Downtown London Apartments

Downtown London Apartments

Technically, there is no such thing as a “Downtown” in London. If anything, the way to think every time someone mistakenly says “Downtown London” is to think about Central London. Financial institutions, city landmarks, top restaurants and bespoke serviced accommodation fill the area to make the “central” aspect more than deserving. At TheSqua.re, we have a vast array of serviced apartments in London that boast all the features that business and leisure travellers require for short and long term stays in Britain’s capital city.

Our Best Downtown London Apartments

With thousands of serviced apartments to choose from, guests can quite often get lost in our award-winning portfolio. But we know the best of the best in our collection. While every last one of our serviced apartments represents the very best, we know that there are ones that stand the test of time, that display something uncharacteristically unique compared to all the others. Central locations and a host of amenities make the apartments what they are; stylish spaces that can pass off as second homes in the world’s favourite city.

Our best serviced apartments in Downtown London include:

Why Should You Book Downtown London Apartments?

Our Downtown London apartments are the go-to choice for guests that want to be stuck in the middle of it all. Attractions, restaurants, Underground connections, corporate headquarters, etc, all of this is in close proximity to our apartments. Inside, our bespoke living spaces provide the cosy and homely atmosphere that all guests require after extended hours on foot walking around the galleries and museums, or having to pitch or chat to clients at networking events. Having all top central districts covered in our portfolio, enjoying the best bits of London comes second nature when our apartments are booked.

Facilities in Our Downtown London Apartments

We pride ourselves on delivering the very best serviced accommodation in the industry, living spaces that can become a unique part of the travel experience. The interiors have to be well furnished, and everything has to be in easy reach for all guests to be happy. And we do just that by ensuring that our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen built in for home cooking, free Wi-Fi for easy internet access to stay in touch with loved ones, spacious living areas to fold out and relax at all times of the day and laundry units to save on washing when guests return home. All of these amenities create the second-home feel that the worlds of business and leisure desire.

But there’s more. We have other amenities that can be offered depending on the length of stay. These include concierge services, gym and pool access, spa and a business centre - assuming the residence has these to offer. Such extras create the first-class travel adventure that all guests like.

Types of Downtown London Apartments

Every stay in London is different. Some bookings will have one guest, others will have three or five. Others far more. A few bookings may be corporate, the others may be leisure. We know that modern travel has varied and can encompass up to any variety of people and reasons for packed bags. That’s why we are happy to present a mixture of options for all guests to consider when they stay with us for the short or long term in London.

Some of the types of Downtown London apartments include:

  • Studio - All of our open-plan spaces are ideal for those that want all items in simple reach, and to have a compact experience in the UK capital.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Couples or solo travellers that want a more spread-out experience for their London stay should book these apartments.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families will find these apartments irresistible for their stay in the centre of London.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - For slightly bigger groups and families, these spacious apartments are fully equipped to grant the best of stays.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - Project teams that need more space to complete their work can do so remotely with enough space to communicate effectively.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Big family gatherings need as much space as possible, and that’s where our largest choice becomes the popular pick. 

Where Can You Find Our Downtown London Apartments?

Even though “Downtown” London doesn’t exist, this can still refer to Central London. As our portfolio covers all parts of the UK capital, it does at the very centre, where all the financial transactions and landmarks become synonymous with the endless crowds and traffic. We know the central districts matter most to all those in the city for business and leisure, so we have apartments in the areas that are booked most often and display their own sense of the British character.

A few of the districts where guests of business leisure can book our award-winning serviced apartments include:

  • City of London - One of the oldest districts in London, it is full of business headquarters and tourist attractions so the best of both worlds can integrate with ease.
  • Aldgate - With The Sky Garden, Liverpool Street and street markets found within, it’s hard for any guest not to be satisfied with this area.
  • Canary Wharf - The go-to business district might not be so central but it is a pivotal area for those corporate travellers that need to be close to the office.
  • Mayfair - One of the most old fashioned and affluent areas of London, staying here puts guests right by some of the most upscale restaurants in the city.
  • Shoreditch - The trendy centre of London has Brick Lane Market and other such hangouts to draw in the young professionals and crowds.
  • Hoxton - Nightclubs and bars abound to create the most entertaining and vibrant district of the whole city.
  • Westminster - The centre of British democracy, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey mesh to showcase the democratic will of the people and it’s reigning, constitutional monarch.
  • Fitzrovia - Seamlessly bringing upscale housing and residential homes together, business and leisure can be had in this popular district.
  • Covent Garden - With the shopping areas, pubs and theatre dominating the district, this is truly where the best London Saturdays can be spent.
  • Farringdon - A contemporary district, new startups and professionals shuttle here every day to make their dreams and technology a reality.

Attractions Near Our Downtown London Apartments

Many of us can name the landmarks that make London what it is. From the palaces to the museums, galleries, parks, shopping malls, cinemas and theatres, there’s so much for visitors to experience when they come to the city. The attractions complete any business or leisure stay which is why we put our serviced apartments in easy distance from these icons of history and culture. Our guests need not fear having to be stuck in a long commute to see the best of the city, it will only be a short bus ride, tube journey or walk away.

Some of the attractions that are near our London serviced apartments include:

  • Buckingham Palace - The residence of Queen Elizabeth II, the beautiful road that leads up to the palace is always packed with visitors looking to take the perfect snap with the palace in the background.
  • Palace of Westminster - The Mother of Parliaments, tours can be arranged to take visitors through the old building, that’s actually so old it’s being renovated to stop it from literally falling down.
  • Tower Bridge - One of the most famous bridges in the world, every day people are taking pics of the towers and waiting to see the bridge rise for the tall boats underneath going through.
  • Tower of London - The Norman prison, it is now a historical site open to the public, not where the country’s most diabolical criminals go to rot.
  • The Gherkin - Getting its name from the modern and sleek shape, many offices can be found inside as well as luxury restaurants.
  • The Shard - Similar to The Gherkin, the soaring structure has a host of corporate offices and upscale restaurants to entertain corporate guests. It also has a platform for excellent views that is open to the public.
  • Sky Garden - The gorgeous plants and design add a dash of style to this corporate building that has queues at every time of the day.
  • British Museum - With thousands of artefacts from across the ages, the whole history of the world can be charted in a rainy London afternoon.
  • The Monument - Built to commemorate the lost lives and damage caused by the Great Fire of London in 1666, there are great city views to experience. A long time ago, this was the tallest structure in the whole of London and could be seen at any point.
  • National Gallery - The works of JMW Turner, da Vinci, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Seurat and Monet are given a more than suitable home.

Best Restaurants Near Our Downtown London Apartments

We all love to dine out when we travel; trying new things and exploring the depths of our own palette. As London holds a global status in more ways than one, it’s not just traditional British foods that guests are going to be bombarded with. An eclectic supply of restaurants and diners offer a range of European, Asian, Caribbean and South American dishes that can test the tastes of every customer. To keep our guests connected, we have tried our best to have the city’s top restaurants in as short a distance as possible to make the nights out simple for all.

Some of the best restaurants to eat at in London are the ones below:

  • Mildred's - This cool 18th century townhouse serves fresh, international vegan and vegetarian food in Soho, Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.
  • Ormer - This establishment serves up fresh seasonal British produce with high-end gastronomic flair. 
  • Thai Square - Those that love their Thai food can come here to enjoy classics like Chicken Green Curry and Stir-fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts.  
  • Bleeding Heart - Dubbed London's most romantic restaurant, it serves fine French cuisine in a historical setting and has an exceptional wine list.
  • Ikoyi - Serving West African cuisine with a twist in swanky settings, the menu includes Plantain, Smoked Scotch Bonnet and Raspberry and Jerusalem Artichoke Moin Moin.
  • Wild Food Cafe - This vegan joint serves meals on large, communal tables that give the place a very relaxed, and modern feel to go with the times. 
  • Clos Maggiore - Munch on modern French cuisine whilst sitting in a flower-filled conservatory. The menu serves New Season Vegetable Casserole, French Peas & Green Asparagus, Pan Roasted Scottish Salmon and much more.
  • Ceviche - Tasty Peruvian street food is ready to be indulged when an evening is spent in this Soho based restaurant.
  • The Palomar - Tasty dips for starters t and Confit Duck Siske for mains, this is the place to bask in wild flavours.
  • Bocca di Lupo - Italian grub from artichoke salad to veal spaghetti and pasta, it’s not hard to see why this restaurant is loved so much.

Corporate Downtown London Apartments

Business travel needs to be a seamless adventure. No hiccups, just the best in everything. And our London apartments are the best way to get corporate accommodation under control. They are fully furnished with everything that’s needed; Wi-Fi, a space to work remotely, a well-stocked kitchen, a TV to unwind and a soft bed to dream away into the next day of hectic schedules, we have the modern business traveller in mind when we select the apartments to go within our award-winning portfolio.

Downtown London Apartments for Leisure

Coming to London for a short or long term trip is an experience like no other. The chimes of Big Ben, the noisy streets, the smells of street food, musicians singing in the street and the occasional protest makes it vibrant at all hours of the day. We know what families, couples and solo travellers need, which is why we have fully furnished leisure apartments that are waiting to be lived in. Character engulfs every last one of them to create that aurora that only the UK capital city can. Large and small spaces, everyone will find an apartment that’s worth entering after a day spent wandering the streets,

Transport Near Our Downtown London Apartments

As one of the most connected cities in the world, London is easy to travel across. The London Underground, for example, is a remarkable network that gets Londoners, and those living on the fringes, to the centre and back home again in time for tea. Every business and leisure traveller needs to have a hassle-free London experience which is why we always ensure that the apartments we add to our award-winning portfolio are near to London Underground stations that have direct access to corporate headquarters and attractions.

Some of the London Underground stations near our Downtown London apartments include:

  • Liverpool Street
  • Kings Cross
  • Euston
  • Canary Wharf
  • Victoria
  • Waterloo
  • Covent Garden
  • London Bridge
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Oxford Circus
  • Holborn

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