Apartments for Rent In Dublin City Center For One Night

Apartments To Rent In Dublin City Centre For One Night

On the edge of Europe, Dublin has a well deserved reputation as a party capital. Conversely, it also conjures up images of a green and peaceful city, both opinions are completely correct.

Whether Dublin evokes images of Guinness and St Patrick’s Day, or more serious things such as the literary genius’s of Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, there’s no denying it’s a much sought after destination for fun and business seekers alike.

It’s a place that’s best enjoyed over a number of days when considering the amount of things there are to see and do. However, it’s also a place that’s worth coming back to again and again, so if one night is all that’s available, it will still be an enjoyable one.

Plus, even one night’s stay is still enough to sample a pint or two of the black stuff!

There are many apartments to rent in Dublin city centre for one night, each one much sought after as a far more enjoyable alternative to staying in a hotel.

They are fully furnished and are decorated and supplied with amenities designed to make them feel much more like a home from home than a hotel or bed and breakfast ever could. Even if it’s just for one night.

The locations of the apartments to rent in Dublin from TheSqua.re are superb. The range of sizes that they come in also provide a much more flexible option than those that can be offered by other forms of accommodation. From studio apartments for lone travellers right through to four bedroom accommodation, for those travelling with large families or even business groups.

A business can save a lot of money by renting multi room accommodation against multiple hotel rooms.

The city centre is the most sought after location for apartment rentals in Dublin city centre. This is because so much can then be crammed into a day whilst still being within walking distance of a bed at the end of it.

Other places are available, however, and depending on the purpose of the trip they might be better suited.

These include Ballsbridge, Docklands and of course the famed party quarter, Temple Bar. There’s something to be said about having a night out in Temple Bar, safe in the knowledge that a comfy bed is just a few minutes walk away.

The apartments have a great many features which set them apart from the large hotels and quaint little bed and breakfasts that can also be found all over Dublin. A number of reasons why they feel more like a home than temporary accommodation.

Regardless of the size of the apartments or their exact location within Dublin, all have a number of facilities which feature in all of them. Thanks to a checklist that is ticked off before any of them can be rented out.

Every apartment has a flat screen TV and high speed Wi-Fi. Vital for relaxing or working.

All accommodation from TheSqua.re has a comfy living space with ample seating for the number of people staying. This is in direct contrast to having nothing to sit on in a room except for a bed.

There are kitchen facilities in every apartment too. Not just a fridge and a hotplate, but a cooker, microwave and all of the utensils needed to cook almost any meal that could be cooked in a home kitchen.

Being able to cook a home cooked meal will be a bonus gratefully received by leisure travellers. Spending a day in a capital city can be expensive. However, it also provides a unique and impressive solution for business meetings or dinner.

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