London Extended Stay

Serviced Apartments for Extended Stays in London

A London extended stay can be fun and uncertain at the same time. As much as spending some extra weeks in the beautiful city of London feels great, the pressure of finding an accommodation that fits just right to your preferences is an icing on the cake. Our sophisticated range of serviced apartments,spread all over the city, is finely curated to comfort long homely stays in London. From cooking homely breakfasts to movie nights spent snuggled on the couch, the ease of dishwashers to lavish bathrooms for extra-long showers on the weekends, there is everything for every mood. Whether it is a hectic schedule that has extended or just a lucky vacation month, our special serviced apartments for exclusive London extended stay has got you comforted.

Our Apartments for Extended Stays in London

TheSqua.re has proudly selectedits finest serviced apartments scatteredall over the wonderful capital of the UK. From the trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood to Fitzrovia with its 18th-century architecture, excellent Canary Wharf to the artsy hip neighbourhood of Elephant and Castleare near the serviced apartments we have. While the interiors and the comforts of each state-of-the-art apartment are extremely detailed, the surroundings that come handy with each location are particularly exciting. An exciting range of restaurants, pubs, and popular tourist attractions for all tastes, budgets, and preferences make our list of specially curated apartments ideal for London extended stays. 

Some of our handpicked apartments around the city, perfect for London extended stay include the following:

  • Avant-Garde Serviced Apartments, Shoreditch
  • Cleveland Residences Fitzrovia Serviced Apartments
  • Elephant and Castle Serviced Apartments, Southwark
  • Canary Gateway Apartments, Canary Wharf
  • Central Serviced Apartments near Heathrow
  • South Quay Serviced Apartments, Canary Wharf
  • Lexicon Serviced Apartments, Angel
  • One Commercial Street, Aldgate
  • Chancery Serviced Apartments, Central London

Why Should You Book a Serviced Apartment for Extended Stays in London?

A quick trip can be compromised even within strict budgets and lesser expectations. One often squeezes the list of comforts down to a handful of most important ones when searching for accommodation for less than a week or so. However, when it comes to longer stays in an expensive city like London; one needs a comfortable abode that one can call home. For yourLondon extended staywe ensure vibrant homely interiors, 24x7 availability of our service team, a warm and cosy kitchen to remind one of home, and so much more. With fine linen, flat-screen TV, living room, and even a balcony, our apartments can become a cosy home on foreign land. Even if it is a solo trip, a business group or a large group of family visiting the city of London, with our range from studio apartments to 4 bedrooms serviced apartments, all your extended stays are more than sorted.

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments for Extended Stays in London

When a traveller books an accommodation, one often compromises with a few amenities and comforts if the trip is supposed to be short. When the trip extends for a longer duration, this decision can get extremely inconvenient. One cannot even think of switching to another accommodation overnight in a mammoth of a city like this. 

TheSqua.re apartments are built from scratch to complement London extended stays. With homelike facilities, utmost comfort, and absolute convenience to live, travel, cook wholesome food, enjoy movies over the weekend, your London extended stay is entirely sorted. 

While we make sure that each apartment has most amenities complimentary, there are several paid facilities available as well. A mix of both can be found below:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Serviced Apartments for Extended Stays in London?

When contemplating serviced apartments for longer stays in London, the chosen neighbourhood has to offer an eclectic selection of restaurants, activities, and proximity to tourist attractions. The charm of variety is the only way to sustain the excitement of London extended stay and our handpicked neighbourhoods ensure just that. 

A mix of affordable and luxurious serviced apartments can be spotted in some of the most popular and secure neighbourhoods of the city. From trendy and artsy Angel neighbourhood to classy Canary Wharf, one can easily accommodate families in the safe localities that are carefully chosen keeping the security and entertainment factor in mind. We aim to help you make the most of your long stay, from authentic cuisines to narrow lanes brimming with culture, right in the heart of London.  

When hunting for comforting abodes for London extended stay, some of our prime apartments can be found in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Shoreditch - A trendy amalgamation of fashion, food, culture, and art, this fantastic neighbourhood is ideal to stay in. Sandwiched between Bethnal Green and Clerkenwell, Shoreditch has a lot of variety to offer.
  • Southwark - A South London gem known for its ancient Roman settlement and traces of the 18th-century vibe with red brick buildings adding a distinct taste to the city. Tate Modern Gallery is a must.  
  • Fitzrovia - Being a cluster of advertising companies and a lot of market streets, this neighbourhood has a mix of experiences to explore during London extended stays. 
  • Canary Wharf - With London Museum Docklands and over 100 restaurants stuffed in a relatively compact place, one must live here to get the actual vibe of London. 
  • Angel - Home to both mainstream and quirky fashion, food, and a lot of fun. This lively place is full of antiques, street art, and a lot of fun activities to explore over a long stay in London. 
  • Aldgate - With the British Museum and Churchill War Gates, this is an area which is ideal for stays with family as there is a lot of history and attractions to explore nearby. 
  • Elephant and Castle - This lovely area that falls within the Southwark neighbourhood has immense activities to offer. It is a fun place to explore with proximity to Westminster.

Attractions Near Our Apartments for London Extended Stays

London has a lot to explore and what better opportunity to make the most of these places than an extended stay in this beautiful city. Our exquisite apartments ensure plentiful things to see and activities to do around. With less travel time and way more excitement, our neighbourhoods offer attractions ranging from art galleries to history museums, flower markets to historic landmarks. By the end of the extended trip, everything from your YouTube Vlog to Instagram feed will have enough content to flaunt. 

Some of our top recommendations to try during your long stay in the city can be skimmed through right below:

  • Columbia Road Flower Market - Enjoy one of the most loved weekend markets across the city to feel like paradise and maybe buy a succulent for your home away from home.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood - With free admission and nostalgic exhibits from the 1700s, this landmark in Bethnal Green is an ideal visit with kids. 
  • The Tate Modern - A part of the Southwark neighbourhood, this iconic national museum. Not only is it free to enter but an absolute delight for lovers of contemporary art. 
  • Golden Hinde - This history museum on Cathedral Street is a mighty sight to experience the Elizabethan galleon right out of 16th-century England. 
  • The Buckingham Palace - Witness the world-famous site of Changing the Guards at the majestic Buckingham Palace, for absolutely free. It also honours their dedicated service for the royalty since 1660. 
  • God’s Own Junkyard - For the craze of vintage neons, old props and lighting junk, visit the God's Own Junkyard in East London which is the largest neon sign collection in Europe.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Apartments for London Extended Stays

While your apartment has every facility to cook and unwind, sometimes going out of the way to explore the local cuisine or just order in on lazy evenings is quite justified too. While each of London’s neighbourhoods has plenty of food to explore, your London extended stays, specifically with TheSqua.re, ensure to give you plenty of food memories before you head back. 

Even if the tastes of individuals, who are planning to stay together here, are quite distinct, the city has something to cater to all. From British to Korean, Indian to Portuguese, something authentic can be picked from our eclectic selection of restaurants in the best-chosen neighbourhoods. 

Some of the finest restaurants offering diverse menus to try and appreciate, sitting right near our apartments include:

  • G Kelley - An iconic spot near Shoreditch serving hearty pies since forever. This east end grub sells meat pies, mashed potato pies and so much more. 
  • Lyle’s - This elegant restaurant in Shoreditch serves authentic British cuisine which is both seasonal and delicious. 
  • Masigo - This Korean speciality in the Angel neighbourhood serves an array of Korean delicacies. Tofu dishes and grilled meats are particularly loved. 
  • Wright Brothers Borough Market - This popular seafood restaurant in Southwark serves classic crab, shrimp, and Oyster delicacies with beer and warmth. 
  • Bar Douro London Bridge - This bright restaurant near Southwark Bridge is known for its sharing of plates and authentic Portuguese cuisine. Don't miss the native wine here. 
  • Frederick's - Now known as Fred's Pop Upit has a wine cellar, Modern Europe cuisine, a hidden garden, and the warmth of the owners.This restaurant since 1969 is a favourite in the Angel neighbourhood.

Cost of Accommodation for Extended Stays in London

With fair and transparent costs, each of our serviced apartments comes with a very customisable range of tariff. For extra costs,one can add as many amenities as one likes and get most of the basic facilities in our affordable range as well. Whether it is a trip for a quick business meeting or a long extended stay, a lavish romantic vacation or a tight budget holiday, each cost bracket can be well-accommodated in our eclectic range of serviced apartments in London. 

One added advantage that comes withour serviced apartment for your London extended stays is that a lot of luxury amenities come complementary to strike a balance for you. From gym access to the 24-hour concierge desk, washing machines to dishwashers, and a whole range of weekly groceries and discount coupons to make every week fun, we leave no stone unturned

All these factors have been cautiously kept to make the living experience as homely and as cost-effective as possible. Living for months in an expensive city like London could cost a big bomb to your pocket otherwise. Luckily, TheSqua.re exclusive affordable apartments have got your back coveredfor that unplanned vacation extension. 

Corporate Accommodation for London Extended Stays

When living with a group of people, whom you are not quite familiar with, under the same roof, a lot of factors go into deciding the accommodation. If that duration extends for longer, thenthat surely requires the most comfortable abode in the heart of London. 

Not only should it ease the living experience but also reduce travelling time. With a concierge desk available to your rescue, ourteam can even accommodate schedules easily. Another benefit that comes with London extended stays is that in most cases, gym memberships are offered complimentary with the long stay. When staying away from home and grappling with new schedules in a foreign space, gym schedules often get messed up. Amid all the other comforts of entertainment, cooking, and comfort, a stay with us ensures that even your workouts are taken care of.

Family Accommodation for London Extended Stays

Hunting down an abode which is spacious enough to accommodate a huge family and yet make space for some me-time can be a tricky task in London. London extended stay can get pressurising with kids accompanying you; always running around for something to eat or watch on TV. 

With spacious rooms, a living room with a dining area and couches to eat together or watch a movie together on weekends, our serviced apartments in London will feel nothing less than home. A well-stocked kitchen is always there, ready with a grocery pack to rescue you from untimely food kicks by kids. If not, thenwith a plethora of eating joints and restaurants spread all over each neighbourhood, even your midnight food or drink cravings are sorted. 

Overall, with something as basic as dishwashers and Netflix to concierge services, your home away from home is all set for unplanned London extended stays.

Centrally Located Serviced Apartments for London Extended Stays

When finalising accommodation, specifically for London extended stays, the convenience to travel has to be one of the prime parameters to judge. Believe it or not, there will come a point when moving around the city will look tempting. To be able to move around the city with the utmost convenience, the centrality of the location and its links for the rest of the city and its prime attractions matter a lot. We understand every bit of it and that is the reason why each apartment of ours, made especially for longer stays,is set up in the respective neighbourhoods which are extensively connected to all parts of London. One can always filter the preferences in terms of shopping or variety in cuisines or even the business areas that suit better. Once that is done, finding a serviced apartment that gives complete access to each of them along with other popular attractions will be quite doable. 

Some of the common Underground stations near our apartments exclusively suitable for London extended stays include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • South Quay DLR
  • Chancery Lane

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