Cricket World Cup Accommodation

Cricket World Cup Accommodation in London

People often flood London around an important global cricket match. What better than a World Cup? Amidst that craze and the level of urgency, finding accommodation that suits all your comfort preferences and budgets, allows you the most convenient distances to the nearby attractions or the ground itself seems next to impossible. That is why we have curated an entire range of Cricket World Cup accommodation. With spacious bedrooms, sunlit living rooms to the modernly-furnished kitchen, our accommodation near some of the iconic cricket grounds are each ready to welcome families, group of friends, partners, and all the lovers of cricket from around the world. 

Our Best Cricket World Cup Accommodation

London is home to the most beautiful cricket stadium in the world, the Lord's Cricket Ground. It is not only stunning but also the largest in England which makes it an iconic landmark in the country and across the globe. We have curated a lavish set of serviced apartments with an eclectic range of amenities to offer a highly comfortable vacation near iconic stadiums. From in-house comforts ranging from as basic as an espresso machine to an entire CCTV surveillance taking care of your security, our apartment ranges aim to please you for the long run.

Some of our finest Cricket World Cup accommodation in London are:

Types of Apartments in our Cricket World Cup Accommodation

Whether yours is a nuclear family or a big fat joint family joining us for the World Cup from across the borders, the insecurity of finding a comfortable short term rental should never come in the way of your craze for cricket. That is exactly the intention behind offering you with so many types of Cricket World Cup accommodation. From sleek studio apartments to magnificent high rise apartments, lavish suites to 4 bedroom sets, each accommodation type comes with a plethora of amenities. An irresistible stay in the heart of London indeed. 

Some of the choices that TheSqua.re offers under the popular tag of Cricket World Cup accommodation include:

  • Studio - Even if you cannot find someone to accompany you, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a wonderful match here. With all the amenities like microwave, cosy bed, bathroom, kitchenette, and so many more facilities, your solo travel is sorted.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Lucky are the relationships where both partners chase cricket scores with equal passion. Enjoy a vacation while you come to London for an exciting cricket match. Park your rental car right beside your abode and head straight to the Lord's Cricket Ground.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - When travelling with friends, privacy is often compromised. This cricket trip shouldn't let that happen to any of you with our spacious 2 bedroom sets. While each room with its separate bathroom gives you privacy, a collective dining and living area makes living together easier and way more comfortable than ever. 
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - Who says that bigger groups cannot enjoy the same privacy? With a full-fledged kitchen and extra comfortable beds, separate rooms along with the convenience of distance to the local stadiums, expect a stay like never before. 
  • High Rise Apartments -  Most parts of London are popular for skyscrapers. What better than waking up to the magnificent green beauty of the surrounding neighbourhoods? Enjoy a freshly-brewed coffee with our in-house espresso machine and get set for an iconic match. 

Why Should You Consider Our Cricket World Cup Accommodation London?

Finding an urban pad in a highly competitive budget is even tougher than buying the tickets for the cricket match last minute. People might compromise with their seating area at the stadium but never the location of the short term rental. The match ends in a day or two but the vacation always ends up stretching, especially in a beautiful city like London. That's when our Cricket World Cup accommodation range feels like a boon. From daily essentials to pubs and bars, parks for kids to nightlife for adults, tourist-friendly areas to everything else for families; this is the kind of holistic experience we have managed to curate with our decade-old experience. 

Move around the city with easily accessible tube stations from your abode or just call the local friends at your place for a cosy dinner. Even if you don’t have some already, thanks to the friendly Londoners, you will surely end up making a few at the stadium. If nothing else, just hit the snooze button and let the spacious bedrooms transport you to a relaxed world while it refuels your tired self for the rest of the vacation. We wish for you to have the best of your time with us on this cricket trip in our exclusively curated Cricket World Cup accommodation.

Facilities in Our Cricket World Cup Accommodation

Sometimes, all we need is to snuggle up in blankets on a fluffy mattress and just enjoy Netflix and hot butter popcorns. This is something we often crave on vacations after tiring days of hopping in and out airports, or in this case stadium, to make the most of the World Cup. Our team at TheSqua.re has used their first-hand experience of going for a match in another city, another country and only then we have come up with our set of amenities for you. From espresso machines pouring out hot coffee to start the day to complimentary broadband for movie nights. From a cosy view from the bedroom or living room balcony to a comforting and highly secure vibe of the neighbourhood; this is the kind of experience we wish to provide each of our travellers with.

You can enjoy free parking, a sense of security with our CCTVs, fresh hot pancakes to parathas in our elaborate kitchen or even a romantic cuddle on our couches. Why just cuddles, our mattresses are all fluffy and equally sturdy for a jump session or pillow fight with kids. After all, kids always need something to distract them. Our 24x7 service and concierge team are highly dedicated to making your experience as wholesome and comfortable as possible. They will look after every aspect of your vacation that you wish assistance in. Isn't this exactly your idea of a perfect stay?

Which Are the Most Popular Stadiums in London?

The UK has a large number of both national and international stadiums. Cricket lovers from all over the world come over to London to enjoy the live experience of watching their favourite teams play this gentleman’s sport. It is wonderful how the women have made a strong space in the cricket scenes and London witnesses the same enthusiasm for Women's Cricket as well. 

Top 2 stadiums exclusively popular for international cricket in London include:

  • Lord's Cricket Ground - The largest in the country and the most beautiful across the world, this is a legendary stadium in London known for the MCC legacy. While its legacy dates back to 1814, it is interesting to note that it can accommodate up to 30,000 visitors. 
  • The Oval - Home to the iconic Surrey County Cricket Club, this international cricket ground sits in South London’s Kennington region. Inaugurated in 1845, this stadium can accommodate up to 25,500 visitors

Attractions Near Our Cricket World Cup Accommodation

There is so much to see near our Cricket World Cup accommodation, thanks to the central location that each of them enjoys in London’s respective district. From the Church of our Lady St. John's Wood, Hyde Park to local tours that take you to the hidden gems of the city. A lot of activities can be enjoyed around the same which range from horse-riding in Hyde Park to a canal tour near Regent's Park. There is so much to see and experience in both Central and South London that without any hesitation you can consider your upcoming cricket vacation as the most memorable one already.

Some highly recommended attractions accessible from our Cricket World Cup accommodation in London include:

  • Kennington Park - Located near The Oval stadium, this is a lovely place for picnics with family and kids and even for a romantic stroll with your partner. Oval is the nearest tube station from here. 
  • Hyde Park - Take your partner along for a cosy boating experience in the Serpentine waters or take the kids to an exclusive play area for them. While you enjoy your time here riding horses at Rotten Row, the restaurant facing the Serpentine will await you with its comfort food. 
  • Camden Market - If this cricket trip is with your pals, this will be your last-minute saviour. Trust this eclectic market for all your souvenir demands to take back with you. It is one of the finest in London with an unbelievable variety of food. 
  • Beefeater Distillery - London’s obsession with gin is no secret to the world. Come straight to this iconic distillery with a self-guided tour. Additional support is available as well.
  • Victoria & Albert Museum - Let your art instincts guide you straight to the regal V&A Museum. Its fine collection of contemporary art and regal interiors will surely make your visit here worth everything. 
  • The British Museum - A celebrated collection of human history and evolution which spans to over two million years can be seen here. It is a must-visit place located just 3.5 kilometres from the Ground. 
  • National Gallery - With art collections from as old as the 13th century, this wonderful art gallery is not only free to enter but a fantastic option to take kids along. A rare mix of art, culture, knowledge, and affordability.

Best Restaurants Near Our Cricket World Cup Accommodation

Great food is something that travellers from every country consider as an essential parameter for every vacation. Our fine set of Cricket World Cup accommodation makes sure that there is plenty of food variety surrounding you at all times. Cuisines from all around the globe can be found at a walking distance from your chosen apartment from our list. From an irresistible selection of wines to great desserts, from iconic cafes with legends of George Portman or the MCC’s to the taste of Lebanon right before you, expect anything and everything from the food scenes in London. 

Some of the local favourites near our Cricket World Cup accommodation London include:

  • Definition Wine Bar - Choose from a crazy range of wines which can be customised as per grape type and region of origin. Take a break from the match and head straight here. 
  • Crocker’s Folly - Head here for an authentic Lebanese food experience along with in between drinks. The magnificent setting of the restaurant will win hearts. The staff here is quite heartwarming.
  • Portman's Cafe - Treat this as a means to relive the legacy of George Portman while you enjoy their range of snacks and sweets with delicious coffee. 
  • The Ivy St. John's Wood - This French restaurant is a landmark for its iconic food being served for ages. The luxury interiors along with regal touches make it a hub of a collective food experience. 
  • Dark’s Bar - Craving a craft beer or a sausage roll? Find this lovely hub of short eats in the heart of Lord's Cricket Ground for ales and delicious pies along with sausages. 
  • Lord's Tavern - An iconic restaurant near Lord's, ideal to be checked out on your cricket trip. It has a legend going with it since the very inception of Lord's. Don't forget to read about it before you go. 
  • Jihwaja - Come here for a fun Karaoke bar and restaurant. This is an ideal restaurant for all your Korean cravings and the love for modern dishes with a twist. 
  • Duke of York – It is another local favourite around the international stadium in London. Its grilled steaks are a must-try here while it is equally loved for the eclectic vegan menu. 
  • Zonzo Restaurant - If you are on a hunt for a multi-cuisine restaurant, this is the one to go for. Especially if you are on a gluten-free diet, this local favourite will not disappoint at all costs.

Cricket World Cup Accommodation for Fans and Families

Each of our serviced apartments is laden with a massive pile of comforts. Our exclusive apartments are placed at a walking distance from some of the most popular cricket stadiums in London City. Spend a wonderful day with your fam with us. While the stadiums are a hop away from your chosen urban pad, you can always come back to a comforting abode. From Wi-Fi routers in the rooms to a finely kept kitchen, grocery packs to weekly cleaning sessions, each apartment is all set to become a temporary home away from home. Grab a bite from a plethora of restaurants and eating joints nearby and head straight back home. Lie down on the comfy couches in the living room or take a short nap in the room before heading back down. Reheat your food in the microwave because we understand the sudden cravings that hit post an afternoon nap. With a secure residential area offering peace of mind, your entire stay is sorted.

Transport Near Our Cricket World Cup Accommodation

Our highly convenient short term rentals not only provide the proximity to the Underground stations but to bike racks as well. You can always choose between bus and road transportation as well because our centrally located apartments enjoy most of the benefits of our local stadiums like Lord's Cricket Ground. While the metro scenes are sorted, buses can be accessed on most roads which run adjacent to all international stadiums alike. It doesn't end there as the proximity to train stations and airports allow you to go international as well.

Some of the common Underground stations that can be accessed from our Cricket World Cup accommodation London include:

  • St. John's Wood
  • Oval (Tube Station)
  • Baker Street
  • Warwick Avenue
  • Edgware Road
  • Marylebone
  • Paddington

Some of the international stations by train include:

  • Euston
  • St Pancras
  • King’s Cross

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