Apartments near London Bridge

Apartments Near London Bridge

There are many hidden landmarks in London and one that probably doesn’t get as much attention is London Bridge. Most connect the name to the Underground station that connects the south-east to the capital. In actual fact, London Bridge has a long history that stretches far back to the time of the Romans. Today it is a vital connection from one part of the city to another and many travellers want this convenient feel when they stay in the capital. That’s why we have serviced apartments near London Bridge so our guests can have the comfort that they require.

Our Apartments Near London Bridge

We have serviced apartments scattered around the location. They have the usual amenities that make our collection award-winning and the go-to choice. Not only are they centrally located for the best corporate and leisure stays in London, but they also guarantee smooth connections throughout the dense metropolis and ensure that the office and attractions can be reached with ease. Long commutes are no longer an issue.

Some of our apartments near London Bridge include the ones below:

About London Bridge

It’s hard to believe that this transport network is an attraction in its own right. That’s mainly thanks to the history of the city. Back in the times of long ago, bridges would be built to connect kingdoms together and ensure dominance over the land. With this bridge, it connected the north and south of the city and proved vital to get forces out to curb rebellions and to get resources across to feed the city and to ensure trade and commerce. Nowadays, after many new bridges were built across the centuries, it is full of traffic and is a vital point for both sides of the city to reach.

A few facts about London Bridge include the following:

  • There have been many reincarnations of London Bridge since the original Roman crossing that was built in 50 AD.
  • When constructed out of wood, early versions of London Bridge were susceptible to fire, storms, and invading forces.
  • In 1176, the first stone bridge was built, taking 33 years to build and lasting more than 600 years.
  • The bridge was 8 meters wide, and roughly 240–270 meters long. It was supported by 19 irregularly spaced gothic arches.
  • It also featured a central chapel, a host of shops and houses until their removal in 1762.
  • William IV and Queen Adelaide opened the New London Bridge in 1831. 
  • In 1962, it was discovered that it was sinking into the Thames because of the radical increase in traffic.
  • The current London Bridge was constructed from 1967 to 1972, and opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973.

Why Should Guests Book Apartments Near London Bridge?

Those that want to be close to both sides of the capital and have a wealth of attractions, restaurants and tube connections nearby need to book our London Bridge apartments. Aside from the exteriors that provide the convenience for the trip, the interiors are fully equipped and designed with every person in mind, regardless of why they’re in the capital. They can enter our apartments, unpack and live like they would at home.

Facilities in Our Apartments Near London Bridge

We know what business and leisure travellers require to have the best stay in London. So we allocate all the right facilities and amenities to create living spaces that function as second homes and as places to work remotely when the office no longer has appeal. They come with a fully equipped kitchen for home cooking to be top of the eating agenda, a flat screen TV for morning and evening entertainment, spacious rooms to provide a lived-in and homely feel, free Wi-Fi to work from home and a bright vibe that develops the right home for modern travel. As soon as they arrive, they have everything they desire to relax, make their first meal and head out into the city for the first day of their London experience.

Types of Apartments Near London Bridge

Our award-winning portfolio holds many varieties of apartments that suit the multiple requirements of modern travel. Solo travellers, couples, groups of friends, projects teams and more can be catered for. We will find them the right apartment that meets their long criteria and can easily become the place to return to at the end of a long day in the city of London. At TheSqua.re, we take care of everything.

We offer the following apartment types near London Bridge:

  • Studio - Our open-plan spaces are more than ideal for those that want everything in easy reach throughout their stay near London Bridge. Once they arrive back from their day out, they will be able to make their evening meal, sleep or head back outside.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Designed for the solo adventurer and couples in mind, all of the outstanding amenities have their own place and the accommodation is fully equipped for all eventualities that may arise during short and long term stays in the capital city.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families and groups can book these apartments without any hassle and have enough space to make it their second home while being close to all the amenities that the city of London has to offer.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Bigger groups and projects teams that need more space will find that these apartments grant enough to work remotely and effectively, as well as chill and relax when the day is over.

Corporate Apartments Near London Bridge

Business travel is given an extra boost when our corporate guests book our apartments near London Bridge. They have all the required amenities for working outside the office when the daily commute isn’t worth braving and for when they want to forget about the day and switch on the flat screen TV to take in some trashy programmes whilst eating the meal they’re prepared in the fully equipped kitchen. Then they can go read in bed and sleep in the high quality linens and recharge for another day of meetings and business lunches. 

Leisure Apartments Near London Bridge

Families, groups of friends and project teams that need to be thoroughly connected to the UK capital city will find our serviced apartments near London Bridge to be more than convenient and comfortable for all ages that will be staying here. They feature contemporary designs and are highly stylised to exude the warmth that a second home should radiate at all times of the day. With the tube stations not far away, getting around the capital is simple, and there are many attractions that can be walked to as well.

Other Top London Attractions Near London Bridge

With London Bridge being a centrally located attraction in its own right, guests that choose to stay near it will also be able to gain access to other key attractions that make London the pinnacle of leisure and corporate travel that it has become. While there are the usual landmarks to view, the position of London Bridge offers an assortment of new sights that some travellers may not know about. Museums, galleries, markets and former warships are just some of the cultural highlights that everyone can enjoy when guests visit.

The main areas of interest and attractions that our guests can view when they stay near London Bridge are:

  • Borough Market - Full of stalls that offer tasteful treats, the market is always full to the brim with visitors looking round to pick up another great bargain. 
  • HMS Belfast - One of the surviving WWII warships, it is now a museum for visitors to see what serving on the vessel would’ve looked like. The vessel deployed some of the first shots on D-Day and was involved in major operations.
  • The Shard - This forms a part of the extensive London skyline, puncturing the clouds. It is full of corporate offices and has a luxurious restaurant for those that want a divine dining experience. There is also the opportunity to go to the viewing platform and take pictures of the city below.
  • Sky Garden - Like The Shard, it has corporate offices and a viewing floor at the top of the building so guests can buy a coffee and look out across the city.
  • Tower of London - Once a prison for Britain’s criminals many centuries ago, this Norman structure is now a museum that showcases how its structure was built and how it functioned day to day.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe - A reconstruction of the Globe Theatre, it holds performances of Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies as well as a tour of the theatre that shows visitors would have experienced the plays back in the 16th and 17th centuries. 
  • Tate Modern Gallery - With marvels that shows off the skills of modern artists, the weird, wonderful and immersive combine to create a unique experience for a few hours.
  • The Monument - Built as a tribute to the devastation caused by the Great Fire of London in 1666, this structure used to be the tallest in London and could be seen from any point. While modern skyscrapers may dwarf it, visitors can still go up to the top and see more splendid city views. 
  • Leadenhall Market - Another market, there are some hidden treats here that will entice any consumer. 
  • Hays Galleria - Originally a warehouse, it is now full of shops, restaurants, fountains and sculptures.

Top Restaurants Near London Bridge

Once again, the central location of London Bridge provides an expansive array of eateries to pick and book for scrumptious meals when guests want a change from their fully equipped kitchens. A pricey meal is more than worth it for when the worlds of business and leisure require a spark to set off an evening of memories. All parts of the world can be savoured in food form, so no matter what guests love to eat, they will more than likely find it around the city somewhere. As soon as they are dressed and ready to challenge their palette, they can walk out the door, catch a quick taxi or tube and head to their pre-booked table.

Some of the best restaurants near our London Bridge apartments are:

  • The Folly - A garden-influenced restaurant, deli and bar, a seasonal menu filled with international flavours is here to savour throughout the day.
  • The Oyster Shed - A bright riverside bar with stripped floors and huge windows, those that love and want to indulge in seafood and classic British dishes will adore this eatery.
  • George - An authentic 17th-century coaching inn and pub, the oak beams and large courtyard seating area make it a popular choice for those that want a simple and memorable dining experience.
  • The Real Greek Bankside - Guests can order hot and cold Greek meze plus sharing platters while sitting and relaxing in this modern glass-fronted restaurant that rests on the riverside.
  • Gaucho Tower Bridge - Full of designer furnishings and cowhide fabrics, the establishment creates a lavish backdrop for Argentine food and wine to be enjoyed and harvested by its many consumers.
  • Coppa Club - Another modern restaurant, it offers a cool and tasteful menu that suits the eating requirements of any business and leisure traveller.
  • Where the Pancakes Are - The clue is in the name. Pancakes and more treats can be bought here by those that want to eat on the go when visiting the British capital.
  • Vapiano Bankside - A euro-chic chain, the extensive menu features pastas, pizzas and so much more to gorge on when happy consumers need to refuel.
  • The Horniman at Hays - A pub in a former tea warehouse, it has thematic friezes, chandeliers, floor tiles and a riverside terrace to complement the delicious menu that it proudly boasts.

Transportation Near London Bridge

We know that travelling around the city is an essential part of the London experience which is why we go out of our way to make sure that all apartments are ideally located around the metropolis so our guests can get to work and see the sights that London proudly offers. While we can’t help the bursting crowds that dominate London public transport, we can place all of our business and leisure guests in serviced apartments that will be near Underground and other transport stations so their trip to the galleries and offices will be short even if the buses and tubes resemble sardine cans. We know that comfort and convenience go hand in hand, which is why our team ensures that all aspects of the trip are handled properly for every guest.

Some of the stations that can be accessed via our London Bridge accommodation include the ones below:

  • London Bridge
  • Monument
  • Bank 
  • Aldgate
  • Aldgate East
  • Cannon Street
  • London Fenchurch Street
  • Tower Hill
  • Mansion House
  • Borough

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