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City Centre Serviced Apartments in London

Every time one researches for ideal accommodations for a vacation or a business stay, location becomes one of the deciding parameters. The same applies to the huge city of London where choosing one location can be a highly daunting task. Our city centre serviced apartments in London offer the prime locations and neighbourhoods sitting right at the centre of the city. Travellers have quick access to markets, tourist attractions, local gems and nooks, and an extensive connection to the rest of the expansive city. With the entire capital around your apartment, all you have to do is choose the most suitable interiors, book it, and fly straight down to London City.

Our Best City Centre Apartments in London

No matter which one of our serviced apartments you end up choosing, each one from the list of our city centre apartments in London majestically sits in the finest possible area respectively. As far as the interiors are concerned, the modern furnishings, luxurious comforts, and every part of the apartment is well-equipped and thoroughly sanitised. With the comfort of our travellers being our topmost priority, we have made sure that each apartment is worthy of competing with each other in being the finest. After all, you, your family, or even your business team deserve nothing but the ultimate best. 

Some of our handpicked city centre apartments in London include:

Why Should You Book City Centre Apartments in London?

The centre of the city is hands down the best location to book accommodation in. When it comes to a massive city like London, choosing the right location becomes a must. That is exactly where our city centre apartments in London jump in. With premium interiors, cleanliness, ambience, comfort, and impressive living standards suitable for all our travellers, there pops no reason why anyone should not consider our serviced apartments. While the living conditions are primarily taken care of, the convenient location, which is otherwise very hard to find, makes the upcoming stay in London quite comforting. Overall, the collective living experience that our city centre apartments in London offer is worth every penny.

Facilities in Our City Centre Apartments in London

Apart from the beauty and the convenience of the location that our premium serviced apartments have to offer, it is the list of amenities that add all the grace. Our 24x7 concierge desk offers the convenience to book cabs and also take care of the house while you are away. Our service team members always on their toes to make sure your entire stay is well coordinated. The modern furnishings of the apartment with all the comforts ranging from that of a vibrant couch to the cosy bed make sure of a great living experience. The fully-functional kitchen makes sure that no weekend ritual or collective weekday brunch is skipped. Overall, each facility of each of our city centre apartments in London has been cautiously chosen to enhance the ultimate experience of London for our travellers. 

Some of the amenities that either come complementary or can surely be accommodated at an extra cost include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our City Centre Apartments in London?

As most of you must have already guessed, our exclusive range of city centre apartments in London can be spotted in the exact centre of this vibrant city. Since London is such a massive city, it is natural that it has been neatly divided into multiple sections. While each part of the city has its own charm, Central London makes each of that part easily accessible. From London City Airport to National Rail, from Canary Wharf’s business skyscrapers to Shoreditch and its finance hubs, lush green belt of Greenwich to whatnot. Such is the extensive networking from the strategic location of our exclusively curated city centre apartments in London. To ease the process of picking the right neighbourhoods, a quick bunch has been handpicked for you. A little heads up before skimming through the apartments would be that the West End, often confused to be different from Central London, is a district of Central London itself. 

Some of the prime neighbourhoods in the heart of London where our apartments can be found include:

  • Westminster - The entire City of Westminster becomes a fine district to stay in and get a wholesome and fulfilling taste of London City. From history to nature, one can find everything here. 
  • Fitzrovia - It is one residential area within the City of Westminster which guarantees a sense of community to all its inhabitants alike. Even if you go around the park or even the work areas, a sense of belongingness will always strike. 
  • Kensington - This charming neighbourhood doesn't fall exactly in central London but brushes extremely close to it. It is a fine place to spend a quality vacation with so many museums and attractions to offer. 
  • Islington - An artsy neighbourhood which has so much vibe and vibrancy to offer to all its residents. Tourists quite like Islington for its liveliness and ambience. 
  • Hackney - With popular sites like Mare Street and Charing Cross, this inner London district is a prime site to experience. The London Borough of Hackney is named after its popularity. 
  • Camden - Obviously quite popular for its market and cultural vibe, Camden has a sense of community and lots of variety in food to offer. It can be said that Camden has one of the best living experiences to offer here.

London Attractions Near Our City Centre Apartments

One most obvious advantage of choosing our city centre apartments in London is the convenient access to the city attractions. Each neighbourhood that falls within Central London gives you the complete advantage of being close to some of the most iconic landmarks. The radius of most of these attractions ranging from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey reduced to less than 5-7 kilometres. Not only this eases the stuffed itinerary enough for you to explore the city at your own pace but also relax your travel expenses by a wide margin. Overall, the strategic location of each of our state-of-the-art apartments makes it an ideal abode for travellers coming for a vacation with family or on a solo business trip. 

Some of the most loved attractions among tourists which encircle our city centre apartments in London include:

  • Camden Market - This attraction of Camden neighbourhood is a must-visit place in the centre of London. Enjoy the vibrant crowd and so much variety to eat and shop here. Travellers with all budgets are welcome here.
  • London Zoo - A very popular attraction among wildlife enthusiasts and especially kids. This warm place is great for a kids' day out in the open on a bright sunny day in Central London. 
  • Trafalgar Square - With the National Gallery as its heart, this central landmark is a complete paradise for the appreciators of contemporary art. A must-see for art intellectuals flying to London. 
  • Buckingham Palace - Well-deserving of being the representative of England's regal history. Experience royalty with a closer lense in this magnificent palace. Don't miss the Changing of Guard ceremony. 
  • Big Ben - Weighing over 13 tonnes is this iconic representative of London. Head to the Palace of Westminster and immerse in the history of England. 
  • The British Museum - From Green sculptures to Egyptian Mummies, this is one of the finest museums in the world. It can be easily reached from our central accommodations in and around Bloomsbury. 
  • St. James's Park - Find this wonderful park in the City of Westminster and enjoy a day out with kids. This lush green park is spread in the massive land of 23-hectare and a fine spot in Central London.

Best Restaurants Near Our City Centre Apartments in London

From child-friendly restaurants to some collective favourites, the city centre is home to some very popular food joints. Despite being a prime location in itself, it is great that Central London hasn't limited itself to only high-end restaurants. A mix of on-the-go snacks like a tortilla and an unusual range of pizza toppings among many other varieties can be found in the heart of London. The city thrives on variety and newness, so expect the location of your serviced apartment on the upcoming London trip to spoil you with all its choices. 

Some of the most popular restaurants among locals snuggled near our apartments include:

  • Garfunkel’s - This child-friendly food chain is popular for its comfort food and authentic British cuisine. It has been warmly serving since 1979.
  • 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo Pizzeria - This Westminster pizza joint excites cravings for pizzas in the heart of London. It is run by one of the finest pizza chefs from Naples, Italy. 
  • Scully St. James’ - Known for its woody interiors and a mix of authentic Indie, Aussie, and Irish flavours.
  • The Palomar - With mosaic patterns and delicious Middle-Eastern taste, this is a wonderful option to try. 
  • Tortilla Charing Cross - This Mexican eating joint offers the best in-house tortillas and is ideal for kids and late-night cravings.

Cost of City Centre Apartments in London

One thing that we, at TheSqua.re, make sure is that each of our serviced apartments is cost-effective. We believe that a great holiday is something that travellers of each taste, preference, or budget deserve. From studio apartments to bedroom apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, standard to premium and even executive, our price brackets aim to cater to all. With fairly priced apartments curated with utmost attention to comfort and innovation, we promise to deliver a fine experience in our city centre apartments in London. In such a competitive market, we try our level best to offer the best prices and comforts with absolutely no inconvenience. From travelling costs to eating costs, expect a reduction in your overall expenses with our excellent location and in-house amenities.

Corporate City Centre Apartments in London

City Centre is not just about its convenience to travel around but also about the facilities to stay. Don't expect yourself to keep travelling all the time when you have an entire cosy apartment for yourself. This exactly gets the case with business travellers going all the way to London. Our city centre apartments in London let you be at ease and just relax at home on weekends if that's what it takes to refuel you for the next busy weekday. Our flat-screen TV is always ready for some live cricket matches. The entire kitchen and the plethora of food sellers around the corner never let lack of food variety jump in your way. Even if it is mandatory, there is a lot to see and experience in close quarters. Apart from that the gym memberships and even swimming pools nearby can be easily accessed after hectic workdays, thanks to the wonderful location of Central London.

City Centre Apartments in London for Families

Choosing an apartment in the central part of the city is most advantageous for a family stay. With a mix of all generations travelling together, sticking to a particular time frame every single day of the vacation is next to impossible. The strategic central location and its impressive connectivity to the rest of the city let you ease on that itinerary a bit. Apart from this, the spacious rooms of our serviced apartments, ranging from 2 bedrooms to even 4 bedrooms, can accommodate everyone comfortably. With a lavish kitchen at your disposal and an entire living room with a flat-screen TV and sitting area, the homely vibe stays intact. From eating on the dining table just like home to binge-watching Netflix together, the entire family experience can be replicated exactly in our vibrant serviced apartments. All these benefits coming from a genuine vision make it an ideal abode for a lovely family looking for a warm stay in the heart of London.

Transport Near Our City Centre Apartments in London

Thanks to the consciously chosen central location of each of our serviced apartments, the pressure of choosing the right location is not coming your way anytime soon. With neighbourhoods like Islington and Camden to your rescue, your daily commute within the city is sorted. Not only that, with proximity to almost 3 airports in the capital city, none of our travellers also have to worry about international travel as well. If not Luton Airport, London City Airport and especially London Heathrow Airport, both can be reached in less than 40 minutes. The city centre has an entire Underground Line in the name of Central London which runs from Ealing Broadway to Epping. Just for a heads up before you travel, keep the Oyster Card handy to hop on and off the extensively connected Underground metro system. 

Some of the common Underground stations near our city centre apartments include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Camden Town Tube Station
  • White Hill Gate Underground Station
  • Subway  Camden Road
  • Notting Hill Gate Underground Station
  • Subway  Mornington Crescent Tube Station
  • Lancaster Gate Underground Station
  • Chancery Lane Underground Station
  • Bank Underground Station

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