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Serviced Apartments in North London

While there are many areas of London, the north side is seen as one of the most popular for young professionals that have just arrived in the city to make it big. Its reputation of being a bit bland and boring is certainly not true, and it holds as much to delight corporate and leisure guests as the south, west, and east sides of the capital city. We know that the area has much to offer which is why our portfolio features a variety of North London serviced apartments that have all the usual amenities and requirements that travellers have come to expect from TheSqua.re.

Our Best Serviced Apartments in North London

All serviced apartments on our website represent the highest quality that guests of business and leisure deserve. But even our extensive collection has its own prized gems that stand out in various London neighbourhoods. With each one fully furnished and guaranteed to deliver the perfect stay at all times of the year, we know what constitutes the best stay in North London for our numerous guests.

Some of our top serviced apartments in North London:

Why Should You Book Serviced Apartments in North London?

When it all comes down to booking accommodation, why should guests book our North London serviced apartments? What makes our serviced apartments the number one choice? It’s simple. Our amenities and facilities always remain at the top rate and our apartments’ central location mean that convenience is guaranteed alongside the realm of comfort. Stylish interior designs contribute to the rewarding experience as solo travellers and groups are given the homely feel at every point of their stay with us; from first entering the apartment to the final exit. Finding the right apartment is hard, but our award-winning portfolio makes it simple.

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in North London

When it comes to staying in serviced accommodation, if there’s one way to ensure a satisfying experience, it’s equipping apartments with facilities that remind guests of home and provide the comforting environment that they need every day after long hours in the busy city exploring attractions or heading to business meetings. We give our guests a fully equipped kitchen to help them save on restaurant bills as well as encourage them to pursue a healthier diet throughout their stay. For families staying with us, it also means that kids can get their usual meal routine from their parents rather than heading to restaurants that may or may not satisfy fussy needs. The flat-screen TV can bring the whole family together as the BBC and other channels showcase content to entertain and intrigue. Meanwhile, the spacious living space keeps the peace between groups so they’re not feeling cramped, while couples and solo guests can spread out to their heart’s content.

Other additional extras can include a gym to keep up with workout routines, a spa to relieve the stresses of the day, a business centre to meet clients in, and many more features. Most of these are not available for all and could come with a price tag attached or may just be accessible for guests with stays over 30 days.

Where Can You Find Our Serviced Apartments in North London?

London, being a huge and interconnected city, is vast and can set more timid travellers into small fits of panic. Its areas stretch to a varying extent too, but North London has its own landmass and intrigue that entertain the whole year-round. Rather than operating in niche areas, we provide accommodation across North London that all guests of business and leisure can admire and book whenever they need it. We know that guests need strong transport networks to the centre, yet need to be able to enjoy the area itself and all that it offers.

Some of these areas we operate in include:

  • Camden - The quirky hotspot for young professionals that love street food, ales, streets stalls, trinkets, boutiques, and other assorted treasures, the eponymous market is a fine day out and can leave new visitors with a variety of new gifts.
  • Shoreditch - Another hipster hotspot with restaurants and diners, along with independent businesses, the worlds of business and leisure can easily align.
  • Hoxton - Adjoining Old Street, bars and restaurants abound along with good vibes that create the perfect home for those that want a livelier stay in the capital.
  • Islington - A very popular spot for younger guests or those that want to be in the heart of liberal London and intellectualism, the area has its own old pubs and greenery to attract visitors.
  • Angel - Next to Islington, this is where a few wild bars, shops, and cinemas can be found for entertainment and fun.
  • Hampstead - With more millionaires in its boundaries than any other part of the UK, guests that stay near here may see a few famous faces running around.
  • Kilburn - A multicultural district that is lined with mainstream stores, traditional pubs, and chain burger bars, it’s no surprise that so many people book in this area so they can chill and enjoy the boisterous atmosphere.
  • Swiss Cottage - Offering a great selection of family-friendly restaurants and shops, along with being close to the likes of Primrose Hill, Regent's Park, and Hampstead Heath, delighting in the area is not hard at all.

Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in North London

Entertaining oneself is not difficult at all in North London. While the whole of the city is renowned for its selection of attractions that include Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Circus, Brick Lane Market, The Shard, and many more, the north of London has its range of sights that add to the cultural atmosphere and cleverly demonstrate why that part of the city is so popular. Our serviced apartments are in close proximity to all the essential sights in the area to give all guests a full and vibrant experience of the area when they stay with us.

The top attractions in North London are:

  • Hampstead Heath - Over 790 acres, this grassy public space is full of London joggers, wannabe athletes, families entertaining their kids and bathers taking advantage of the private ponds and sun.
  • British Library - With 170-200 million objects in its vaults, the British Library holds most of the UK’s treasured and catalogued treasures. 
  • King’s Cross - The station and area itself is a popular hangout spot for those waiting for friends to arrive and Harry Potter fans that want a pic with the trolley that goes to the fictional Platform Nine and Three Quarters.  Other than that, there is the Harry Potter shop that is always packed and has a huge queue. 
  • Camden Market - The ever-crowded market has numerous foods, stalls, and sights to lure in London’s visitors. With priceless collectibles found in some of the stalls, a real bargain can truly be discovered.
  • British Museum - From Ancient Egypt to present-day Britain, the history of the world and all its civilisations and sparks of progress can be witnessed in this national treasure.
  • Charles Dickens Museum - Britain’s most famous author can be appreciated in all his finery when his legions of fans venture into his former residence in a typical Georgian terraced house. 
  • Foundling Museum - Telling the story of London’s first home for children at risk of abandonment, it shows an enlightening story that hits the human heart right in the centre. Detailed artworks and displays help to enforce the story of the human spirit.
  • Bloomsbury Theatre - As soon as guests book tickets they can be transported to a whole new world of drama, comedy, and adventure.
  • London Canal Museum - Showing off the history of the city’s canal network and how this influenced the way of life for some parts of the city and how the waterways link the United Kingdom together.
  • Primrose Hill - Separated from Regent’s Park, the park features the eponymous hill that’s 63 metres high and is one of the few protected viewpoints across London.

Best Restaurants Near Our Apartments in North London

Late-night dining is what guests want. They want to get out of their North London serviced apartment and venture out to the streets to see what the rest of the city has to offer that they can’t cook themselves. With London’s global reach, there are countless cuisines for guests to try at their leisure. From local mixes to Asian, African, and Caribbean dishes, it’s fair to say that taste buds will be easily set alight. To keep guests close to dining options, our serviced apartments are in North London’s hotspots so they can discover new tastes the same way that they can explore new realms of history at art in museums, etc.

The following restaurants and diners are close to our serviced apartments:

  • La Patagonia - With an exposed brick barrio-style setting that dishes homestyle Argentinian cuisine, and has regular tango nights for an added bit of fun.
  • The Dublin Castle - Part of the indie scene, the place is decorated with band posters and hosts new music in a backroom to bring in the young at heart and to create a fun vibe.
  • The Lock Tavern - A busy lockside pub with a roof terrace, it hosts music events and serves delicious pie and mash.
  • The Albion - Serving modern British comfort food, this is an elegant family-friendly Georgian pub that also has an extensive garden.
  • Radici - With a Rustic appeal, this southern Italian establishment offers tasty cuisine served in laid-back quarters with a bar and outside terrace for those that want views alongside their meals.
  • Golden Arrow - A chic ground-floor hotel restaurant serving global dishes, everyone can order they’ll fall in love with.
  • The Spaniard’s Inn - Complete with a homely fireplace, large garden for outdoor pints, and serving an array of comfort food, this is where groups can relax with ease. 
  • The Holly Bush - A traditional 18th-century wood-panelled pub, it serves cask ales, has a fireplace, outdoor space, and much more.

Corporate Serviced Apartments in North London

When it comes to corporate travel, guests need a suitable space to work remotely when needs are and an environment that is fully functional to act as a second home. We know the needs of the modern business traveller which is why we have equipped our apartments with all the furnishings they’ll ever need to work, relax and live.  With North London being widely connected across tube networks to the CBD and corporate headquarters, it only makes sense to fill our serviced apartment portfolio to business travel means. From teams that are building strategies or hastening to meet project deadlines, to single business people that have been relocated by their company for a few months, our apartments will be the change of scenery they’ll be happy to see after a long day.

Serviced Apartments in North London for Leisure

This part of London is also popular with leisure travellers that want fast access to the centre of London, yet have other sights on their doorstep to limit travelling on the London Underground. But they need a cosy living area to return to when their legs are exhausted from all the walking around. And for families, they require an apartment that has enough space to house everyone, whilst not dividing the family up. Our portfolio of leisure serviced apartments in North London has been set up to put all thrill-seekers at ease and provide living quarters that tick all essential boxes.

Transport Near Our Serviced Apartments in North London

London’s Underground network is one of the most robust transport systems in the world. It’s fast (when not delayed) and gets to all the main stations in the city that travellers and locals need. With this in mind, we ensure that our serviced apartments in North London are centrally located in the area so our guests have no issues with travelling around the city. Wherever they’re spending the day, an office in Canary Wharf, or touring the latest exhibition at the National Gallery, they will have no hassle when thye stay with us

These are just a few of the London Underground stations near our serviced apartments in North London:

  • King’s Cross
  • Euston
  • Camden Town
  • Angel
  • Russell Square
  • Mornington Crescent
  • Arsenal 
  • Holloway Road
  • Finsbury Park
  • Highbury and Islington

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