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Aldgate is all about its location and variety. Thanks to the central location that Aldgate comes with, there is so much to see, explore like a local, taste like a tourist, and just experience at your own pace. Our Aldgate Accommodation in Aldgate neighbourhood has been specially curated to provide each of our travellers with proximity to all these experiences. Our vast catalogue has accommodation in areas ranging from East London to Tower Bridge, each area offering its distinct set of attractions and variety. Not just on the outside, even the inside of the apartments are as detailed as they can be.

From the glam of part hotels to the comfort of a home, the spaciousness of a lavish duplex to a million-dollar view of the massive city of London, there is so much to experience with us. With a home-like kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, well-maintained hygiene, fluffy linen-clad mattresses, and so much more, you can expect a lovely vacation. You can be well assured that your much-awaited stay in Aldgate, London is in safe hands with the dedicated team of TheSqua.re.

Our Best Aldgate Accommodation in London

Some of our finest Aldgate Accommodation in London is clustered in the Aldgate neighbourhood. The thorough networking that Aldgate offers with other parts of the city is what makes it stand apart. Whether you are here to visit the historic landmarks of London like Hyde Park and Big Ben, or it is the official work in Shoreditch that has pulled you here, our Aldgate accommodation has got you covered.

While the location is thoroughly impressive, it is the interiors that give us the edge. We put utmost detail in each piece or amenity that has finally made it to each apartment,  from a well-maintained kitchen to the setting of the living room. From a vibrant couch to the placing of the window, the choice of the bathtub to the complementing shade of the furniture, every single thing has been taken care of. We have deliberately kept our apartments a mix of modern and sleek furnishings along with vibrant decor because that is exactly like how most of our travellers like their own home. When we call our Aldgate Accommodation the best, we make sure that it is the experience that counts.

Some of our top-rated Aldgate Accommodation in the heart of London include:

Why Should You Book an Aldgate Accommodation in London?

Aldgate is best known for its convenient location in Central London. Our catalogue of Aldgate Accommodation can be traced in about 2 miles from Central London and around 2.3 miles from the famous Charing Cross. Not just that, it offers a similar convenience of distance from the financial hub of Shoreditch. Having all the reasons for being the best location, it proves to be a fine choice for your upcoming London stay with us. Getting access to all the attractions that the location offers, becomes way easier when you are living within a radius of 3 kilometres from the entire cluster of landmarks. From aparthotels to studio apartments, high rise apartments to 3-bedroom sets, there is something for all group strengths and preferences in our premium range of Aldgate accommodation.

With so much variety already at hand, the endless list of amenities that come with each of the state-of-the-art apartments will surely impress you. With the comforts of a home-like bed, a modernly finished kitchen and a living room to a stable internet connection with the outside world, we take care of each part of your day with our exclusive range of affordable facilities.

Facilities in Our Aldgate Accommodation in London

Every time one thinks of travelling to a city like London, a lot of hesitations come along. From the availability of parking, to the internet, managing washing dishes on one's own to manage the entire house, all thoughts cross our mind. The cleaning responsibilities, buying groceries, washing dishes, and so many additional activities can sound daunting. These questions become even more pressurising when the Aldgate stay is supposed to be for work. Our Aldgate accommodation takes care of all these works and so much more. Each of our accommodations ensures that the experience of the stay with TheSqua.re is nothing less than a fine combo of a luxury hotel and your cosy home.

A mix of some of the prime facilities that come handy with our Aldgate accommodation and the ones that can be added on request include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

London Attractions Near Our Aldgate Accommodation

The Shoreditch neighbourhood, on one hand, can be reached in merely 10 minutes from Aldgate. Stratford City, can be reached in just 20 minutes. Strategic proximity to both these lively and exciting neighbourhoods makes our Aldgate accommodation quite liberating and full of variety. From markets selling everything from vintage to groceries, to the goldmine for every theatre lover, the Globe Theatre, areas in and around Aldgate East, they all have a plethora of attractions waiting to be explored. We make sure that leaving the apartment to go sightseeing shouldn't feel like a burden. Living here will make it feel almost like going for a walk in the neighbourhood. That is the kind of experience that we wish to provide as the convenience of such a degree is rare to find in a city like London. Probably that is the reason that it is highly appreciated by all our travellers alike, and we couldn't be more proud.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions near our prime Aldgate accommodation include:

  • The Gherkin - This magnificent bullet-shaped architecture is not only known for its massive height and outlook but also for the fantastic cocktails that can be enjoyed inside. A great place to combine your love for cocktails and architecture.
  • Olympic Stadium - This popular attraction can be accessed just 6 kilometres away from Aldgate. An ideal place to check out for sports fanatics while the taxi is the best shot for reaching as early as possible.
  • Borough Market - A fun attraction to check out near Aldgate. Buy some souvenirs, food, and ingredients to enjoy a delicious dinner back at the apartment. 
  • The Globe Theatre - With marvellous architecture to legendary history, this replica of Shakespeare's legacy is just 10 minutes away from Aldgate East. It is hands down one of the best tours in the city. 
  • The Tate Modern - Not one, not two but four art museums come together to form this iconic landmark of the city. London is the place for admirers of visual art. This fine collection of contemporary, modern, and British art is less than 10 minutes from Aldgate.
  • Whitechapel Road - This is one such place near Aldgate which gives the true taste of London. Although it doesn't have posh restaurants or great reviews, let's face it, if it is the insider experience that you wish for, this is the place to be. 
  • St. Botolph’s Church - Head to the peaceful Aldgate Square with neatly kept lawns and this wonderful church. Escape from your workplace and let the modernly transformed area soothe you for the rest of the day.

Best London Restaurants Near Our  Aldgate Accommodation

From Japanese flavours to freshly-brewed coffee houses, and the grand spread of meats, our Aldgate accommodation catalogue is popular for its proximity to an impressive variety of food. The neighbourhood not only has a bunch of family restaurants but also some very posh restaurants ideal for sophisticated and private meetings. Wine tasting is one very popular experience offered in the heart of East London. Overall, Aldgate Accommodation gives direct access to an eclectic catalogue of restaurants and cuisines. Each set of food hubs ensure that at least food is not something that you might get bored of during your stay with us in the heart of Aldgate.

Some of the popular restaurants among locals which can be easily found near our Aldgate accommodation are:

  • Fora Restaurant - From live guitar to Belly dancing, this iconic one in Aldgate is a must-visit. The luxuriously decorated restaurant offers delicious Turkish cuisine. The mix kebabs deserve a special mention. 
  • Yuu Kitchen - This fine restaurant is ideal for Asian, Japanese, and Taiwanese food craving. With delicious wings and chicken pockets, there are so many local favourite dishes to try. 
  • Satyrio - This fine Italian restaurant is Aldgate’s prized possession. With a delicious menu to a unique show-cooking method, Satyrio offers an entire experience of eating and wine-tasting. An ideal place for business lunches as well. 
  • Sfoglia Bologna - Watch their iconic pasta being prepared right in front of you at this wonderful Italian restaurant here. Apart from Bologna’s traditional food, it is the exclusive gluten-free kitchen that attracts several travellers.
  • VQ Aldgate - Known for its authentic English breakfast, this chain can be found in a total of 4 neighbourhoods in London. The delicious poached eggs are a must-try and you can find this in Dorsett hotel’s ground floor.

Cost of Aldgate Accommodation

Aldgate comes in the impressive parts of London which offers a fine balance of residential areas and financial clusters. Striking a deal here which doesn't burn a hole in your pocket is not a daily occurrence here. However, TheSqua.re, as a part of its vision of making travel accommodation easily accessible and affordable, has some quite impressive apartments to your rescue.

What makes us stand apart is the availability of short term rentals in such a prime area. Travellers can get Aldgate accommodation for as less as 3 nights as well, which is quite an attractive feature in such cost-effective catalogues. Apart from that, the food scenes are quite sorted here with our fully-stocked kitchen waiting for you, your business team, or your family. Spending on meals for one gets quite inconvenient and expensive sometimes when travelling solo. With groceries at your doorstep, even those loads of expenses are well-covered at our exclusive Aldgate Accommodation.

Aldgate Accommodation in London for a Corporate Stay

Taking a day off to look around London doesn't make sense and weekends often go by in preparing oneself for the next weekday. A lot of corporate travellers went through this dilemma, which is why we invested so much attention in curating our range of Aldgate accommodation. One can enjoy a Tennis match in Hyde Park or go shopping in the Borough Market, enjoy a magnifying visit to the Globe or just pay a visit to one of the finest museums in the city. All this can be done within 2 hours on an average from your apartment itself.

Once you are satisfied with your temporary workplace and the neighbourhood facilities, you will have the most comfortable abode waiting for you to relax. With fluffy mattresses, clean wooden floor, a lovely view from the balcony to enjoy coffee with, the entire apartment comes alive when you start living there. Whether you are a fan of fresh smoothies every day or a quick microwave Mac and Cheese is your go-to staple, expect everything in our modernly-furnished Aldgate accommodations in the heart of the financial capital. 

Aldgate Accommodation in London for a Family Stay

Central London is one of the most convenient postcodes to choose for a stay with family London. Aldgate is a very well connected neighbourhood of Central London which makes our set of Aldgate accommodation an ideal choice for a family holiday here. We offer all range of comforts from something as basic as a dishwasher to as impressive as a full-fledged kitchen at your disposal. At TheSqua.re, we aim to provide a living experience in the heart of London that feels just like home.

We wish for your family to enjoy the comfort meals, just as all of you are used to enjoying. We can already imagine you guys sitting on the dining table, right in the living room, and enjoying your dinner ritual of eating together. Apart from that, the breathtaking views of the skyscrapers from your living room make it an irresistible luxury to wake up to. From fresh organic groceries to Netflix and chill, our eclectic range of amenities especially curated for families, make sure that the overall experience is wholesome. Even if something goes wrong, our service team will be available 24x7 to take care of everything.

Transportation Near Our Aldgate Accommodation in London 

One wonderful advantage of Aldgate is that it is extremely well connected to the rest of London. Aldgate East underground station can be easily accessed on two main lines. It can be boarded on the Hammersmith & City line and the District Line. Both of these are thoroughly connected to the rest of the city. While Whitechapel is the closest brushing station in both these lines, Liverpool Street caps it from the other side on the Hammersmith & City line while Tower Hill caps it on the District Line.

By the virtue of being closest to at least one of these stations, each of our Aldgate accommodation makes sure that it takes the least possible time to reach the tube station. This not only makes travelling across the city easier but also reduces the travel time by a huge margin. Not just the tube, several major red buses can be boarded without any hassle at a walking distance from your chosen Aldgate apartment.

Some of the most easily accessible tube stations near our Aldgate accommodation include:

  • Aldgate East Tube Station
  • Whitechapel
  • Hoxton
  • Tower Hill
  • Liverpool Street
  • London Stratford City
  • Tower Hill Gateway
  • Shadwell
  • Monument

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