London Executive Suites

London Executive Suites

The ever-growing corporate tourism sector in Britain is a major contributor to the overall UK economy. Experts from the tourism industry predict that by 2025 Britain’s corporate tourism industry will be worth more than £250 billion. The epicentre of such business affairs is none other than the capital of England, London. All kinds of corporate dealings ranging from exhibitions, trade fares, seminars, conferences and entrepreneurial meetings are conducted year-round in the city. Keeping up with the demands of corporate tourism there are several accommodation options catering exclusively to business travellers. Our London executive suites scattered across major business hubs in the city offer guests the opportunity to make the most of their corporate travel.

Our Best Executive Suites in London

Offering the highest standards in corporate hospitality, l our apartments at the London Executive Suites are furnished and personalised to business requirements. Guests have the opportunity to choose our executive suites as per the size of their party. We cater to large business convoys and solo businessmen alike. Browse through our range of serviced apartments below all of which are suited to diverse corporate needs. Along with an exclusive kitchen, our London Executive Suites come with a large common area which can be utilized for presentations and mini-conferences. 

Here are our most sought after executive suites in London:

Why Should You Book Our London Executive Suites?

Complete with the highest business standards amidst a homely ambience, our luxurious London Executive Suites are within walking distance to various Underground tube stations for speedy transit. Guests have the opportunity to narrow down their preferred property by making use of our robust exacting criterion which puts in perspective diverse traveller needs such as location, access to amenities, number of travellers and premium demands. 

Each executive suite is spacious and ambient with well-spaced out rooms offering complete security and privacy. Our common recreational area serves multi-purpose corporate demands. Guests have the opportunity to indulge in some early morning yoga, followed by an afternoon conference, concluding with a get together with colleagues in the evening - all in the same space. Our fully furnished and highly stylized interiors are sure to leave a lasting impression on all corporate travellers. Well suited to both short and long term business travel, our apartments can be found in central London as well as in important neighbourhoods around the centre.

Facilities in Our London Executive Suites

Our range of award-winning London executive suites have a host of facilities, as well as basic and premium amenities for a comfortable corporate stay in London. Our kitchenette comes with a range of utensils and appliances including a toaster, blender, oven, microwave and coffee maker. Guests have the opportunity to cut costs by eating a healthy home-cooked meal rather than incurring exorbitant high-end dining expenditure.

All our sleeping quarters are comfortable and dark ensuring quality REM sleep for a fresh and early start the following morning. Pillows and beds have clean and soft linen allowing corporate travellers to tuck in after a tiring day at work. Understanding diverse corporate needs our executive suites have access to high speed internet making sure that your presentation is lag-free and successful. A flat screen TV with access to several business and news channels is present in every apartment. 

Furthermore, corporate guests even have the opportunity to unwind and de-stress by making the most of our premium services and facilities. These can be availed at the time of booking or during check-in. While some of these services may be free of charge others can be updated into your existing travel package. 

These services include but aren’t restricted to the following:

  • Free Parking
  • Fitness Centre Access
  • Pool Services
  • Sauna Treatments
  • Business Centre
  • Conference Room
  • Laundry Services
  • Access to Rooftop Deck
  • Concierge Services

Where Can You Find Our London Executive Suites?

Scattered across several essential business and commercial hubs, our London Executive Suites are primarily located in the central London area. This gives corporate guests the opportunity to never be late to essential appointments. Furthermore being in the city centre, there are several cafes and restaurants close to our properties to entertain clients and colleagues. Certain properties can also be found to the South of the River Thames for corporate travellers looking to beat the cacophony of the city after work. Do not let the size of the borough daunt you, the following neighbourhoods are safe and have ample business opportunities to exploit. 

Our executive suites can be found in the following coveted neighbourhoods:

  • Shoreditch - This popular entertainment district strikes the right balance between commercial activities and business affairs. The financial hub of Liverpool Street is close to the area as are several trendy bars, cafes and markets.
  • Fitzrovia - Located in the centre of the city, this neighbourhood is a great place to stay given its robust connectivity to all primary business hubs. Additionally, it is only minutes away from several shopping districts such as Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street.
  • Canary Wharf - Situated in the bustling financial district, this neighbourhood is marked by busy streets and glittering skyscrapers. Its close proximity to the River Thames makes it a go-to district for businessmen to stay at.
  • Hounslow - This West London suburb is within a short walk to the ever-crowded Heathrow Airport and has excellent links to get you to essential business districts in the city centre. Its high fashion stores and sprawling malls aren’t too far away from its several nature trails.
  • Angel - Towards the north of the city, this commercial neighbourhood is adjacent to important areas of Old Street and King’s Cross. An ideal destination to conduct business meetings, there are several multi corporations and businesses in its vicinity.
  • Aldgate - This affluent neighbourhood is culturally, socially and historically relevant. It is well connected to the rest of the city and has a score of retail offerings and culinary delights to check out.
  • Chancery Lane - A hotspot for tourists, this destination is best explored if your business trip grants you some time off. Stroll through Chancery Lane as you check out the rows of sights and shops on either end of the street offering wonderful souvenirs to take home.
  • Vauxhall - Resting to the South of the River Thames, this destination is a melting pot of cultures. There are several ongoing urban construction projects in its surrounding vicinities. It is well connected to Central London allowing guests the opportunity to effectively manage both work and leisure.

Popular Attractions Near Our London Executive Suites

Corporate travellers often require time to unwind post addressing their business needs and corporate engagements. Overflowing with monuments and landmarks, the city of London is filled to the brim with a range of activities to indulge in after work hours. Often corporate travellers may be accompanied by their partner or family members who may exclusively be on holiday. While you tend to corporate affairs they will want to explore the many sights and sounds of the city. 

The following attractions are located close to our London executive suites and can be easily explored on your day off:

  • Geffrye Museum - This eccentric destination walks you through various eras of domestic interior design ranging from Georgian to Victorian décor. The illustrations date back to the 1600s.
  • Wesley’s Chapel and House - Constructed by John Wesley, this one of a kind museum traces the history and evolution of ‘Methodism’ from the 18th century to the present. It is filled with several personal possessions and a huge private library of Wesley.
  • Fitzroy Square - Designed in the 18th century by Robert Adam, this Georgian styled square in London is a residential location for elite aristocratic families. A myriad of famous writers and laureates have resided in the area including G.B. Shaw, Lord Salisbury and Virginia Woolf.
  • Museum of the London Docklands - If you ever wanted to know the historic significance of the River Thames and how the docklands came to be, this museum is the place to go. It traces the rise of London as a major trading port of the world.
  • Chiswick House - Among the last remnants of Neo-Palladian architecture in the city, this destination is among the foremost examples of British landscape gardening. Both the house and the 650 acre stretch of gardens are open to the public.
  • Richmond Park - Officially the largest Royal Park of the city; its green cover stretches beyond 2500 acres of manicured gardens, exotic flowers, landscape shrubbery, ornate bridges and the occasional deer sightings. 
  • Parasol Unit - With the values of promoting contemporary and local art, this public attraction showcases the works of newer artists from around the globe. Galleries and exhibits range from sculpture, paintings, handicrafts and modern photography.
  • The Monument - Open to visitors for the past 300 years, this sight commemorates the life of the victims of the Great Fire of London. Climb atop the 300 spiral stairs over 200 feet above ground to enjoy panoramic views of the city and the River Thames.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral - This world-renowned, architecturally symbolic cathedral has many grand domes, curving galleries and a myriad of medieval relics. It is considered to be a symbol of British strength and unity as it withstood the destruction of WW2.
  • St. Peter’s Church - Dating back to 1860, this church was first constructed to serve as a place of worship for the local population. Over the years it has transformed into an iconic cultural hall with several concerts, exhibitions, community events and arts festivals being organized in its premises.

Best Restaurants Near Our London Executive Suites

Business lunches are a common sight in the city. Booking in power lunches that create a lasting impression with clients, colleagues and even your boss will definitely elevate your professional stature. The many sophisticated restaurants with urban hospitality and modern gastronomy serve as ideal venues to entertain clients. If you are travelling with your partner or family, the many cafes, bistros, bars, pubs and restaurants are great to unwind with an elegant dinner post-work hours. The exceptional culinary palette of the city has much to offer to people from all cultures and wakes of life. 

Check out the following renowned restaurants that are located close to our London executive suites:

  • Angler - Silky service aided by minimal and monochrome decor with Michelin star cooking on the menu; it has a 2 to 6-course standard lunch menu with the choicest options of exotic fish.
  • Brigadiers - Comfortable squeezed between the many shops at Soho, this dimly lit, swanky Indian grill and barbecue offers charred offerings of home spiced Indian delights. 
  • Café Sou - Appropriate for short in and out meetings; its formal, trendy and chatty atmosphere gets you right in the corporate groove. Order up a loaded baguette or a hit of espresso at this plush Parisian themed café.
  • Frenchie - Walk into this chic and relaxed basement destination with low lighting and naked brick walls for some impeccable Euro accented culinary delights. Its chilled-out buzz is complimented by ambient music.
  • The Greenhouse - With double Michelin star stature; this discreet and upscale location is far hidden from commercial showiness. Authentic European cuisine and an assortment of the finest wine, you can definitely make an impression at The Greenhouse.
  • Hawksmoor Borough - Its distinct express menu and seasonal market specialities combine for a truly wholesome business lunch. High quality British beef and an assortment of wines and cocktails ensure a hearty time.
  • The Petersham - Its smart Italian cuisine is complemented by its friendly staff and courtyard outdoors. Park yourself amidst the leafy landscape at Richmond and take in its serene breeze.
  • Sagardi Basque Country Chefs - In the bustling neighbourhood of Shoreditch, this edgy high-end destination is renowned for its high quality beef which comes from the Basque region in Spain. Complement this with rows of wine cabinets and you have the perfect corporate lunch.

Cost of Our London Executive Suites

At TheSqua.re we offer our guests a fair and transparent billing process with a flexible approach to all kinds of last-minute needs. Our award-winning reservation team offers guests complete assistance in choosing their desired property as per the area and number of people. Our London Executive Suites cater to all budgets with standard fluctuations in price depending on the time of the year and accommodation capacity.

Essential Tips for Executive Travel to London

In a huge city such as London, time is of the essence when it comes to making a successful business venture. Not only is it important to stay close to major business hubs, but it is also important to navigate efficiently through the bustling London streets. 

Regardless whether it is your first time in London or you are a seasoned traveller, the following corporate travel tips will come in handy for any London travel:

  • Though London has several free public Wi-Fi hotspots, not all of them are steady and reliable. Carry an internet USB stick which uses your Smartphone internet for speedy access to the web at all times.
  • When in the streets carry the local newspaper with you along with your briefcase. This gives the impression that you are a local and will not be approached by scammers and pickpockets. 
  • Tipping culture is different in London compared to the rest of the world. While service charge may at times be calculated within your bill, other times it is not. Keep an eye to avoid tipping twice. 
  • When catering clients in one of the several restaurants or cafes of the city, the trend leans towards a business lunch rather than a business dinner. Dinners are seen as more informal and might be appropriate post-closure of a business deal. 
  • Business etiquette in London is also quite different from the rest of the world. Punctuality is of utmost importance as are greetings. Professionalism in your appearance and demeanour is appreciated and will go a long way. 
  • Pick up a few key phrases of colloquial humour to make an impact with your clients. Chances are your clients may also be fans of local sporting events; it pays to have some knowledge of the local sporting spirit to strike an instant relationship.

Transport Near Our London Executive Suites

Getting around the city in a speedy, consistent and affordable way is of utmost importance to corporate travellers. Whether you are looking to get to the financial district from your London Executive Suites or are on your way for a corporate lunch at the entertainment district, London’s robust public transportation has you covered. 

The well-connected roadways extend through the length of the city with red busses and black taxis constantly on the move. Various ferry links can also be accessed along the River Thames. If in the centre, cycling is a healthy and eco-friendly way to navigate the streets. The Overground train services will take you to essential areas on the outskirts of London as well as the important airports. The London Underground is the lifeline of the city with several stations located not too far from one another. The tube services give you access to Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Metropolitan, Northern, Central and Victoria lines. Corporate travellers can make use of the Oyster Card which grants them daily access to all public transport.

The following tube stations are conveniently located close to our London executive suites:

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Limehouse
  • Hounslow Central Station
  • South Quay DLR
  • Canary Wharf
  • Angel
  • Aldgate East
  • Chancery Lane
  • Hoxton
  • Vauxhall

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