Apartments near The Mall

Apartments near The Mall

While there are many attractions in London to stay near, The Mall gets hardly any mention even though it sees more exposure every year on the TV screen thanks to Royal processions and city races. Its red surface and dropping Union flags are as iconic as the chimes of Big Ben, the black cabs and the red buses.

With our award-winning portfolio, we have a wide variety of serviced apartments near The Mall that exude the opulence of the area and have that tinge of Britishness that lure in travellers every year from across the world.

Our Apartments Near The Mall

Fully furnished and equipped apartments are what our corporate and leisure guests require when they stay with us. And we deliver all that and more. Due to the small area that constitutes The Mall, we only have a few apartments in our portfolio that put guests within suitable distance. However, each one represents the very best that we can offer to all those that want to be near this glorious and Royal attraction.

Our stylish and modern serviced apartments near The Mall include:

About The Mall

The Mall is a legendary walkway that runs right from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. Here British flags can be seen hanging from either side of the avenue, but the flags are intermixed with appropriate flags during state visits. The surface of The Mall is painted in red to give the effect of a red carpet that leads to Buckingham Palace. Not to mention, the changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace takes place in the Mall where thousands gather to watch this spectacle. For those that want history and Royal celebrations not far from their doorstep, The Mall is one spot to book a cosy serviced apartment

A few other facts about The Mall include:

  • The Mall was made in honour of Queen Victoria.
  • Traffic was permitted on The Mall in 1887.
  • It plays an important role in ceremonies like Changing the Guard, Trooping the Colour and also Royal weddings, funerals and the recent Jubilee celebrations.
  • The London Marathon finishes on The Mall.
  • It was the start and finish line for races and games for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • The opening ceremony for the 2019 Cricket World Cup was held here
  • During state visits, Queen Elizabeth II and the visiting head of state are escorted in a carriage up The Mall while the street is decorated with Union Flags and the flags of the head of state's country.
  • The surface of The Mall is coloured red to give the effect of a giant red carpet leading up to the royal residence, Buckingham Palace.

Why Should Guests Book Apartments Near The Mall?

The royal vicinity alone is reason enough to book apartments near The Mall. Having Buckingham Palace in short distance and the possibility of Royal procession depending on the time of the year make it a monumental location for a short or long term stay. Plus, having St James’s park, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery and many other popular landmarks close by make it the ideal central spot in London to truly experience the city. An infusion of royalty and modernity, it is a surprise that this area is as overlooked as it is by tourists and corporate travellers.

Facilities in Our Apartments Near The Mall

And guests that stay with TheSqua.re can be near this outstanding attraction. Our serviced apartments are designed with the needs of all guests in mind be they business or leisure. They are so comfortable that travellers instantly feel like they’re at their own home. All of the fully furnished apartments come with the right equipment and amenities that give the interiors a sophisticated yet comfortable feel. Once the guests’ check-in to the apartment, they will be welcomed with a generous living room that has a flat-screen TV, furniture and also a table and a chair for professionals in case they want to work. Other than that, the high speed Wi-Fi helps them to connect with their family back home. The fully equipped kitchen comes with a microwave, oven, mini-fridge, and coffee maker, whereas the bedroom is cosy with soft beds that ought to give a good night's sleep for the long day ahead. The homely feel that our elegant apartments have makes all kinds of trips, business or leisure, memorable ones from start to finish

Other amenities can be included too. Depending on the residence and the length of stay of the guest, snazzy things like a gym, spa, concierge services and a business centre can become part of the London experience. Guests will be able to work out every day to relieve tension, chill in a spa session, have the convenience of a concierge taking care of the little things and a business centre to avoid having to weave through rush hour traffic to reach early business meetings. All of these finer points create the first-class experience that all London travellers want, especially in a royal area like The Mall.

Types of Apartments Near The Mall

Within our extensive catalogue, we have a few choices for our guests to consider when they stay near The Mall. Whether it is a small studio for a couple that wants that tight, intimate feel, or a 3 bedroom apartment for the family that wants space for every child to enjoy at their leisure, we can provide options that will meet the criteria that business and leisure travellers set us.

  • Studio - For compact London adventures, this is the living space that guests pick to have all things in easy reach.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - When guests want everything more spread out, and not in an open-plan, then this becomes the necessary choice.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - For families with one child or two, this apartment selection is the way forward to bring the family together and to give independence to young minds in the group.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - These are the go-to choice for families that require a bit more space to fit the kids and the in-laws tagging along for the ride.

Corporate Accommodation Near The Mall

Business travel needs a slice of opulence sometimes and less of the mundane. When corporates choose to book serviced accommodation near The Mall they will find themselves endowed with an area that is sublime to wake to every morning. The parks and the attractions nearby infuse to craft a stay like no other. Mornings and evening can be spent jogging through the parks or even just to clear the head with a slow stroll. Inside our corporate apartments though, all the features for the modern corporate traveller are here. Wi-Fi to work remotely, a fully equipped kitchen to cook when the restaurants no longer seem appealing and a bed to crash out in after networking lunches and presentation, we have the business in mind when they choose to stay at TheSqua.re.

Leisure Accommodation Near The Mall

Coming to London to relax requires a jump into the unknown, to get away from the usual areas that tourists book. The Mall is more than ideal. It has that riyal panache that is difficult to emulate everywhere else and of course it has a plethora of landmarks and essential areas of interest only steps away. For families, this is more than convenient, and for couples that love evening walks around the parks, it’s the best choice by far. With our apartments, kids, in-laws, couples and solo travellers can discover all the key amenities that are needed for their short or long term stay in the heart of London’s royal area.

Other Top London Attractions Near The Mall

The Mall is an attraction in its own right. However, there are more London landmarks and places to visit within close proximity to our serviced apartments. When our guests want to venture outside of their accommodation and wander away from The Mall itself, the city of London has plenty of places for people to pass the time away. Museums, galleries, old buildings, literal palaces and theatres are just some of the spots to head to on a rainy afternoon.

Some of the London attractions that are near to our serviced apartments are:

  • Lancaster House - This Grade I listed building is managed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and is often used for state occasions and announcements. 
  • Green Park - One of the Royal Parks, this is right next to Buckingham Palace and is usually full of tourists who are looking to relax and take in the scenery.
  • Marlborough House - The headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations and the seat of the Commonwealth Secretariat, it opens for the public at special times and for group tours.
  • Clarence House - Once the home of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, it is used for other occasions by the state and is the home of the Prince of Wales.
  • The Royal Society of Arts - A non-profit organisation, it promotes the best of Britain’s works in the artistic field.
  • Institute of Contemporary Art -The ICA contains galleries, a theatre, two cinemas, a bookshop and a bar for use by visiting tourists and locals.
  • Buckingham Palace - The residence of Queen Elizabeth II, crowds take pictures of the guards and stand avidly by the gates to see if they can spot a member of the Royal Family.
  • Trafalgar Square - With the National Gallery standing inside it and Nelson’s Column soaring into the clouds (complete with lion statues), this is where so many tourists can be seen hanging out and taking a breather from their city excursion.
  • Oxford Street - One of London’s key shopping streets in the city, big brands draw in the consumers and leave hectic crowds looking for space to walk the street.
  • Palace of Westminster - The home of British democracy, there are daily tours here, and Big Ben sits outside preparing to chime away.
  • St James’s Park - A long walk around here is what’s needed to clear the head after a long day of squashed tubes, attractions and office meetings.
  • Victoria Palace Theatre - All that guests need to do is book tickets, arrive and watch the show.
  • Wellington Arch - A tribute to the Duke of Wellington, this arch is perfect for the Instagram feed.
  • St James’s Palace - The most senior of the royal palaces, this is where the Royal Family would reside long before Buckingham Palace was built. Official offices, societies and collections make up the living space now, and it is used for state visits.
  • Hyde Park - Showcasing the best of Britain’s musical talent during summer shows and the ideal spot for a sunbathe, the sprawling park is always endearingly popular. 
  • The National Gallery - Home to many masterworks, the gallery is a huge hit with art lovers who want to know more about the maestros who have taken up the brush.

Top Restaurants Near The Mall

Eating out is so simple when guests choose to stay near The Mall. Being in the heart of London, getting to the best restaurants in the city is never going to be a difficult feat. And while there are the usual ones to pick from, the eateries close to our apartments are probably the better options Guests can go outside in the evening, have a bite to eat and then walk back under the moonlight through one of the parks as they head back to their serviced apartment.

  • Hard Rock Cafe - This chain of global restaurants serves American cuisine and even sells its own merchandise. It’s best to book a table before arrival as it gets very packed.
  • COYA Mayfair - This upmarket venue has three open kitchens that serve Peruvian sharing plates, char-grill dishes and ceviche.
  • Chutney Mary - Fine dining with Indian cuisine, this is a stylish space with a bar and sepia etching decor to top it all off.
  • The Wolseley - Modern European food, afternoon tea and grand art deco glamour never gets better in London than in here.
  • Burger and Lobster Mayfair - Burgers, whole lobster or lobster rolls with chips, this choice is all up to the guests that come here to satiate their appetite.
  • The Grenadier - This former officers' mess is a unique pewter bar, that serves ales and food.
  • Mango Tree - An innovative restaurants, it has a classic take on regional Thai dishes that will not disappoint anyone
  • Timmy Green - Taking their inspiration from Australian culinary styles, this restaurant is one trip to the outback that won’t be forgotten.
  • Amaya Grill and Bar - Tapas-style Indian dishes are here to be indulged in an airy space complete with an open kitchen.
  • Greenwood - Victorian pub decor infused with modern flat screen TVs to keep clients entertained as they eat and drink the night away.

Transportation Near The Mall

The situation of The Mall itself means that there are loads of tube stations and other ways to travel across the city of London. A central location like this is always going to be ideal for business and leisure guests that need fast and simple ways to see the soul of the city and to get to the office on time every morning.

Our assorted apartments near The Mall can be found near the following London Underground stations for convenience:

  • Westminster
  • Green Park
  • Embankment
  • Hyde Park Corner
  • Victoria
  • St James’s Park
  • Charing Cross
  • Piccadilly Circus


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