Executive Apartments Dublin, Ireland

Executive Apartments Dublin Ireland

Dublin makes it easy to think of a reason to visit. Not just because of the well known and well visited tourist attractions that most people go for. Though a trip to the Science Museum and The Guinness Storehouse is still highly recommended. 

Some of the reasons to visit Dublin aren’t necessarily that specific. Fun, culture, history and heritage are great reasons too! 

As with most European capitals, Dublin can’t be explored in a day, but there are plenty of ways to easily solve that problem. 

There are hotels and bed and breakfasts, as would be expected in any capital city. But there are also executive apartments in Dublin, high end accommodation that would suit most business travellers and leisure travellers alike. 

These apartments are perfect bases from which to attend business meetings and also for days out within the capital and beyond. They are available in various sizes from studios for single travellers, right up to four bedroom places for multiple business travellers or large families.  

They also provide value for money too. A four bedroom executive apartment Dublin can easily work out cheaper than renting four separate rooms in a high end hotel. 

In Dublin, the apartments are located in the city centre, Temple Bar and the docklands, but also in more homely places such as Ballsbridge. 

All places are ideal for leisure and business travellers alike for exploring the city or travelling to the business districts. 

Not only are they ideally located for travellers, they are also fully equipped to make a stay feel like being at home.  

Executive apartments Dublin Ireland from TheSqua.re have all the facilities that most people would expect to find in a private home. Each apartment comes with its own unique feel, which skilfully hides the careful checks that each and every one has gone through before being offered up to rent. 

Every apartment must be tastefully decorated in every room. This includes the comfortable bedrooms, the beautiful bathrooms, the fully equipped kitchens and the relaxing living areas.  

Already it’s easy to see the advantages that these spacious apartments have over a standard hotel room. 

Every apartment comes with a flat screen TV and high speed Wi-Fi as standard. The latter is included in the price of rental which is not necessarily the case in most hotels. Wi-Fi is an essential component of accommodation for any business trip. It can be equally vital to families trying to entertain children or plan the next day of the vacation. 

The kitchen area comes with a fridge, cooker, hob and microwave so is ready for any level of cooking skills. The utensils are also provided so any meal that can be prepared at home should be easy to replicate. 

The ability to eat in whilst on a holiday or business trip is essential for anyone on a budget. Meals out every night not only works out expensive, it can also be a fairly unhealthy way to live. 

Better to prepare one’s own meal, or even have the ability to invite colleagues round for a bite and a chat about the day. 

Executive apartments Dublin Ireland not only provide the means to cook a meal, they also provide an area in which to eat it. The days of perching on the end of a bed, trying to eat in a hotel room are long gone. 

The living area comes with enough seats and space to accommodate everybody who’s staying at the apartment. A studio apartment has enough space to comfortably seat one person whilst a four bedroom apartment naturally has far more space. 

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