Golden Sands Apartments, Dubai

Dubai is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, offering visitors a sprawling collection of lavish shopping malls, landscaped beaches and cutting edge leisure facilities. With its ultra-modern landscape, the UAE city has ushered in a new era in tourism - one where people can expect a stylish city break, a relaxing holiday spent on golden beaches and a chance to see some of the world’s finest cultural artifacts without having to travel more than a few minutes from any one spot. Golden Sands apartments in Dubai showcase the city’s modern emphasis on luxury and, as such, offer the ultimate way to experience this unique destination.

Even when compared with other areas in the city, Golden Sands apartments in Dubai offer the ultimate in comfort and luxury living. Whilst there are many great hotels, having a private living space offers that little something extra - a chance to experience Dubai on your own terms and in the opulent surroundings that have become synonymous with the city. Choosing to stay in an apartment also means having a place in which to relax - which can be ideal for those who might want to avoid the midday heat.

For the ultimate luxury experience, serviced apartments in Dubai really are unrivalled. The properties are often an attraction in themselves, not only offering guests all the benefits of a hotel - such as daily room cleaning and reception/concierge - but also coming with the added advantage of fully stocked kitchen facilities - making them ideal for those perhaps on a longer stay. The addition of home entertainment, private access and a range of mod-cons also make them ideal for relaxing after a long day’s exploring the city sights.

Golden Sands apartments in Dubai are generally available throughout all of these. Of course, the most popular place to soak up the sumptuous atmosphere is the marina, the playground of the rich and famous, or the stunning Jumeirah Beach, whilst Downtown Dubai is often how most people picture the city - with its sprawling fountains, modern shopping complexes and even an Olympic-sized ice rink! Those seeking something more historical have the options of Al Fahidi or Bur Dubai, which give an idea of what Dubai was like before its modern redevelopment.

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