedrichstrasse

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