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Heathrow Long Stays

Extended stays in London enable all travellers to experience the big city even more; finding out the hidden gems that aren’t in the travel books and locating potential “locals” for nightly drinks and grub. But when London’s travellers are staying in Heathrow for the long term, they’ll be able to utilise other attractions and areas that aren’t readily accessible to those that have chosen a more central London district. In fact, staying in Heathrow is underrated, which is why we have a variety of long-stay serviced apartments in Heathrow and its surrounding areas, so our guests can see what they’re missing out on by being in such an internationally connected and convenient location.

What Are The Best Long Stay Apartments in Heathrow?

As with any portfolio of serviced accommodation, there are going to be the priced gems amongst the rest of the collection. The best apartments are the ones that are well-located, are fully equipped, and exude their own sense of character to contribute to a rewarding and relaxing experience for all long-stay guests in Heathrow. As our team of experts knows what constitutes “the best”, these are the top long stay Heathrow apartments that guests need to book:

Why Do Travellers Book Long Stays in Heathrow?

Business and leisure guests choose the areas surrounding Heathrow because they are looking for a quieter and less populous area that can get them into London but still be a break from all the hustle and bustle of inner-city life. Some travellers naturally want to be in the best cities but not be swamped by the contentious elements that can ruin long term stay. The towns and areas close to Heathrow have the necessary London Underground and National Rail connections to get around, while still retaining a town-like atmosphere that is remarkably pleasant after a daily trek to London’s top sights. And when it comes to the long term, there's so much of London’s internal pulse that any traveller can take, so it’s good to be outside of it so unwinding becomes simple.

Another reason why long stays are booked in Heathrow is largely because of the Heathrow Airport itself. Its prominence on the world stage and access to international connections means that some travellers, especially those visiting the city on business, want to be close just in case circumstances change and they have to go back home. Some will choose Heathrow simply because they don’t want anything to do with long tube journeys that sometimes happen to get from the airport to Central London.

Long Stay Corporate Accommodation in Heathrow

Business travellers love Heathrow. They can get to the office easily thanks to the Piccadilly Line and get a break from the London noise while they relax in their new serviced apartment. Long business stays involve numerous networking events, business lunches, meetings with CEOs, and super-draining presentations and pitches. What business travellers want from long stay accommodation is a place they can just chill with no issue, in an area like Heathrow that isn’t too taxing on the senses.

That’s what our portfolio of corporate accommodation offers. They are stylishly designed apartments that exude the comfort and convenience that a business guest needs when they return home, as well as being something that they can work from remotely. They’re centrally located and are nearby key Underground stations so the morning commute is hassle-free. When employers give their employees access to our premium selection, they will see the incredible effects that our apartments have on the travel and work experience.

Long Stay Leisure Accommodation in Heathrow

Not all travel is to do with business; some guests just want to relax and never look at an office desk ever again for a few weeks. Those that choose long stays in London, either for a much-needed long vacation or even a sabbatical, want a space that is calm and doesn’t make them think of work. They also want the best of the city in easy reach, but don’t want to be distracted or listen to the city rumblings.

Our team of professionals ensures that each one of our long stay serviced apartments in Heathrow are fully equipped with the likes of a flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi, comfy bedding and so much more so that a solo traveller, couple, or even family and a large group of friends can have everything that they ever need and top London sights not far away either.

What Attractions Are Near Heathrow?

Passing the time is what long stays in London are made of. With so many days or weeks to experience the city, all the big-name attractions will be crossed off with ease. But when it comes to long stays in Heathrow, what is there for guests and visitors to do? Surprisingly or not, quite a lot. It’s the location being near towns and boroughs like Hounslow, Hayes and Harlington provides quieter areas of interest, while short skirmishes to Windsor and parts of Surrey reel in more glamorous and popular sights. The following attractions are near our long stay apartments in Heathrow:

  • Windsor Castle - One of the Royal Family’s residences in the UK, Queen Elizabeth II can be found here quite often, and there are daily tours here to fascinate those who are eager to see how the monarch and her family live. 
  • Hounslow Urban Farm - A great place to take young children, there are cows, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, poultry, rabbits, SA, and ponies at the farm to intrigue younger eyes.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew - Home to the largest collection of living plants, this attraction is a naturist’s dream. With more than 30,000 different kinds of plants on display, it will be easy for amateur botanists to get lost in their beloved interests.
  • Twickenham Stadium - Looked at as the home of Rugby, the stadium is where England won the Rugby World Cup in 2015 and is where the XV-man code was formed.
  • Legoland Windsor - An essential attraction for the kids, they can go on rides and live the world of Lego for a few short hours while parents can relax at one of the food stands.
  • Chessington World of Adventures - With rides, roller coasters, a zoo, and much more, the 1000 animals sit alongside the other adrenaline-fuelled rides with simplicity. 
  • Ascot Racecourse - One of the poshest and high-end events in Britain’s sporting calendar is the Ascot Races. Guests that want to participate should wear their best suit and a top hat to blend in.
  • Ham House - A Grade I listed property, this property was completed in 1610 and has been sitting here ever since as a symbol of establishment and style.
  • Musical Museum, Brentford - Containing one of the world’s foremost collections of self-playing musical instruments, this museum also has a 230-capacity concert hall and cinema.
  • Windsor Great Park - The 2,020-hectares has a deer park, woods, formal avenues, gardens, and wild grasslands, whilst also hosting special events throughout the year including fairs, shows, and performances.

What Are the Best Restaurants Near Heathrow?

Heathrow has plenty of restaurants that will satisfy any hungry mind. Whether it’s traditional British food or dishes from around the world, all tastes are catered for here. Hardly surprising given the international connections that abound in Heathrow. From restaurants and diners in the airport itself to ones that are in the towns and areas that spread within the vicinity, the choice is never far away. Some of the best restaurants near our long stay Heathrow apartments are:

  • The Darwin - Based in Heathrow Airport itself, this is the ideal spot for those coming in or heading out to grab a bite to eat to refresh themselves from the journey or to prepare for the one ahead.
  • Caviar House London Heathrow - Those that love their seafood and caviar should come here whenever they want to indulge in the finest that the British seas have to offer.
  • Market Gardener - This stylish traditional British pub can be found in the airport and features farm ingredients that hark to the location's history and the client’s stomach.
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse - This private airport lounge may only be open to certain ticket holders, but those that do get to enter will have a selection of good foods to choose from.
  • The Perfectionists' Cafe - Just as the name suggests, those that expect the utmost perfection in every part of their order will find that this little joint does just that. 
  • Wonder tree - Visitors can order quick casual meals from around the world within this quirky and lively airport restaurant that will have all travellers satisfied. 
  • Annayu Restaurant - The rich textures of Indian cuisine are waiting to be indulged by those eager travellers that need a little spicy kick in their meals before taking off.
  • The Pheasant Restaurant & Pheasant Inn - This expertly expansive dark wood pub and modern, exposed beam restaurant has an eclectic, grill-heavy menu that can fill up all those that love richly textured foods before they park themselves on their plane.

What Travel Connections Are There in Heathrow?

Heathrow is obviously renowned for its eponymous airport that flies millions of travellers in and out of London every year. And while this may be one of the pivotal transport connections in the city itself, there comes the question of other transport networks in Heathrow that can get the average business and leisure traveller across the city of London and to other nearby parts of Britain. Luckily for travellers staying near Heathrow, there are a variety of London Underground and National Rail stations that get commuters around London but also international travellers to and from Heathrow Airport.

London Underground stations near Heathrow and the surrounding areas are:

  • Heathrow Terminal 2 &3
  • Heathrow Terminal 4
  • Heathrow Terminal 5
  • Hatton Cross
  • Hounslow West
  • Hounslow Central
  • Hounslow East
  • Osterley

National Rail connections close to Heathrow, that take visitors to other parts of Britain also include:

  • Isleworth
  • Hounslow
  • Syon Lane
  • Heathrow Terminal 2 &3
  • Heathrow Terminal 4
  • Heathrow Terminal 5
  • West Drayton
  • Hayes & Harlington

Tips and Facts for Long Stays in Heathrow

When guests are heading to a new destination or area that is not automatically familiar to them, a few tips are always good to make the new seem like the familiar. While tips are all well and good, a few facts can also come in handy either just for light trivia or just to get to know a destination even more. For travellers that want to know more about Heathrow, its eponymous airport, and the areas that surround it, here are a few tips and facts to help:

  • The distance between London Heathrow Airport & Buckingham Palace is 14 miles.
  • The total size of Heathrow Airport is 1,214 hectares.
  • The most popular destinations are New York (JFK), Dubai, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Hong Kong.
  • Annually, Heathrow has 80.9 million passengers across the world.
  • Hounslow and Hayes are the most popular areas to stay near Heathrow.
  • The Piccadilly Line grants faster travel to central London when staying in Hounslow.
  • The National Rail services are best used to get to Windsor and areas of Surrey.
  • So far, London doesn’t have a restriction on long stay accommodation, although some guests may have to ask for extensions to their stay.
  • The average price of a property in Hounslow is £593,744.

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