Long Term Serviced Apartments London

Long Term Serviced Apartments London

Travellers from all over the world flock annually to London to explore its gothic architecture, indulgent cuisine, sprawling parks and modern suburban lifestyle. The city is not only a tourist magnet; it is also an essential stopover junction to explore the rest of Europe. Corporate and holiday travellers alike are constantly moving in and out of the city, personifying its bustling atmosphere.

People on long holidays and extended business trips often require staying in the city for a prolonged amount of time. During such occasions, it is imperative to find the right accommodation to ensure a safe and fruitful journey. If you are looking to stay in the city for a week, 10 days, or even more, look no further than our long term serviced apartments in London.

Our Best Long Term Serviced Apartments in London

All our apartments have their own unique theme and ambience, allowing guests to pick a property as per their respective moods and sensibilities. Spread throughout the city, our apartments are tailor-made for travellers on a long journey. Irrespective of the size of your party, prolonged business expeditions and relaxing holiday stretches are best enjoyed by staying at our long term serviced apartments in London. Every apartment is conveniently located close to major transport hubs to aid speedy transit.

Browse through our portfolio of popular long term serviced apartments below.

Why Should You Book Our Long Term Serviced Apartments in London?

Catering to the needs of long term travel, all our apartments are meticulously chosen post-evaluation from our comprehensive exacting criterion. This puts into perspective unique traveller needs such as a decent location, affordable prices, access to amenities, public transport and number of rooms. Furthermore, all our properties are in safe and prosperous neighbourhoods, allowing long term travellers to get familiar with the surrounding areas.

With no compromise on a homely feel, our apartments are extremely spacious offering guests a recreational area in each property that you can suit to your needs. Whether you are in the city on a long honeymoon, a family vacation, an important corporate event or on a laid-back trip with friends, our long term apartments have something to offer. Even solo travellers who are in the city for a significant amount of time can cut costs and save in the long term by staying at our long term homes.

Facilities in Our Long Term Serviced Apartments in London

Our portfolio of award-winning long term serviced apartments has a range of utilities and amenities to complement the length of our guests’ itinerary. With the addition of a kitchenette and several essential kitchen paraphernalia, our apartments offer you a chance to prepare healthy home-cooked meals and cut expenses at daily diners. While the occasional splurge on fine dining is acceptable, it is prudent to have an apartment where you can cook for yourself in the long run. Essential appliances including a microwave, oven, griller, mixer, and coffee machine may be present to aid in cooking.

Our bedrooms are extremely cosy and inviting, with blinds offering a dark and comfortable environment for nights of deep REM sleep. The linen and pillow covers are clean and soft, while the bed itself is large and spacious. Offering several lifestyle options all our apartments have access to high-speed internet allowing guests a lag-free connection over every business meeting. The flat-screen television also has access to essential British news, entertainment, and sports channels making sure you are well updated with the latest viral story or trend.

Our guests even have the opportunity to avail of certain premium services upon request. These services can be obtained during checking in or at the time of booking. While some of these services may be free of charge, others may be added to your existing travel package. These premium services include but aren’t restricted to the following:

  • Concierge fee
  • A rooftop deck
  • Sauna and pool facilities
  • Fitness centre
  • Business/conference room
  • Lift services
  • Laundry 
  • Free parking

Where Can You Find Our Long Term Serviced Apartments in London?

Even though there is a plethora of accommodation throughout the city, it may be slightly daunting for unseasoned travellers to figure out the most hospitable neighbourhoods. Our long term serviced apartments in London are particularly located in affluent and sought-after areas, with well-connected routes to the rest of the city. To quench the rising demand for central accommodation, several of our properties can be found in the heart of the city offering travellers luxurious long term accommodation options. Despite catering to the central London demographic, our long term homes are also scattered around the outskirts and beyond the River Thames. Each area has its own charm and vibe with an array of lifestyle and entertainment activities. 

You can find our long term apartments in the following desirable neighbourhoods:

  • Old Street - Immerse in the casual hipster ambience at Old Street as you explore its many trendy restaurants and cafes. This area combines café culture with corporate affairs in sublime fashion.
  • Chancery Lane - Marking the Western boundary of London, this one-way street is located in the ward of Farringdon Without. An attractive area for corporate travel - there are a number of consultancies, ancillary businesses and even the largest library in the UK.
  • Tower Hill - The garden square that makes up Tower Hill was once used for criminal public execution in the 1700s, however today it holds a rich legacy cemented in grand architecture. It is an important thoroughfare and houses a small residential city complex.
  • Kensington - If you fancy high-end living, amidst rows of opulent boulevards and Victorian architecture, this posh and affluent neighbourhood is your sanctuary. Families and businessmen with deep pockets will find this area to their liking.
  • South Kensington - This vibrant and pretty neighbourhood in the heart of London has everything you need for a comfortable stay. Rows of antique shops and high fashion brands embed opposite streets which are best explored on foot. 
  • Marylebone - Situated in the West End of London, this busy shopping destination is a hit with locals and foreigners alike. Pick up a souvenir to take back with you to this chic urban village and residential area.
  • Westminster - This well-connected area is the political capital of London. Located in the city centre it borders essential neighbourhoods including Old London to the West, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to the east, and the River Thames at its southern edge.
  • Oxford Street - Marking the southern boundary of London, this world-famous shopping street is a coveted retail location. Flagship stores, boutique shops, and multi-brand chains are in plain sight on its bustling streets.

London Attractions Near Our Long Term Serviced Apartments

Filling up the eclectic bucket, London is overflowing with a tsunami of destinations and landmarks to explore. The city centre is particularly flooded with haute couture shopping, culinary magpies, compelling architecture, art galleries, live events and lush gardens. Sparing no vice, the city is a homogenous stir of activities and indulgences. Long term travellers must check their dates and book in advance to enjoy regular live performances in theatre, opera, ballet or music. The longer you stay in the city, the more there is to do and explore. 

The following must-visit destinations are located close to our long term serviced apartments:

  • Museum of London - Experience the transition from past to present as you go through vintage cars, prehistoric books, and objects from a bygone era. More than a million objects are capturing the journey of the city.
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral - If you wish to explore the curving galleries, medieval relics, majestic domes and architectural symbolism, this destination is a must-visit. Surviving WW2 this cathedral represents British strength and unity.
  • Natural History Museum - Turn back the clock a few hundred years as you enter the Mecca of priceless artefacts from a lost time. There are several aboriginal and foreign collections giving a glimpse into ancient life.
  • Royal Albert Hall - Located in South Kensington, this coveted performing venue has regular live events scheduled year-round. Get a reservation at this concert hall in advance to check out some ballet, opera, theatre, dance and live music.
  • Madame Tussauds - Needing no introduction, this destination gives you the chance to gaze into the eyes of our favourite sports icon, celebrity, scientist, musician, or world leader. Keep your camera ready and strike a pose!
  • Westminster Abbey - Marked by stunning Gothic architecture and scaffolding columns, this venue for the coronation of Kings and Queens also serves as the residence for the Royal Wedding. There are more than 600 memorials to explore. 
  • The Monument - Built to pay homage to the lives lost during the Great Fire of London, this 300-year-old structure was designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Tourists have the option to climb to the top of this structure and take in panoramic views of the city.
  • Hyde Park - The largest of the four Royal Parks, this destination is listed as a Grade 1 park in London. Free to enter and open to the public all day until midnight, there are small community events organized periodically at this venue.

Best Restaurants in London Near Our Long Term Serviced Apartments

Tourists on a long holiday or prolonged business expedition may eventually wear themselves out by cooking daily at their apartment. Occasionally stepping out into the city streets to explore the diverse culinary hotspots is a good idea. The local food scene is a derivative of indigenous and global flavours, creating bold and exciting cuisine that will quench any pallet. With a number of seasoned stalwarts at every turn to revisit, there are an equal amount of new and upcoming joints looking to offer you a piece of their pie. Apart from offering rich and contemporary cuisine, eating establishments embellish the experience with their chic ambience, soothing live music, lively beverages and friendly hospitality.

The following popular restaurants can be found close to our long term apartments in London:

  • Kiln - This affordable and seemingly minimally styled destination, offers guests mouth-watering Thai barbeque with Smoked Goat and Burmese short rib curry. It is best to visit this place with a large group to cover more of the menu.
  • Hoppers - This central London restaurant specialises in authentic Sri Lankan flavours that get your taste buds racing. Offering small portions and bold flavours, its menu is as exotic as it gets.
  • Padella - Rich Italian cuisine with mouth-watering pasta that comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. Head over to this destination on your cheat day and when you desire a hearty meal.
  • Social Eating House - This informal, minimally lit, low-slung property with contemporary artwork and mirrored ceilings is a great place to try local cuisine with a dash of theatrics. 
  • Tandoor Chop House - This modestly priced family diner specialises in tandoori charred Indian cuisines such as herby seekh kababs and wholesome keema with naan. Do not miss out on their assortment of Indian sweets.
  • Smoking Goat - If you enjoy quick bistro cuisine with the choicest beverages, this Thai barbeque joint offers flavour-packed, spice-infused gastronomy. 
  • Shaka Zulu - For a unique experience, head over to this destination offering indigenous South African grilled meat and spicy stew. Live international music and an energetic ambience complement the dining experience.
  • Orrery - Perched atop a picture-perfect roof terrace, this modern restaurant brings traditional French cooking to the present day. Sit back as you enjoy the delectable flavours and feel the wind blow through your hair.

Cost of Long Term Serviced Accommodation in London

At TheSqua.re we offer our guests complete transparency in the reservation and billing process. Our forthright approach and award-winning reservation team give our guests the luxury to avail any last-minute add-ons to their itinerary. Our fair and personalized services are available to both long term holiday and corporate travellers around the year. Fluctuations in the price, depending upon the time of the year and demand are standard practices.

Long Term Serviced Apartments for Corporate Travel

Large business convoys or even solo businessmen on long corporate travel to London will find our apartments to their liking. Offering the highest standards in hospitality, our corporate guests have the opportunity to come back to a snug bed and a warm cup of coffee after a long, hectic day of work. Depending on your preference, you can choose to stay close to the bustle of the city near major business districts; conversely, you could bunk in a more remote and isolated part of the city for some peace and tranquility after work hours.

Our apartments have a large common area that can be conveniently transformed into a mini-conference zone or a meeting room. This allows our corporate guests the chance to work from the comfort of their apartment and avoid stepping out into the daily cacophony. Additionally, corporate travellers can make use of the sauna, pool, and fitness centres available at select properties to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Long Term Serviced Apartments for Holiday Travel

Given the sheer abundance of activities and attractions scattered all over the city, the longer the stay, the more of London you can explore. While most popular tourist spots may be available in the centre, there are several lesser travelled, relatively unexplored places which can be discovered over a long term vacation. Our apartments are conveniently located close to major landmarks allowing guests to explore more of the city including all of its hidden gems. Our holiday apartments are ideal for a family with kids, couples as well as large and small gatherings of friends. The welcoming and homely feel of each apartment makes sure that nobody is left homesick during their long London vacation.

Transport Near Our Long Term Serviced Apartments

Our apartments are optimally concentrated in the city centre, providing guests with speedy transit to major business hubs and tourist landmarks. Several of our properties can also be found on the outskirts including the West End and the Southern Edge of River Thames. The readily available hop-on hop-off busses and taxis can easily be found in neighbourhoods where our long term apartments are located. 

Cycling is also a popular way of getting around as most streets have designated cycle lanes and bikes to rent. Long term travellers can also make use of the many ferries and river cruises that operate in the city. The Overground train services allow guests to get around London and its neighbouring boroughs including the major airports. The lifeline of the city is its robust Underground Tube Service which connects all major areas to one another. Look for the Oyster Card if you plan to stay for a long time as it gives you access to all public transit. 

The following important tube stations can be found a short walk from our long term serviced apartments:

  • Canary Wharf
  • Aldgate East
  • Barbican

All our properties have been verified by experienced property managers.

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