Serviced Apartments East London

Serviced Apartments in East London

London’s East End has a youthful and cosmopolitan reputation due to the rise in several technological and digital start-ups in the area. Given city status as recent as 1914 the area was hit hard by the recession in the past. It has crawled its way back into prosperity on the back of several regeneration projects and foreign investments. Presently it harbours a contemporary rural vibe in certain areas, while other neighbourhoods are as affluent as the West End and the Centre. East London is a suitable area for corporate and holiday travellers alike due to its laid-back vibe and seclusion from the cacophony of the city centre. With well-established routes to the rest of the borough, staying in East London has its benefits. Browse through our finest selection of East London Serviced Apartments which are spread across prosperous neighbourhoods.

Our Best Serviced Apartments in East London

Even though the Eastern edge is loosely defined with informal borders, it is largely located to the east of the ancient London city and to the north of River Thames. Guests can easily find our serviced apartments scattered throughout desirable urban areas. Every property has its own unique charm, theme, and ambience. Appealing to diverse sensibilities, our serviced homes are great for couples, families, large gatherings of friends, and even an entire business convoy. Solo travellers looking to find sanctuary in a quieter part of the city can also head to our serviced apartments in East London. 

The following properties are among our most popular East London serviced apartments:

Why Should You Book Our Serviced Apartments in East London?

Derived via a comprehensive exacting criterion, guests have the opportunity to be hyper-specific before determining the right property for their needs. Choose from your desired East London neighbourhood, browse through the amenities available and pick the right budget as per the number of travellers – all via our exacting criterion. Every one of our East London properties is located in a quiet, affluent neighbourhood with direct links to the city centre. 

Our apartments focus on providing guests with enhanced space for an elevated experience. Large parties do not have to worry about any cramped and claustrophobic areas. Instead, they can move about freely in our highly spacious private interiors. Suitable for long and short-term trips, our apartments come in various sizes, from a single to 5 bedrooms. Make your selection as per the number of travellers and the nature of your trip. 

With a special focus on providing dark and comfortable sleeping quarters, our bedrooms have blinds and soft linen aiding guests to rejuvenate over a comfortable night’s sleep. Every apartment has its own private recreational space that guests can suit to their personalized requirements.

Facilities in Our East London Serviced Apartments

Contrary to the belief that the Eastside is relatively rural and not as developed, our apartments are a complete antithesis, oozing modern luxury and opulence. Catering to all needs, our award-winning apartments come with a range of home amenities and utilities that make your life easier. 

Each serviced home has its own private kitchen area with a range of utensils and appliances. Guests can prepare a healthy home-cooked meal while making use of the oven, microwave, toaster, griller, mixer, and coffee maker. This aids in curbing unnecessary expenditure at pricey diners and restaurants. 

Mindful of modern technology all our properties have seamless access to high-speed internet ensuring that you never miss out. Our reliable Wi-Fi aids corporate travellers in organising a stable and lag-free online video conference. If on vacation you can download or stream your favourite movie or TV show with ease. A flat-screen television in every room with seamless access to integral British shows and channels is also available.

Apart from the regular amenities, our guests have the option to avail several premium services upon request. These can be availed at the time of booking or during check-in. While some of these premium services may be free, others can be added to your existing travel package. These services include the following:

  • Free parking
  • Sauna treatments
  • Access to a rooftop deck
  • Fitness centre
  • Pool facilities
  • Business centre
  • Conference room
  • Concierge services
  • Lift access

Where Can You Find Our East London Serviced Apartments?

The gritty and trendy east side may once have suffered from an ill reputation however it has turned every stereotype on its head, ushering into an era of culture and artistry. Several cultures migrate to areas of the East rapidly giving the region its progressive, multi-ethnic vibe. Our apartments are strategically located in such buzzing and trendy neighbourhoods. Each area has its own corporate and lifestyle offering, allowing guests to choose between staying at an important business square or next to happening shopping streets. The following desirable East London neighbourhoods are conveniently located close to our serviced homes.

  • Shoreditch - This popular neighbourhood is widely referred to as the entertainment district due to the abundance of attractions and venues ranging from museums, galleries to pubs. Businessmen often flock to this destination for regular corporate lunches.
  • Fitzrovia - This buzzing area consists of a mix of educational institutions, residential areas, and commercial streets. There are several restaurants, cafes, retail destinations, museums, and shopping boulevards to explore.
  • Elephant and Castle - A major up-and-coming neighbourhood - it will charm you with its vibrancy and lively atmosphere. You can find a buffet of retail destinations in its vicinity as well as off-beat museums and spectacular theatre.
  • Canary Wharf - Situated amidst glittering skyscrapers and towering structures, the dazzling streets of this urban financial district are full of people on corporate errands. Staying in this area is ideal for businessmen with an inflexible schedule.
  • Hoxton - This trendy area in the East is well suited to families and friends on holiday. With an assortment of cafes, bars, and restaurants, accompanied by several art galleries and musical venues, this endearing neighbourhood has a multicultural vibe.
  • Vauxhall - To the South of the River Thames lies this laid-back multicultural neighbourhood excelling in urban development. It provides solitary, peaceful residences and is well linked to essential areas if you feel the need to explore. 
  • Old Street - This notable area has its own corporate roundabout as well as a bevy of cultural attractions. Known for its delightful gastronomy and exciting nightlife, this area offers corporate travellers the opportunity to unwind post-work hours.
  • Clerkenwell - Part of the London Borough of Islington, expect a delicious culinary experience at the several cafes, bars, pubs, and restaurants. Its famous markets have an assortment of retail giving you the chance to take back a souvenir.

Popular Attractions Near Our East London Serviced Apartments

Even though the eastern region lacks a wealth of opulent neighbourhoods and architecture, it makes up for it with its compelling charm and personality. Shopping is a major crowd puller giving guests the option to check out the rows of boutique shops, pop-up stalls, and retail chains. Several eastern neighbourhoods are even nationally renowned for their delectable cuisine. Quirky and interesting monuments, museums, and memorials are tucked away in several parts of this region. The ultimate offbeat experience, our East London apartments can be found nearby the following intriguing destinations.

  • Fitzroy Square - A busy city square dating back to 18th-century Georgian times; it is among the most attractive and well-known city squares of London. Initially built as an aristocratic residence, many famous personalities have spent a part of their life here including Virginia Woolf and G.B. Shaw.
  • Tower Bridge Exhibition - Walk across the glass floors as you take in impressive views of the city perched atop this grand structure. The River Thames flows 140 feet below the stunning galleries and walkways. Take in the mesmeric sights of the Docklands and Canary Wharf in the background.
  • Museum of the Home - Known for its quirky yet charming vibe this destination is all about the evolution of interior design through the ages. Dating back to the 1600s, it is the reflection of traditional Victorian and Georgian décor sensibilities.
  • Chiswick House - Designed by Lord Burlington, the property is located within 2500 acres of expansive green fields. It is among the earliest depictions of landscape gardening in Britain and is also the last authentic Neo-Palladian architectural structure in the city.
  • Wesley’s Chapel and House - Constructed by theologian, John Wesley this mind-bending destination embraces the development of modern Methodism. Set up in the 18th century, you have access to Wesley’s private library as well as personal possessions.
  • Pollock’s Toy Museum - An instant hit with children, you can find a range of toys from every corner of the world preserved at this museum. Traditional pieces such as dolls, tin soldiers, and nursery items from diverse backgrounds highlight the uniqueness of heritage.
  • Museum of London - This world-famous destination with over a million exhibits has everything from archaeological remains to vintage cars and precious books. It has 4 permanent galleries that cover London through different ages. 
  • Southwark Cathedral - Dating back to the 1200s, it is the oldest standing Gothic church in the city. To this day, the cathedral's fine choir will perform enchanting choral pieces maintaining its historic heritage.
  • Museum of the London Docklands - The River Thames has significant relevance in the history of London. This museum charts the legacy of the mighty river tracing its rise as an integral trading port through the ages via several picture galleries. 
  • Sadler’s Wells - Personifying the image of the East, this destination is a historic performance venue dating back to 1683. A myriad of contemporary performing arts including ballet, opera, dance, music, and theatre are regularly in session.

Best Restaurants Near Our Serviced Apartments in East London

Home to the famous ‘curry lane’ and pioneering in the small plates movement, East London has an obese amount of culinary spots to dine at. Excelling in fusing locally sourced ingredients with foreign indigenous cooking techniques, the region has carved a niche in modern fusion and gastro cuisine. The local wine and drinking scene is also notable with a spread of exotic cocktails always on the menu. Head over and get your appetite wet at the following culinary hotspots located close to our serviced apartments in East London.

  • The Clove Club - A traditional bar turned urban gastro den, it has a louche ambience and serves authentic British food with the choicest cocktails.
  • Canto Corvino - Adopting an industrial French design, this restaurant offers flexible Italian cuisine as well as local British dishes in small and sumptuous portions.
  • Blues Kitchen - Groove to some classic jazz tunes as you sip on your bourbon and eat up some delicious Smokey Texan-style barbeque. 
  • Brawn - This minimalistic and earthy resto-café is a critically acclaimed spot that prides itself on sustainable and seasonally cooked offerings.
  • Tonkotsu East - Hanging paper lanterns and bare brick ceilings consumed by the aroma of ramen give this Japanese hideout a charm of its own.
  • Campania - Quench your Italian cravings at this warm and seemingly ramshackle destination close to Columbia Road. Enjoy hearty Southern Italian cooking in its sunny courtyard.
  • Cornerstone - If you fancy seafood then head to this high-end open kitchen diner with white walls punctured by its contrasting black cocktail bar.

Cost of Our Serviced Apartments in East London

At TheSqua.re we offer our guests complete transparency in the billing and booking process. Our forthright approach and award-winning reservation team make sure to cater to any last-minute guest requirements. Catering to all budgets as well as large and small groups, our prices may fluctuate as per the season and demand. With no compromise on value and luxury, our reservation team will walk you through the essential neighbourhoods empowering you to make an informed decision.

East London Corporate Accommodation

Despite East London getting into recession post WW2, several reclamation and construction projects have been underway over the past several decades to restore the lost glory of the area. From devastation and war ruins, the area is gradually being empowered and lifted out of its bygone trauma. Presently it is gaining back its cosmopolitan reputation with several multi-level construction projects in its vicinity.

Business is also gaining traction in the East with newer companies setting up shop away from the chaos of the centre. If corporate travel to the centre is unavoidable, then staying in East London will compliment your corporate trip. The rapid and robust public transportation network makes for speedy and comfortable travel to and back from central London. Corporate travellers can attend an important meeting or conference and entertain clients over a business lunch in the centre; following which they could retreat to the quiet and relaxing East End away from the noise and bustle.

East London Holiday Accommodation

Known for its laid-back, artsy vibe, this area is a massive reclamation project and has transformed itself from a gritty and unkempt part of London to a cosmopolitan leader in arts and heritage. Shopping streets, war memorials, great gastronomy, and massive filming projects are constantly underway in the East End. Families with children as well as large groups of friends will get a chance to be acquainted with the humble and eccentric side of the metropolitan city when staying at our holiday homes in East London. With something for all age groups, travelling to the centre is extremely easy via the several tube stations which lead you to the heart of the city.

Transportation Near Our Serviced Apartments in East London

In lieu of the many construction and reclamation initiatives in East London, the region has ramped up its accessibility to the central district and beyond. Particularly post the 2012 Olympics transit option back and forth from the east drastically improved. This once cut-off area is now well linked to any part of the borough.

Taxis are regularly available serving as a speedy option to the city centre or business district. Stay updated with the local bus schedule if you have to travel several times a day. Cycling is also a common sight since the East has a lot more students in the neighbourhood. Each of our apartments is a short walk from the London Underground. You can conveniently access the rest of the city and its landmarks from the tube. 

The following tube stations are located close to our East London apartments.

  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Goodge Street

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