Short Term Accommodation in London

Short Term Accommodation in London

If you are looking for short term accommodation London options, then you should certainly set store by our units that are all situated in prime areas of the city. We offer short term accommodation options galore for travellers visiting London for extended periods. Being equipped with all the necessary amenities that you require on a regular basis, our units ensure comfortable and fulfilling experiences for all travellers. These are certainly better alternatives when compared to conventional hospitality-based accommodation options. 

With its cultural and historical legacy and its position as one of the biggest business hubs and financial epicentres of the world, London is one of the most important cities, not just for Europe but also for the entire world. You will find the best short term accommodation London has to offer. They are tailored to your specific needs and requirements minus any hassles whatsoever. These units will not only give you a comfortable stay during your trip but also seamlessly connect and provide access to major places of interest, tourist landmarks, historical sites and entertainment options galore. 

Our Top Short Term Accommodation in London 

There are several options available if short term accommodation in London is taken into account. Some of the best choices include the following: 

  • Avant-Garde Serviced Apartments Shoreditch
  • Cleveland Residences Fitzrovia Serviced Apartments
  • Central Serviced Apartments Near Heathrow
  • Boxpark Apartments, Shoreditch
  • Lexicon Serviced Apartments, Angel
  • Elephant & Castle Serviced Apartment, Waterloo
  • Canary Gateway Apartments, Canary Wharf
  • One Commercial Street, Aldgate
  • Chancery Serviced Apartments, Central London
  • St. George Wharf Apartments, Vauxhall
  • Lanterns Court Serviced Apartments, Canary Wharf
  • Globe View Apartment By TheSqua.re
  • Shoreditch Square Serviced Apartments, Hoxton

Short term accommodation in London is readily available at diverse locations throughout London, courtesy of our vast portfolio. Our award-winning team for reservations will help you find just what you are looking for and within your desired budget. You can rest assured of finding the best accommodation options, at competitive rates that are always in sync with industry standards. Our apartments also come with comfortable furnishings and are well equipped with all the necessary amenities that you require on a daily basis. 

Why Book Short Term Accommodation in London? 

You should definitely consider booking short term accommodation in London for the multifarious benefits involved. in addition to ample space for everyone travelling together to London, these units come equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities. The additional privacy and convenience are major plus points and this will not be possible to experience at any conventional hospitality-based accommodation. As a result, you will naturally have a more comfortable and fulfilling stay in London and you can also expect easy access to major places of interest, public transportation facilities, tourist landmarks, historical and cultural sites and entertainment and shopping options aplenty. 

Short Term Accommodation in London for Business Travellers

Are you a corporate or business traveller, seeking short term accommodation in London? You can definitely check out short term units available in prime areas of the city and these can be booked easily as per your requirements. Our units promise to give you much more than a conventional hospitality unit. You will relish the added space on offer, along with extra privacy, all necessary amenities and facilities and of course, fully equipped kitchens for rustling up delicious meals during your stay. Chill with a cold beverage fresh from the freezer, switch on the flat-screen television and tune it to your favourite show and just relax on the couch after a hard day at work. For staying in touch with friends and family during your trip, there is always complimentary Wi-Fi to count on. Our apartments promise to elevate your experience greatly throughout your stay in London. 

Short Term Accommodation in London for Leisure Travellers 

Leisure travellers and families, seeking short term accommodation in London, should definitely take a closer look at our portfolio of apartments. Our units ensure proper space for everyone in the family; right from the spouses to the parents or in-laws and also the children. We offer all necessary bathroom amenities, top-class furnishings, comfortable beds and fully equipped kitchens for maximum convenience during your stay. Relax in style with a freezer, microwave, flat-screen television and complimentary Wi-Fi at your disposal. You will also enjoy easy proximity to major tourist landmarks in London, along with public transportation facilities, entertainment and dining zones and shopping streets. 

Facilities in Our Short Term Accommodation in London

There are several facilities available when you book short term accommodation in London. Some of them include the following: 

  • Air conditioning
  • Central heating
  • Laundry and dry cleaning services
  • Intercom systems 
  • Flat screen television
  • Cable packages
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer dryer machine
  • Microwave 

There are several other amenities available at our London units, although these may vary from one apartment to another. Every unit comes with its own set of USPs, key facilities and other advantages for guests. 

Major Attractions near Our Short Term Accommodation in London 

London is home to numerous attractions that you should certainly visit during your trip. Some of them include the following: 

  • Royal Albert Hall - The Royal Albert Hall is a key landmark for visitors to London. It is situated in South Kensington and is located just across the thoroughfare from the awe-inspiring golden statue and memorial to Prince Albert himself. The development of the Royal Albert Hall was reportedly commissioned by Queen Victoria herself in the name of her late husband. Ever since it was completed, this hall has hosted some of the world’s most famous theatrical and musical performances. The Hall itself is a stunning example of opulent and eye-catching Victorian architectural themes. 
  • Tower of London - Tower of London is another one that you must not miss. It is one of the historic sites that are best known in London. The Tower of London comes with attractive architectural templates and designs, activities for visitors, several mysterious stories and legends and costumed performers, along with tourist guides and rather intriguing ravens as well! By all means, the Crown Jewels make for the biggest attraction here. 
  • Royal Opera House - Royal Opera House is situated in the Covent Garden area and is the grand old opera house in the area. You should know that prices are quite affordable for several shows, particularly for senior citizens, students and people on credit. The Friday Rush which is witnessed every week is an opportunity for landing affordably priced tickets for the main performance to be held on the next day. You can also choose to take a backstage tour where the practising Royal Ballet may be glimpsed in their splendour. The ballet and opera performance is as regal as it gets here! 
  • Kew Gardens - with more than 300 acres available, dotted with indigenous fauna and flora, along with several nature walks and trails and along with numerous exotic greenhouses and plants, Kew Gardens is a prime attraction for horticulturalists. There is a treetop walkway here, along with the Temperature House which has already opened doors after an extensive refurbishment exercise. This is the largest Victorian glasshouse in the world and is a fascinating sight, to say the least! 
  • Shakespeare’s Globe - Shakespeare’s Globe is one of the mega attractions for visitors to London. Located on South Bank, this is a detailed recreation of the type of theatre that Shakespeare would have generally written his plays. You will love the ambience here, along with the interactive and highly flexible perspective of theatre as we know it. 
  • Somerset House - Somerset House is an 18th-century picture of elegance and a major cultural hub that you should certainly consider visiting. It is situated on the northern side of the famous Waterloo Bridge and is a venue that hosts multiple events and art exhibitions alike. This integrates the Courtauld Gallery while hosting several temporary exhibitions at its Embankment Galleries too. The courtyard is also a highly functional space, complete with summer fountains, an alfresco cinema and several performances taking place here. This is the place to be for the best movie and musical experiences. 
  • Tate Modern - The Tate Modern is a riverside landmark that is dedicated to all contemporary exhibits, along with showcasing a mind-boggling modern art collection at the same time. It is based in the Bankside Power Station and you will find several eye-catching works by Dali, Warhol and Hockney, among other legends, while finding several stunning installations as well, which are part of the free permanent artwork collection here. 
  • Kew Palace - Kew Palace is one of the most historic sites with immense architectural significance. This is the preferred residence for George III which resembles more of a huge and regal country home than looking like the conventional palace of a King. The gardens have a charming little cottage that was built especially for Queen Charlotte and is possibly the best ever garden shed that you will find in your life! Kew Gardens is the entry to the palace. 
  • HMS Belfast - HMS Belfast is the iconic warship with its guns tilted higher and is moored near Tower Bridge. It has transformed into a remarkable museum that is open to visitors on a daily basis. It showcases life as it was on a working World War II warship, with lively exhibits and interactive experiences in abundance. You can explore all the lower decks, including the engine room, the dentist’s office, action stations on deck and the kitchens as well. This is one experience that will leave you spellbound, to say the least! 
  • London Transport Museum - The London Transport Museum is a gargantuan museum, which is filled with several fascinating relics from bygone eras and spanning several stages of transportation history in London. Know how tube stations in London became shelters during the war or view several decades of lovely posters and artwork while unearthing how transport services will be driven by the latest technological advances in the near future. The wonderful Friday Late-themed tour is worth checking out by all means. 
  • London Zoo - The London Zoo in Regent Park is a major landmark and it offers interesting tours for visitors as well. The zoo undertakes a lot of pioneering work and several programs related to the overall welfare of animals and it has carefully tailored settings where you will find several awe-inspiring creatures ranging from tigers and penguins to lizards and gorillas. There is a dedicated zone for little children, along with daily shows for people of all ages as well. 
  • Royal Observatory - The Royal Observatory has been the central location for scientifically studying the stars for several decades now, along with being a major timekeeping source used originally for sea navigation purposes. This is where you will witness the laid out Greenwich Meridian Line and this is the point where the time zones of the world are carefully measured. You will also view the wonderful instruments used for making several discoveries about the universe, by leading astronomers over the ages. You can also check out the planetarium shows that are hugely enriching in themselves. 
  • The South Bank - A vibrant and bustling cultural landmark and open space in London, this zone is lined with some of the most attractive and enticing galleries in London along with hosting several other attractions, theatres and the like. You can start with free artwork exhibitions and live shows at the Southbank Centre while having lunch at any one of the numerous restaurants here and watching skateboarders having a rollicking time alongside. You can then go beyond the artists’ enclave to Gabriel’s Wharf and also to the Globe and Tate Modern. 
  • 221B Baker Street - The name of the landmark itself needs no introduction. Fans of the famous Sherlock Holmes will naturally want to pay a visit to the amazing Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street. You can also follow the trail of the latest version of Sherlock Holmes by the BBC and stop at places like Speedy’s Restaurant at North Gower Street, St. Bart’s Hospital and also Leinster Gardens. 
  • Harrods - Another quintessential London landmark, this iconic and famous Knightsbridge departmental store with its plush awnings, has been offering premier and luxury products to buyers for a whopping 160 years. It spreads across a whopping 7 floors and 330 departments, offering the very best accessories, fashion, home-ware, décor items and a lot more. Feeling tired after all that shopping? Relax at the Champagne Bar or simply feast on Laduree rainbow-coloured macarons at tea-time! 

Top Restaurants Near Our Short Term Accommodation in London 

London is home to numerous restaurants, including the following: 

  • Oren - Oren is one of the most unique restaurants that you will find in London. Get a slice of Tel Aviv and Israel at this Dalston joint, spearheaded by Chef Oded Oren and there are shareable plates bustling with sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine on the menu, which you will absolutely love. The setting is more like a Brooklyn meets artsy vibe; courtesy of the dim lighting and concrete touches. This is a simplistic dining experience with emphasis placed squarely on premium ingredients and sophisticated cooking, above everything else. Key menu highlights cover the simple, yet elegant stone-baked flatbread, burnt aubergine and Mount Gerizim Tahini, Tomato & Olive Oil and the baked hispi cabbage which has a buttery and soft interior, coupled with char-grilling on the exterior. Sweetened Romesco is used for creating this fabulous dish along with raw Tahini. The Lemon sole in the Chraime from Libya offers fascinating mixes; including tomato sauce, sour capers and chillies. With a premier wine list and home-cooked desserts (do not miss out on the chocolate mousse and almonds), Oren is a must-visit for serious gastronomes. 
  • Fatt Pundit - Fatt Pundit has its specialities grounded in Hakka cuisine that originates from India itself. The interiors have shareable plates combined with a nice buzz, warm ambience and a café-like décor theme. There are exposed, long and narrow concrete tables with a large bar. The influences are hugely strong from Tangra and the signature dishes here include the piping hot momos which are steamed and succulent, with influences ranging from Indian street hits to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and China. The signature lollipop chicken is wonderful, along with the crackling spinach that comes with a generous topping of yoghurt and added pomegranate flavours. However, you will best appreciate the rabbit wontons which are spicy and irresistible by all means!
  • A Wong - A London dining institution by itself, Andrew Wong’s exclusive restaurant offers classic Chinese favourites including the Peking duck, crab claws and a lot more! Possibly better than any Chinese restaurant that you have visited recently, A Wong is all about a theatrical ambience and vast tasting menu in tandem with Michelin stars, heady glamour and wonderful desserts. The end result is somewhat dreamy. This is currently one of London’s most popular restaurants for Chinese cuisine lovers and you will appreciate the emphasis placed on attention to detail, the creation of a warm ambience and the food that is lip-smacking, to say the least.

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