Smallest Apartment in London

Smallest Apartments in London

For most of the travellers around the world, London is one of the dream destinations. The capital has a lot to offer, be it the Buckingham Place, London Museum or the London Eye. While travelling to London, finding a place to stay sometimes might be difficult. And for those of you who do not want to stay in a huge apartment and end up paying a lot on the stay, our smallest apartments in London are just the right pick. Without compromising on the comfort and quality of your stay, these smallest apartments in London have everything you need for a relaxed stay experience. Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, these apartments are impeccably designed to suit both the requirements and provide you with a splendid stay in every corner of the capital.

Our Smallest Apartments in London 

When you look for a place in any city the first few things that would come to your mind would be the facilities, safety and comfort. Our smallest apartments in London are there to fulfil all your requirements. From a comfy bed to a flat-screen TV or even a secured entry system, we have designed these apartments with superior furnishing and ultramodern equipment. Each of these studios or 1 or 2 bedroom apartments are designed for single or group stay. Each apartment has a stylish living room with a flat-screen TV, a large sofa and coffee table with free Wi-Fi for great evening conversations with your family or colleagues. There are separate cosy bedrooms to give you enough private space with fully loaded attached bathrooms. Our smallest apartments also house a modern open kitchen fully equipped with all the appliances and a dining space where you can enjoy healthy home-cooked meals.

No matter if you are visiting the capital for a few days, weeks or months, we have a suitable apartment for each of you. Our smallest apartments in London are well-maintained, fully loaded with amenities and come with a lift and secured entry system. From Shoreditch to Heathrow, you can find our fully furnished serviced apartments in any part of the city.

A few of our top smallest apartments in London are:

Why Pick Our Smallest Apartments in London?

Our smallest apartments in London are designed for both corporate and leisure travellers. You can pick the one that suits best for your requirement, be it the location, type, number of bedrooms or amenities etc. These apartments come furnished with all the amenities you need while staying for either a short or long duration. If you are travelling with friends, family or with your colleagues, you can pick the one with separate bedrooms. For a single person or a couple travelling to London, we suggest going for a studio or 1 bedroom apartment. All our smallest apartments in London have a fully equipped kitchen with all modern appliances like hob, oven, dishwasher and coffee maker. There is also a dining place for you to enjoy a healthy and hearty meal with your loved ones. The living space is designed with all sleek and stylish furniture with a flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi and entertainment system where you can sit and work or enjoy a lovely evening with your family. One can also avail the swimming pool and gym access if the apartment has those features available.

Our smallest apartments in London are designed in such a way that within a small space, you have most of the needed features available. However, you can also avail added features if the apartment or house has those features available. 

A few of those features that can be included in the package as per your request are:

  • Secured entry system
  • Lift access
  • Free parking
  • Balcony

We understand the concern of guests regarding health and safety due to COVID-19 situation. In order to cater to these concerns, we have introduced a bunch of specialised services as well. These could be additionally charged as per the apartment or building and can be opted by our guests with prior notice. 

  • Deep cleaning 
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • 14 days grocery pack
  • Extra HK sanitation service
  • Intercom system
  • Healthcare products
  • Entertainment package

Where Can You Find Our Smallest Apartment in London?

Most of the leisure travellers travelling to London prefer to stay near the attractions and tourist spots. While corporate travellers wish to stay either near the Heathrow or close to the business hubs. Being the capital of the UK and one of the largest cities in the world, it might be difficult to decide where to stay for someone who’s travelling for the first time. Our apartments are spread across the entire capital, from Heathrow to Canary Wharf to Victoria. You can pick the one based on your travel itinerary.

A few of the neighbourhoods in the megapolis where you can find our apartments are:

    • Shoreditch - One of the most popular residential areas of London, Shoreditch is filled with upscale restaurants, pubs and bars. The vintage style houses and shops and modern gastropubs, it is one of the suggested places to stay for leisure travellers. 
    • Camden - We suggest you stay at Camden if you are travelling with friends and planning to enjoy the nightlife the capital has to offer. Known for hipster pubs and trendy clubs and famous Camden Market, this is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for youngsters. 
    • Paddington - Georgian townhouses blending with sleek modern offices, Paddington is a perfect neighbourhood for both leisure and corporate travellers. It is also known for its railway station which is home to the Heathrow Express. 


  • Mayfair - One of the upscale and posh locations of London, Mayfair has luxury stay options and eclectic restaurants and pubs. Being one of the expensive locations of the capital, it offers plenty of options if you are planning to go for a lavish dinner with friends and family while you are in London. 
  • Westminster - The former administrative capital of the UK, now one of the major districts of London, Westminster is the hub of British politics. Home to the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye, this a perfect neighbourhood to stay for guests travelling for leisure. 


  • Aldgate - Mostly picked by corporate and business travellers, Aldgate is one of the upcoming business hubs of London. With a building like Walkie-talkie and other companies taking spaces, this place is suitable for both short and long duration stay. 
    • Kensington - The commercial heart of London, Kensington is suitable for both corporate travellers and families. One of the most affluent districts of London, Kensington is quite popular among travellers for the calm and friendly neighbourhood.
    • Canary Wharf - One of the key financial districts of London, Canary Wharf is one of the popular neighbourhoods for corporate travellers. The thriving urban hub of London, central location and premier living destination Canary Wharf is preferred by a lot of our guests. 


  • Limehouse - Nestled on the north bank of River Thames, Limehouse is an ideal location for a family holiday. Proximity to Canary Wharf and traditional looking houses with all modern amenities and a peaceful environment make it one of the best neighbourhoods for our guests.

Tourist Attractions Near Our Smallest Apartments in London

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for its greatest mix of cultural attractions. The capital has a lot to offer for travellers of all ages. Our serviced apartments are located in every corner of the megapolis so that our guests can stay near the tourist attractions, save travel time and enjoy their vacation fully with family and friends.

A few of the most popular travel attractions near our smallest apartments in London are:

    • London Eye - The iconic observation wheel on the bank of River Thames is one of the most popular tourist spots in not only London but in the entire world. From a height of 135-meters, you can get an excellent view of the capital. 
    • Buckingham Palace - The residence of Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace is a perfect example of 18th-century architecture. Located in the city of Westminster, this palace is the administrative headquarter and residence of the monarchy of the United Kingdom. A lot of tourists also visit Buckingham Palace at 11.30 am to experience the colourful and musical precision marching of the Changing of the Guard ceremony.


  • The British Museum - Reserving more than 13 million artefacts The British Museum is one of the famous buildings in London. A must-see for history lovers, this architecture is reserving centuries of history behind the walls. 
  • The Tower of London - Officially her majesty’s Royal Palace, the Tower of London is an iconic building in London and a World Heritage Site. Located in the north bank of River Thames, it stores a lot of historical exhibits including the Crown Jewels of British Monarchy. 
  • Covent Garden - This place is a popular entertainment and shopping hub in London. Filled with shops and kiosks one can find souvenirs and handcrafted items here. 
  • Westminster Palace & House of Parliament - The centre of British politics, Westminster Palace and the House of Parliament and the famous clock tower, also popularly known as the Big Ben among tourists. Big Ben is the 318 feet tower and the giant clock at the north end of the palace. Most of the tourists visit this place for the excellent architecture and the famous clock tower. 
  • Kew Gardens - A huge lush green garden spread across 326-acre on the south bank of River Thames, this is a must-visit for nature lovers. This place also hosts a lot of cultural and musical events all around the year.

Popular Restaurants & Pubs Near Our Smallest Apartments

Indulging in local cuisine is one of the important parts of any holiday. London, being the capital and a megapolis has both local and global food options.  One can find anything and everything while exploring the diversified food options in London. From small food joints to luxury dine-ins, there are thousands of options available in every part of the city. Our apartments have a fully equipped kitchen, however, if you do not prefer cooking your meal while travelling there are multiple options available nearby. 


  • Tamarind - Serving Indian cuisine with a modern twist, Tamarind is one of the well-acclaimed dine-ins in London. If you wish to explore the Indian cuisine and especially North-Indian tandoor options, this place is a must-pick.
  • Orrey - Serving delicious classic french food, Orrey is one of the most popular dine-ins in London. A short modern food menu, this has an award-winning wine list. Pick a rooftop sitting or a church view table to enjoy a sumptuous meal with your close ones. 
  • Hoppers - Exclusively Sri Lankan menu, Hoppers serves outstanding food in their two locations, Marylebone and Soho. If you like spices and wish to explore authentic Sri Lankan food, this is one of the best places to go-to. 
  • Padella - The best place for any pasta lover, Padella is all about delicious, unique and fresh pasta. Their menu changes daily, however, one of the must-have dishes is pappardelle.
  • Kiln - If you are looking for Thai food while in London, Kiln is the go-to place for you. Offering exceptional Thai food, turmeric-laced red mullet's is a must-try here.
  • Clove Club - A Michelin-Star restaurant offering an exceptional seasonal British food menu, Clove Club is located in Shoreditch. 
  • Sabor - Located in the Mayfair area of London, Sabor has an exclusive Spanish menu to offer. Centrally located, this restaurant has an informal no reservation dine-in culture. 

Cost of Our Smallest Apartments in London

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and finding a place within your budget could be a difficult task. At TheSqua.re, we have kept our apartment rates as per your budget. Our smallest apartments in London can be easily booked for weeks or months to enjoy a comfortable and stylish living while visiting the capital. Our property prices vary season to season and could be different as per the duration of the stay. We aim to provide a comfortable and unique stay experience for all our guests.

Our Smallest Apartments in London for Families

When you travel with your family, the most important part of the itinerary is where to stay. Our smallest apartments in London are designed in such a way that even while you travel with our family everyone gets their own space and privacy. We suggest you pick one of our 2 or 3 bedroom apartments as these are spacious and well equipped to accommodate a big group. Each apartment has separate bedrooms with an attached bathroom, a fully furnished living room with a flat-screen TV and Free Wi-Fi to enjoy with your family. You can also cook your meal in our fully equipped modern kitchen.

Our Smallest Apartments in London for Corporate Travellers

Suitable for corporate travellers, our apartments are fully furnished and designed to give you a comfortable stay. You will not need to carry anything but your clothes while travelling to London if you pick our furnished apartments. From a cosy comfy bed to a fully loaded bathroom with amenities, a tastefully designed living room to a fully equipped kitchen, there is everything ready for you. If you are travelling in a group, our smallest apartments in London are perfect for that too. Separate bedroom and living space to sit and brainstorm, every amenity and facility is kept keeping your need in mind. You can also avail the swimming pool and gym facilities to reduce stress as these facilities are also available on demand.

Transport Near Our Smallest Apartments in London

All our apartments are located within a few minutes walk front he business centres and tourist places. No matter you’re travelling for leisure or business, you can pick one of our smallest apartments in London as per your need. Most of our apartments are centrally located so that you can access London Underground and Overground trains, National Rail services, and bus routes. We also have our smallest apartments in London near Heathrow Airport for someone who has to travel frequently.

A few of the popular Underground stations near our apartments are:

  • Victoria
  • Bond Street 
  • Pimlico
  • Euston
  • Russell Square 
  • King’s Cross
  • Camden Town

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