Serviced Apartments for Easter 2019

Serviced Apartments For Easter 2019

Easter is fast approaching and the world is preparing for celebrations. Everyone knows what the festival means to most Christians; rebirth, resurrection and renewal. But aside from the religious elements, what does Easter mean to everybody else? Suffice to say, most enjoy having not one but two bank holidays, and of course, spending time with friends and family throughout the season.

But the world celebrates it in many different ways. Take a look at how nations celebrate Easter across the globe:


Easter in London is always exciting. Activities can range from Easter egg hunts to Easter brunches and a production of Passion of Jesus in Trafalgar Square. Those that don’t venture far out of the home will have family meals or simply watch the Easter films on the TV. There’s many on the BBC and ITV at this time of year.

Naturally, Christians will be making their way to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday to sing and respect the death and resurrection of Christ.


While the tradition of the Easter bunny bringing Easter eggs to all the children is well known throughout the Western world, in France, this tale has a slight variation. Instead of a bunny bringing eggs, they are brought by Easter bells. 

What does this mean for those celebrating Easter in Paris? Well, considering that the story itself predates the Christian tradition, guests can easily imagine that the public takes it quite seriously. However, as France has a big Catholic base, most will be heading to church, even in the metropolis of Paris.

New York

In New York, shops will be open and trading as usual. There is also an Easter parade (obviously, it’s America after all!) which can be found on Fifth Avenue. Unlike most of the other US parades, it’s a pretty quiet affair, with no floats, no bands, no dancing, just people dressed up and walking along in Easter costumes.

As per usual in the Western world, New Yorkers will also be heading to church and others will be taking in the Easter treats on the TV. Expect a showing of Ben-Hur at least.


The Christian population will be celebrating Easter in Singapore, via the western traditions that have been discussed above. Good Friday is also a public holiday here, so an extra day off work is all well and good for citizens as well as guests who choose to come here over the Easter break.

Also, as one can imagine, Christian families will be meeting up to celebrate rebirth and resurrection together at home over an Easter meal.

Hong Kong

Over 800,000 Hong Kong Christians attend church services at Easter. As per usual, egg hunts will be taking place as well as face painting and other community celebrations. While the East may have different festivals every year, Easter in Hong Kong has a very western feel - much like Hong Kong itself that successfully blends traditions of both East and West together.

All in all, guests will be surprised at how alive Hong Kong gets over the Easter period.

San Francisco

The sunny shores of San Francisco are the ideal destination to celebrate Easter. Much like the rest of the USA, Easter in San Francisco will be religious in nature. Local churches will be crowding up and families will be gathering around the dinner tables to say prayers and celebrate accordingly.

For those that aren’t so religiously inclined, there are also theatre performances to go to, like Hamilton, for example, a cruise in the SF Bay or even just an Easter brunch with those that are closest to you.


Those that like Easter brunches and less traditional ways of celebrating the resurrection of Christ will like spending an Easter break in Dubai. Parties will be happening throughout Dubai’s famous nightlife scenes, whether they’re Easter parties or just the usual ones that happen on a weekend all the time.

Egg hunts, Easter bunny photos and all that malarky will be happening too, so guests of all ages can enjoy one of the world’s most exotic destinations during one of the year’s top celebrations.

Easter offer:

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Terms and Conditions:

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