Serviced Apartments West London

Serviced Apartments in West London

Arguably the richest part of London, the west side is full of the cities’ most affluent areas like Kensington, Notting Hill, Richmond, Chelsea, Harrow and Hammersmith. These districts are enormously popular with leisure and business travellers that want to live the upscale experience in the city. That’s why our award-winning portfolio covers this area, with many apartments that represent the very best of serviced accommodation found right here.  

Our Best Serviced Apartments in West London

With hundreds of thousands of serviced apartments on our website, it can be difficult selecting the right one. But that’s where our best apartments come into the mix. They have TheSqua.re seal of approval that guarantees quality at every point of the stay. And given the area of London that they are situated in, they are also extremely stylish and can be very upmarket for business and leisure travellers that want something else from a short or long term stay in the city.

A few of the very best serviced apartments in West London are:

Why Should You Book Serviced Apartments in West London?

Business and leisure guests that desire a first-class experience should choose our serviced apartments in West London. All of the upscale and high-end neighbourhoods are covered by our wide selection, granting guests the chance to rub shoulders with the wealthiest players in the capital city and to be right up close to some of the most opulent restaurants and landmarks. Every West London apartment interior has been stylishly decorated and designed with the very best tastes in mind, whilst being fully equipped to deliver short and long term comfort to solo travellers, couples, families, business people and project teams.

Facilities in Our Serviced Apartments in West London

Our serviced apartments in West London are fully furnished and uniquely equipped so every guest that stays in them (be it for a few days, a few weeks, a few months or even over a year) has all the homely features that they love and can settle in without any stress or hesitation. Amenities like a fully equipped kitchen guarantee that a healthy eating routine can remain in place and that restaurant expenses can be kept to a minimum. For families, the kitchen also means that parents can utilise their children’s favourite meals rather than risking an emotional display at a restaurant where they don’t like anything on the menu. Free Wi-Fi meanwhile is the essential tool of the modern traveller and their group, keeping everyone connected and ensuring the possibility of working remotely. The spaciousness of the apartments also means that large groups can have their own private space while fully utilising the rest of the apartment.

Other advantages of serviced accommodation in West London, especially for those staying for 30 days or more, is having the possibility of gym and pool access to keep fit, as well as a concierge service that puts guests right in the centre of attention. With such additional facilities, guests can have a super experience in West London that more than lives up to the high-end reputation of the area.

Where Can You Find Our Serviced Apartments in West London?

As always, we like to showcase the very best serviced apartments in the most popular cities across the world. But we know that every city has its own unique areas and districts that add their own slice of entertainment to business and leisure experiences. And London is no different. Being a global city, it has numerous areas that are appeal to a variety of different people. West London is prestigious and affluent, but even then, there are particular parts that attract visitors of all creeds. Whether its areas of business or ones and luxury and style, our award-winning portfolio gives guests the opportunity to live in West London to the full.

Our serviced apartments in West London can be found in the following city districts:

  • Richmond Upon Thames - A very affluent area across the River Thames, the eponymous park creates a peaceful atmosphere that locals love about Richmond.
  • Hounslow/Heathrow - With international connections being easy to make, it is no wonder that guests stay here to make quick flights to other global hotspots.
  • Ealing - Known for the film studio from the 1950s, the area is diverse and full of shops and other businesses. An ideal stay for leisure and business guests.
  • Hammersmith - With rocks shows and theatres swamping the area, it is a pinnacle of entertainment and suitable for everyone to book an apartment in.
  • Fulham - An upmarket residential area, it has chic boutiques, home-goods stores, and posh delis, amongst other things to lure in its visitors. 
  • Harrow - Known for the posh independent school that has taught a wide succession of Tory Prime Ministers, the area itself is fairly quiet and well-connected.
  • Notting Hill - The Portobello Market and the yearly festival make this upscale area one that people flock to every year.
  • Kensington - Its high street and boutique shops ensure that this district remains popular and highly expensive. 
  • Maida Vale - With elegant Victorian houses and wide, quiet roads, guests can cruise down Little Venice’s waterway in canal boasts stroll the footpaths.
  • Chelsea - One of the most expensive parts of London, Chelsea is more than perfect for those seeking the high life in the heart of London with everything in easy reach.

London Attractions Near Our Serviced Apartments in West London

A hub of financial transactions and culture, it’s not hard to know why so many people from around the world come here every year. But it’s the landmarks that can have the drawing power too for some. While most will already know the essential sights of the city, others are only known within certain districts. West London has a variety of popular areas of interest housed within its boundaries, but also a few that might not be in the travel guide. Its reputation as an upscale area certainly means that it will have royal and historic attractions aside from modern additions.

A few of the best attractions in West London that are near our serviced apartments include:

  • Hyde Park - The most popular park in London, many musicians have graced the stages, and it’s always one of the top areas for a sunbathe when the British weather vanishes for a little while.
  • Science Museum - From James Watt to Issac Newton, Marie Curie and many more, the world of scientific discovery and progress awaits all those willing to open its doors.
  • Natural History Museum - Visitors can travel across 13.8 billion years from the birth of the universe to the present day, from the cellular world to the forces of nature.
  • Harrods - One of the most luxurious destinations in the whole of London, something precious and expensive awaits for every customer. 
  • Kensington Palace - Now the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the grounds and palace display the modernity of the House of Windsor.
  • Buckingham Palace - The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s head of state lives behind the huge fence and the unsmiling guards wait poised for Instagrammers.
  • National Army Museum - The Britsh Armed Forces are amongst the proudest in the world and the museum pays tribute to the progression of the forces and the sacrifices that they make.
  • Richmond Park - Guests can get lost in London’s biggest Royal Park. Once a deer park for Charles I in the 17th century, it is packed with joggers and those seeking a bit of fresh air outside of the smoky city.
  • Kew Gardens - With one of the largest collections of living plants in the world, Kew Gardens is a botanists dream, as well as those that love a spot of gardening back home.
  • Saatchi Gallery - Showcasing the very best of contemporary art, the gallery is often inhabited with posh and cultured art lovers exploring the next exhibition.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Apartments in West London

London is home to a vast supply of restaurants. This isn’t at all unremarkable considering its global stature and position in the world as a key city in the worlds of trade and entertainment. It only makes sense that the city’s palette is as rich and sporadic as everything else in the city.

Our award-winning team knows that guests don’t want to be using their fully equipped kitchen every night. That they want to explore the city around them and take their friends, family or business colleagues for a scrumptious dinner to wrap up an exhausting day. So we put guests in mere footsteps or a simple bus stop from the best restaurants in West London

Below are just some of the restaurants that guests will be able to enjoy in a short distance from their apartment:

  • Antipodea Richmond - An all-day Australian menu, the globe is here for all guests to devour and try.
  • Four Regions Restaurant - A smart Chinese restaurant serving classic dishes in a sleek modern dining room with a striped floor, all the usual favourites are here to fill guests to the brim day and night.
  • Pizzeria Rustica - An Italian restaurant with wall murals and tiled floors, scrumptious pizzas and other stone-baked dishes are here to deliver the gut punch after a long day.
  • Le Salon Privé - A homely French brasserie, it dishes up classics made with British produce and the finesse of the French art of cooking.
  • Zaika of Kensington - Those that want to try a creative and modern Indian cuisine will love this restaurant that sits in a wood-panelled former bank with silk drapes and antiques.
  • The Belvedere - Situated in a grand 17th-century summer ballroom at the centre of Holland Park, it’s fair to say that this is a posh place to eat the 3 meals of the day.
  • Charlotte's Place - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails, the choice is up to guests when they come here to control their appetite.
  • Ealing Park Tavern - A large neighbourhood gastropub with fireplaces, sofas, several bars and a walled patio garden, leisure travellers with groups of friends will love coming here.
  • Bluebird - Guests can enjoy grilled meats, seafood and English breakfasts served in an airy, stylish space with big windows when they book a table here.
  • Kutir - Set in an airy townhouse and serving elevated Indian fare, every guest who wants to try a new way enjoy Indian food should come here.

Corporate Serviced Apartments in West London

When business travellers come to West London, they want serviced accommodation that has all their needs met before arrival. A living space that can be home and a remote office for themselves or the colleagues that are joining them on the ride. We have a wide collection of apartments that meet the plethora of requirements of the modern business traveller. Free Wi-Fi keeps the team together to pull late-night deadlines, a fully equipped kitchen saves money on eating out and the beds have the soft touch that sends all to dreamlands in no time at all. For West London excursions of comfort and convenience, it’s not surprising that so many choose our award-winning portfolio.

Serviced Apartments in West London for Leisure

Coming to London for leisure can always seem like a paradox. How can anyone relax in a city that’s always heaving with people, where peace and quiet don’t really happen? Simple. Our serviced apartments in West London have all the amenities for comfort while offering a nice bag of extras that make relaxing evenings all the more simple. Solo travellers and couples are all taken care of, and the requirements of big families and groups of friends are also part of the comfort equation. With centrally located apartments and all the facilities that anyone of any age group needs for a perfect stay, our West London apartment collection is just waiting to greet the right guests.

Transport Near Our Serviced Apartments in West London

Getting around London is always difficult for the first-time traveller. However, the London Underground and other services in the city are simple to use, if overcrowded at times. From the red buses to the national rail services and the London Underground/Overground, there is always a solution to move from A to B in London. Our professional team recognises that which is why we ensure our West London serviced apartments are close to essential stops so the London landmarks and corporate offices are never far away or difficult to get to.

  • Notting Hill Gate
  • South Kensington
  • Marble Arch
  • Hounslow Central
  • Ealing Broadway
  • Hammersmith
  • Richmond
  • Sloane Square
  • Kew
  • Harrow and Wealdstone

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