Short Stay Apartments London

Short Stay Apartments in London

A melting pot for cultures, a centre for trade and commerce, a desired tourist destination and a leader in a globalized future, the capital of England is marquee on the world map. People from all walks of life annually flock to London to grab a piece of the pie. Regardless of whether you travel for business or seek a holiday, this modern metropolis has something to offer for every type of visitors.

This constant demand from the influx of visitors to London has pushed the city to accommodate and make room for diverse traveller needs. The rise in low cost airlines, along with affordable and speedy accommodation options, has made it convenient for international travellers to rapidly zip in and zip out of the city. If you have only a couple nights to spare in London, it is worthwhile to liveenjoying an authentic experience having checked off a laundry list of essential landmarks. Explore our range of short stay apartments London has to offer. These apartments are ideal for travellers journeying for a day or two to this capital city of U.K.

Our Best Short Stay Apartments in London 

Rapid and regular short trips to and from the city are common for businessmen and tourists who flock in here from all over the world. London is a vital entry and exit point to the rest of the UK and much of Europe. Stop over flights require passengers to spend a night or two in the city before they proceed to their respective destination. For all such needs and more, our short stay serviced apartments offer guests an opportunity to make the most of the limited time they have in London. Fully furnished, luxury apartments are spread all through the city, especially closer to major transit hubs and the primary airports.

Check out our most popular short stay apartments London: 

  • Fusion Court Serviced Apartments
  • London Square Serviced Apartments
  • One Commercial Street
  • Altitude Point Serviced Apartments
  • London Square Apartments
  • Canary Wharf Luxury Apartments
  • Queens’s Gate
  • Fountain House Serviced Apartments
  • Dorset Square Serviced Apartments
  • Cheval Knightsbridge

Why Should You Book Our Short Stay Apartments in London?

Ideal for quick and short trips, our serviced apartments specifically cater to travellers on a 2 day business trip or on a weekend holiday. We welcome all large business convoys, groups of friends, families with children, along with couples and solo travellers, alike. Our range of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom apartments serve diverse requirements, ensuring your short time in the city is comfortable and well spent.

Furthermore our apartments go through a vigorous exacting criterion that takes into account unique guest requirements including their desired location, access to premium amenities and the number of travellers to be accommodated. With an emphasis on providing more space, all our apartments come with an expansive recreational area that guests can utilize as per their need. Oozing opulence and luxury, our short stay apartments are designed to pamper guests with the highest standards in hospitality.

Facilities in Our Short Stay Apartments in London

Apart from our premium services, all our short stay apartments London come with a range of amenities to aid all short term travellers. Large and small groups have the option to choose apartments with single or multiple rooms. 

All our facilities have access to a small private kitchen area which guests can utilize to cook a quick meal or pack a grub or two as on the go snacks. Necessary utensils and kitchen appliances such as a microwave oven, toaster and coffee maker are also available. 

With no compromise on a good night’s sleep, each bed has clean, soft and inviting linen, pillows and mattresses. Travellers on a single night's stay will find it easy to relax and get a head start for the next morning. 

Other essential amenities, including high speed Wi-Fi, a flat screen TV and a small lounging area are present in all our short stay apartments. Additional services and amenities may be available upon request or as add-ons to your existing travel package. These can be availed at the time of booking or during check in. Such services include,butare not restricted to the following:

  • Concierge Services
  • Pool and Sauna Facilities
  • Gym and Fitness Centre Access
  • Rooftop Deck
  • Free Parking
  • A Conference Room or Business Centre
  • Lift Access

Where Can You Find Our Short Stay Apartments in London?

Even though our apartments are strategically spread throughout the expansive metropolis, Central London is a foremost choice. Our apartments can be found in several important residential neighbourhoods and popular commercial streets of the central district. From here guests have the opportunity to make the most of their short trip since marquee landmarks and a bevy of activities, are all present within the centre of the city. Even corporate travellers on a day trip or on business trip for a couple of nights, will have speedy access to the central business district, while simultaneously having the opportunity to explore the city beyond work hours. You can conveniently locate all our short stay apartments London in highly strategic locations. Each with its own charm and persona in the following neighbourhoods:

Shoreditch - A foremost hub for entertainment, and modern living; Shoreditch strikes a fine balance between work and fun. Both leisure and corporate travellers on a short stay will find this area ideal to enjoy and relax.

    Old Street - This trendy and laid back area has rows of culinary destinations spread through its premises. Its hipster vibe and urban culture are apparent as you stroll through the streets. 

Aldgate - Walk amidst 19th century architectural facades, as you explore the many markets at Aldgate. Spitalfields market and Leadenhall market are extremely popular with the locals with a galore of trendy shops and restaurants.

    South Kensington - This pretty and luxurious suburban neighbourhood in the heart of the city has several ‘royal’ elements to check out. Explore on foot as the decadent streets and architecture give you a sneak peek into aristocratic living.

    Marylebone - An essential stop over junction, located at the West end of London. Rows of diverse shops mark its Southern boundary. Check your dates as you may be able to watch some local theatre or attend a live concert from some of our favourite musicians.

    Gloucester Road - Neighbouring important areas of the city, this street has a cornucopia of activities to partake in. A thriving nightlife with a myriad of cafes, pubs and resto-bars, this is a great area for short trips due to its robust connectivity to London and neighbouring boroughs.

    Bond Street - Primarily a major high end shopping street – check out everything in vogue to the newest haute couture as you walk through this luxury studded streets. It is a great place to pick up goodies for your family and friends back home.

    Baker Street - The official address of Sherlock Holmes is now a modern commercial and residential street as it is a busy thoroughfare. Baker Street has often been referenced in several music, media and film.

    Knightsbridge - Known for posh and historic Victorian homes located amidst sprawling boulevards, this traditionally significant area is encompassed by lush green open meadows. Upscale residential villas and bungalows mark either end of the streets.

London Attractions near Our Short Stay Apartments

More than 25% of the  city’s population is born in a country outside London. This is indicative of the multi=ethnic roots and racial diversity in London. No matter what part of the world you come from, this leading metropolis has a dizzying number of museums to explore, parks to visit, restaurants to binge at and sights to visit. The areas of South Kensington and Soho are great for culture vultures looking to socialise and explore heritage sights. Corporate travellers can opt to live closer to the calm and serene River Thames, in areas of Paddington and Regent’s Canal. Make the most of your short trip in London by exploring the following destinations which are conveniently located close to our short stay homes.

    Royal Albert Hall - This luxurious venue for performing arts has seen and continues to host world famous actors, musicians and dancers who have taken and continue to take on its stage to create spell bound performances. It is a quintessential venue to check out the local ballet and opera. 

    Kensington Gardens - In the centre of the city’s royal district lays the sprawling open grounds of Kensington Gardens. Explore the magnificent possessions at Kensington Palace and lounge  in its expansive garden estate.

    Madame Tussauds - An ideal destination for short trips to London. Zip out your camera as you pose next to your favourite celebrity or historical figure. 

    The Natural History Museum - To explore world famous Roman architecture, amidst hundreds of local and foreign artefacts, head over to this museum. Widely recognized around the world, this museum houses several historical records of flora, fauna, climatology, geology, paleontology, etc.

    Hyde Park - The largest of the four Royal parks in the city, this expansive park has several hideouts to put your feet up and unwind. Leave the bustle and cacophony of the city, as you settle under a canopy of trees and spend the evening bird-watching or reading a book.

    Buckingham Palace - Catch the ceremonious changing of the guard at this Royal residence. The area around the estate is littered with local vendors offering affordable local national merchandise.

    Saatchi Gallery - Art lovers have the opportunity to explore the works of local and foreign artists. Emphasizing contemporary artistry - exhibitions are often rotational and have fresh pieces of art on display.

    Harrods - This major shopping and retail area is a treasure trove for customers, It allows them to explore more than 300 unique urban stores. From branded designer fashion outlets, boutique antiques shops to fresh and aromatic bakeries; the entire patch is over 5000 meters of consumer retail.

    V&A Museum of Childhood - Geared for couples travelling with young children, this destination officially houses childhood memorabilia that dates back to the 1600s. Unique games, dolls, toys, apparel and learning apparatus from all over the UK can be found here.

    King’s Road - This homogenous shopping street has an eventful and rich historical past. It started off as the fashion capital of London in the 1960s, transitioned into the birthplace of punk music in the 1970s, to being a present day mixture of high street shopping and bargain antiques.

Popular Restaurants Near Our Short Stay London Apartments

A noted culinary capital across the globe, the city of London offers the most affordable street grub to decadent fine dining at a Michelin Star restaurant. Local British cuisine has, over the years, drawn from it indigenous roots fusing elements of Scottish, Irish and Welsh cooking with local British flavours. During its colonial years, the country further enriched traditional culinary practices by incorporating exotic spices and herbs. At present, places to eat are popping up faster than ever using the years of culinary knowledge to their advantage. At these central London restaurants located close to our short stay apartments you canenjoy the best bits of the food culture in the city.

InkoNito - Elegant and urbane; this place mixes traditional Japanese dishes with some contemporary flavours, bringing out a unique side of Japanese cooking to London. 

    The Barbary - Ranked amongst the top London restaurants, they serve some of the best renditions of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. If fusion is your thing, head on to this cultural hotspot.

Nopi - Experience unique flavour combination at this Israeli delicatessen. Ottolenghi pastries and the range of salad that they serve are one of the finest in London. 

Yauatcha - given the plethora of options available, picking the right place for dim-sum is not an easy task. Look no further than this busy restaurant which is among the best in contemporary Chinese cuisine.

Inamo– This, one of a kind diner, has its own novelty in a traditional culinary environment. It is the world’s first interactive ordering service, allowing you to customise your dining experience.

    Sketch Gallery –With a luxe boudoir like vibe all around, this regal-looking colourful setting is just the place for some stylish afternoon tea, or for grabbing a quick bite during brunch.

    Bob Bob Ricard - Serving delightful British-Russian cuisine amidst a bevy of beverages, their ‘Press for Champagne’ button has locally achieved a legendary status. 

    Restaurant Story: Well suited for picky eaters; this restaurant serves dishes based on your personal likes and preferences. Using only in season ingredients, their sustainable menu positively affects the environment. 

    Dinner by Heston- Heston is a celebrity chef, offering healthy, futuristic gastronomy. Experience time-travelling at this restaurant famous for its famed culinary experiments and unique menu which includes a 600 year old starter.

Circolo Popolare - Relish the authentic Sicilian-style cuisine amidst an ambiance in-vogue, complete with a cavernous vibe. The overgrown plants on the ceiling complement its vibrant interiors.

Cost of Short Stay Accommodation in London

At TheSqua.re we offer our guests complete transparency and highly co-operative services at the time of booking and reservation. Our flexible approach to solving client grievances allows us the chance to cater to all last minute requirements of customers. An award winning reservation team aids travellers to handpick apartments as per their unique needs. Seasonally the cost of short term accommodation will vary, however our apartments cater to all budgets and maintain global hospitality standards year round.

Short Stay Corporate Accommodation in London

Business and hard work are essential components to building the very foundation of the city. There is always an urgent and constant demand for investors, businessmen and entrepreneur in London. Short and unexpected corporate travel, spanning over a couple of days or even a simple day trip is extremely common in the city. During such times, it may be tough for corporate travellers to find ideal accommodation in London within such short notice.

Rather than settling for cheap and unsafe motels, look for our luxurious short stay corporate apartments. Located strategically in key areas, our apartments are ideal for a solo business traveller or an entire convoy of high profile industrialists. Each apartment comes with ample amenities and an additional recreational area which can be turned into a conference area or meeting room. Corporate travellers, looking to unwind post a long day's work, can even make use of the fitness centre, swimming pool and sauna facilities available at select locations.

Short Stay Holiday Accommodation in London

Are you on a long tour of Europe? Do you have only a couple of days to spare in London? Or is your family accompanying you on your London weekend business expedition? For all solo and group travellers on such tight timelines, our short stay holiday apartments are personalized for short term travel. Even though there is much to do and explore in the urban city maze, by staying at our holiday apartments you can mark several destinations on your London bucket list in spite of your limited time. Our holiday apartments being centrally located give you speedy access to the rest of the city. All our properties have access to luxury services and amenities for travellers’ entertainment and utility. Don't let your brief stay in London dampen your wanderlust.Explore much of the city by staying at our short stay apartments.

Getting Around Our Short Stay Apartments in London

Our serviced apartments are comprehensively spread throughout important neighbourhoods and towns of the London borough. However, since most people on a short journey prefer staying in Central London, we offer luxury accommodation in the central district. It is easy to manoeuvre in and around the city centre to important landmarks and business centres. From the West End to the South Bank, the taxi and bus services are readily available across all neighbourhoods of the city. During peak hours opt to travel via the London Underground tube to avoid congestion on roads. Both the Overground train services and the Underground tube stations have links to all major areas of the city. Important tube stations close to our short stay apartments in London include:

  • Bond Street
  • Baker Street
  • Knightsbridge
  • Aldgate

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