Self Catering Apartments London

Self-Catering Apartments in London

The bustling metropolis of London sees an annual flocking of tourists from all over the world. Corporate and holiday travellers constantly arrive in the city for any length of time. To manage the influx of tourists, the city of London has a plethora of facilities providing premium accommodation options to guests. From 5 star hotels, private villas to serviced accommodation, there are several alternatives as per your preference and requirement.

Savvy travellers know to avoid such extravagant affairs at pricey hotels and penthouse suites; instead, they opt to stay at our self catering apartments in London. This popular alternative for large parties and solo travellers alike offers guests the opportunity to cut back on outside dining expenses by preparing home-cooked meals in the comfort of their own apartment. Apart from the comprehensive kitchen, each self-catering apartment offers increased flexibility, enhanced space, and a homely ambience. If you are travelling to the capital of England, choose to stay at our range of self catering homes for a relaxing and fruitful time.

Our Best Self Catering Apartments in London

Our range of self catering apartments come in all shapes and sizes. The attached kitchen comes with a range of utensils and paraphernalia which may include an oven, microwave, toaster, blender, coffee maker and even a grill. We offer solo travellers, couples, small business convoys, families with kids and large groups of friends the opportunity to make the most of their London holiday by staying with us. Each self catering apartment has a luxurious and indulgent feel to it, without losing any homely aesthetic or comfort. Our apartments are strategically located close to desirable neighbourhoods in the city with access to essential services and amenities.

Check out our most sought after self catering apartments in London:

  • Avant Garde Service Apartments
  • Cleveland Residencies Fitzrovia 
  • Elephant & Castle Serviced Apartments
  • Canary Gateway Apartments
  • Central Serviced Apartments
  • Hounslow Serviced Apartments
  • Serviced Apartments in Heathrow
  • Lexicon Serviced Apartments
  • One Commercial Street
  • St. George Wharf Apartments

Why Should You Book Our Self Catering Apartments in London?

Not everybody enjoys eating out; some travellers prefer the nutrition of a home-cooked meal. With the option of cutting down on expenses by cooking at home, our self catering apartments help you save in the long term. Exorbitantly priced high-end cuisine often burns a hole in your pocket; by staying at our apartments guests can eat healthy and affordable. Ordering for large groups can turn into a real nuisance keeping in mind everybody’s diverse preferences and dislikes. Our self catering homes provide guests with the opportunity to prepare a meal as per everyone’s requirement and tastes so that even the pickiest eater is satisfied.

Furthermore, all our apartments go through a vigorous exacting criterion with only the choicest of self catering homes making the cut. This allows our guests to choose their desired area, the number of rooms, access to amenities, and take into account any personalized needs before making a choice. Our guests even have the luxury to avail additional services such as access to a private balcony, a robust security system, and pet-friendly quarters during their London holiday.

Facilities in Our Self Catering London Apartments

Our award-winning portfolio of self catering apartments offers guests access to a range of facilities and services. Excelling to provide the highest standards in hospitality, our apartments are ideal for both large family gatherings and entire business convoys. Even solo travellers or calorie-conscious couples can choose to stay at our self catering apartments and prepare themselves meals with a higher nutrition value.

Our spacious apartments come with essential lifestyle and entertainment options including access to high-speed internet, a flat-screen in every bedroom, a range of kitchen appliances, and a large recreational area. Furthermore, every bed is soft, inviting and comfortable, with blinds ensuring that your sleeping quarters are dark and private. 

Our guests even have the opportunity to avail additional premium services upon request during check-in or at the time of booking. The following add-ons are available across several of our properties. They include, but aren’t restricted to the following:

  • Concierge Services
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Pool and Sauna Facilities
  • Gym Access
  • Conference Room/Business Centre 
  • Lift Access
  • Free Parking

Where Can You Find Our Self Catering Apartments in London?

The perpetually busy city centre draws a sea of starry-eyed sightseeing tourists as well as purposefully walking businessmen on a daily basis. Our self catering apartments are strategically scattered around the city centre close to major business hubs and tourist landmarks. Travellers have the opportunity to explore the city by day and come back to a sumptuous and healthy home-cooked meal by night, at our self catering homes. Our apartments can also be found in important districts south of the River Thames for travellers looking to beat the city crowds and retreat into the town-life. 

Here are a few sought after neighbourhoods where you can find our self catering apartments:

  • Shoreditch - This primary entertainment district is a desirable area for both holiday and leisure travellers alike. Located close to the financial hub of Liverpool Street, corporate accommodation is readily available in this area.
  • Fitzrovia - In the heart of the city, this centrally located area is within walking distance to major shopping districts and commercial hubs. Its pulsating nightlife aided by live shows in the area, adds to its ambience.
  • Elephant & Castle - This bustling commercial neighbourhood is great for tourists due to the abundance of retail offerings. This vibrant area is located close to the South Bank.
  • Canary Wharf - Nestled between towering glass skyscrapers, and rows of residential streets, this neighbourhood is a go-to financial area. It is also a destination to enjoy local theatre, art, comedy and explore the high streets.
  • Hounslow - This suburban district is a peaceful retreat from the chaos of the city. Not too far from the centre, it is conveniently located close to the Heathrow terminal. The affluent area has more than 40 different stores, markets, and restaurants to explore amidst its expansive walkways.
  • Angel - Neighbouring the busy areas of Old Street and King’s Cross, this relatively small area has a heavy concentration of restaurants and bars, along with live music venues. It is well connected to major central London districts.
  • Chancery Lane - Living in this area will allow tourists to mingle with the locals, as they walk between rows of shopping and retail streets. To explore the many sights as well as the cultural fabric of London, head over to this area.
  • Aldgate - This affluent neighbourhood has since tradition been culturally and socially relevant. There are several one-of-a-kind vendors in the area dealing in handmade cosmetics and offering global cuisine. 
  • Vauxhall - This neighbourhood situated on the southern edge of the River Thames, is a melting pot of cultures. In an upcoming area in urban development, there are several official buildings and museums to explore.

London Attractions Near Our Self Catering Apartments

First-time tourists, as well as seasoned travellers, will never run out of activities and landmarks to check out in London. Offering a buffet of marquee museums, monuments, parks, restaurants, markets and more, corporate and holiday travellers alike have something to enjoy. Year-round festivals and sporting events draw massive crowds from all walks of life, to come together and relish in the spirit of the city. The nightlife scene involving live music, stand-up comedy and theatre is part of the city’s daily entertainment. 

Check out the following destinations which can be found close to our self catering apartments in London:

  • Geffrye Museum - This one-of-a-kind eccentric museum is home to several Georgian and Victorian decor illustrations. Explore the generations of domestic interiors dating back to the 1600s. 
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition - This world-famous bridge gallery over the River Thames has a 140 feet elevated walkway allowing travellers to explore the grand structure and all its glass floors and carvings. 
  • Southwark Cathedral - Considered to be among the oldest churches in the city, its Gothic-style architecture can be traced back to the 1200s. Enjoy its enchanting coral recitations while simultaneously observing the many memorials within its premises.
  • Pollock’s Toy Museum - This structure is named after a printer of Victorian-style toys, Benjamin Pollock. At present this toy museum has a wide global collection of toys ranging from dolls, tin soldiers to handmade folk collections.
  • Fitzroy Square - This Georgian themed beautiful and historic town square was named after Charles Fitzroy and designed by Robert Adam in the late 1800s. Over the years many famous writers and individuals from aristocratic families have found residence in the area such as Virginia Woolf and George Bernard Shaw.
  • Museum of the London Docklands - Cutting through a 200-year-old warehouse, this dockland sheds light on the history of London as a trading port, with special emphasis on the River Thames and the historic expansion of the dock. 
  • Chiswick House - Erected in 1792 by Lord Burlington, this structure is among the last few authentic Neo-Palladian monuments left in London. Its scenic public grounds are among the foremost examples of iconic British landscape gardening. 
  • St. Peter’s Church - Constructed in 1860, this church was primarily built to offer the local community a place for worship. Today, it is home to numerous exhibits and art galleries. Regular community events and musical concerts are organized within its premises.
  • The Monument - Built to honour the victims of the Great Fire of London, this venue has had its doors open for more than 300 years. The 200 feet enclosed observation deck is perched atop 300 steps, and surrounded by remarkable city views. Its stone column is considered to be the tallest freestanding stone structure in the world. 
  • Barbican Centre - Described as a ‘modern world wonder’ by the Queen, this culturally dynamic heritage site is the largest arts centre in all of Europe. Its premises contain the primary concert hall, 5 conference rooms, a couple of art galleries, trade exhibition halls and 3 cinemas.

London Restaurants Near Our Self Catering Apartments

Even though our self catering apartments give guests the luxury to cook their desired meals on a daily basis, eating out on occasion is common. London’s reputation for its sophisticated palates is far-famed. Sometimes all you need is a place that offers you indulgent dining, with an easygoing and laidback ambience, sweet music playing in the background and that right kind of urbane. For when you are too tired to cook or in the mood for a night out with friends or family, featured below are restaurants that are located close to our self catering apartments in London. Each restaurant has its own unique theme and ambience offering an experience rather than just food.

  • Cottons - Steel drum music plays in the background, while you sip on tropical concoctions with flavoursome Caribbean food in a vibrant setting- family dining doesn’t get any better. 
  • The Breakfast Club - This place has a menu that primarily offers exciting and affordable breakfast options, aided by friendly service and traditional interiors.
  • Pizza Pilgrims - Travel to this unpretentious joint to get the most sumptuous offerings of Neapolitan pizzas, accompanied by foosball tables and vintage video games to play with your buddies. 
  • Drake and Morgan - This local diner producing British cuisine specialise in grilled meat and fish without skimping on quality. The contemporary ambience is perfect to unwind and have good conversations with friends. 
  • Blues Kitchen - Immerse in the laid-back air, paired with splendid Texan BBQ and beautiful blues music of Blues Kitchen. This place oozes a casual yet chic ambience. 
  • The Crosswalk - This restaurant knows how to add style to the mundane. Pair that with some amazing food and glorious wine and voila you have a night of hearty fun with colleagues or friends.
  •  Fire Stables - Just the place to quench that unshakable craving for a big fat burger. The Fire Stables has a cool and casual mood, ideal for couples on vacation or in large groups. 
  • Meat People - Mellow out at this charming diner which is particular about locally sourcing its meat and ingredients. Their choicest pickings add to the flavours of the delightful dishes they offer. 
  • No 32 The Old Town - Their menu includes a range of healthy to hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner options; paired with an airy terrace and its breezy atmosphere.
  • Coin Laundry - An easy-going spirit, comfortable setting and nostalgia in the air- this place will truly make you feel at ease. Their revival of the 70s cocktails is a hit with the locals.

Cost of Our Self Catering London Apartments

At TheSqua.re we offer our guests complete transparency and co-operation in all billing and reservation endeavours. Our flexible and accommodating approach makes it such that there is an apartment for all budgets and backgrounds. Our award-winning reservation team strives to aid guests in any booking-related queries or discrepancies. Fluctuations in price due to seasonal changes in demand is standard practice.

Self Catering Corporate Apartments in London

Large business convoys or solo corporate travellers have a lot to gain by choosing our self catering corporate apartments. Typically larger than conventional hotels, our spacious apartments give corporate travellers the opportunity to have a humble home-cooked meal or something a little more extravagant at their leisure. Rather than going to expensive restaurants and pubs to entertain business clients, our guests have the opportunity to entertain them from the comfort of their residence. All our apartments are extremely spacious providing a large open area that corporate travellers can turn into a business zone or a conference room to conduct small meetings and seminars.

Self Catering Holiday Apartments in London

Families with kids, friends, and couples can make the most of their London vacation by staying at our self catering holiday apartments. With the opportunity to cook for everybody, fussy and picky eaters do not have to grimace at a menu that has nothing to their liking. In a large gathering, certain people could be pro-vegan, some may look for locally sourced organic ingredients; others could be voracious meat-eaters, while another lot could love seafood.

It is not easy to find a place with such diverse offerings for everyone. During such times our self catering apartments with a large kitchen area and necessary utensils will satisfy all unique taste buds. Host a party or plan a dinner date all in the comfort of your self catering home. All apartments are conveniently located near major holiday landmarks and shopping centres.

Transportation Near Our Self Catering Apartments

Despite being spread all over essential neighbourhoods and transport hubs of the city, the bulk of our self catering homes are concentrated in the city centre, close to major business junctions and tourist landmarks. However, you can still find apartments in West London and to the South of the River Thames if you need to be away from the cacophony of the city.

The well-linked roadways connect all major highways of London to the rest of the city as well as neighbouring boroughs. Taxis and busses are readily available throughout, but it is best to avoid them during rush hour. Both the London Overground train services and the Underground tube are faster and cheaper alternatives to get around. The tube services give guests access to major transport links including Bakerloo, Central, Northern, Piccadilly, Metropolitan, and Victorian lines.

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