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Accommodation near King’s College London

The popularity of the esteemed King's College of London is no secret. No wonder it attracts so many students from across the globe here every year. Interestingly, multiple King's campuses are spread across the capital city which makes it a prime centre of several other activities. This is why not only students but several families also prefer this location for holiday stays. Thanks to its proximity from multiple financial hubs like Waterloo and Canary Wharf, it is a popular choice among business travellers as well. Considering the variety the location comes with, TheSqua.re team has curated an entire range of serviced apartments around its various campuses. With cosy beds, spacious rooms, clean and stocked kitchens, 24x7 availability and an endless list of comforts, we are proud to be a popular choice among so many travellers coming to London.

Our Best Apartments Near King's College London

Almost a decade-long experience in the housing and rental sector has given us enough idea of the kind of details that make any accommodation ideal. We have made sure that every little detail has been given its due attention before any accommodation is made available to our travellers. We have made sure to include comforts ranging from high-quality mattresses to lavish interiors. Even the groceries that reach you during your stay have been quality tested and come from organic plantations. From weekly or bi-weekly cleanliness to sleek furnishings, all your comforts in the house and conveniences to travel around are well covered. 

Some of our finest abodes snuggled around King's College in London are:

About King's College London

King's College is a prestigious public research University and one of the top 10 UK universities across the globe. Aspirants from all over the world come to London to be a part of its legacy, which is why our apartments near King's College London are quite a hit. King George IV was the man behind its foundation in 1829 and the college has been thriving ever since. King's has five massive campuses under its name. Central London is home to its historic Strand Campus. South London and its Denmark Hill is the home of the second. While the remaining three can be found in Waterloo, St. Thomas, and Guy's respectively which share proximity to the Thames along with our serviced apartments. Millions of people visit London every year just to be associated with this wonderful representative of London in some way or the other. 

Some noteworthy facts that make King's College such a popular place to stay around are:

  • King's ranks as the 12th largest University in the entire country based on the number of enrollments.
  • Some of the celebrated alumni of King's who became poets and litterateurs include Virginia Woolf and John Keats. 
  • The number of people who share connections with the college and went on to win the prestigious Nobel prize in various fields go up to 12.
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the current royal patronage of this regal college. 
  • The prestigious college ranks 19th in the world for its cutting-edge facilities and internationally-acclaimed faculty and research. 
  • King's College imparts world-class knowledge in various fields. Their expertise ranges from Arts & Humanities, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, to Life Sciences and Psychiatry. 
  • It boasts of being one among the top 10 Universities of the UK.

Types of Apartments Near King's College London

Whether it is a short term stay for a course at King's or a long term stay for some project, our eclectic catalogue can cater to a lot of requirements. From a student-friendly environment to a full-fledged family vacation vibe, expect anything and everything from our range of apartments near King's College London. If a compact studio apartment goes best with your requirement or a bit of luxury is what you wish for this work-cum-vacation in London, there is something for all with TheSqua.re. Not to forget, the prices are fair as well. 

Some of the choices that TheSqua.re offers for your accommodation near King's include:

  • Studio Apartment - Thanks to the affordability factor that comes with it, Studio Apartment is the best choice for a student looking for a short term solution that doesn't burn a hole in the pocket. From a microwave to the bathroom, a bed to a study table, everything would be easily accessible in this compact apartment. 
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - If yours is the case of corporate meeting somewhere nearby or even if you are a student who needs a separate study area to concentrate better, this is the right choice for you. It has all the amenities of a comfortable home along with a cosy vibe. 
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - If your parents or anyone else is accompanying you on this trip, then this is a great choice of apartment. In most cases, students share the apartment. 2 spacious bedrooms not only ensure added comfort but even privacy in the home. 
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - If for some reason an entire group of people are visiting London and choosing to stay around King's College, either for your work or just because of its strategic location, go for 3 bedrooms. With 3 separate bathrooms, closely following the itinerary will get way easier.
  • Aparthotel - If you like a mix of hotel luxuries and homely comfort, our aparthotels are your best shot. With lavish bathrooms and a wonderful living room, your stay in the heart of multiple parts of London is sorted. 

Why Should You Consider Apartments Near King's College London?

Thanks to the multiple campuses of King's College that are spread in three different parts of London, you can get a whole bunch of reasons to consider our apartments near it. With immense popularity, it is safe to say that the Strand Campus is one of the best campuses. On top of that, its location in Central London makes it stand out. However, the West End ends up being the choice for most student travellers as not one, not two, but it gives you direct access to three of King's campuses. It doesn't end there as a part of King's can be found in South London as well.

Each of our apartments in their respective neighbourhood has been exclusively curated in the locations which are nearest to the respective campuses. Apart from that, the homely comforts of homemade meals to an entire living room to yourself with luxurious flat-screen and Netflix make our apartments the topmost choice for the mode of living in an expensive and expansive city like London.

Facilities in Our Apartments Near King's College London

Each of our apartments near King's College London has been curated with immense love and dedication. We have gone through the entire process of choosing the most personalised amenities to offer with each apartment. From free Wi-Fi to fresh farm greens for your salads, soft couches to Netflix and popcorn, we have accommodated them all. We even take care of your workout routines with the additional facility of a gym membership. With such a dedicated approach we have made sure that your living experience with us is both comfortable and memorable.

Some of these fine amenities available for your comfort which either come complimentary or can be accommodated at an extra cost are:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Attractions Near King's College London

TheSqua.re has made sure that even on work or study trips to London there are enough attractions to explore nearby. With such proximity to some of the most popular tourist spots, exploring the city becomes a lot more fun and way less exhausting. Stealing a few hours away from your packed schedule won't hurt your agendas for the trip. Even if a lazy weekend lies ahead of you, strolling through the city lanes to find some of the other attractions on the way wouldn't be less than a treat. 

Some highly recommended attractions accessible from our apartments near King's College London include:

  • Covent Garden - Right beside the Strand Campus is this iconic area full of activities, art, fashion hubs, and the legendary Apple Market.
  • The Royal Opera House - It is just 400m away from one of our apartments. Apart from the opera experience and associated history, a lot of performers lit up the area. 
  • Oasis Farm - Near the Waterloo campus, this place offers a unique experience of helping and uplifting underprivileged sections of the society which is quite fulfilling.
  • Jubilee Gardens - Soak in the magnificent view of the iconic London Eye and the calm waters in this lush green area near the Waterloo campus. It is quite a peaceful treat indeed. 
  • The Old Operating Theatre Museum - This is a very fascinating attraction near Guy’s Campus. It is Europe's oldest working theatre. This is a fantastic site to gain insights into the rich history of medicine. 
  • Houses of Parliament - Head to this iconic landmark for the intricate architecture, massive size, and political vibe. You might get lucky to be a part of the regular political debates. 
  • Newport Street Gallery - This is a magnificent bunch of 6 exhibition halls, each offering some very impressive contemporary art exhibits. It can be spotted near St. Thomas’ Campus and most of them are free to enter.

Best Restaurants Near King's College London

One thing that we are sure would end up impressing you is the variety of food that is available around King's across all its campuses. From legendary burgers to Korean cravings, live jazz to a breathtaking terrace view of the London Eye while you enjoy your meal, it is the entire dining experience that counts here. With such a fantastic variety of menus, aesthetically pleasing interiors, to even high-end fine dining experience, the food scenes are bound to make your trip memorable. Do note that several restaurants turn into quite active pubs by the end of the day which makes our apartments near King's College London closer to the hip nightlife around the campuses. 

Some of the local favourites near our apartments near King's College London are:

  • Black & Blue Waterloo - Known for feeding delicious burgers for the last 30 years made with their secret recipe. It is London’s 1st American Steakhouse which is equally popular and unbeatable till date.
  • The Archduke - A local landmark in the South Bank is known for its breathtaking terrace view of the London Eye and roast chicken. The live jazz-blues add to the soft vibe.
  • Brasserie Blanc - This aesthetic restaurant is known for its authentic French cuisine and Instagram-worthy sleek interiors. The enthusiastic service is impressive too.
  • The Coal Hole - Known for its excellent service, great food and reasonable prices. It gets more lively as a pub post office hours but kids are allowed till afternoon.
  • Ginza Onodera - This is a fantastic option to explore quirky Japanese cuisine near St. James's campus of King's College. Gluten-free options are available here as well.
  • Kimchee - Head to this gem in Covent Garden to satiate your Korean cravings. Its vegetarian-friendly menu is quite a hit among residents near King's. 
  • Salieri Restaurant - Another local favourite for fine dining in the heart of King's campus. It has a range of Italian and European delicacies with a cosy ambience.
  • Maloko - This unique restaurant is near the Denmark Hill campus and it comes with a social agenda of stopping food poverty and wastage.

Corporate Accommodation Near King's College London

King's College campuses, by the virtue of being so diverse in their locations, offer a lot of advantages for business travellers. Waterloo is one among the fastest-growing districts of London when it comes to financial growth. Central London with its multiple clusters of business giants makes it a popular choice for business trips. St. Paul's proximity to another thriving financial area of Bank makes our accommodation near King's College London a highly productive option for a full-fledged corporate stay. The modern furnishings, gym memberships, full-fledged kitchen, and spacious bedrooms and bathing areas make sure that your living experience here is filled with home-like comforts.

Apartments Near King's College London for Families

Families love staying around King's as it is both child-friendly and student-friendly. From an entire range of comfort food available at a stone's throw to multiple attractions around the city accessible in best possible travel time, our cosy abodes promise both comfort and convenience. Each of our accommodation near King's College London has been specifically designed to cater to every possible family need. Whether it is a private space for kids to a dining area for a homely vibe, a dishwasher to minimise the burden of house chores to an oven for midnight bakes, we offer them all. A bunch of all these highlights make our detailed catalogue one of the finest across the city.

Transport Near King's College London

Temple Underground station is the closest to the Shard campus of King's College while Covent Garden comes next located 8 minutes away. While District and Circle Lines the closest, buses and bikes are also easily accessible from our carefully located serviced apartments. As far as the other campuses are concerned, the Waterloo station and St. James's Park are nearby from both campus and the chosen apartment. No matter which one from our apartments near King's College London you end up choosing, the nearest campus will be hardly 10-12 minutes away. Prefer to go on foot to closely experience the lively vibe of the city.

If you go for the apartments located in the West End of the city, the City Airport can be reached in just 14 kilometres. Even if you have to reach the Heathrow International Airport which is the case with most travellers, the Leicester Square station is at a walking distance as well. With its direct metro line to Heathrow terminal, the travelling is made extremely convenient. All these advantages of our apartments make each of our abodes a convenient and highly trustable option to go for. 

Some of the common Underground stations that can be accessed from our apartments near King's College London include:

  • Covent Garden
  • Chancery Lane
  • Mansion House Tube Station
  • Monument
  • Waterloo
  • Russell Square Underground Station
  • London Bridge
  • Tottenham Court Road
  • St. James's Park
  • Liverpool Street

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