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Short Term Rentals in Birmingham

We offer a vast lineup of short term rentals in Birmingham that you should definitely take a closer look at. We have rental units that are ideal for both leisure and business travellers who are taking short or extended trips to the city of Birmingham. You will love the spacious, comfortably furnished and well-equipped apartments that we have at your disposal. 

Our skilled and experienced team will easily help you find the very best short term rentals in Birmingham without any hassles. You will find all the amenities and facilities that you need for a comfortable stay in Birmingham without any problems. Our team will help you stay connected and secured on a 24-hour basis with customer service being provided for resolving your queries swiftly. 

Our Best Short Term Rentals in Birmingham

There are several options available pertaining to short term rentals in Birmingham including the following: 

These are only some of the options that we have with regard to short term rentals in Birmingham. We make sure that your unit is impeccably tailored as per your requirements. Each apartment comes with its own distinctive vibe and plus points along with being well equipped with all necessary amenities and facilities galore. Our apartments are also well connected to several major landmarks and offer easy access to public transportation facilities as well. 

Why Book Short Term Rentals in Birmingham? 

You should definitely consider booking short term rentals in Birmingham for their sheer freedom, convenience and flexibility. We make sure that you have all the space you need to truly experience a memorable trip to Birmingham. Our units are equipped with all the amenities that you require on a daily basis, covering aspects like entertainment and recreation, safety and security, cooking and dining and bathroom amenities galore. We offer comfortable apartments that are stylishly furnished and ample privacy and freedom during your stay. To add to the convenience, our apartments are offered at highly competitive and reasonable rates even during peak seasons. They are also well connected to major points of interest nearby including historical sites, museums, tourist landmarks and cultural establishments. Our units are also well connected to restaurants, shopping destinations and other entertainment zones for maximum convenience. 

Short Term Rentals in Birmingham for Leisure Travellers

Families and leisure travellers will certainly enjoy staying at our short term rentals in Birmingham without a doubt. Our rental units are ideal for shorter and extended stays in the city of Birmingham, one of the most flourishing and vibrant cities in the country. We offer apartments which have ample space for everyone in the family ranging from the spouse and kids to even the parents or in-laws. There is more flexibility, privacy and freedom which is hard to find elsewhere, particularly at conventional hospitality accommodation options. Additionally, there are amenities which take care of every daily requirement, right from entertainment and recreation to safety and security, cooking and more. You will find everything that you need for a memorable and fulfilling stay in Birmingham by all means. Additionally, our units offer highly strategic connectivity to major points of interest for families and leisure travellers. Access public transportation facilities nearby along with the best tourist landmarks with ease. 

Short Term Rentals in Birmingham for Corporate Travellers

Corporate travellers will enjoy staying in our short term rentals in Birmingham. Our rental units offer the space needed for fulfilling sojourns in the city of Birmingham for business travellers. They offer ample freedom to simply call colleagues and guests over for an evening of brainstorming or simply chilling out with good music or your favourite television shows for company. Stay connected to near and dear ones throughout your trip, whip up delicious meals and enjoy comfortable and relaxing beds after long and hard days at work. It is all up to you and your specific requirements. This flexibility is hard to find if you are booking regular hospitality based accommodation. Additionally, our units will help you connect swiftly to public transit facilities in tandem with major business and corporate hubs as well. All in all, they make for the best options for corporate and business travellers in Birmingham without a doubt. 

Major Attractions Near Our Short Term Rentals in Birmingham 

If you are booking our short term rentals in Birmingham, you will find a multitude of available options for your perusal. 

  • Victoria Square & Birmingham City Centre - Birmingham is a delightful city which basically revolves around Victoria Square which is a pedestrian-friendly space and you may take the Birmingham City Center Path for exploring the same productively. You will also find the old Town Hall along the route which was built in 1832 and is widely regarded as a Victorian architectural masterpiece. This is inspired by the design of a classic Roman Temple and has 40 decorative Corinthian columns which are crafted from Anglesey marble. It has been the hub for the musical circuit in the city since long, hosting the very first performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah back in 1847. Nowadays, its huge Symphony Hall, with its top-class auditorium and stunning acoustics, regularly hosts top-notch performers and singers while also housing the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. The forecourt is lovingly adorned by a couple of memorials, one dedicated to Queen Victoria and another one which is dedicated to inventor James Watt. The Council House of 1874 is built in the Renaissance architectural style and has its own Big Brum clock as well. You can also consider visiting the pedestrian-only site at Chamberlain Square along with the Central Library which is home to the biggest Shakespearean collection outside of the USA with 50,000 volumes preserved here in 90 languages. The intriguing Coffin Museum is only a short walk away from the city centre and showcases the traditions and history of coffin manufacturing. 
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery - The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery opened its doors in 1885 and is regarded as one of the best museums in this category outside the city of London. The artwork picks here include collections crafted by painters in the Pre-Raphaelite period along with artwork that dates back between the 17th and 19th centuries in tandem with sculptures by the likes of James Tower and Rodin among others. There are various fascinating displays linking to the history of the city which include archaeological discoveries going back all the way to the Stone Age in tandem with the eye-catching Pinto Collection with more than 6,000 toys housed in the same and also other wood-crafted items. There is an on-site gift shop and you may consider checking out the Edwardian Tearooms for a lovely high-tea experience as well. You can also visit The Ikon Gallery which is a lovely contemporary art museum nestled within a grand heritage building itself. You will also appreciate the Birmingham Botanical Gardens nearby which cover a whopping 15 acres and date back to the 19th century. You can easily access this from the museum and the bonsai tree collection is famous here, particularly the one that is more than 250 years old. There are several tropical birds visiting the garden along with a butterfly house, tearoom and gift shop for your perusal. 
  • Thinktank and Birmingham Science Museum - You should definitely pay a visit to Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum. This museum has won several laurels over the years and has several science-based exhibits that will hugely stoke your curiosity and desire for gathering knowledge. Several exhibits are highly interactive to say the least. There is a wonderful collection of machines which are powered by steam including tractors, locomotives and more. There is a fabulous industrial machinery collection with most equipment being related to the vital role of Birmingham as a major centre for industry over the centuries even! Other displays cover the Spitfire Gallery with its original aircraft from the Second World War and also the Science Garden with its mega-sized hamster wheel. The Thinktank Planetarium has wonderful tours available for the planets and stars that you should not miss by all means! 
  • National SEA Life Center - One of the biggest tourist draws in Birmingham, the National SEA Life Center houses a whopping 60+ exhibits showcasing marine life in its glory. There is a huge million-litre ocean tank within the museum and a lovely underwater tunnel, enabling visitors to get seamless views of the marine life being showcased which includes almost everything from giant turtles and reef sharks to several rare seahorses, lobsters, massive octopi, stingrays, crabs and also otters. The penguins are hugely popular with tourists and they are housed within the majestic Penguin Ice Adventure habitat specially created for them. There is an on-site 4D Cinema which offers several educational programs for your perusal. The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park is another small zoo which is home to several animals including lemurs, red pandas and meerkats among others. 
  • Jewellery Quarter - The Jewellery Quarter is a historic area in Birmingham which is deeply rooted in bygone traditions. You will find 200+ workshops of jewellers here along with silversmiths who churn out 40% of jewellery in Britain, majorly near the Clock Tower at the corner of Frederick and Vyse Streets and in proximity to the St. Paul’s Georgian Church. You should visit the Museum of the Jewelry Quarter which offers fascinating glimpses into the Smith & Pepper Factory and the trade here over the years. You should also look out for the Hall of Memory located opposite to the Baskerville House which was erected in 1925 for commemorating 14,000 men of the city who lost their lives in the First World War and also the attractive St. Paul’s Square with its famous church. You may also hop over to the famous Pen Museum which is located in the area. This museum showcases Birmingham’s former status as the biggest countrywide hub for manufacturing pens and writing instruments. You can also get a chance to craft your own steel nib with the same techniques and machinery that were used back in the 19th century. The reproduction of Victorian schoolroom is another fun activity, offering scope for practising with traditional quills. 
  • St. Philip’s Cathedral - St. Philip’s Cathedral was built in the year 1715 and is the third smallest such cathedral in all of England. It initially started life as a major parish church before becoming a cathedral back in 1905. The structure was heavily damaged during a 1940s bombing raid although visionary attitudes led to its iconic stained glass windows by Burne-Jones (1884) being removed only a few weeks before the attack. These delightful artistic treasures are now showcased proudly at the cathedral. There are several concerts, exhibits, talks and seminars being held at the cathedral around the year. You can also visit the St. Martin’s Church nearby which dates back to the 13th century while possessing windows crafted by Burne-Jones. 
  • Barber Institute of Fine Arts - The Barber Institute of Fine Arts is home to a fascinating and fabulous art collection that covers the period between the Renaissance and 20th century. Some of the highlights at the collection include artwork by famous names like Tintoretto, Bellini, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Rubens, Gainsborough, Watteau, Constable, Monet, Manet, Degas and more. The building is worth exploring, particularly for the lovely George I statue. If you have time on your hands, you can consider checking out the schedule of evening and lunchtime classical concerts which often take place here. There are a shop and café situated on the premises as well. 
  • Birmingham Back to Backs - Birmingham Back to Backs is a premier collection of back to back homes that once dotted the city in large numbers. Built surrounding a central courtyard, these homes offer unique glimpses into the formerly tough conditions under which the working classes led their lives. Several fascinating displays also offer insightful glimpses into the contributions made to city life by these workers. Other key attractions include a traditional sweet shop dating back to the 1930s along with a souvenir shop as well. You can also take part in the workshops that take place here or book the cottages on the premises for an overnight stay. 
  • Cadbury World, Bournville - At the Bournville manufacturing site of Cadbury, you will rediscover sheer bliss all over again! It is only a short drive from the city of Birmingham and is one of the biggest draws for tourists with its themed and highly interactive exhibits, insights on the history and evolution of chocolate and the overall process of manufacturing alike. Visitors get an opportunity to learn more about the history behind the Cadbury family and how the business became one of the biggest confectionery businesses worldwide. You can try creating your own confectionaries while shopping at the biggest Cadbury’s sweet shop across the globe. You can also explore the charming Bournville village built post-1860 by the Cadbury family for accommodating their workforce. You can visit the Bull Street masterpiece with its replica shops dating back to the 1820s in terms of style and design. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Rentals in Birmingham

Birmingham is home to numerous restaurants. Here’s taking a look at some of them. 

  • OvenBird - OvenBird first entered the scene with its signature Beef Fat Candle which is one of the top draws for diners. Chef Chris Hastings has since expanded with several other popular dishes that keep people returning to this famous Birmingham joint. The restaurant offers meals cooked just over live fire and there are several roasted, toasted, grille, charred and similar picks on the restaurant menu. It has also pioneered the small-plate concept in Birmingham for restaurants. You will love the Snapper Throats and the seasonal Paella along with the Bone Marrow and Bacalao here. 
  • The Essential - The Essential is an initiative by Kristen Farmer Hall and is known as one of the best restaurants/cafes in Birmingham. It has a breakfast menu offered to diners in the morning while the lunch and dinner menus are combined and offered from 11 AM onwards as well. There is a covered patio with French bistro themed chairs for added enjoyment. Hall is known for her delightfully appetizing breads and pastries along with items like Mushroom Toast, Chicken Liver Mousse and King’s handmade pastas. 
  • Highlands Bar & Grill - The Highlands Bar & Grill is helmed by Frank Stitt, the charismatic Chef and owner known as Father of Southern Gourmet. The French-themed dining room is a plus point along with ingredients sourced from the Chef’s own Paradise Farm. You will enjoy the Pheasant-Two Ways entrée here along with Veal Tenderloin & Sweetbreads and also the Venison with carrot, celery root puree and pomegranate. Stitt is also known for churning out Soft Scrambled Farm Eggs as starters which deserve special mention.

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