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Serviced Apartments in London for Families

London is one of the top preferences among families looking for a comfortable city to spend a vacation. Whether it is a big bunch of members with toddlers and senior citizens or it is a group of couples from extended families, London is a fine choice for all. While the city has enough choices to spoil our travellers with, our family apartments in London make sure that the living experience here is equally irresistible. With amenities like free Wi-Fi, spacious bedrooms, sunlit interiors, sleek finishings, and a lively ambience, our apartments aim to offer an experience that replicates the living experience of your home. From Sunday brunches in the kitchen to Netflix weekends, we make sure that our exclusive apartments in London for families feels exactly like a home away from home.

Our Best Family Apartments in London

Little things make a lot of difference on a vacation. Every little discomfort can wreck the whole vibe up. Each of our family apartments in London is specially curated to make sure that every day of your vacation is as comforting as possible. Hygiene and space are the two major challenges that families face while travelling. Our exquisite apartments have been designed in a way that every member has enough space to unwind and enjoy their respective privacy. From net surfing to movie nights, high-speed Wi-Fi ensures seamless connectivity. The entire home with a fully-stocked hygienic kitchen awaits to make the entire family have the best time of their lives, right in the heart of London City. 

Some of our handpicked serviced apartments ideal for families holidaying in London include:

Why Should You Book a Family Apartment in London?

A family holiday is a time when one looks forward to relaxing and being oneself. Everything fancy might please in the first couple of days but that charm of materialistic pleasures dies down after a point. To save yourself from feeling that is exactly why you should consider family apartments in London. Each of our apartments comes with a fully-stocked kitchen which is our prime feature for replicating a homely experience. We even offer grocery packs each week just to assure you and your family that you have a home to care for you even here. We understand how difficult it gets relying on restaurants and packaged food for too long. It goes without saying that with bigger families, not just health but even the wallet gets uneasy after a point. This is even more relatable because London is expensive when it comes to restaurants. With a dining table to enjoy meals together and a whole living room to yourself, why wouldn't a family love to bond with each other in an apartment that feels as comforting as home even in a city like London?

Facilities in Our Family Apartments in London

When we call every single apartment curated by us as a state-of-the-art apartment, we mean it. The amount of attention that has gone into each decision reflects our passion. From linen quality to the living room painting, from the bedside lamp to the kitchen knobs and even the couch fabric, it is the details that we live for. Apart from these snippets, we also have a lot of facilities to offer in our lovely abodes. We offer free Wi-Fi for maintaining work and social media balance for every time you have to. We also have gym access for your family to make sure that no one gets to make any more excuses. Our concierge desk stays up 24x7 just in case the adults need some time out without caring for the temporary home that they are leaving behind. All this and a lot of smaller and bigger advantages that come handy with our exquisite family apartments in London. 

Some fine amenities that either come complementary or can be added at an extra cost include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Family Apartments in London?

Every visit with family comes with a specific vision based on the strength of the family group and the range of age groups accompanying each other. Most of the time if toddlers are a part of the trip, the entire stay ultimately revolves around them. We at TheSqua.re make sure that not only is your trip child-friendly but also has enough variety for people of all ages. We are extremely particular about the neighbourhoods that we choose. More than anything else we ensure that each locality is safe and secure at all times of the day.  After all, we understand the responsibility that you are bestowing us with by trusting us for a vacation that involves your family and kids. 

With that intention in mind, the fine neighbourhoods based on respective criteria where our state-of-the-art apartments can be found in London include:

  • Kensington - Surely among the most high-end areas of the city, Kensington has a lot to offer for families. London is also known for its museum and this neighbourhood is home to some of its finest free museums. With two Royal Parks as well, it is an ideal place for a stay with kids and family. 
  • Westminster - With the prime attractions including the Big Ben and the House of Parliament calling it home, it becomes one of the most popular neighbourhoods to stay and move around the historic lanes of London with family. 
  • Crystal Palace - One of the list toppers when it comes to family-friendly areas in London. Sitting on the top of a cosy hill, the warmth of the community here is worth the stay. The vintage markets, urban farm, parks, and even dinosaur models along with a lot of food make this a beautiful neighbourhood. 
  • Greenwich - An ideal neighbourhood to enjoy a stay snuggled amidst the greenery of the city and innumerable activities to be enjoyed with people of all ages. The O2 Arena is a real highlight here. 
  • Notting Hill - Another fine addition to the list to choose from, it has a bunch of museums and parks to offer a calm stay. The Holland Park and the Portobello Road Market on every Saturday are two of the prime highlights here.

Attractions Near Our Family Apartments in London

Probably the safest option to go for during a vacation with family is a bunch of museums. Museums are your best shot at knowing the history of the city that you have chosen, its achievements, and so much more. Not just museums but anything that either has a fun experience to offer or a good dose of knowledge becomes the ideal way that most travellers choose, especially parents when travelling with their kids. From the Science Museum to the Natural History Museum, the popular Hyde Park to Churches, our family apartments in London offer proximity to some of the finest London attractions. 

Each neighbourhood of London has a very interesting set of attractions to offer. A few handpicked ones from the large mix which can be explored near our family apartments in London can be read below:

  • The Science Museum - London has been a centre of invention and an admirable collector of pieces of historic importance. If that is something that interests you then this is the perfect place to check out. 
  • Hyde Park - With an irresistible mix of activities ranging from the Dyna Fountain, a swim in the Serpentine, to horse riding or Tennis, Hyde Park deserves to be the ambassador for family trips in London. 
  • Brompton Oratory - Listening closely to the peaceful music recitals in this splendid church is something that interests a lot of families visiting London. The 19th-century architecture is a big plus. 
  • The Natural History Museum - A highly informative experience for kids and adults alike, this is the perfect example of how travel can immensely enhance your knowledge about life and history. From ecosystems to age-old fossils, it has everything. It even has an ice rink to enjoy. 
  • Kensington Gardens - Spread in impressive land of 275 acres, this iconic landmark is a treat to behold. With flower beds and history, easy access to Serpentine Gallery and Albert Memorial, this iconic site is free to enter.
  • The Serpentine Gallery - Another lovely exhibition space near Hyde Park which offers a mix of 2 exhibits namely Serpentine and Serpentine Sackler. The contemporary art scene and free entry are the two highlights here.

Best Restaurants Near Our Family Apartments in London

Great food is definitely what binds every family member together on a trip. The meals sometimes end up becoming your memory of a particular vacation or a city. We wish for you to take a wonderful but distinctive taste of London back with you. That is exactly why we have curated our eclectic family apartments in London right near our impressive recommendations of great restaurants. From authentic British cuisine enjoyed for its taste to the one adored for its breathtaking view of the waters, our abodes allow you to experience them all. From Latin delicacies to even Portuguese restaurants, our London apartments for families have it all. The excellent location that each of them comes with will make sure to offer the taste of the world on this family trip. We are quite sure that none of your family members will go back disappointed.

Some of the best restaurants near our family apartments in London are:

  • Broadwalk Café - This mesmerising food joint can be found near the very famous Kensington Gardens. It is popularly known for its fresh summer menu. 
  • Scoff & Banter Kensington - A peaceful place to enjoy contemporary British food right near Hyde Park. The Sunday Roast is a definite highlight here.
  • Serpentine Bar and Kitchen - Enjoy a fine range of British delicacies with a fantastic view of the Serpentine waters. The architecture and the aesthetic vibe of the place stand out. 
  • Joanna’s - An interesting place to experience the West End glam near Crystal Palace. The modern British cuisine and the lovely wooden interiors will win your heart.
  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal - An iconic restaurant around our family apartments in London. It is a celebrated restaurant in the city because of its authentic taste, unusual variety, and reputation built over the years. 
  • Mi Cocina Es Tuya - This fantastic restaurant will take you straight to Venezuela. The excellent empanadas are most recommended in this Latin gem near Crystal Palace Park. Kids love these little pockets full of minced chicken.

Cost of Family Apartments in London

Comfort is any day the topmost priority for any family vacation. However, we understand that budgets matter too. That is why we have been very careful about the services that we offer in our family apartments in London. One thing that we have always stuck with, all through the decade of being into the housing sector, is that no matter what, the comfort must never be compromised. We provide amenities like a washing machine, oven, and groceries, keeping in mind even the tiniest of details, just to make sure that the top-notch level of comfort is maintained. Throughout this process of adding and subtracting, we are well aware of squeezing all these prime comforts in the least possible budget. Even if it is a plethora of luxuries that we are offering, we make sure that our costs are truly transparent for the travellers to be ensured of their investment.

Range of Accommodation in London for Families

One thing that TheSqua.re has plenty of is variety in terms of living experience. We aim to please each of our travellers with unthinkable variety in all areas of rental housing. Whether you are looking at a short term rental for a family holiday or it is a long term stay that possibly might revolve around your child’s tournament or some short term course. Our eclectic range of serviced apartments will take care of all your preferences. We have studio apartments comfortable for a small family of two people to lavish duplexes for a taste of luxury. If a million-dollar view is something that your family vacation checklist has, we also have a bunch of high rise apartments to choose from. Then comes the range of bedrooms ranging between 1 spacious room to 4 cosy bedrooms. Each room comes with a separate bathroom in most cases as privacy is important for a hassle-free stay. With such an eclectic variety to offer, we intend to serve families of all strengths, budgets, and tastes.

Centrally Located Family Apartments in London

Travelling across the city to exploit the vacation potential to its level best gets slightly unmanageable with family. Making sure that everyone is up and ready at the same time every day just doesn't sound believable. With kids coming along, any overnight demand can get the entire vacation in trouble. Keeping all these realistic possibilities in mind, we have been extremely particular about each of our locations. One can be fully assured of reaching anywhere in time, no matter how messed up it gets because the distance to all modes of transport from our apartments is extremely convenient. The central location in each neighbourhood has been chosen for TheSqua.re’s exclusive apartments for families. The extensive tube network makes sure that the place where you choose to stay is well connected to the rest of the city at all times. The cab availability is way easier with proximity to some fine landmarks of the city. Not just regular commuting but even the deadline of reaching the airport on time is well insured, thanks to the distance of your respective apartment from each airport. 

Some of the most conveniently available Underground stations near our family apartments in London include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • South Quay DLR
  • Chancery Lane

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