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South London Apartments

All parts of London have their own separate vibe that they bring to the capital city. And South London is no different. With loads of clubs, markets, bars and other assorted attractions, the area is ideal for leisure guests that really need to let their hair down or business travellers that prefer a lively evening to get rid of the stresses of the day. Our portfolio features many serviced apartments in South London, all of which, like the area, add their slice of character to short and long term stays in the city.

Our Best Apartments in South London

We have thousands of apartments to choose from, but even our award-winning collection has its best, its prized jewels amongst the rest. While all of them come fully equipped with the same amenities, they have their own unique interior design and layout that adds charm to London stays that others simply can’t provide. Warped colours balconies and other additional features give them that edge above their peers, ensuring the perfect stay is more than possible.

When staying in South London, choose these stylish and modern serviced apartments:

Why Should You Book Apartments in South London?

Award-winning accommodation must always be top of the list as it has the mark of approval from business and leisure guests across the world. All of our apartments in South London have fully equipped interiors to provide the convenience and comfort needed in a new city and environment. Upon entering at the end of the day, guests can switch on the lights, walk in, get that drink they stored in the fridge and chill in front of the TV with no hassle whatsoever as the South London vibe echoes away outside and drones on into the night.

Facilities in Our Apartments in South London

The amenities of any apartment or form of accommodation can make or break any stay in London. Guests want everything they require and much more. They want a first-class experience. They want to feel special and that all focus is on their London experience. At TheSqua.re, we have equipped every last one of our serviced apartments to resonate with the requirements of modern business and leisure travel. From a fully equipped kitchen to cook home meals, a flat screen TV to watch British TV, free Wi-Fi to stream other content or to hare experience with friends and family back home, spacious living areas to stretch out in, laundry units for extra convenience and cosy bedrooms to sleep away and recharge for a whole new day, we have everything ticked off.

Other additional extras can be included depending on the length of stay, and what’s available in the South London accommodation. Concierge services, gym, swimming pool, business centre and more. These aren’t a guarantee but they can add to the overall trip.

Types of Apartments in South London

Every stay in London is different, and our team knows this. Some guests need an apartment for themselves or a partner, a project team or even the whole family. We recognise this and ensure that our portfolio adequately represents what our guests desire from their London excursion. We have apartments that come in many forms, and have multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and have different scales of space. That way we can cater for every possible need and requirement of our short and long term guests looking to make South London their new home.

Our apartments in London come in the following types:

  • Studio - These open-plan spaces are ideal for those that want all items in simple reach, and to have a compact experience when staying in South London.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Couples and single travellers that want a more spread-out experience for their short term or long term stay in London should book these apartments.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families will find these South London apartments irresistible for their trip to the UK capital.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - For slightly bigger groups and families, our 3 bedroom South London apartments have the extra niches that guests require.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - Project teams that need more space to complete their work can settle into these big 4 bedroom apartments and enjoy South London in the evenings.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Family gatherings need as much space as possible, which is where our 5 bedroom apartments come into the mix, being the biggest size that we have they come highly recommended.

Where Can You Find Our Apartments in South London?

London, being one of the biggest cities in Europe, and possibly the world, has much to offer its many visitors, and its district all add to the trip, with each one allocating its own drop of character to create the city as we know it to be. With South London, it too has its districts that make up the vibrant and exciting destination. Our apartments are also close to the districts so our guests can feel all the vibes of the local areas when they stay with us,

  • Greenwich - This district has many attractions, markets, museums and even the Royal Observatory within its midst. 
  • Southwark - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, and the London Dungeon makes this district full of history, culture and excitement.
  • Vauxhall - River views and fantastic restaurants bring all sorts of travellers here throughout the year for a different kind of London experience.
  • Wandsworth - Cool restaurants, boutiques, and a lot of pubs make this an apt district for leisure travellers that want a relaxed stay in South London.
  • Clapham - Clapham Common’s 200-acre green land and the Venn Street Food Market make this district one for those that love to bask on the grass during London’s hot summers. 
  • Brixton - The nightlife and artsy disposition make this part of London bloom and bring in all sorts of people that want a trip like no other. 
  • Canary Wharf - Corporate travellers always pick this place because of its close proximity to business headquarters and luxury restaurants.

Attractions Near Our Apartments in South London

South London may not have the London Eye or Buckingham Palace, but it has its own fair share of great places for tourists to hang out when they want to pass some time. Parks, museums, markets, they’re all still here, just not the ones that most expect from a normal trip to London. Either way, our serviced apartments are situated not too far from the landmarks of South London so our guests can visit them with little to no energy required; only a short stop by bus or tube depending on which apartment is booked.

These are the attractions near our South London serviced apartments:

  • Greenwich Park - The biggest Royal Parks of London, guests will find locals enjoying the space by jogging or by playing sports to pass the sunny afternoons.
  • Greenwich Market - The market, with all its bustle, opens from Thursdays to Sundays so eager visitors can walk around and enjoy local food and everything else that the stalls are selling.
  • The Tate Modern - One of the finest art galleries in the city, contemporary art is given the grandest space for all those that love it to appreciate it. 
  • Eltham Palace - A glorious palace, it has now been renovated and is open to the public to explore whenever it wants a taste of how the other half lived many years ago.
  • Battersea Arts Centre - Those with fine tastes in cinema and culture will love the shows and other features that this centre puts on every day. 
  • Cutty Sark - The elaborate ship looks equally magnificent from both inside and outside, and a guided tour is recommended for those that love the British Royal Navy and want to see how Britain was able to beat Napoleon and rule and the waves.
  • BoxPark Croydon - A huge hit with young people that love food, loud music and sports, it’s the best place to spend a Saturday night.
  • Harrods - One of the poshest stores in Britain, it holds many boutique items that all visitors will want to take home with them, but they do come at a high price. Only to be bought if guests want to show off when they get home.

Best Restaurants Near Our Apartments in South London

Food is part of the travel experience. It doesn’t matter if guests are for business or leisure, tasting the cuisine of any city is on every list. London has a plethora of restaurants and cuisines that more than suits its global reputation as a city that was once the centre of the world. Exotic spices, British favourites, French style, African secrets, Caribbean food blends and so much more can be tasted by those willing to explore the delights of South London as far as they go. Our team knows how pivotal this is to the London adventure so we provide accommodation that’s near all the good eating spots so no long journey in the evening is needed to satisfy any appetite.

The South London restaurants that can be found near our award-winning serviced apartments are:

  • Ritzy Picturehouse - A restored theatre, guests can enjoy a cosy meal while admiring the 1911 cinema vibe that makes it the popular spot that it is.
  • Little Bay Croydon - This visually appealing restaurant serves Modern European food and offers live opera to give the menu an extra bit of class.
  • Okan, Brixton Village - This simple Japanese gem serves Osaka-like street food, evoking a colour palette and tasteful sensations that are difficult to match.
  • Chokhi Dhani - Straight out of India is this beautiful restaurant in Vauxhall that is ready to delight its guests with its range of spicy food and tasteful curries.
  • The Refinery - This sophisticated restaurant has modern industrial interiors and innovative dishes to attract all sorts of customers that want style and taste in equal measure.
  • Cottons Restaurant and Rum Shack - A sublime menu and mutton shacks make this eatery a popular one for all that love to try something new.

Corporate Apartments in South London

Business travel is easy when it comes to our portfolio of serviced accommodation. While we can’t guarantee a great flight, we can ensure that all guests arrive at a South London apartment that is the perfect place to conduct business and work remotely if needs be. All of the usual amenities are taken care of so the second home can be perfected and homesickness becomes a thing to leave behind. Connect to loved ones, call the office, keep in touch with projects teams, network with clients, all of these essential parts of the modern corporate travel experience are simple for guests to accomplish when they book their apartments with us.

Apartments in South London for Leisure

London is on the top of any traveller’s list. It’s not hard to understand why given all the excitement that the city can offer. Single travellers, couples and large family groups have plenty to keep themselves occupied while staying in South London. The connections to the centre are competent and there’s its own array of attractions to provide a new kind of experience for all. Inside our apartments, everyone can find the facilities they need for the perfect short or long term stay. Couples have the space to enjoy one another’s company, families have a TV and more to keep the kids entertained, and single travellers have a fully equipped kitchen to maintain healthy eating habits and to save on the expensive London restaurants.

Transport Near Our Apartments in South London

Guests don’t want a long commute when they stay in London. They want simple, fast and efficient public transport networks to get them from A to B. And South London doesn’t disappoint. It has the TfL rail services that go to all essential zones, and Southern Rail, Underground, Overground and DLR stations to enable the seamless daily travel that all guests need to enjoy their trip. This is of vital importance which is why all of our apartments are never too far from a rail or tube station. That way business and leisure can happen uninterrupted.

The public transport stations near our serviced apartments in South London are:

  • Cannon Street Station
  • Crystal Palace
  • London Bridge
  • Clapham Junction
  • Forest Hill
  • Waterloo
  • East Putney

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