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Vacation Apartment Rentals Dublin Ireland

Ireland is a place that is loved by many and is a favourite destination for both business people and holidaymakers alike. The most famous and popular place to visit in the Emerald Isle is its capital, Dublin.

It’s renowned as a place of fun but also has a serious side too. There’s plenty to see and do in terms of history and culture and there’s also a significant amount of business done there too. As would be expected from a major European capital.

In order to appreciate all which Dublin has to offer, more than a day’s visit needs to be allocated. In other words, accommodation is recommended.

Fortunately, Dublin has plenty of accommodation on offer. As with any city, there are plenty of hotels available, from the budget end of the market to five star luxury.

There are also ample bed and breakfasts in and around the city from which a vacation can be enjoyed.

However, people are finding more and more that staying in a hotel for any length of time can feel a bit sterile. Rooms are often cramped and can be unsuitable for large families.

There is also the inflexibility of hotels who need to dictate what time meals are served, for example.

It is for this reason that vacation apartment rentals in Dublin are becoming more and more popular. These fully furnished apartments are a home from home and provide a much more comfortable place from which to holiday and do business from.

They are also just as well located as hotels are, with the added bonus that they come in a range of sizes to suit different sizes of families and people travelling in a group for pleasure or business. As well as offering greater comfort, they can also work out as a cheaper option than multiple hotel rooms.

The city centre is obviously the most popular place in which to seek accommodation and there are of course plenty of vacation apartment rentals located there.

But there are other places available too, places which might be more suitable for longer term stays. Ballsbridge, for example, is a quieter, more leafy area of the city which for some people might be a more pleasant alternative to stay in. It is also well connected to the city centre and the other attractions of Dublin so makes an ideal place to be based from.

In fact, most apartments from TheSqua.re which aren’t in the city centre are still well connected to it by virtue of nearby transport hubs.

The relaxed atmosphere that can be found in vacation apartment rentals across Dublin is created by a number of things. The tasteful and stylish decorating is the first thing that springs to mind. The amenities are another.

These apartments may be of different sizes and may be in different locations throughout the city but they have a number of things in common, thanks to a checklist on which every item needs to be ticked before they can be rented.

This checklist covers things such as free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout, a flat screen TV, a spacious living area, separate from the sleeping area in all but studio apartments, as well as a fully equipped kitchen.

The latter sets these apartments apart from hotel rooms and other accommodation in that with a microwave, hob, cooker, fridge and all of the other essential kitchen utensils, home cooked meals can be prepared in this home from home.

This is useful as a break away from dining out every night, but also as a cost saver.

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