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Aparthotels in London

With as many as 65 million travellers visiting the iconic city of London in 2015 alone, there are no two ways about London's popularity going anywhere even after decades from now. No wonder the demand and consequent love for aparthotels in London have increased so rapidly by such a huge margin. One major reason for it is the difficulty that almost all travellers face to find secure, convenient, and affordable accommodation in this mammoth city. Our in-house team has initiated to tackle exactly the same issue. Our cautiously picked list of aparthotels in London makes this entire process seem as doable as possible, right from the comforts of your home and a touch of your screen.

Our Best Aparthotels in London

From short distances to Underground stations to spacious rooms and modern interiors, our best aparthotels in London have everything that an ideal accommodation must have. While making correct estimates of the apartment facilities are usually difficult online, the process may look even more unachievable on the neverending streets of London. With an experience of almost a decade and a trustable reputation built over our tenure, TheSqua.re has brought to you an exclusive list of our best aparthotels in London. With convenience to trust, affordability to comfort, we aim to provide you with the best possible experience in the heart of London. 

With a dedicated intention and top-notch quality of living, a handpicked bunch of some of our best aparthotels in London are:

  • Staycity London Heathrow
  • London Brentford

Why Should You Book Aparthotels in London?

The answer to this pretty much lies in the question itself. Why does one book apartments? Mostly because they want to experience a sense of permanence, routine, and homely feeling even when away from home. Why does one book hotels? Probably because of the level of luxury and quick services that hotels offer. When it comes to a combination of both in the form of Aparthotels in London, it is quite literally the ultimate best of both worlds. Getting back to your own kitchen, balcony coffees, lazy living room are some of the things that one doesn't want to lose touch with. Overall, while bi-weekly cleaning and grocery packs walking up to you let you firmly depend on us, our apartments as a whole ensure to make you feel secure on foreign land.

Facilities in Our Aparthotels in London

As the name tells itself, our aparthotels come with a mix of luxury and basic amenities. Our basics include facilities required on a daily basis which no matter how essential are quite hard to find together in one accommodation. Our luxury facilities take care of the desire for extra comfort, a rich lifestyle, and everything that can turn the upcoming London trip into a true luxury vacation. If one can get the comforts of home and luxury of a hotel in single accommodation, it just cannot get better than this. 

Some of the star amenities that are offered in most of our aparthotels in London include:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Free parking
  • Dining area
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Gym access
  • Washing machine
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Lift access
  • Balcony or rooftop deck

Where Can You Find Our Aparthotels in London?

The enormous city in all its entirety has innumerable locations to offer. From lesser-known streets to some of the open areas, from proximity to malls to country vibe at a walking distance, London has it all. To take advantage of this expansive variety that the capital city has to offer, our aparthotels in London have been carefully placed to ensure convenience at its best. Whether it is the Heathrow airport that one needs to stay closer to, or it is the Shoreditch bustle that one prefers better, Angel’s street vibrancy to Camden’s vintage aesthetics, our aparthotels in London has it all. 

Our apartments can be found in the following most popular neighbourhoods of the city:

  • Angel - Sitting in the north of central London is this trendy neighbourhood full of posh hubs, street art, and a variety of restaurants to enjoy the eclectic flavours of London. 
  • Camden - With lively pubs, swanky restaurants, and the popular Camden Market, it is a fantastic option to feel the vibe of the UK capital. 
  • Shoreditch - With business houses, gastropubs, the bustle of Old Street, and the varied dining options, it falls in some of the premium apartments of the city. 
  • Heathrow - This neighbourhood is slightly more convenient because of its proximity to the busy airport. Even though it is not that popular to stay, the apartment rates are slightly lower than the rest. 
  • Fitzrovia - This lively residential area brims with festivals, bistros, art galleries, and old-fashioned pubs. An ideal neighbourhood for both leisure and business travellers.
  • Southwark - With an entire series of parks and easy transport, the popular Crystal Palace, and a foodie paradise, you must stay with your family in this fun neighbourhood. 
  • Canary Wharf - Located on the Isle of Dogs is this business hub of London which is particularly popular because of its skyscrapers and very high safety standards.

London Attractions Near Our Aparthotels

No matter which time of the year it is, a London trip calls for extensive travelling and dedicated hopping from one tourist attraction to the other. It is kind of mandatory here, isn’t it? Even if it is a short trip with limited time at hand while one still wants to see the most that one can, our aparthotels in London offer the perfect opportunity. With apartments deliberately chosen at most convenient locations which offer massive potential to explore London attractions, the run and chase tone down quite a bit. All one has to do is fix a budget and the company one has to travel with. Whether it is the luxury checklist of attractions or most of it hunts down the freebies in London for an outing with kids, either way, we have a solution. 

While you decide that, right below are some of the notable attractions that fall in the mandatory London attractions to see:

  • Sadler’s Wells - This dance hub boasts of attracting over half a million dance enthusiasts every year. This venue is the perfect attraction for a mix of contemporary and classic dancing treat to the eyes. 
  • The O2 or Millenium Dome - One of the most popular among kids exploring London, this dome-shaped structure comes with some very special and visually spectacular exhibitions inside.
  • Museum of London Docklands - An iconic tourist attraction near Canary Wharf which is free to enter. With informative galleries and Sailortown, learn about the 19th-century water affairs of London and even the Slave trade. Gas Masks and Whalebones are a part of the restored exhibits. 
  • Royal Kew Gardens - This UNESCO World Heritage site has been in existence since 1840 and is enjoying honour since 2013. With a spellbinding collection of exotic plant species counting more than thirty thousand, this magnificent site is a treat for families. 
  • Windsor Castle - Heads up for the flying Royal Standard to just feel good about the fact that Queen Elizabeth II is inside. The architecture and the regal vibe of the oldest inhabited castle owned by a monarch for a millennium is a must-visit in London. 
  • The Little Angel Theatre - Another popup gem for kids is this legendary puppet theatre which came into inception in 1961. With only 100 seats to accommodate, the Saturday Club is particularly recommended. 
  • Portobello Road Market - Quite evidently, this one is for everyone who cannot go back without a souvenir. Saturdays are the best days to check out the world-renowned antique market here with over 1000 vintage sellers. 
  • The London Canal Museum - Another affordable and quirky London attraction that is loved for its sweet experience. A colourful boat near King's Cross hosts a discovery trail with Henrietta Horse to the replica of a stable. One among the simpler pleasures of London indeed.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Aparthotels

With Regent Street and Oxford Street among so many popular clusters of the city, food is something that will keep impressing you in London. From Chinese to authentic Mexican, South Asian to Continental, the localities around our aparthotels in London await to treat refined taste buds with their food bombs. While Indian cuisine is quite loved in most restaurant lists, local British cuisines are quite evenly spread as well. Whether it is a lavish 3-course dinner or a go-to snack, a dessert post homemade dinner, or just a shake while roaming around, each of our locations proudly offers convenient distances to all alike. 

While Shoreditch and Canary Wharf are the hubs of street food, some of the prime restaurants that one must check out near our aparthotels are:

  • 69 Colebrooke Row - Its oyster specialities with innovation and taste are a must-try in this very popular bar and restaurant in Angel. It can be easily spotted with a big number 69 on the outside. 
  • The Chelsea Corner - Open from noon to midnight, the Chelsea Corner serves authentic Italian delicacies made with love, passion, and quality ingredients.
  • The Book Club - This warm and closely packed cocktail bar and restaurant is known for its eclectic experience ranging from workshops to poetic events. An LGBTQ+ friendly hub to check out. 
  • Liman Restaurant - This Turkish restaurant in the Angel neighbourhood is an absolute delight with its warm vibe and massive portions. A family-owned restaurant sharing killer Lamb Chops and a love for food. 
  • Nightjar - Known for its unusual but intriguing presentation of food and cocktails, this wonderful subterranean cocktail bar and restaurant sits on The Old Street. The live jazz blues add to the vibe. 
  • Chilango - This small Mexican restaurant settled in Soho is a vibrant little place to grab a bite. With cosy burritos, salads, and a fresh range of Mexican foods, Chilango is particularly famous for its vegan menu. 
  • Wagamama - Set up in various locations, this restaurant is the go-to place for Japanese cravings in the heart of London. 

Cost of Aparthotels in London

London's cost of living index is 77.87. It doesn't fall on the end on the scale of being expensive. Despite falling in an affordable section of the living index, rents are particularly expensive here. Knightsbridge is the costliest while Chelsea and Westminster fall in the 5 most expensive neighbourhoods in London. Offering a rare mix of high-end and cosy, one can easily scale up or scale down the trip budgets, as and when convenient. Considering the very high rents and restaurant outings, our comfortable apartments offer affordable prices and a homely kitchen to enjoy homemade meals and feel at home. Without even realising, it eventually helps you cut down the costs of unnecessarily eating out just because of the lack of options. Overall, our serviced apartments can easily be a reliable balancing pin for your London budget.

Corporate Aparthotels in London 

After its royal retreats, if there is something that London is famous around the world for, it is its economic potential. The business and finance opportunities that this wonderful city offers, make it quite difficult for other UK cities to compete. This is exactly the reason why so many business officials fly down to the city which has further resulted in the ever exceeding demand for aparthotels in London. There is something apart from skyscrapers and financial clusters that drive people here. It is the hip lifestyle of the neighbourhoods in the city that make living here so fun. Our aparthotels in London are this popular even because of the eclectic entertainment options that one can reach in the least possible time. From pubs to nightlife, landmark restaurants to a local bite on the go, tourist fun to what not, our corporate accommodations celebrate all moods alike.

Aparthotels in London for Families

With so many attractions ideal for kids nearby, our aparthotels in London are hands down one of the most convenient options for a family stay. Apart from the constant need to escape locations offering longer distances to prime places, there is another crucial thing that families look for. When travelling with kids, the sleeping, eating, and resting hours swing drastically. Whether a separate room is needed for kids to take a nap or you wish to have the living room TV to yourself for the evening show, our Aparthotels hear you loud and clear. Looks like our team heard you on your last trip itself as our thorough researchers and curators are spreading in most parts of the world to sort even your future trips with families.

Centrally Located Aparthotels in London

While some of our aparthotels in London offer convenient proximity to the Heathrow Airport, a bus can easily be boarded for as cheap as £1.55 to West London. With metros every 5 minutes, the tube is the most trusted mode of transport here when short of time. 8 am to 10 pm are rush hours in the morning and it is advisable to not use the Underground specifically. The time ranges between 4 on and 7 pm for evenings. Despite it being the most affordable and efficient, one must try boat ferries at least once on the trip. Last but not least, buying an Oyster Card is the best practice to cut costs on public transportation. 

Some of the most easily accessible Underground stations near our classic aparthotels include:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Limehouse
  • Angel Station
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station

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