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Serviced Apartments Near Hyde Park in London

Spread in a lush green area that spans to about 350 acres, Hyde Park is one of the 8 royal parks spread across London City. Thanks to the rich history of literature, protests, and activities that come with Hyde Park, it is hands down one of the most popular landmarks of this beautiful capital of England. Keeping the same legacy in mind, we have curated an entire range of fully-equipped serviced apartments right in the heart of the city. Each of these apartments brushes closely with this iconic landmark. While the morning jogs and evening fun is sorted, the sophisticated interiors of the apartments make sure that London treats you well during your stay with us. From a fully-functional kitchen to fine linen-clad beds, sunlit bedrooms to vibrant living rooms, all come together to offer all our travellers a comforting living experience in London’s heart.

Our Best Apartments Near Hyde Park

With the most luxurious abodes to the most aesthetic locations, our best apartments near Hyde Park are a treat for every traveller visiting London. One has options from brick walls and cosy vibe to luxury suites with a posh ambience to choose from. Such are the extremes that TheSqua.re wishes to cater to. Each of our apartments ranging from studio apartments to full-fledged 2-storeys apartments comes with the finest of comforts. One has spacious bedrooms to head back to after the day, vibrant living rooms to consider for a Netflix and chill weekend, and a cosy kitchen to bind the entire vacation together. Our beds are cosy enough to snuggle in while pillows are fluffy enough to call for a pillow fight with kids.

Some of our premium apartments near Hyde Park include:

Why Should You Book an Apartment Near Hyde Park?

Hyde Park is famous for its splendid beauty and a plethora of activities that it offers. Living near this magnificent London attraction ensures an entire week full of things to explore in the park alone. With the legendary Diana Memorial Fountain, Serpentine, Sports centre, and so much more, the neighbourhoods nearest to Hyde Park are well-justified to be so popular. Renting a full-fledged serviced apartment right near it is hands down the best way of exploring the site and the surrounding area at your own pace.

Couples can easily hop across the neighbourhood to enjoy some quality time in Hyde Park's Rose Garden and come back to the espresso machine and hot oven pizza. Even family groups with children, artists, nature, and wildlife enthusiasts have a lot of things to explore in and around this London landmark. With high-quality mattresses and free high-speed Wi-Fi, you have enough facilities to catch up to after you head back to the apartment. Our exquisite stays make sure that the entire experience of living in this premium part of London is as seamless as possible.

Facilities in Our Apartments Near Hyde Park

From Georgian-style architecture to wooden floors, sleek furnishings to a fully-equipped kitchen, our serviced apartments near Hyde Park have some of the finest features to offer. We aim to curate each of our apartments in a way that they end up competing with each other. From magnificent suites to luxurious duplexes, the bunch of facilities being offered by TheSqua.re is irresistible. One can expect everything from exclusive bathrooms oozing with luxury to oven in the kitchen for midnight Mac and Cheese cravings. A cosy patio to a private outdoor terrace, our apartments do complete justice to the cream locality that surrounds the prime London attraction of Hyde Park.

Some of these fine amenities available for your comfort which either come complimentary or can be accommodated at an extra cost are:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Apartments Near Hyde Park?

This fine tourist attraction of the city is settled in the impressive Borough of Westminster. To be able to do justice to the beauty of the largest Royal Park of London, only the best neighbourhoods have been chosen to ease the stay of our travellers. With activities like boating, Tennis, and even horse-riding offered here, we make sure that no time is wasted in getting to this landmark. Even if the travellers wish to explore all the surrounding areas and the nearby attractions, we have them covered. If there are places like Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey on your list, each of our chosen neighbourhoods provides the ultimate opportunity to squeeze them in a limited itinerary. 

Our apartments can be found in the following 3 neighbourhoods which brush quite closely with the iconic Hyde Park:

  • Kensington - An exquisite neighbourhood near Hyde Park which has sophisticated architecture, a great variety in residential hubs, and a splendid but expensive stay to offer. Head straight to this posh locality for an unmatched living experience. 
  • Marylebone -  It can be found right within the City of Westminster. This wonderful neighbourhood is a fantastic option to stay for literature and TV show lovers. From Regent's Park to Baker Street, anything from  Sherlock Holmes to Arthur Conan Doyle can be found here. 
  • Lancaster Gate - This wonderful package of architecture and elegance does justice to the city. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing neighbourhoods in London. The beauty of the gorgeous terraces full of Victorian flowers surely stands out.

London Attractions Near Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a one-stop-shop for all your experiences. From kids, friends, large family groups, business teams, to even romantic couples, it has something for all. Keeping this advantage in mind, when we were curating our lovely serviced apartments near it, we realised that adjusting the location can give strategic proximity to several other attractions of the city. That is exactly what we did. Some very popular tourist attractions including Kensington Palace, Science Museum, Royal Albert Hall, and a wreath of so many more can be reached within a radius of 5 km. Not just that, with the proximity to both. Central and Piccadilly Underground lines, one can travel to practically any part of the city once you have made the most of Hyde Park. 

Some popular tourist attractions to see around Hyde Park include:

  • The Science Museum - Experience interactive exhibitions that regularly take place here. It has a fantastic collection of innovative inventions. 
  • Brompton Oratory - This Roman Catholic Church has the stunning 19th-century architecture to observe. Experience the peaceful recitals and masses here. 
  • The Natural History Museum - Trace the development of ecosystems, learn about palaeontology and geology in this famous museum. 
  • The Albert Memorial - A memorial of the late Prince Albert which comes with a rich history and glorious Gothic architecture. Do read about it while you are there. 
  • Royal Albert Hall - This splendid concert hall is one of the most treasured pieces of architecture in the entire country. The classical music festival here is surreal. 
  • Sikorski Museum - If history interests you, this is a museum brought together by a Polish Officer named General Sikorski. It has traces of memorabilia from the Second World War.
  • The Queen’s Tower - With an intriguing architecture and a height of whopping 87 metres, this is another iconic landmark near Hyde Park in Kensington.
  • Kensington Palace and Gardens - Trace the history of Georgian royals which dates back to 300 years. The garden will steal your heart away.

Things to Do in Hyde Park

One can enjoy anything from cycling to horse riding, Tennis to swimming in Hyde Park. It is an ideal place to be in for a sports day out with kids or a stroll around the museums and landmarks for history buffs. The waters with swans paddling alongside your boat is a one-of-a-kind experience for partners coming here for some quality time. The variety of experiences that the largest Royal Park of the city has to offer will make it an irresistible part of your vacation. 

Some of the exciting things to do within the popular Hyde Park include:

  • Speaker’s Corner - Known for its history of protests and free speech movements, this is a historic site to visit here. 
  • The Serpentine Gallery - Enjoy the extremely detailed Wallace Collection in this wonderful spot within Hyde Park. 
  • The Rose Garden - This wonderful bed of flowers has been loved by tourists since its inception in 1994. It can be found in the south-east part of the park. 
  • Sports Centre - Enjoy a day full of sports activities ranging from Football, Netball, Tennis, Paddle and so many more. A mix of professional and children's playgrounds can be found here. 
  • Spot Wildlife - Hyde Park welcomes several rare species of flora and fauna. Look out for some including black swan and even the Egyptian geese while you are walking around.
  • Diana Memorial Fountain - Dipping your toes in this iconic attraction named after the Princess of Wales is a very soothing thing to do here. 
  • Serpentine Waters - Go for a swim or even a boating session on the calm and green Serpentine waters. 
  • Concerts - As surprising as it may sound, Hyde Park organises several concerts and fests within its massive premises every then and now.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Apartments near Hyde Park

While there is so much to experience around our apartments near Hyde Park, there is a lot of convenience in terms of food. With an insane variety of desserts, global cuisines and even daily food essentials right around the corner, this location is ideal for a comforting stay. Hyde Park itself has a wonderful range of food experiences to offer. 

A bunch of restaurants and popular spots for all your food essentials include:

  • Serpentine Bar and Kitchen - With a breathtaking view of the Serpentine waters, this is a magnificent restaurant built by Patrick Gwynne.
  • The Lido Bar and Cafe - With stunning views and an alfresco dining section, this wonderful restaurant is particularly known for its vegan menu. 
  • Whiteleys - One must-visit site when living in our apartments near Hyde Park. It offers a mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment. It is iconic for being the 1st departmental store ever in London. 
  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - Also known by Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, it is one celebrated restaurant across London. One must enquire about the history of unusual inspirations behind the menu. 
  • Osteria Romana - If you have had enough of all the luxury restaurants and regal vibes, head to this cosy little restaurant in Knightsbridge for comfort food and Pinterest-ey vibe. The Roman theme makes it elegant and intimate despite being upscale.

Cost of Our Apartments Near Hyde Park

TheSqua.re makes sure to bring in a collective living experience to the table. With fine amenities and luxuries within the serviced apartment to utmost convenience to travel and eat around the apartment, we look after all the details. Thanks to our decade-old experience in the housing and rental sector in London and across the globe, we can squeeze all these star features in a very compact budget scale. We are as transparent about our costs as you wish for us to be and we are proud to be doing what we are so passionate about. We wish for each of our travellers to have the best possible experience of living in the heart of the Hyde Park area in the best possible price bracket. Customer satisfaction with the costs they pay has always been our top priority and it will always continue to be.

Corporate Apartments Near Hyde Park

Business teams often head over to London to enjoy the business culture here. Hyde Park and its neighbouring areas offer several activities and temporary memberships which big companies want their teams to experience. Our exclusive apartments near Hyde Park not only cater to that section of business travellers but also the ones thinking of a 3-4 day trip for a quick client meeting. Our sleek and compact studio apartments take care of the latter. 

Our state-of-the-art apartments are not only curated to ensure productivity with soothing interiors but also privacy. Mostly when the team is not very familiar with each other, each one having a separate bathroom for themselves sure sounds like an impressive feature. Apart from that, the free Wi-Fi ensures stable Zoom meetings being hosted with officials from across the globe. A comforting patio or even a terrace is chosen as a suitable workplace for work-from-home weekdays. Overall, a dreamlike stay in the heart of London is promised to business travellers with all budgets and preferences.

Apartments Near Hyde Park for Families

Hyde Park has a plethora of activities to offer to range from horse riding to immersing in the beauty of its rose garden. It is one very popular London attraction among large groups of families. It is not only free to enter but also a great place for kids. With its playground studded with several little swings, families love staying around Hyde Park. Our serviced apartments are placed just a hop away from all the evening game of Sunday picnic brunch here. While the speakers’ corner impresses the poetic one in the group, the rose garden and the iconic fountain is ideal for couples. The interiors of the house ensure to provide a homely abode where to and fro becomes seamless. Right from the modern furnishings to ovens in the kitchen, our abodes are quite a lovely choice for families to stay together, eat together, and go play in the royal park together.

Centrally Located Apartments Near Hyde Park

Hyde Park Corner Station is the nearest Underground station from the splendid Hyde Park. It falls on the Piccadilly Line of the metro system and thanks to its strategic location, it is well connected to all parts of the city. With such easy availability of public transport near our serviced apartments, the expansive city gets reduced to a few neatly sliced tube lines. Hyde Park falls next to Knightsbridge on the same line and in Zone 1 of Travelcard. It can even be reached from the Central line, which is apparently the fastest of them all. Lancaster Gate and Marble Arch are the other two closest tube stations from Hyde Park. These distances have been kept in mind before choosing the location of our exquisite apartments in the centre of London City.

Some of the common Underground stations which can be accessed at a walking distance from our apartments near Hyde Park include:

  • Hyde Park Corner
  • Marble Arch
  • Lancaster Gate
  • Earl's Court
  • Knightsbridge
  • High Street Kensington
  • Gloucester Road
  • Marylebone
  • Bond Street

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