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Short Stays in London

Short Stay, London Has To Offer

Looking for a relaxed and invigorating short stay in London? You are certainly in for some luck since TheSqua.re promises to fulfil all your requirements with aplomb. We offer handsomely decorated, uber comfortable and stylish units that are ideal for both corporate and leisure during their shorter stays in the capital. London is of course a major cultural and historical city, not just for Europe but also for the whole world. The epicentre of trade, commerce and finance for the region, London is also home to innumerable landmarks including tourist sites, historical monuments, museums, cultural attractions and a lot more. 

While on your stay in London may be short, do not forget to check out the plethora of entertainment, shopping and dining options in the city which are amongst the world’s best that your short stay London has for you. London is the gathering arena for the world’s rich and famous, for its royals and aristocrats and people from various walks of life, with a taste for the refined, sophisticated and elegant in daily life itself. Our team will help you find the best accommodation option that fits your needs and budget with élan in this regard. 

Our Best Apartments for Short Stay London offers

There numerous options available for a fabulous short stay London that you will find through TheSqua.re. Some of the best choices at hand include the following:

These are only some of the options available during your short stay, that London has for you. You will find everything you need, courtesy our award-winning reservations team. Our team will help you zero in on the right choice that offers all the facilities that you want in a highly convenient and strategic location as well. 

Why Book a Short Stay in London? 

You should certainly consider booking a short stay in London which adheres to all your requirements above all else. This is because conventional hospitality accommodation options come with their own set of limitations or regulations. You will definitely not enjoy the sheer space and convenience that you get with our portfolio of short stay London apartments. You can come and go as per your own desires, invite people over, have your own parties with colleagues, friends and family whenever you wish and simply lead your own life with adequate space for everybody in the travelling group or only for yourself. 

With all amenities at your fingertips, no disturbances and hassles and top-notch security features, you will be fully covered during your stay in London. What’s more, our apartments are also located in strategic proximity to major places of interest, shopping hubs, corporate and business hubs, public transportation facilities, dining and nightlife hangouts, tourist landmarks and a lot more. 

A Short Stay in London for Business Travellers

Business and corporate travellers should certainly consider our short stay London options without a doubt. You will have a busy schedule during your time in London, covering almost everything, from socializing with business acquaintances, clients and colleagues to power packed meetings, conferences, events and plenty of travelling. As a result, our apartments transform into the perfect home away from home with amenities like flat-screen televisions, complimentary Wi-Fi, bathroom amenities, fully equipped kitchens, freezer/fridges, microwave, washer dryer machines, and comfortable beds for adding to your comfort and convenience. 

Enjoy easy access to leading corporate and business hubs along with public transportation facilities as well. Our units help you rejuvenate in style after hectic workdays, while enabling you to get ready for the upcoming day’s grind with aplomb. 

A Short Stay in London for Leisure Travellers

Families and leisure travellers should definitely book a short stay in London for the multiple conveniences on offer. We offer ample space for everyone at our apartments along with all the basic facilities that you could possibly require. Enjoy fully equipped kitchens with all necessary appliances, bathroom amenities, security features and entertainment options like flat-screen televisions. Complimentary Wi-Fi also helps in keeping everyone engaged and entertained throughout your trip. 

Our units offer greater privacy and convenience while being strategically connected to points of public transit, tourist attractions, museums, parks, playgrounds, shopping streets, restaurants, cafes, pubs and historical sites alike. They will ensure a comfortable and memorable stay for the entire family in London without a doubt. 

Apartment Facilities for a Short Stay in London

There are multiple amenities and facilities available whenever you book a short stay  London apartment. Some of them include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave

These amenities may vary from one unit to another, although every unit has its own distinct USP and ambience which will greatly appeal to all visitors. 

London History and Significance

The history of London is intertwined with the evolving history of the modern world as we know it today. The history of London, the capital of the UK and England, covers a vast period of 2000 years and it has today transformed into one of the most important cultural and financial hubs of the whole world. The city has successfully shaken off several dangers including devastating fires, plague, aerial attacks, civil wars, riots and terrorist attacks en route towards being a symbol of prosperity, hope and reliance. 

The City of London is the core area for the metropolis of Greater London and is the primary financial district today as well. As per Geoffrey of Monmouth in Historia Regum Britanniae, London was founded by Brutus from Troy in about 1000-1100 B.C.E. post defeating Gogmagog, the native giant. A settlement was founded and was known as CaerTroia, Troia Nova which means New Troy in Latin. 

Prehistoric London, based on this account, was ruled by a succession of famous Kings including Lud or Llud in Welsh myths, who apparently renamed this town to Caer Ludein, from which the name London came about. He was buried at Ludgate. Some recent unearthing indicates very early settlements coming up along the River Thames in areas which are now part of London. Remains of a bridge from the Bronze Age were discovered back in 1993 along the south foreshore of the river, upstream towards Vauxhall Bridge. The bridge either crossed the river or went towards an island which is now lost. The timbers have been dated roughly between 1750 B.C.E and 1285 B.C.E, and in 2001 another excavation unearthed that these timbers were vertically driven into the ground on the southern bank of the river, towards the western side of Vauxhall Bridge. 2010 saw the discovery of the foundation of a big timber structure which dated back to 4,800 B.C.E-4,500 B.C.E. and these were found at the same location. 

Attractions to Visit in London When Here for a Short Stay 

London is home to numerous unique attractions for visitors, some of which have been outlined below. You will love the experience of discovering some of the most unique and mysterious things still present in London. 

  • Plague Pits - This is something that faint-hearted or anxious visitors should not venture into! 
  • Roman Amphitheatre - This is a little mystery revolving around the Guildhall Art Gallery that you will only be too delighted to solve! 
  • Roman Basilica and Forum - Once the biggest Roman Building towards the north of the Alps, this is worth discovering as well. 
  • Roman City Wall - Quite a bit of this still survives, quite surprisingly. 
  • Roman Fort - The remains are located in a dark and spooky car park that is located underground.
  • Mendelssohn’s Tree - This stands on the concrete pathway of the Barbican and are the remains of the tree that supposedly offered shade for Mendelssohn when he wrote the iconic music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 
  • Millwall - You will love exploring the historical connotations associated with this mostly neglected East London corner. 
  • Narrow Street - This area is home to one of the most famous pubs in London.
  • Museum of London Docklands - This is one of the most popular museums if you wish to gain insights into London from a historical perspective. 
  • Narrowgate Prison Wall - This is the final remaining structure for the once controversial and highly notorious prison in London. 
  • The Palace of Placentia - The predecessor of Buckingham Palace, it was once favoured by the Tudor rulers and is worth a visit for sure. 
  • Pickering Place - Britain’s smallest square, this is where London’s last duel was fought. 
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Oak - This is a treasure that you will find amidst Greenwich Park. 
  • Old London Bridge Remains - The final fragments that remain for the medieval and old London Bridge. 
  • Red Lion Square - This tiny public square has a chequered history, being a former battle site and the place where Oliver Cromwell islaid to rest. 
  • St Dunstan in the East Garden - This is often called the most charming garden in the city.
  • The Elms, Smithfield - This is the spot where William Wallace was quartered, drawn and hung. 
  • The Ferryman’s Seat - This is a shuttle service that goes into London’s darker and more intriguing side. 
  • The Golden Boy of Pye Corner - Once a medieval London corner, it is the spot for the final stoppage of the Great Fire of London. 
  • Tabard Inn, Southwark - This is where the Canterbury Tales reportedly started. 
  • Tower Subway - This is the first tube-based railway in the world. 
  • St. Bartholomew’s Gatehouse - It stands majestically at the entrance to one of the City’s most vintage churches and is a rare survivor from the City in the Tudor era. 
  • Tower Raven - Watch the ravens here, particularly after you view the Crown Jewels. You will be guaranteed a mysterious and intriguing feeling like no other.
  • York Watergate - This is one attraction which marks the River Thames’s original course. 
  • Platform 9 ¾ from Harry Potter - This one needs no introduction for visitors at all.
  • Inner Temple Lane - A survivor from the devastating London Fire and the only remaining timber-framed townhouse in the Jacobean style,  you will find in London. 
  • The City’s First Drinking Fountain - This was once used by a whopping 7,000 people each day. 
  • Coldharbour - Go back in time and experience the era when London was the World’s greatest ever port. 
  • Cross Bones Graveyard - This unconsecrated memorial is worth a visit for a creepy feeling and also for its rather sordid historical association. 
  • The Duke of Wellington’s Mounting Stone - This is another unique and quirky attraction worth exploring. 
  • Execution Dock, Wapping - Imagine pirates being hanged right over the River Thames. This is the spot for the same. 
  • Farting Lane - Nestled around the back of the iconic Savoy is highly innovative although slightly headache-generating Victorian engineering marvel, namely London’s last existing sewage lamp. 
  • Hampstead Pergola & Hill Gardens - This is a neatly hidden, but charming instance of past historical splendour and regal grandeur. 
  • Highgate Cemetery - This is the final resting place for none other than Karl Marx. 

Best Restaurants to Visit on a Short Stay in London

London is home to several major restaurants including the following: 

  • St. John - St. John is one of the best London restaurants and has earned a name for the cooking techniques employed by Fergus Henderson and its legacy as a previous smokehouse situated at Smithfield. The white interiors are quaint, while specialities include bone marrow with a delightful parsley salad, along with Welsh rarebit and Eccles cake in tandem with Lancashire cheese. 
  • The Clove Club - The Clove Club has been named after the charming supper club that brought its founders together, namely Isaac Mchale, Daniel Willis and Johnny Smith. This contemporary restaurant has been offering London’s tasty menu ever since the year 2013. Seasonal ingredients are used for this Shoreditch establishment and impeccable service is a major USP as well. This is one Michelin starred offering that you should not miss. 
  • The French House - The latest Chef making waves in the London culinary scene is Neil Borthwick. The menu changes daily and celebrates classics from France with a modern touch. The ambience is bohemian and intimate and dishes like Lamb Navarin, Oysters Mignonette and Paris-Brest, along with Madeleines indicate superior skill without unnecessary pomp. 
  • Six Portland Road - Six Portland Road serves up the best Mediterranean and French inspired dishes with a cosy ambience in Holland Park. The tiny venue remains closed on weekends and is packed with returning customers, courtesy its affordable prices and periodically changing menu list. There are dishes that tickle the palate here, including slip sole with brown butter and also capers along with an extensive wine list in the environment, which is more akin to a warmly designed brasserie. There are white tablecloths for a special look and feel, along with homely and inviting staff members. 
  • Black Axe Mangal - Lee Tiernan departed from St. John with a deep-rooted affection for pork dishes and stellar cooking touches with a view towards opening an iconic barbeque restaurant at Islington. Heavy metal music aside, the special touches of this place include wood-fired ovens, black paint in a tribute to Kiss and lovely flatbreads, Roasted Burgers and Pork that will keep you engaged all throughout. The Bao Buns are also hugely popular with long queues of people lining up for the same. 
  • Bancone - Bancone is a true-Blue Pasta Bar that you will absolutely adore. It has a cooler, but more formal ambience, along with swishy interiors to boot. This restaurant dishes out delectable Pasta, accompanied by tasty sauce lashings and wonderful small plates. Silk handkerchief is a major hit amongst diners which is basically a bowl of Pappardelle (extra-wide) with Walnut Shavings, Egg Yolkand butter as toppings. 
  • Claude Bosi at Bibendum - Claude Bosi spearheads this amazing South Kensington restaurant that is accommodated within the sprawling Michelin Building. Guests may savour the sophisticated and somewhat luxuriant cooking by the Chef in the upstairs dining hall. There are truly extravagant dining experiences on offer, ranging from the ala carte or set menu picks with five-star service in the bargain. You will feast on dishes such as the masterfully cooked Goosnargh Duck, complete with Capers, Raisins and Cauliflower Cous-Cous.
  • Leroy - Former owners of Ellory, Ed Thaw and Jack Lewens came up with Leroy in Shoreditch which dishes out comfort food with an expertly curated list of organic, biodynamic and low intervention wines and ciders for company. The knowledge and sheer passion of the team is visible all throughout, right from the intricate and complex yet ultra-delicious fare to the wines, ambience and a lot more. This is one restaurant that merits a visit during your London trip. 

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