Apartments near Dominion

Apartments near Dominion Theatre

The city of London is full of theatres but none are as gracious and magnificent as Dominion Theatre that sits just off Tottenham Court in the very centre of the city. Showcasing musicals and productions like We Will Rock You, The Prince of Egypt, The War of the Worlds and Bat Out of Hell, it has played a vital role in the entertainment of London’s millions of annual visitors. To keep leisure and corporate guests close to the new hits, we have apartments near Dominion Theatre that exude the style and magic of the stage with their living quarters. At the end of the show, our apartments will be the ideal spot for anyone to have a late drink, wind down and curl up to dream away in preparation for the next day’s adventure.

Our Apartments Near Dominion Theatre

When the musical is all done and dusted, our guests need a space to relax, a second home that exudes the cosy comforts that they get back in their own first home. While our portfolio of apartments isn’t as vast around Dominion Theatre, there are still plenty of serviced apartments for our guests to choose from that are in suitable locations and ensure a smooth commute or taxi ride to the theatre itself, Those that are running late will approve of the central areas.

The apartments near Dominion Theatre that our guests should consider booking include:

About Dominion Theatre

Built for live entertainment, it became a cinema when the silent films and talkies came around. One of its proudest moments is actually hosting the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s classic comedy, City Lights. While it fell into disarray not long after, the theatre went through a resurrection when it showcased films and theatre post-WWII. Into the modern era, it has received a £6 million restoration grant and now shows some of the biggest hits in the West End which is where it now gets infamy from. As the best musicals hit the capital, this theatre is always one step ahead with a hit that is suitable for all members of the family.

A few more facts about Dominion Theatre include:

  • Some of the main shows that have graced the stage include Grease, An American in Paris, The Bodyguard, Big: The Musical, Elf the Musical, Scrooge and Evita
  • Hillsong Church London holds church services each Sunday at the Dominion Theatre.
  • The theatre is Grade II listed.
  • It has also been home to the London auditions of Britain's Got Talent.
  • Construction of The Dominion began in March 1928.
  • It currently has a seating capacity of 2,069.
  • The Dominion temporarily closed during the Blitz in October 1940. It reopened on 12 January 1941.
  • The 1965 film, The Sound of Music, was screened here until 1968, making it the longest run of screenings of the film at any venue around the world.

Why Should Guests Book Apartments Near Dominion Theatre?

Sitting close to the theatre ground, our serviced apartments offer the exclusive and convenient space that all musical lovers require when they arrive to doll themselves up and re-enter after a memorable night of bright lights and sounds. Fully equipped, guests can cook a late-night meal, watch the TV or watch the night skyline with a glass of wine in hand. Putting them as near to the theatre as possible, and furnished for every eventuality, guests will find that our apartments are the ideal companion to go along with the musical treat.

Facilities in Our Apartments Near Dominion Theatre

When musical lovers have satisfied their singing desires, they need a place to come back to that can function as a place to eat, sleep and enjoy the rest of their time in London. A fully furnished space is what they are guaranteed.  A kitchen with all the utensils can be found to maintain healthy home cooking and to save on those extortionate restaurant bills. The tV is another form of night entertainment and the cosy bed linen more than enables the perfect night’s sleep.

Those that want a gym, a spa and concierge services can have them at an added cost. So, if the theatre trip is part of an anniversary or birthday present, then these auditions will make the trip even spectacular.

Types of Apartments Near Dominion Theatre

We know that every stay is of its own kind. Some involve groups heading out to Dominion Theatre, others couples as part of their romantic London experience and solo adventurers looking to see their no.1 show in solace. Whatever the stay may be, and however many it involves, our award-winning apartments are here to please everyone that puts their travel accommodation in the hands of our experienced team.

Some of the apartments types that can be booked near Dominion Theatre are the ones below:

  • Studio - An open-plan space like this is more than ideal for those that want everything in easy reach throughout their stay near the theatre. Coming back, they will be able to crash out with ease after a long showing.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Built for the lonely adventurer and couples in mind, everything has its own place and the accommodation is fully equipped so the bright lights of the musical can be the main focus and the accommodation the first-class extra that goes along for the ride.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and groups can book these apartments without any hassle and have enough space to make it their second home while they prepare for the long showing and musical number that will ring in the head long after the curtains go down.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Bigger groups need a bit more space and these apartments grant that so everyone has enough space to get ready for the theatre and to come in and discuss at length what they loved about the musical sensation.

Corporate Accommodation Near Dominion Theatre

Even business travellers need a night out. If there’s a show that ticks their boxes, then we have apartments that are exactly where they need to be. They can get the network lunches done and dusted and then pop out for the next showing and sing along with all the rest of the crowd. Our apartments not only function as a spot to work remotely from the office but also as the warm and welcoming environment after a long night in the theatre. They can lie down and recharge for a new day of meetings, calls and presentations.

Leisure Accommodation Near Dominion Theatre

Those heading to the theatre as part of a long trip to London will find our accommodation to be fully fitted for any adventure in the UK capital. They have the homely facilities that anyone needs for enjoying themselves and feeling like they never left their own place of comfort behind. Centrally located, all other London attractions are simple enough to get to and the restaurants that will feed the guests after the long musical event are in close proximity too. All our guests need to do is book their apartment, enter and live as they would anywhere else. The theatre may be magical but our accommodation isn’t far off either.

Other Top London Attractions Near Dominion Theatre

When the curtains come down for the final time, then it’s the chance to see what the rest of London has on offer. And as anyone knows, the attractions in the city are mind-blowing. Royal palaces, art galleries, museums, parks, stadiums and so much more are here and waiting for appreciation. Not only is the Dominion Theatre in the very centre of the city, but our apartments are too. So whether our guests are travelling from the theatre after an early showing or from their serviced apartments, they can reach a variety of London sights and landmarks to get the full adventure that they can deliver.

These just some of the attractions that can be visited by guests that book apartments near Dominion Theatre:

  • British Museum - From the wide collections of ancient relics belonging to the now-destroyed civilisations of the Mayans and Aztecs to Roman Britain, Imperial Japan and Māori tribes, the museum charts all aspects of history from the great leaps of progress to its darkest corners. 
  • The London Palladium - Comedy shows and much more are here to be enjoyed. Visitors can laugh out loud as the greatest comedians in Britain share their naughty insights into modern Britain and the human condition. 
  • Trafalgar Square - Crowded with tourists, the space is full of Instagrammers taking pics of Nelson’s Column and art lovers about to head into the National Gallery. 
  • 10 Downing Street - The residence of the UK Prime Minister, it holds a sordid history before it became the reputable abode it now is. Many years ago, the whole of the British Empire was charted from this one address.
  • Palace of Westminster - Home to British democracy, both its good and bad sides, the gothic-inspired structure may be going under renovation but the soaring Big Ben is still there to please, even if it is silent. Daily tours are also available.
  • Savoy Theatre - Those that need to see another show can head to this sublime place for more stories of drama, humour, violence and true love.
  • National Gallery - Van Gogh, Turner, Cezanne, Monet and many other artists have their masterworks displayed here for the viewing public to be inspired by. Those that want to try and replicate the greatest works can take up an easel and see how well they can do.
  • Oxford Street - The hugely popular shopping street is covered head to toe with big brands that vying for affection and appreciation. Bargains can be found here at all times of the year. All guests need to do is hunt for the sales.
  • Covent Garden - The ideal Saturday hang out, the shopping area also has an eclectic mix of restaurants and pubs to provide the fuel for the weekend fun to carry on going.
  • Regent’s Park - The huge Royal Park is one of many in the city that has spacious grounds and enough room to cater a million games of football, many sunbathers and an army of runners.

Top Restaurants Near Dominion Theatre

Once the play is over, it’s time to go out and eat. Or maybe that happens before the curtains go up? Whichever one it is, London has a diverse array of eateries to satisfy everyone, and given that Dominion Theatre is in the centre of it all, every palette is going to be catered for. Whether it’s a basic but wholesome soup, gastropub grub, a luxury fine dining experience or a quick takeout, the foods available appeal to the global nature of Britain’s capital city. As we know how important eating out is to the theatre vibe, we have ensured that our apartments are near to all the great spots for sampling top dishes.

These are some of the restaurants that our guests can find near Dominion Theatre and their apartment:

  • Bill’s Soho - A contemporary European chain, it dishes up separate breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner menus so every guest is taken care of at all points of the day.
  • Quo Vadis - Modern British cuisine is served in 2 airy dining rooms with stained-glass windows to give off a contemporary yet old-fashioned feel that’s irresistible.
  • Berners Tavern - Jason Atherton's upmarket British restaurant in Ian Schrager's London Edition Hotel has a sublime menu to go alongside its reputation. It’s safe to say that everyone can be left happy after dining here before and after a show.
  • Adam & Eve - A gastropub with a vintage feel, it sports colourful fabrics as well as quirky objects and huge 1960s prints. And that’s all before we get to the cool menu that has every hipster and young professional in mind.
  • Hudson's House - Wines, cocktails and British food are all served to high standards in this chic hangout. It is unabashedly cool and loves its modern art and slick contemporary style.
  • Hawksmoor Seven Dials - A high-end steak specialist, it serves British dry-aged T-bone, D-rump porterhouse, and plenty of seafood. With something to please everyone, there’s nothing that can go wrong.
  • Sophie's Soho - An NY-style steakhouse with a varied menu and buzzy cocktail bar,  the setting is a former Moulin Cinema and the food is as sumptuous as one would expect from such an exotic atmosphere.
  • Benihana Piccadilly - Teppanyaki dishes abound here to bring all those that love the sliced and diced approach to their favourite foods.
  • Lima - A contemporary Peruvian establishment, the cuisine is complemented by the compact space that comes with beige banquettes and a skylight. Not to be missed.

Transportation Near Dominion Theatre

The theatre is lucky to be so central. This means that our guests have numerous ways to get around the city and get to other aspiring locations that make up any special trip to London. The transport networks around the metropolis are phenomenal thanks to the London Underground, Overground, DLR and other TfL services. Business or leisure, our guests can reach the musical sensation, go for an extended night out, go to the office meetings in the morning and hit the museums in the afternoon. When our guests stay with us, they have full comfort and convenience taken care of in every single way and straight from the get-go.  

  • Tottenham Court Road
  • Leicester Square
  • Covent Square
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Holborn
  • Goodge Street
  • Oxford Circus
  • Warren Street
  • Great Portland Street

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