Short Stay Apartments South London

Short stay apartments in South London

The city of London has much to offer business and leisure travellers. But when it comes to the south, there is a bigger picture that most don’t see. London is usually defined by the affluent west and the trendy north, but they miss out on the vibrant south, as well as the sleek and cool east. Those that choose to stay in South London for short stays of a few days to a week will have plenty to explore in the area that will reshape their prior knowledge and experiences of London. Plus, we have a variety of short stay apartments that are more than suitable to function as a second home for those that book them.

Our Best Short Stay Apartments in South London

Any portfolio that has thousands of serviced apartments has within it the rare jewels. The apartments that present the very finest of the area or destination. When it comes to our supply of short stay apartments in South London, we have a fair few that meet all requirements of business and leisure travellers that are staying here in the short term. With all amenities catered for, and the living spaces boasting all the fine tweaks that make a house a home, all guests that book with us will be happy with what we provide.

Some of the best short stay apartments in South London in our collection are:

Why Should You Book Short Stay Apartments in South London?

Those that need a space for a few days or a week should peruse our collection at their leisure. Not only do we cater to corporate travellers, but we do leisure too. There’s nothing like a short stay in London across the river, soaking in the blistering nightlife, looking around its many markets and finding other galleries and museums not on the usual lists. Our apartments are designed for short and long term travel. This means that they are furnished with all needs taken care of from the get-go so guests can simply turn up and start living. Centrally located in South London, everything is in easy reach.

Facilities in Our Short Stay Apartments in South London

We pride ourselves on providing accommodation that gives all guests the homely and essential amenities needed for short term travel. Whether it is the fully equipped kitchens or the flat screen TVs, the free Wi-Fi, the spacious living areas, the cosy bedrooms or even the laundry units, we know that every traveller will feel right at home. From families in need of a short break in the half term to the business travellers who have a networking event to attend for a few days, the facilities make modern travel simple. Healthy cooking, instant connections, relaxing nights on the sofa and deep sleeps are all possible when our short term apartments in London are booked.

At an extra cost, short term guests could get access to a gym, swimming pool, spa, concierge services and much more - providing the residence offers such services.

Types of Short Stay Apartments in South London

There are a wide array of short term apartments that our guests can pick when they stay in South London. All group sizes are accommodated for in our great collection. As always, we provide the very best that the SA industry has to offer and the following varieties are some of the ones that we offer to our clients:

  • Studio - Our open-plan spaces are ideal for those that want all items in simple reach, and to have a compact experience.
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments - Couples that want a more spread-out experience for their short term stay should book these apartments.
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments - Small families will find these apartments irresistible for their few days in South London.
  • 3 Bedroom Apartments - For slightly bigger groups and families, these spacious apartments more than come in handy.
  • 4 Bedroom Apartments - Project teams that need more space to complete their strategies in a short deadline can work without being hassled and still have plenty of space to not annoy each other and communicate effectively.
  • 5 Bedroom Apartments - Big family gatherings need as much space as possible, and that’s where these fully equipped spaces come into play with so much to offer.

Where Can You Find Our Short Stay Apartments in South London?

South London is bigger than what most people expect. Sitting across the River Thames and further down the Southern Rail franchise, this part of London adds to the expanse of the city itself. Knowing that all of our guests desire to be in the best spots to get the most out of their short stay, we have apartments in all of South London’s key areas that are waiting to be filled and lived in.

Some of the short stay apartments can be found in the following principal areas:

  • Greenwich -. It is one of the representatives of South London, away from the fast-paced life of the rest of the city and has many attractions to boot from markets to museums and the Royal Observatory. 
  • Southwark - With Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, and even the London Dungeon, this district is full of history, culture and amazement.
  • Vauxhall - Those that want to stay closer to Central London and still enjoy the beauty of South London, Vauxhall has it all with river views and fantastic restaurants.
  • Wandsworth - Cool restaurants, boutiques, and a lot of pubs make this an apt district to book in for those that want a bit of everything to enjoy.
  • Clapham - Clapham Common’s 200-acre green land and the Venn Street Food Market make it a fun part of London to book a short stay. 
  • Brixton - Full of vibrant nightlife, the musical and the artsy side of this neighbourhood is blooming at its absolute best. 
  • Canary Wharf - A corporate traveller’s top choice if ever there was one, this district keeps them close to business headquarters and fancy dining places to take out clients.

Attractions Near Our Short Stay Apartments in South London

Everyone knows the key attractions that make London the go-to destination for travellers everywhere. But when it comes to South London, it can be a little bit tricky for people to put a finger on what that part of London offers for them. With parks and other hidden areas of interest, there is much to discover during a short term stay. And our team knows this is the best part of business and leisure trips; exploring the area. So we put all guests close to the pivotal parts of South London so they can live a rich and worldly experience when they stay with us.

Some of the attraction of South London that we have short stay apartments close to include the ones below:

  • Greenwich Park - One of the biggest of all the legendary Royal Parks of London, guests will find locals enjoying the space by jogging or by playing sports. Alternatively, guests can just take a few snaps on Instagram while they relax. 
  • Greenwich Market - The market, with all its bustle, opens from Thursdays to Sundays from 10am to 4:30pm. Eager visitor can walk around and enjoy local food, fashion, and warmth
  • The Tate Modern - One of the finest art galleries in the city and the United Kingdom itself,  it is an absolute paradise for the appreciators and collectors of art. The view outside the gallery is magnificent and really adds to the atmosphere by the river.
  • Eltham Palace - Dating back to 1305,  this magnificent palace has now been renovated and is open to the public to explore at its own convenience.
  • Battersea Arts Centre - For an acquired taste of cinema and culture, guests can head straight to this unique centre of theatre and celebrate the of the silver screen 
  • Cutty Sark - The elaborate ship looks equally magnificent from both inside and outside, and a guided tour is recommended.
  • Harrods - One of the poshest stores in Britain, it holds many boutique items that all visitors will want to take home with them.

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Stay Apartments in South London

When it comes to dining out, most people know that London will deliver. With a global reputation that extends to the cuisines of the city itself, it’s fair to say that everyone can find a restaurant or two that will take their fancy. Whether it’s Asian foods that hit the soul or western dishes that are full of exotics tastes, business and leisure in South London will never taste more divine. Solo travellers will find the ideal spot to sit alone and prepare for the day ahead, families will pick a spot that works for all members (young and old), business travellers will book a table to show off and pitch to their clients, while couples can find a table that has a good view and lets the moonlight in.

Some of the best restaurants in South London that are close to our short stay apartments are:

  • Ritzy Picturehouse - A restored theatre, guests can enjoy a cosy meal while admiring the 1911 cinema vibe that seeps through the interior.
  • Little Bay Croydon - This visually appealing restaurant serves Modern European food and is extremely popular for its theatrical experience and live opera that keeps all manner of clientele entertained. 
  • Okan, Brixton Village - This simple Japanese gem serves Osaka-like street food with a lot of colours that will entice its visitors to keep buying more.
  • Chokhi Dhani - Straight out of India is this beautiful restaurant in Vauxhall that serves divine curries and many other lush dishes.
  • The Refinery, Bankside - Right near Tate Modern, this sophisticated restaurant has modern industrial interiors and innovative dishes. The cocktail and wine collections are incredible, meaning that customers can get tipsy very quickly. 
  • Cottons Restaurant and Rum Shack - Another Vauxhall beauty with vibrant hand-painted interiors, amongst its fantastic menu, the mutton curry and rum shack stand out.

Corporate Short Stay Apartments in South London

Business travel comes in many forms when staying in London. There’s the convenient, the comfortable and the luxury. When it comes to short stays in South London, our corporate guests can have all three. They can be close to their business headquarters or networking event, have a peaceful environment to return home to, and feel like a first-class traveller that has everything they asked for. Perfectly situated in South London to give the world of business a lively vibe, our apartments put corporate guests first and utilise the living spaces to create the perfect second home to come back to over the few days or week that the guest is in London for.

Short Stay Apartments in South London for Leisure

Many people choose to come to London for short stays, and they also come to South London. With the nightly attractions and bouts of clubbing houses, it’s no surprise that many come to this part of the city to wind down for a few days. Given that BoxPark is also here, this adds greater weight to the leisurely vibes felt here. Our apartments are located in all the big popular areas of the south and are conveniently not too far from the scores of sights that make it such as a key choice with those that need a short break from the office to let their hair down.

Transport Near Our Short Stay Apartments in South London

Everyone knows that London’s transport network is extensive, and it’s the same for South London too. With the Overground, Underground, National Rail services, buses and airports, it’s no shock to learn that London is one of the most well-connected cities in the UK and maybe the world. For the short stay travellers that have to be connected to business offices or even to the landmarks all over the city, we keep them connected by selecting apartments close to all manner of transport.

Some of the stations in South London that are close to our short stay apartments are:

  • Cannon Street Station
  • Crystal Palace
  • London Bridge
  • Clapham Junction
  • Forest Hill
  • Waterloo
  • East Putney

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