Where to Stay in Chicago

Where to Stay in Chicago

Chicago, the third most populous city in the United States, is a must-visit for anyone that wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York or the scorching sun of Dallas and Los Angeles. It may not be Hollywood’s home nor the epicenter of worldwide transactions, but that hasn’t stopped it from playing a pivotal role in culture and history. Plus, being the birthplace of Michelle Obama is always a good thing. 

But for those that have never been to the city, let alone know what to see or where to stay in Chicago, the city can be a bit daunting. This guide can point many first-time travelers to where to eat, spend their days and which neighborhoods and apartments to stay in. Our collections of apartments in Chicago will be the ideal companion to the long adventure in the big city. Always fully equipped and centrally located, our apartments are the second that corporate and leisure travelers require.

Our Best Apartments in Chicago

All apartments in our award-winning portfolio have the amenities and sleek design that guests desire. Each one represents our ethos and values at delivering the perfect stay across the world. But while they are all elegant and distinctly modern, there are always going to be apartments that belong in the top tier of Chicago experiences. The living spaces that have that underlying bit of class that others may not have in such high numbers.

Facilities in Our Chicago Apartments

Guests know that the facilities make or break any stay, and we know it too. That’s why we have ensured that each apartment has the esteemed amenities and features that people expect there to be. Whether it’s a fully equipped kitchen suitable for home cooking, free Wi-Fi that connects loved ones together and enables corporate guests to work from home, a cozy bedroom with top of the range linens which guarantee a good night’s sleep and a lounge that is perfect for stretching out after an exhausting few hours, our apartments are more than ideal. Plus some apartment buildings may have access to a gym, spa and sauna depending on the length of stay.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Chicago

Like any city, Chicago has its range of neighborhoods that each show off a different side to the city. They’ll be the hipster areas, the corporate districts, the affluent neighborhoods and quieter spots to choose from. All of them will offer something for the common traveler, it just depends on what it is that they’re looking for.

When travelers don’t know where to stay in  Chicago, these neighborhoods are some of the top ones:

  • The Loop - This vibrant area features restaurants, shops, theaters and lovely parks. Some of the attractions here include the 108-story Willis Tower, the Cloud Gate sculpture, Millennium Park, Grant Park and the Buckingham Fountain.
  • River North - A lively part of the city, it has luxe shops and restaurants, upscale nightclubs and cocktail bars. Plus there are artist studios in converted warehouses and art galleries to see.
  • Streeterville - With the Navy Pier as the top attraction in this neighborhood, guests staying here can expect a lively and addictive vibe that will get them rolling to all the amenities.
  • Gold Coast - This is one of the most affluent residential neighborhoods in the city, due to the stately homes and high-rise apartment buildings that dot the place. Plus there are upscale shops and restaurants here too. 

Places to Visit in Chicago

Like all cities in the world, there are many landmarks and attractions to visit that will show off the character of the city and shed light on its place in the nation’s history. Chicago has many old institutions, museums and galleries that show off its deep connection to culture, the arts and other entertainment and knowledgeable fields. Science, history, art masterworks and more will be found here, and not too far from our apartments too.

These are the attractions that guests will find near our collection of Chicago apartments:

  • Millennium Park - Ideally situated in the Loop, some of Chicago’s top spots can be viewed and appreciated here, like the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Cloud Gate, the Crown Fountain, the Lurie Garden, and other treats. Proudly showing off the artsy and cultural side, from architectural marvels to other weird and wonderful things, this is one of the ideal spots for groups to go when they’ve landed.
  • Willis Tower - This 110-story tower used to rival the World Trade Center back in 1973, but now it has accepted its lower status and offers soaring views of the Chicago skyline and clearly demonstrates that NYC isn’t the only US city that can boast piercing skyscrapers. The views from the very top can easily belong on any Instagram feed and will impress everyone that heads up there. 
  • Navy Pier - This is a  3,300-foot-long pier on the shoreline of Lake Michigan and is Chicago’s most visited attraction due to the 50 acres of parks, gardens, shops, restaurants, family attractions and exhibition facilities. People of ages will find something here that will entice their fancy. Whether it’s the commercial good or the loud atmosphere, everyone will be happy here.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago - This is one of the oldest and largest art museums in the country, housing over 300,000 works of art. Some of the artists showcased here include Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Edward Hopper and Grant Wood. A few of the notable works include the American Gothic painting and The Old Guitarist. Art lovers will be more than happy to delve into the collection and pick out their favorite pieces. 
  • Shedd Aquarium - Housing over 32,000 animals from the depths of the ocean floor, visitors can see sharks, dolphins, stingrays, iguanas, anacondas, sea lions, penguins and many more of everybody’s favorite sea creatures. All ages will find something to enjoy here from the special exhibits to the normal displays. Finding a super cuddly animal to take home in the gift shop is also a treat especially for the little ones. 
  • Grant Park - With the likes of the Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum Campus within the greenery, there is much that this park can offer to those that love a bit of culture and scenery.
  • 875 North Michigan Avenue - This 100-story skyscraper comes with a 360-degree observation deck that offers a complete view of the city and makes for yet more pictures to take and add to the social media channels. A few couples might well propose there too.
  • Field Museum - This establishment is one of the largest natural history museums in the world and has many exhibits that show off the diverse fossils of various forms of life that have trampled the plains of the Earth throughout its 4.54 billion year history. 
  • Lincoln Park Zoo - This 35-acre zoo is one of the oldest on the continent and as such has a great reputation. Many animals can be found here that show off the range of the world’s animal kingdom, meaning youngsters tagging along could find their favorite animals here and spend some time appreciating them.
  • Adler Planetarium - This was America's first planetarium and is the main reason why so many kids want to join NASA. All guests who ponder about how small we are compared to the vast expanses of the cosmos will revel in this wonder that will truly open up all eyes to the inner working of galaxies and all the rest of the wonders beyond Earth’s atmosphere. 
  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago - Another beacon of knowledge in the city, here are even more exhibits to the great wonders of science, life, the universe and everything else. An array of interactive exhibits as well as temporary ones are here for all ages to appreciate. Learning about our place in the universe and the marvels of mankind’s inventions that have changed the landscape of the Earth.

Places to Eat in Chicago

Many restaurants can be found in Chicago that boast the global cuisine that most people associate with staying in a city. With so much to be able to choose from, no one is going to be left wanting. All taste palettes, including the fussiest will find something to indulge in. Plus our apartments will never be too far from the top restaurants in the city.

These are the best places to eat in Chicago:

  • Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf - For those looking for the best steakhouse in Chicago, this is it. With entrees like the mushroom stroganoff and pork chop, as well as 1920s jazz music playing in the background, this can be a cozy, scrumptious and refined experience for lovers of great steak and good beats. As one of the most popular joints, and always crammed with locals who love the mix of music and saxophone blasts, it is always best to book a table as there is no guarantee that one will be found by simply turning up.
  • Gilt Bar - Sitting right next door to Bavette’s, it is owned by the same people so it will have a lot of similarities, including the menu. From the tenderloin tartare and chocolate cream pie to many other great dishes, this is another top spot to head to in the city that has loads of character, flavor and texture to share with its clientele. It’s best to keep in mind that this place isn’t as packed as Bavette’s and so when that one is packed, this could be a great alternative. Plus, friends and family will love coming to this restaurant as much as its young brother.
  • The Momo World - Serving classic steamed, jhol that’s served in a spicy soup, and other things like momo chaat and tandoori, this is a cheaper spot to grab a quick bite before heading to more of Chicago’s top attractions. 
  • Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse - One of Chicago’s most iconic steakhouses, visitors can expect top steaks, tasty sides, and a space that looks perfect in the upscale Gold Coast neighborhood. More than ideal for celebrations with friends and family, it may be tad pricey for some budgets but overall, it has plenty of class to make the extra cost more than worth it.
  • Southport Grocery and Cafe - Grown-up pop tart and bread pudding pancakes are just some of the little treats that can be bought here. Ideal for breakfast or a snack in between sight-seeing and walking around, it will delight with the soft and sweet foods. Arguably the way to start the day, or to go halfway through.
  • Cabra - This can be found on the roof of The Hoxton Hotel, and therefore can offer guests a fantastic view to go with the Peruvian-inspired dishes. All eager eaters will enjoy the ceviches, skewered beef hearts, and the fried pork shanks. Given that this is a popular spot for many to head to when they want to try something different to the usual American food, it’s always best to book before getting dolled up and locking the front door.
  • Au Cheval - If there’s one spot to head to in the whole of Chicago, it’s this spot in West Loop. A burger joint, it really does serve some of the finest cuts of meat that anyone can get in the city. A good spot for a group dinner or a few dates, it is more than worthy of its spotless reputation. 
  • Girl & the Goat - Goat empanadas, duck tongue with wontons, and crispy pork shank are just a few of the delicious foods that can be ordered here. A fancy and popular establishment, it’s fair to say that whoever comes here will be more than earnestly satisfied. 
  • Cindy’s - For all the big eaters that want a slice of the Chicago skyline to go alongside their main course, this is the place. With a wholesomely American menu, guests can tuck into the likes of scrumptious pancakes, egg dishes, and lots of pastries. Overall, it’s fair to say that no one will be disappointed in this place.

Corporate Apartments in Chicago

When business takes precedence over leisure, corporate travelers need somewhere they can unwind after a long day stuck in the office making failed pitches. Luckily for them, our apartments in Chicago have all of their needs covered so all they have to do is turn up and start living. All the amenities are covered so they can live comfortably just as they would in their own home. Plus, with free Wi-Fi in the apartment, they can do all of their reports and other work requirements from home rather than embarking on the morning commute.

Apartments in Chicago for Leisure

Coming to Chicago to relax and unwind is always a great experience. There’s so much that the city can offer to entertain its many visitors that many will wish that they had stayed for longer. All the old museums and galleries show off all the rich culture there is to enjoy. And after long days of seeing all of that fascinating stuff, they want to head back to a place that exudes the comfort and convenience they need while they rest up for the next day ahead. That place will be one of our unique and highly stylish furnished apartments that has all the amenities a stay of leisure requires.

Transportation Near Our Chicago Apartments

The metro system is the most efficient way for visitors to get around the city of Chicago. It is quick and connects the top attractions within its simple network. No matter where in the city our guests stay they will have access to the top metro stations thanks to their central locations. Charging around the city will become super simple.

These are the metro stations near our apartments in Chicago:

  • Washington/Wabash 
  • Millennium
  • Monroe
  • Merchandise Mart 
  • Van Buren Street
  • Harold Washington Library-State/Van Buren
  • Adams/Wabash
  • Union Station
  • Clinton
  • Ogilvie Transportation Center
  • UIC-Halsted

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