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Lord's Cricket Ground is often flooded with people during the times of an important global match. People from across the continents grace this landmark with their presence. Our fully-equipped range of accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground makes sure that not only is your stay here comfortable but your cricket vacation is memorable as well. While we make sure that the price range is fair and transparent, we also try our level best to squeeze all possible facilities in each of our apartments. With sunlit bedrooms, spacious and vibrant living rooms to a fully-equipped kitchen, our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground is ready to welcome cricket fans from around the globe for a memorable stay in London City.

Our Best Accommodation Near Lord's Cricket Ground London 

Ranging from studio apartments to lavish urban pads, 1 bedroom abode to 3 bedroom set, our fine variety of accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground has them all. We are grateful for a decade long experience and exposure in the industry that allow us to bring to you a highly impressive set of amenities for all price brackets. Right from free Wi-Fi to CCTV, oven to a washing machine, an entire working kitchen to the most luxurious bathrooms, each part of the abode is all set to welcome you. 

Some of our finest abodes snuggled around our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground in London are:

About Lord's Cricket Ground

Awarded as the most beautiful cricket stadiums across the globe, Lord's Cricket Ground is an iconic global centre of Cricket which is celebrated by passionate fans of the sport across the world. It boasts of being the largest cricket stadium in England. It has been named after Lord Thomas who was the proud owner of the European Cricket Council and the MCC. People fly down from the other side of the globe just so they don't miss an iconic match in this huge cricket heaven. Apart from the physical importance that it holds, its popularity has more layers to it. MCC or the Marylebone Cricket Club is a keeper and the collector of cricket laws, its history, and its craft for over a century now. With its museum, stuffed library, and the one-of-a-kind archive, it has taken the laborious task of tracing the evolution of this global sport. Such is the passion that has gone behind its inception which makes it worthy of such immense popularity.

Some points to consider before leaving for Lord's Cricket Ground:

  • From award-winning mixtures at Fever-Tree to Portman's Cafe and Cricketers’ Bar, the ground premises has many restaurants and bars to your rescue. 
  • One thing that makes it stand out is that it is the only international cricket venue where you can bring your booze. Check their website for limits. 
  • Do not consider wearing trainers or flip flops to the restaurant area. Tailored shorts, casual trousers and jeans are allowed.
  • No fancy dress, please.
  • There are different regulations for dressing on match days and non-match days. Kindly refer to their website before packing and leaving for the landmark.
  • No car parking is allowed at the Lord's. However, you can always park at your apartment as we provide free parking with most of our apartments.
  • Musical instruments to flags are not permitted either.

Why Should You Consider Accommodation Near Lord's Cricket Ground London?

Thanks to our extensive experience gathered over years of dealing in short term rentals, we aim to give you all the reasons for considering our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground. Finding a short term rental is a huge task in London City. You have ready-to-use abodes which come with a fully functional kitchen to cook and door cameras to make you feel secure, beds to sneak a nap before you head for the match, and a parking area to park your rental car. Be it a group of friends or a warm family with kids or even senior citizens, our convenient distance to the ground and the innumerable comforts in the house will make trusting us your best decision on this London trip.

From attached spacious bathrooms and bedrooms to living rooms with Netflix and TV, we have got your time post the match sorted as well. Even if you have a Zoom call to make back at work or attend an urgent meeting online, our in-house Wi-Fi routers won't let you worry about finding a stable connection outside. With so much to add to your trip with our sleek abodes, we provide you with all the comforts that won't let you stay anywhere else. We can already tell that your kids are going to love us.

Things to See Around Lord's Cricket Ground

There is so much to see near Lord's Cricket Ground, thanks to its central location. From Church of our Lady St. John's Wood to Hyde Park to even Abbey's Road for an experience that takes you back to the 1960s, there is so much to explore nearby. Take a lot of local tours of the hidden gems and do try the canal tour near Regent's Park. Since there are a plethora of attractions that measure to less than 5 kilometres in distance from our accommodations, let us dive straight to the list. 

 Some highly recommended attractions accessible from our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground London include:

  • Hyde Park - Hands down the topper of every list, especially with horse-riding at Rotten Row and Serpentine Lake boating experience, it is the ideal landmark to check out. 
  • Camden Market - With its ever-changing variety, head straight to this absolute gem to shop till you drop. Street food and live music will surely make it a memorable visit.
  • Victoria & Albert Museum - Experience art luxury at its best with a unique collection of exquisite items from across the world. The contemporary art collection is one of the finest ever. 
  • London Central Mosque - Immerse in the serenity of this place located on 146 Park Road. Just enjoy the peace that the mosque area offers. Make sure to know the separate area to worship as per your gender and don't forget to cover your head. 
  • The British Museum - A celebrated collection of human history and evolution which spans to over two million years can be seen here. It is a must-visit place located just 3.5 kilometres from the Ground. 
  • National Gallery - This free London attraction has everything about art to exhibit. Its fine collection dates back to the 13th century. The traditional paintings are a treat to observe.

Facilities in Our Accommodation Near Lord's Cricket Ground

We at TheSqua.re try our level best to create a serviced apartment for you which feels just like home after you head back from an exciting but exhausting match at the Ground. Grab some food from any restaurant near your apartment and head straight to your soft beds. Microwave in the kitchen will let you reheat your food and enjoy it hot immediately after you get up from your nap. That is the kind of detailed and personalised approach that each of our facilities aims to provide. 

Some of these fine amenities available in our accommodation near Lord’s Cricket Ground which are either complimentary or comes at an extra cost include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • CCTV 
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Microwave
  • Gym access
  • Espresso Machine
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Widescreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony

Things to Do at Lord's Cricket Ground

The wonderful cricket ground has so much more than what meets the eye. While most think that it is just like any other sports ground, it's not. This iconic cricket hub has a collective experience to offer which is both informative and fascinating for everyone alike. Apart from enjoying a match here, go on the ground tour here to know more about the legacy of it. Not just that, it has a full-fledged museum to its name along with an archive and a wonderful library as well. All this is run under the name of MCC which came into existence in 1864. The passion that has driven it for almost a century now is being carried forward by the lovers of the sport. 

Some extremely fascinating things which are a must-do here include:

  • MCC Museum - A cricket heaven for all cricket fans, MCC is known to be one of the oldest functional museums of sports. Trace the iconic things associated with the development of cricket as a passion. 
  • MCC Archive - From scrapbook pages from the 1860s to present-day collection, this archive is nothing less than a dream. From audio archives to original scorecards, everything can be physically seen only at the Lord's.
  • MCC Library - Boasts of being the world’s largest and the finest cricket collections when it comes to books. Over 20,000 titles can be found in this academic heaven of cricket. 
  • Ground Tour - While exploring the stadium area on a non-match day, you can always go and enjoy a paid tour here separately without a match ticket. From Pavilion to Long Room, the MCC Museum to Lord's boards of honour, this 90-minute tour will take you through the entire art and architecture of the place and the sport. 
  • Bell Ringers - This is a memorable moment for most as it is a ritual here to signal the team to assemble after they are ready. 
  • The Nursery Ground - A part of the legacy, this wonderful site may get you lucky to spot a few stars during warm-up sessions and matches. There are chances of getting a selfie with them under the Media Centre.

Best Restaurants Near Lord's Cricket Ground

We are very particular about providing the best food variety around our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground. We have curated each apartment with utmost priority given to the location and respective proximity to some of the local gems. From the cosy flowery setting to elaborate chandeliers gracing the restaurants, your Instagram will love the variety. Thanks to the multiculturality of London City, from authentic French to innovative Korean and even Lebanese, an irresistible variety is offered around. 

Some of the local favourites near our Accommodation Near Lord's Cricket Ground London are:

  • Definition Wine Bar - Visit here for an impressive variety of wines ranging from their grape type to regions and styles of preparation.
  • Crocker’s Folly - A magnificent pub turned restaurant with regal setting and pleasant Lebanese menu. While the service is quite pleasant, it is the chandelier and the intricate interiors here that win hearts.
  • Portman's Cafe - Treat this as a means to relive the legacy of George Portman while you enjoy their range of snacks and sweets with delicious coffee. 
  • The Ivy St. John's Wood - Hands down the most iconic Brasserie, it is both charming and exquisite. The luxury interiors and the detailed menu makes it a clear winner. 
  • Dark’s Bar - Grab a sausage roll or a pie piece from this lovely bar selling craft beers and ales within the stadium premises. 
  • Lord's Tavern - An ideal restaurant for both couples and families with its quiet and intimate setting. Live sports, Sunday roast and quiz night are the three prime features here. 
  • Gogi Restaurant - Great for both couples and groups, this lovely Korean restaurant is known for dishes with a twist. Its romantic location overlooks the Little Venice Canal.
  • The Seashell of Lisson Grove - Slightly far away than many, this is the ultimate seafood heaven. Its highly creative interiors along with fish and chips are the show stealers. 
  • Mon Plaisir - Particularly famous for its eclectic French menu and vegan options. The French Onion Soup here is an absolute favourite among all alike. 
  • Oslo Court - This gem of a restaurant near Regent's Park offers the classic European cuisine at its absolute best. Rediscover and savour the authentic taste straight from the 80s.
  • Duke of York - Known for its vegan options and charcoal-grilled steaks in the non-vegetarian section, this is a local favourite right near the iconic Ground.
  • Zonzo Restaurant - A multi-cuisine restaurant which can be found in almost 1 kilometre from the ground, it has an array of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu.

Leisure Accommodation Near Lord's Cricket Ground

The surrounding neighbourhoods of this landmark in London have so much food, experiences, tourist activities, and local fun to offer. We have specifically chosen the right areas for our serviced apartments which not only allow you to access the advantages of the area but also help you enjoy a peaceful carefree stay inside the house. Our homes offer kitchen, dining tables, fluffy mattresses, velvety couches in the living room, and a very secure and vibrant ambience to bring all aspects of living together. We also provide a microwave and oven to ease you and especially your kids of untimely cravings as a grocery pack is made available every week. You can always rely on us for a parking space in the most secure residential areas as the Lord's premises doesn't have parking.

Transport Near Lord's Cricket Ground London

From bike racks to the Underground, Bus to road transportation, our centrally located apartments enjoy a replica of all the advantages of Lord's Cricket Ground. While St. John's Wood is the nearest of all the stations and means of transportation, this London attraction is quite close to Baker Street as well. While the metro scenes are sorted, you can always opt for buses as well which can be accessed on both Wellington Road and Grove End Road which run adjacent to the stadium. It doesn't end there as the proximity to train stations and airports allow you to go international as well.

Some of the common Underground stations that can be accessed from our accommodation near Lord's Cricket Ground London include:

  • St. John's Wood
  • Baker Street
  • Warwick Avenue
  • Edgware Road
  • Marylebone
  • Paddington

Some of the international stations by train include:

  • Euston
  • St Pancras
  • King’s Cross 

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