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Accommodation in Central London

With neighbourhoods and districts like Soho, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Paddington and so many more, Central London is a treat to stay in. With our eclectic range of serviced apartments right in its heart, one can make the most of the upcoming London vacation. Even if it is a short term official trip, all the comforts that TheSqua.re has made available in each of these apartments will make it a memorable trip. From Wi-Fi to kitchen, neatly laid out beds and even a flat-screen TV, one can enjoy a premium living experience ranging from studio apartments to bigger sets. With hot chocolate in winters to chilled beers in summers, your classy abode will be ready to welcome you back home after every day around the streets of London.

Our Best Central London Accommodation

One thing that we can assure every traveller coming down to London is that we have enough choices to spoil you with. Our range of 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments are plotted across the massive Central London. TheSqua.re also has studio apartments and lavish villas based on personalised preferences of each traveller. Each of our state-of-the-art apartments comes with luxurious amenities and convenient locations. On top of that, the combination package of the facilities of a hotel suite and the comforts of home come at a highly affordable price bracket. All these irresistible features make our Central London accommodation a fine option to enjoy the city of London like a local. 

A wide range of neighbourhoods where our exclusive selection of Central London accommodation can be found include:

Why Should You Book Our Central London Accommodation?

A lot of parameters go into finding the right accommodation in an unknown city. That responsibility doubles if the accommodation comes with a commitment of long term. The same responsibility irks when the amount of time that goes into researching for it looks unjustified for a short term stay. The Central London accommodation offered by TheSqua.re looks over both the scenarios. We carry out on-site research beforehand for you in your chosen area so that you can find the most suitable abode even in a quick skim through our apartment listings. Each abode promises proximity to restaurants, public transportation, local markets, daily essentials, and everything that a traveller might need in a new city. Apart from all the outside facilities, the list of comforts on the inside is endless. Who wouldn't love such an impressive package of class, convenience and comfort in the green heart of London?

Facilities in Our Central London Accommodation

Central London is home to a highly irresistible living ambience. It is one of the most popular choices of neighbourhoods among travellers from all around the world. One needs a long stay to be able to do complete justice to this wonderful part of the city and that is exactly what we have to offer. With our exclusive set of facilities in our serviced apartments, we make sure that each of our apartments feels like a home in a foreign city in London. We aim to curate an entire home-like experience of living for you. This will not only prevent your duration of stay from feeling like a burden but also make every single day of living here count. With proximity to the most possible attractions and activities nearby, we have a cosy abode ready for you to come back to. 

Some of our star amenities that came with our Central London accommodation include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Central London Accommodation?

Central London has a lot of variety to treat all its travellers with.  From nightlife to restaurants, touristy activities to exploring the city as a local, expect absolutely anything to everything in Central London. All you have to do is choose your priority for your upcoming London trip. Just skim through our exclusive apartments to find the neighbourhood that suits your preference the closest. We are confident that you would surely find something for your taste because our Central London accommodation can be found in each of its prime neighbourhoods. We aim to provide the best experience to all our residents and we make sure that it brings a collective bunch of facilities to the table. However, a little heads up would be that the West End, often confused to be a part of West London, is a district of Central London itself. 

Our exclusive apartments can be found in the following Central London neighbourhoods:

  • Fitzrovia - This is a diverse neighbourhood to stay with family and enjoy the West End vibe. With theatres and traditional pubs, this residential area is a fine choice to go for. 
  • Chelsea - One of the finest neighbourhoods in Centra London. One can surely expect some very classy interiors, luxury amenities, and modern living standards in the heart of London. 
  • Leicester Square - With a plethora of cinema theatres, iconic attractions, and sophisticated apartments to choose from, one can expect to be spoiled by immense variety. The Oxford Circus and Soho are nearby. 
  • Paddington - From business centres to a wide range of gyms, innumerable restaurants and eating joints to a lovely vibe, this neighbourhood offers a well-balanced taste of the capital. 
  • Kensington - Another very expensive neighbourhood here. Its proximity to Chelsea makes it share the high living standards there. A lot of luxuries to experience indeed.  
  • Westminster - With the House of Parliament and Elizabeth Tower, this neighbourhood has a lot of historic attractions to see. With a view of the Thames, find some of the most luxurious apartments here. 

Attractions Near Our Central London Accommodation

Central London is particularly famous for its historic attractions. From Royal Mews in Buckingham Palace to the Royal Opera House, there is a lot to explore and get closer to the legends of this historic city. When trusting TheSqua.re with your vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, leave the experience of travelling on us well. We make sure that each of our apartments has some of the legendary landmarks of the neighbourhood and the city around. With the tube at a walking distance and red buses buzzing around, we ensure that each traveller gets to experience the city of London with the passion of a tourist and the admiration of a local. 

Some of the most iconic attractions near our state-of-the-art serviced apartments include:

  • The National Gallery - Trace the development of the details of the European painting forms in this Central London gem in Trafalgar Square. 
  • The Royal Opera House - Another wonderful attraction in Leicester Square. With exquisite interiors, it offers an iconic opera experience performed by legendary singers. 
  • Chinatown - Near Leicester Square is this cluster of authentic culture, food, architecture, and values. One can expect a variety of experiences and tastes here, closer to the Qing Dynasty.
  • Buckingham Palace - This regal attraction in Westminster was also known as the Queen's residence. Go around the palace to experience royal hospitality from close quarters. 
  • Royal Mews - Snuggled within Buckingham Palace itself, head to the finest carriage in one of the most exquisite royal stables in the world. It sure deserves a place of its own on your list of London attractions.
  • Cenotaph - Built in Portland stone, this war memorial in Whitehall must be visited once to pay respects to the heroes of England. A celebration and a parade can be experienced here every year on 11th November.

Best Restaurants Near Our Central London Accommodation

From Japanese to Aussie and authentic British cuisines, Central London is home to some very exquisite eating hubs in the entire city. One of the standout features of our serviced apartments includes the proximity to these fine menus. One doesn't have to look very far away to find authentic tastes and cuisines as most of the popular restaurants are not farther than a stone’s throw. Another reason why our apartments are so loved among travellers of all tastes is that whatever dishes they get to try around our abodes end up becoming their best finds. This is even more interesting because all these finds are some of the prime favourites of the locals of the respective neighbourhood that we discover only after thorough research. Among every other detail, variety of food is something that will end up impressing everyone alike. 

Some of the most popular restaurants near our Central London accommodation include:

  • Beany Green - Get transported to Australia with this warmly decorated restaurant offering healthy breakfast in the authentic Australian style.
  • Mac and Wild Fitzrovia - This bi-level restaurant is known for its fresh Scottish-style seafood and wooden interiors.
  • Honey & Co. - This Middle Eastern restaurant run by a sweet couple is quite popular for its warm flavours and eclectic variety. 
  • The Lost Cajun - This affordable restaurant is known among locals for its American-style seafood and variety. 
  • Ayllu - An aesthetically pleasant Japanese restaurant offering Instagram-worthy delicacies straight from the Ayllu community. 
  • Massis - This Lebanese restaurant serves fresh and delicious food made with authentic Lebanese flavour.

Cost of Our Central London Accommodation

Central London is a mix of all budgets. While it has some of the most high-end neighbourhoods like Chelsea and Kensington, several others wonderfully suit the lower scale as well. However, TheSqua.re is always open to customising your living experience based on your respective taste and preferences. Each apartment comes with a set combination of amenities that form the essentials of living comfortably in this wonderful city. While the prices are fair, we also make sure to provide nothing but the best even in our competitive prices. Not only this, but we also take care of cutting out any extra costs like that of agency fees and extra deposits. Ultimately, our Central London accommodation comes with an entire package which is not only fairly priced but also cost-effective.

Central London Accommodation for Corporate Travellers

Each of our serviced apartments in the heart of Central London allows you to feel like home even on a business trip. With carefully picked locations in such a massive area of the capital city, we ensure that moving to and fro from temporary home to the current office gets as easy as possible. Central London is home to some fine business areas like the Bank and Paddington itself. A tube can be easily boarded from Leicester Square, right near your chosen apartment, and the Bankside can be reached in less than 30 minutes. Not just this, even the work-from-home days are well-covered with a highly stable Wi-Fi connection, sunlit living room and study area. While the work front is well-settled, our clean kitchen saves you the hassle of choosing from endless restaurants to order in or even head out to buy groceries on busy days. The kitchen is all set to use right from groceries to the dishwasher. Undoubtedly, a perfect abode for all corporate needs.

Central London Accommodation for Families

Central London is one such part of the capital which is a mix of areas. While some like Soho is suitable for an adult group of friends looking forward to an active nightlife, Fitzrovia and even Paddington are lively and highly safe neighbourhoods ideal for families. Our spacious homes make sure that there is enough room for everybody. From right on the dining table for those Sunday brunches to the living room for those weekend movie sessions. With a microwave and a fully working kitchen, one can even enjoy Mac and cheese with popcorn. Not just this, the stable and complimentary Wi-Fi ensures that the Instagram profile of each family member is up to date with the London pictures flooding all over. A perfect choice for being closer to home indeed. 

Transport Near Our Central London Accommodation

With a massive area ranging from Soho to Temple, Central London has quite a lot to explore. Our serviced apartments have been placed in quite strategic areas of each neighbourhood. This makes it easier to move around the neighbouring areas and the city at large as most of the attractions can be reached quite easily. The central location of each of our apartments comes with a proximity to the Underground stations, the National Rail, and even the Airport. Heathrow Airport can be reached in less than an hour from our apartments in Leicester Square while Paddington is just a matter of 20 minutes. This not only ensures a significant reduction in travel time but also makes travelling quite affordable with shorter distances to cover. 

Some of the common Underground stations near our Central London accommodation include:

  • Goodge Street
  • Chancery Lane
  • City Tube Station Road
  • Cannon Street Underground Station
  • Liverpool Street
  • London Stratford City
  • Leicester Square
  • Dagenham Dock Station
  • King's Cross

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