Short Term Rentals London

Short Term Rentals in London

What Are Short Term Rentals?

Short-term rentals are living spaces that are designed for travellers that are staying for a limited amount of time. This could be for a few days or weeks. But it’s also their amenities that give them their popularity. Short-term rentals are always fully furnished so you have an ideal space to call home for the length of your stay and can relax without any hassle at all. From fully equipped kitchens to spacious living rooms, cosy bedrooms with high-quality linens, free Wi-Fi to work from home, stylish interiors that provide a warm glow, and so much more, short-term rentals can feel like a second home.

Why Choose Short Term Rentals in London?

London is one of the most popular cities for corporate and leisure travel. As people go in and out, they require somewhere to stay during their trip. And when they’re staying in London for a limited time, that’s where our short-term rentals come into the mix. While there are many reasons to choose them, here are a few of the top ones:

  • All ancillary bills are generally included in the price.
  • You can come and go as you please
  • All apartments are fully furnished to the highest standards
  • Situated in top Central London locations that put you in the heart of the UK capital
  • You’ll be close to key London Underground stations
  • More space than standard hotel rooms
  • London attractions and key business districts are just a stone throw’s away

What Flexibility Do Short Term Rentals Give Travellers?

When it comes to short term travel, plans can change quite suddenly. You might have to book an apartment at the last minute, if flights are cancelled or if your itinerary changes. Secondly, you could be initially staying for a few days on a corporate trip but need more days to seal the deal or you may be needed elsewhere. Regardless of this, short term rentals do offer you the flexibility that you require. Here’s how flexible short term rentals can be:

  • Short lets can be arranged at short notice
  • Extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Travel light - all you need to purchase are the consumables.

Who Uses Short Term Rentals in London?

Short stays are common in business and leisure travel. A few days to explore London on a quick getaway or a business event at the Excel Exhibition Centre pull all sorts of travellers that require short term accommodation. With everything taken care of and the flexibility to extend at the last minute if necessary ensure that short term rentals in London are in high demand by everybody.

Why Choose Us for Your Short Term Stay in London?

At TheSqua.re, we specialize in providing serviced apartments that deliver the perfect stay. For our short term apartments, we always put you in London’s top neighborhoods and give you an unrivalled experience in Britain's capital. Our apartments are uniquely furnished so you can have a homely space to return to during your few days or weeks in the city. We can also extend your stay if needs be with no hassle so you can continue living the London experience for as long as needed. We also offer a variety of extra services like grocery delivery, a chauffeur service, and more to add to your experience, if you desire it.

Best Apartments for Short Term Stays in London

Within our award-winning portfolio, we have a range of serviced apartments in London suitable for short stays. Our best ones not only offer TheSqua.re’s seal of approval, but are also situated in prime locations that are popular with short stay travellers and have that unique splash of creativity that sets them apart from the competition. Some of our best apartments for short term stays in London include:

Best Short Term Rentals for Professionals in London

Corporate travellers look for short stay apartments when they come to London for important business meetings and networking events. They seek a place where they can kick back after a long day of meetings and not have to think about the office. Whereas, some want to be able to work from home when the situation calls for it, so the free Wi-Fi and plush furnishings end up doubling as an office space. At TheSqua.re, our short term rentals make the corporate travel experience all the more convenient and comfortable. The list above of top short term rentals in London displays also some of the best options to consider in London for corporate travellers. Centrally located, fully equipped, suitable rates and stylishly designed, they are a corporate traveller's idea companion.

How to Find Short Term Rentals in London

At TheSqua.re our website’s search tool allows you to find the short term rental that you desire. You can highlight how many days you’ll be staying, the number of bedrooms, and the budget, which the website will then use to find you the perfect short term rental in London.

Rules for Short Term Rentals in London

When it comes to short term accommodation, there is a list of rules and regulations that will need to be followed throughout your stay. Here are some of the regulations that you need to be familiar with:

  • Maintain the amenities and items in proper condition. 
  • Report any damages caused. 
  • Give us prior notification of any required extension.
  • Be aware of pet policies (this can be different for each apartment)
  • No disruptive behavior towards fellow residents and neighbours.

The Best Areas in London to Find Short Term Rentals

From the snazzy and hip neighborhoods that are ideal for short stay leisure seekers to the financial districts for corporate guests, London has it all. When it comes to short term stays though, you’ll be spoilt for choice of where to stay. Here are some of the best areas in London for short term rentals:

  • Shoreditch - The hipster neighbourhood is vibrant, lively, and more than ideal for when you want to chill out and enjoy a short getaway.
  • Canary Wharf - The financial district of London and the UK, this is the home for when you’re in the city for business travel.
  • Fitzrovia - The mix of modern and new make this a top London neighbourhood to call, and being close to Oxford Street, it provides more accessibility.
  • Aldgate - This area blends the needs of corporate and leisure into perfect harmony with financial buildings like The Gherkin taking centre stage as well as pubs, restaurants, and Brick Lane for foodies.
  • Heathrow - Short stays that require a quick exit need the convenience of the areas around Heathrow Airport so you can have a quiet spot to relax after a long day in Central London and be close to the airport when it’s time to move on.
  • Knightsbridge - Another one of London’s affluent areas, you’ll have cultural institutions and upscale accommodation all around you when you book a short stay here.

Things to Do in London

London is full to the brim with landmarks and attractions. Most of them you’ll probably already know like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, and the London Eye, just to name a few. And while there are many things to do, here’s how you should be spending your time in London during your short trip:

  • Visit the Royal Parks e.g. Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, St James’ Park, and Richmond Park
  • Explore the many museums in the city, including the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, and the Charles Dickens Museum
  • Go shopping in the centre of London, making sure to trawl the deals and fancy shops through Oxford Street, Bond Street, and Regent Street
  • Walk down The Mall and get the perfect snap of Buckingham Palace in the background
  • Spend an evening at a show in the West End, whether it’s a drama, a musical, or a comedy.

However, if you want to experience everything in London and save money, then you need to purchase a London Pass. This will enable you to access over 80+ attractions in London. All you need to do is buy the pass and show it when you enter one of the landmarks. It’s arguably the best way to see the best of London when you’re here on a short stay. Here are the prices for the London Pass + Travel:

  • 1 Day Pass = Adult/£79, Child/£50
  • 2 Day Pass = Adult/£103, Child/£67
  • 3 Day Pass = Adult/£123, Child/£79
  • 6 Day Pass = Adult/£157, Child/£102
  • 10 Day Pass = Adult/£179, Child/£115

Eating and Drinking in London

When it comes to eating and drinking out in London, there are many restaurants and pubs to consider when you need to fill that appetite of yours. To give a comprehensive list is difficult but there are arguably many choices to consider. Like any capital city, prices can vary depending on what neighbourhood you’re in and what you fancy. Below is a list of the top restaurants in London that will make your short stay in the capital super tasty:

  • The Ivy 
  • Benares
  • Tamarind
  • Seven Park Place by William Drabble 
  • Orrery
  • Boisdale of Belgravia
  • The Thomas Cubitt
  • Coq d’Argent Restaurant 

Getting Around

When it comes to getting around London, you will have a fair few options to consider. Notably, you will have the red buses, black cabs, and the London Underground to hitch rides, as well as the Overground, Emirates Air Line, DLR, national rail lines, and boats. To travel through London with ease, you can use the Oyster Cards that enable you to top up and buy travel cards when you go on the tube or go contactless to pay the right fare every time. Be aware that London uses a zone system, meaning that each zone will cost more or less depending on how far out you go. Prices can change all the time, but it is best to travel during off-peak times (after rush hour basically) in order to save.

Average Price Index of Short Term Rentals in London

Rates fluctuate all the time when it comes to serviced accommodation. During peak seasons like summer, you can expect to pay more, whereas in winter rates may well be lower. It is also worth noting that cost will increase the further into Central London that you are. So, if you wish to pay lower rates during your short stay in London then consider being outside Zone 2. But of course, at TheSqua.re, serviced accommodation can be higher than your usual living spaces. As seen on our website, apartments can range from £100 per night to as much as £300 per night. To put that into perspective, the average rent for London is £979, with some properties entering the £2,500 per month threshold too.

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