Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago

Chicago Short Term Rentals

Travelers heading to Chicago are in relaxation mode even if they are on a work trip. Hunting down a place that lets them be at ease while letting them explore the city scenes at their freedom is a daunting task here. Our personally curated fully furnished serviced apartments come as a boon to travelers looking for a homely living experience, especially for a short-term stay. With 5-star amenities, lively decor, excellent locations, and a living experience just like home awaiting in Chicago, things get only better from here.

Our Best Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the finest apartments curated by TheSqua.re. The excellent potential and modern age innovations of the city allow creativity to flow like nowhere else. Travelers are delighted to find abodes with in-house swimming pools opening on the first-floor terrace to three-side facing living rooms.

Right below are our top picks of short term rentals in Chicago:

The elitist decor and the most comforting amenities await you in the heart of Chicago.

Why Should You Book Short Term Apartments in Chicago?

Lovingly known to the world as the ‘Chi-town’ or ‘Windy City’, Chicago happens to be one of the most trusted destinations to travel to. With over 55 million tourists recorded to pick Chicago annually, it lives up to the highest possible expectations from both work and leisure perspectives. To make the most of this fun city, TheSqua.re is proud to offer you the closest key to authentic Chicago stays.

With comfort in every corner of the house, quality for living giving tough competition to luxury hotels, and customer trust built over the decade, you have all the reasons to consider Chicago and our exclusive portfolio here. From the charm of the city to exquisite furnishings, working kitchens, and marvelous balconies to relaxing bathtubs and mattresses, expect a holistic approach to your holiday with us right in the heart of the 3rd most populated city in the U.S.

Facilities in Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago

Our exclusive portfolio of short term rentals in Chicago comes laden with a plethora of amenities. Each abode takes care of every little thing. Highly comforting sleeping quarters that take note of the quality of your sleep to Bluetooth speakers with Netflix and smart TV to ensure an entertaining stay, expect a holistic approach to comfort here. With the fully-equipped kitchen with groceries and daily ingredients ready for use, your vacation is sorted in Chicago.

Some complementary and some paid amenities that come with our exclusive short term rentals in Chicago include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Coffee maker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Swimming Pool
  • Oven & Microwave
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV with Netflix
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Our Short Term Rentals in Chicago?

The variety that this city offers is what makes it so irresistible. TheSqua.re housing experts have made full use of this potential. Travelers love to explore our Lakefront properties, pleasant ambiance, and the welcoming vibe that the city and the exclusively curated homes offer.

Our best short term furnished apartments in Chicago can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Bridgeport - One of the most sought-after neighborhoods with walkable pleasant streets and affordable rents. This Southwest side is full of landscapes dotted with green spaces, and a community vibe to sum it all. 
  • South Shore - Elegant lakefront properties adorn this predominantly black neighborhood. The rents here are affordable, people are warm, and it blooms with the buzz of the prestigious Obama Center.
  • North Center - This northern side is all about coffee shops, Irish pubs, antique shops, and theaters. From rustic condos to waterfront apartments, this area facilitates quite a wide range of demands. 
  • Beverly - This neighborhood is all about historic houses, green lush yards, and a homely feeling with a majestic vibe. A very secure location ideal for families. If you ever plan to shift here for the long-term, this is the place to pick.

Corporate Accommodation in Chicago

Chicago enjoys the position of the 20th largest economy across the globe. With over 400 corporate giants picking Chicago as their headquarters, there cannot be a better destination for a crucial work trip. TheSqua.re catalog of fully-furnished corporate housing in Chicago make sure to allow you to give your undivided attention to your work at hand. Quick breakfasts in a ready kitchen, convenient location to hop quickly to your office, come back home to Netflix and chill, enjoy wine on the balcony while that pizza reheats in the oven, and whatnot. From a good night's sleep to a morning filled with a coffee aroma, you are in for a memorable work treat in Chicago.

Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago for Families

Our entire catalog of rentals keeps security and comfort as the most crucial priorities so that each apartment can welcome families just like home. From the highest quality standards maintained across furnishings to amenities living up to luxury hotels, our abodes in Chicago allows you to be at ease even amidst the crowd. Our online team is readily available 24X7 to coordinate with you to make this vacation as memorable as possible. From weekly cleanings to fresh grocery bags sliding at your doorstep, brace yourselves to be amazed by the level of detail that you are about to experience with us in Chicago.

Best Attractions near our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago

Chicago brims with museums of all kinds from one side to the other. There is so much to see and take back with you that info-seekers are bound to be impressed. However, the city also knows how to entertain with comedy theaters and glass-floored Skydeck on the 103rd floor. From Lake waters to modern parks, the Chicago itinerary is going to get long.

From art to aquariums, let the below list of attractions located near our short term apartments in Chicago impress you:

  • Willis Tower- If a glass floor excites you to bits, this Skydeck standing 412 meters tall will be of prime interest to you. This tallest spot in the city is one of the most popular attractions to enjoy here. 
  • Art Institute of Chicago- Marvel at some of the rarest quintessential pieces by Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, and more amidst a sea of over 300,000 artworks. Take notes of the art movements, it is worth it.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)- Drop by and go for anything and everything on its list. From workshops to screenings and live talks, it has a very interactive approach to all its productions and exhibitions. 
  • Cultural Center- One of the most popular spots since forever, “People's Place” is a local hotspot that you must look out for. It is magnificent in its world’s largest Tiffany stained-glass dome and equally memorable in its experience. 
  • American Writers Museum- If you are a literary buff, this is heaven for you. The best part is that it is for both adults and kids with its variety of exhibits and information. Indulge in 5 centuries of writing under one roof. 
  • Millennium Park- If you don't have a selfie before ‘The Bean’, no one is going to believe your trip to Chicago. Head here for a great mix of art, nature, and modern architecture worth marveling at.
  • The Second City- If you are looking for a chill evening with friends or colleagues tired of long meetings, enjoy some comedy gigs right here. Improv comedies are a big hit here every night of the week. As far as the track record goes, they never disappoint. 
  • Lake Michigan- What better way to end the trip with a calming sunset by the river? Take a private boat and get cozy with your partner or family in the calm Michigan waters. The clear Chicago skyline will stay in your memory for a long time after. 

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Term Apartments in Chicago

Chicago is a gold mine for foodies. One can expect some of the classiest restaurants serving cuisines from all around the world. American cuisine enjoys an upper hand here but brace yourself to go on a food journey that takes you from the Mediterranean-themed restaurants to a romantic candle-lit back garden. 

Pick from our must-try list of restaurants below that can be found nearest to our apartments in Chicago:

  • Alinea- One of the most popular ones across the entire city, it is fancy and upmarket, it is innovative, and it serves delicious food. Their take-home meal kits are a boon for travelers living alone or who tend to get lazy. 
  • Purple Pig Restaurant- Combine all of the above with Mediterranean flavors and this will be your only answer. Its pork dishes with wine add taste and grace to Michigan Avenue and attracts tourists from all over the world.
  • Marisol- It is an award-winning restaurant sitting majestically at the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MCA). It is known for its celebrated concentration of culinary art at large. You will love it.
  • Oriole- Head here if you wish to eat in style in a high-end Michelin-starred restaurant. The detailed descriptions of each dish make dining here a very significant experience in itself.
  • Monteverde Restaurant & Pastificio- If it takes a global collection of some of the finest wines to impress you, this is the perfect spot for you. Every meal is prepared to perfection and the culinary legacy stands strong even after years.
  • Tanta Chicago- Want to try some Peruvian delicacies? This restaurant is all about its cozy setting, comforting taste, impeccable quality, and warm service. The Peru-inspired vibe is as authentic as it gets.
  • Boka- Looking for a romantic American restaurant in Chicago? Your search has officially come to an end. Head straight to its back garden patio and enjoy some delicious authentic food. It is your best choice for celebrations and LGBTQ+ friendly spots.

Public Transportation Near Our Short Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago

The furnished apartments in Chicago are surrounded by convenient public transportation making CTA the 2nd largest transportation facility provider in all of the U.S.A. One can easily expect to hop on a metro within walking distance from the apartment doorstep. Just download the Ventra app and grab your visitor pass and you will be sorted for the short trip. You can get a 7-day pass for around $30 which is fairly convenient. Don't forget to try the limos, bikes, and water taxis based on your moods. Last but not least, the train system here is officially called the ‘L’, short for elevated.

Most important train stations to prefer proximity from include:

  • Chicago Union Station
  • Grand Central Station
  • Dearborn Station (Oldest)
  • Ogilvie Transportation Center
  • LaSalle Street Station
  • Millennium Station
  • Union Station

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