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Studio Serviced Apartments in North London

The north of London has just as much to offer as any part of the esteemed capital of the UK. While it may not have the opulence of the West End or the vibrancy of South London, its cultural attractions make it what it is and lure in the worlds of business and leisure throughout the year. As we take pride in our London collection of serviced apartments and are experts in the city itself, we know that North London is still an essential pick. That’s why we have a limited but resourceful list of studios that are perfect for the solo travellers looking for a compact space to be by themselves or a couple looking for accommodation on their romantic getaway. They’re ready to book, and all our guests need to do is turn and live.

Our Studio Apartments in North London

While our studios in North London are in short supply, they nevertheless have all the amenities that our apartments are renowned for and represent the finest that our award-winning portfolio offers. They are in top locations in North London and will more than settle as the second home of all those that book their short or long term stay in London within the studios. Fully equipped, they are the antidote to long days spent roaming the streets or sitting in office meetings and networking with clients.

We recommend the following studio apartments in North London:

Why Should You Book Studio Apartments in North London?

Central locations, homely amenities and more contribute to the overall experience in our North London studios and make them the popular assets that they are. Being close to all the top sights in the area and having everything one needs upon return is more confirmation that we go above and beyond to provide comfort and convenience for every guest that stays with us. Business or leisure, these studio apartments are the best stay to experience North London.

Facilities in Our Studio Apartments in North London

No matter how big or small the studio may be, each one furnished for all eventualities. They have all guests in mind, from the fussy ones to the easy-to-please. Fully equipped kitchens provide the base for healthy cooking to take place, a cosy sofa and TV for evening entertainment, maybe a balcony for splendid city views and a bed to recharge the batteries in. Then, of course, there’s the free Wi-Fi for streaming, video calling and remote working. Enjoying the city of London never got easier from our accommodation.

And for those that need an extra touch of class, extra facilities like a gym, spa, concierge services and a business centre can also be available pricing the residence has these to offer and if a stay is 30 days or longer. Some buildings can accommodate short-stay guests so nothing is impossible for those that want these finer things.

Where Can You Find Our Studio Apartments in North London?

The area has plenty of districts that have their own character and sensibilities. Some are more popular than others and bring in different sorts of visitors. A few can be corporate hubs, whereas others are the trendy and hipsters spots for young people. As our portfolio studios in London doesn’t stretch so far, the districts to experience may be limited but they each provide potential guests with a new way to see the city and offer a range of things.

  • Aldgate - Featuring the Sky Garden, The Gherkin and streets markets, the area has the potential to be the best base for business and leisure stays in the capital city.
  • Kings Cross - One of the most pivotal connection hubs in London, the trains take travellers in and out of the city, the Eurostar to Paris and Brussels, and the London Underground to the best attractions available. Sadly, it does not go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 
  • Angel - Situated near Islington, pubs and bars populate the streets as well as independent stores selling a mixture of goods. Great for young professionals that want somewhere decent to chill outside of their apartment. 
  • Swiss Cottage - A wealthy part of North London, it has good connections to the centre and is known for being family-friendly as well as lively. 
  • West Hampstead - With large Victorian houses and apartment buildings, this posh and affluent district is known for its diverse global eateries, indie food shops, and fashion stores that stretch across the ever-populous West End Lane.

Attractions Near Our Studio Apartments in North London

When anyone thinks of London it’s probably going to be the chimes of Big Ben, the pouring rain, the sardine-can tube carriages and the guards by Buckingham Palace guards. In North London, whilst the rain and squashed public transport still ring true, the chimes do not carry as far. However, there are other attractions and sights that can grace the senses and offer a new vision of Britain’s most important city. Our studios are scattered around the area and enable efficient access to the landmarks that fill the north of the city. Relaxing and unwinding will never be difficult when guests of business and leisure stay in our studio apartments.

The landmarks and attractions in North London include the ones below:

  • Hampstead Heath - Measuring at over 790 acres, this park is full of London joggers, wannabe athletes, families entertaining their kids and bathers taking advantage of the private ponds and sun when the opportunity arises through their short or stay in North London.
  • British Library - Between 170-200 million objects are within its vaults, making the British Library the most treasured spot in the UK for historians and architects. 
  • King’s Cross Station - The station and area is a popular hangout for Harry Potter fans that want a pic with the trolley that goes to the fictional Platform Nine and Three Quarters.  In addition, there is the Harry Potter shop that is always packed with wizards and there are the eateries around here and the architectural marvel that is the St Pancras Hotel. 
  • Camden Market - The ever-crowded market is a weekend hotspot with its numerous foods, stalls and sights. Featuring priceless collectables in some of the stalls, a real bargain can truly be discovered by those that take the time to look.
  • British Museum - Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Persian Empire, Alexander the Great; all the realms of history and its civilisations and sparks of progress can be witnessed in this national treasure.
  • Charles Dickens Museum - Britain’s most famous author can be appreciated in all his finery at his former Georgian terraced house. For die-hard fans only, or those that are studying his works.
  • Foundling Museum - London’s first home for children at risk of abandonment, the museum shows an enlightening story that hits the human heart whilst detailed artworks and displays help to enforce the story of the human spirit.
  • Bloomsbury Theatre - A whole new world of drama, comedy and adventure can be experienced throughout the days and nights in London.
  • London Canal Museum - The history of the city’s canal network and how it influenced the way of life for some parts of the city is given full display.
  • Primrose Hill - Not far from Regent’s Park, the eponymous hill is 63 metres high and is one of the few protected viewpoints across London.

Best Restaurants Near Our Studio Apartments in North London

The area, like the rest of London, has an array of restaurants that cater to every taste and dish. Whether visitors want the best of British food on their plate, some spicy curries, noodles, stews, Sunday roast or anything in between, the city’s eateries more than deliver. Our elegantly designed studios are near to some of the dining highlights for when the fully equipped kitchen isn’t necessary. Guests can walk out the door, catch a bus or a tube, and dine away like a local or an important visitor.

The best restaurants in North London are the following:

  • La Patagonia - An exposed brick barrio-style setting and dishes of homestyle Argentinian cuisine make this a key pick. Plus, regular tango nights add a bit of fun.
  • Trufflesecco - Truffles and Prosecco are the headlines at this trendy, evening spot, where Tuscan foods and Italian wines grace the menus and tables.
  • The Dublin Castle - An essential part of the London indie scene, the establishment is decorated with band posters and hosts new music in a backroom. This infuses a vibe that is difficult not to be attracted to.
  • The Lock Tavern - As the name suggests, it’s a busy lockside pub with a roof terrace. It also hosts music events and serves delicious pie and mash for those that like a more traditional meal.
  • The Albion - Serving British comfort food, this is a popular family-friendly Georgian pub that features an extensive garden for added comfort.
  • Radici - This southern Italian establishment offers tasty cuisine served in laid-back quarters with a bar and outside terrace for those that want views when they’re having their romantic or soulful nights out.
  • Comedor Grill - A Pan-South American restaurant, its succulent food is served in a dining room hung with abstract paintings to add a special hue with the cuisine.
  • Golden Arrow - A chic ground floor hotel restaurant that serves global dishes, its menu will satisfy all the picky clients that enter its doors.
  • The Spaniard’s Inn - A homely fireplace, large garden for outdoor pints and a comfort food menu ensure that groups, couples and loners can relax at the end of a long day or week.
  • The Holly Bush - A traditional 18th-century wood-panelled pub, cask ales, a fireplace and an outdoor space add to the homely and local atmosphere of the establishment.

Corporate Studio Apartments in North London

The North of London is teeming with opportunity, just like the rest of the city. Startups dot the streets, some even being set up in bedrooms. But what brings most corporate travellers here are the connections to the vibrant financial hub in the centre of the city. To appease all business hotshots arriving in London, we have compact and stylish studios meant to bring second home to the forefront at the end of exhaustive office hours. The interiors are decorated with pleasant colours to give off the chilled vibe, whilst the amenities proudly show off what guests love about their first home many miles away. The kitchens offer a therapeutic and fun way to make meals whilst the sitting area provides the nightly TV programming and the Wi-Fi stops unnecessary travel to the office so remote working can take place. With all this and more, it’s no wonder why the business world chooses our North London studios for their relocations and long stays.

Studio Apartments in North London for Leisure

For couples and solo adventurers, our studios have the precise and sleek appeal that they require on trips to the capital city. They have everything one desires from accommodation for a quick getaway. Free Wi-Fi to stream content and connect with family far away, a kitchen to impress the partner with a freshly prepared meal and a sofa to catch a quick nap or watch the sports, our studios are humble abodes to return to after all the sights in the area have been appreciated. Scrolling through the pics on the mobile phone from the sofa and a mug of tea waiting to be savoured, London experiences are made all the more real and thoroughly British from our small and unique collection of studios. Their central locations also inspire quick means to hit the landmarks and get back in time for the usual TV favourites.

Transport Near Our Studio Apartments in North London

London’s transport system is renowned for its efficiency. Like New York, there are multiple ways to get from A to B. Be it the London Underground, black cabs, Overground, DLR, red buses or the national rail services, guests will have no issues finding the ideal route for them to take. And even if this is their first time in London, our studios in North London are aptly situated so walking to and from the station is simple and not going to lead to long walks or lost ventures. We aim to make stays simple and granting hassle-free methods to get to the office or attractions is what we do.

Our North London studios are located near the following stations:

  • Kings Cross St Pancras
  • Angel
  • Aldgate
  • Aldgate East
  • Swiss Cottage
  • West Hempstead
  • Euston 
  • Russell Square

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