Temporary Housing London

Temporary Housing London

Finding a temporary place to stay in London can be extremely important in so many cases. It can be your child’s graduation in any prestigious London college or just a quick meeting with a client. Couples even plan a quick weekend getaway in the green beauty of London brimming with regality and history. If not an international getaway, it can even be a work-related hop from a nearby city which can take a few days or a week at a stretch. These temporary setups allow millions of travellers visiting London all over the year for various purposes to rent freely. 

Temporary Housing London offers several advantages as well, that allows breaking the hesitation of renting. Keeping all these parameters in mind, we have exclusively curated our range of compact serviced apartments to ensure that finding temporary housing in London can be a stress-free job.

Our Best Temporary Housing in London

TheSqua.re team after extensive research has made sure that an ideal set of temporary abodes come into place. Each serviced apartment has been individually hand-picked and curated right from scratch, to make one-on-one customisation possible. Our team has been in the shoes of a short term traveller, daunted by the expenses and size that this mammoth of a city has to offer. Bit by bit all the parameters have been listed and approved. Only then the final bunch of apartments came into place. Each apartment comes with a flat-screen TV, a full-fledged kitchen, a lavish bathroom, and even a balcony in some. From crisp linens to high-speed Wi-Fi, each state-of-the-art abode can be a good fit for all kinds of travellers looking for Temporary Housing London offers.

Some of our handpicked apartments, ideal for temporary housing in London include:

Why Should You Book a Temporary Housing in London?

We all know that short term rentals are way more comfortable to pick than long term apartments because of the plethora of services that they come with. One often regrets not being able to rent a long term abode, but the costs for long term accommodation spikes unthinkably high as well. .. The most attractive feature of our temporary housing in London is that it comes with the services and comfort of a long term rental but at the price of a compact short term abode. The connectivity to the rest of the city, the elegance of the surrounding neighbourhoods, proximity to the tube, comfort in every part of the home, and so much more, allows for a pleasant experience during the stay. Even if it is a short planned or unplanned stay in London, nothing can be easier than buying a rental right near your temporary office. It will only make your stay all the more convenient.

Facilities in Our Temporary Housing in London

Each of our serviced apartments doesn't estimate the rents to jump a particular amount to provide the travellers with our top-notch facilities. No matter which apartment you go with, the basic structure of the facilities runs the same through them all. From the availability of a full-fledged kitchen to the grocery pack coming to you weekly, from a clean bathroom to crisp upholstery, the quality standards are never compromised. Some of the facilities like a luxury flat screen TV, cosy beds, free Wi-Fi, local coupons, grocery packs, and 24x7 availability of our dedicated service team are available all the same from our studio apartments to 4-bedroom sets. 

Some of the other amenities that be either come complementary or can surely be added at an extra cost include:

  • Concierge services
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • 24x7 online availability
  • Gym access
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Temporary Housing in London?

No matter which particular location you have to head to for the quick trip, most of the prime areas of the lovely London City have been evenly covered by TheSqua.re. You are sorted right from the business clients clustered in Shoreditch or Canary Wharf to the posh Kensington or even the popular Greenwich. Considering the varied reasons that travellers from across the globe fly down to London for, the locations have been specifically chosen as well. This becomes one of the top reasons for the popularity of our temporary housing in London. From utmost security to an eclectic variety of restaurants for a quick breakfast or a late dinner, each neighbourhood location takes care of all your insecurities and inconveniences of living in an unknown city. 

Our apartments, ideal for temporary housing in London, can be found in the following neighbourhoods:

  • Kensington - If a college requirement has brought you to London, then this is the ideal place to hit. With students inhabiting the neighbourhood to an array of food, vintage boutiques, and art, this is a gem. 
  • Shoreditch - This gem of East London is the exact place where the English theatre took birth. It is a fun and trendy place to stay in and also boasts of the world’s first pop-up mall, Boxpark.
  • Fitzrovia - Once home to Virginia Woolf, with so many art galleries, pubs, and Charlotte Street, this is a wonderful neighbourhood to explore in all its authenticity. 
  • Greenwich - Poplar for its maritime history and a lot of prime attractions, this extensive neighbourhood sits right on the peaceful banks of the River Thames. 
  • Southwark - Once home to Charlie Chaplin, this wonderful neighbourhood lies in the Southeast of London. Frequent travels to Central London is the easiest here. 
  • Canary Wharf - With an entire history of being one among the world's busiest docks, today, it is a very sophisticated place to stay in. A compact place stuffed with restaurants and classy vibe. 
  • Angel - Home to the popular Old Street, this lively neighbourhood has a lot to see, eat, and see. A vibrant place to live with friends. From fruits to clothes, one can shop until one drop.

London Attractions Near Our Temporary Housing

We understand that you might be in London for less time to be able to explore London, but there are definitely a bunch of attractions that can be enjoyed nearby. By the virtue of the strategic location of each of our apartment, you can enjoy a lot many popular attractions that London is practically known for. From Harrods for luxury shopaholics to the Toy Museum with kids, the Tate Museum for intellectual lovers of art to a lot more. No matter how much time you have at hand, do spare a few hours every alternate day to just get a picture clicked at some of the iconic London spots. The travelling time will anyway be very less because of the precise central location that each apartment has. Whenever in London, make sure to make the most of it because this beautiful city is worth that run. 

Some of the notable attractions which can be spotted near our temporary housing in London include:

  • Cutty Sark - Admire the iconic British Clipper ship called the ‘Cutty Sark’ from outside. Boasts of being the fastest of its time, the elaborate ship looks equally magnificent from outside, and for free. 
  • Harrods - Experience luxuries at the Harrods without spending a dime with a fun visit for convenient window shopping with over 330 departments to serve your taste. 
  • The Toy Museum - Right beside The V&A Museum of Childhood, this wonderful place in Bethnal Green hosts workshops and film screenings for kids. An ideal day out with kids near Shoreditch. 
  • The Tate Modern - Turbine Hall is a must for contemporary art lovers to visit here. Being one of the world’s most visited art galleries, this wonderful Southwark attraction is free to enter.
  • Science Museum - Gasp at the beauty of rockets at the Science Museum which can be fascinating for science buffs and kids. 
  • House of Hackney - This award-winning store is for all the exquisite home needs inspired by the royalty of the UK. Find this lavish home-decor boutique in Shoreditch.

Best London Restaurants Near Our Temporary Housing

If nothing else, there will always be food around. From quick bites to heavy brunches, sudden burger cravings for a full family outing, restaurants near Temporary Housing London can accommodate it all. One prime reason for us being so selective of our choices of the neighbourhood is this love for food. We understand the need for wholesome food to be able to work properly or travel in ease. With hygienic, popular, and absolutely delicious servers of food, most of the restaurants in immediate proximity from our apartment are worth trusting and tasting blindly. 

Some of the finest restaurants and street food favourites near our Temporary Housing, London are:

  • The Ivy Brasserie - With a kids’ menu, British cuisine, a cosy bar, and a lot of popularity, this is a must-visit restaurant in Kensington. The cabaret is a popular attraction here. 
  • Yashin Sushi - It is one of the best sushi places in the entire capital. Even though the restaurant is expensive, the lunch deals are particularly great. 
  • Honest Burgers Greenwich - A very popular eatery among locals. Apart from great burgers and a casual vibe, it offers late-night food and quite a hip bar. 
  • Sticks and Sushi - Another sushi favourite is this Greenwich restaurant based on the Danish concept of yakitori skewers. The presentation is notable. 
  • Garbanzos - This favourite in Canary Wharf is ideal for quick and wholesome vegetarian bites on the go. Quite a saviour for business travellers living or working nearby.

Cost of Temporary Housing in London

Temporary housing London is different from the rest of our serviced apartment types in terms of the cost. While our apartments ensure a transparent and fair price structure, it is the convenience of short term rents that wins the game here. The rents are fairly less for the short term housing which breaks the layer of hesitation of investing in rental apartments. The services offered at such low prices often end up impressing our travellers. This is exactly why all our travellers, especially the ones flying down from nearby cities, trust us again and again.

Temporary Corporate Accommodation in London 

Short term rentals indeed require way less investment than long term ones, but there is another fact that stands tall before you. Both the options require an equal capacity to hunt the right location and grapple with the endless fees and deposits that come along the renting process from outside. Booking ease is one of the top reasons why business travellers prefer our serviced apartments. Apart from this, the stable and complement Wi-Fi connection alone ensures the work-from-home goes smoothly well. This is hard to get when working from somewhere outside one’s own home. With multiple entertainment memberships that come with it, your lazy evenings and weekends have all been taken care of. If needed, one can always choose more facilities like a gym membership or dishwasher, just in case, the trip extends to over a few weeks.

Temporary Accommodation in London for Families

Apart from the ease of choosing and booking, it is the trust factor that makes TheSqua.re accommodations suitable for families. When travelling to a foreign city, one has to be sure about everything before bringing in the kids. From untimely needs for food or medicines, travelling convenience to nearby places, the security of the locality, the vibe of the area that one is about to choose, and so many more, you name it and the Temporary Housing London has it all. All these questions are answered in affirmative by-default because the trust that we have built over the years never let the travellers think otherwise. We have always been very particular of the quality standards that all our accommodations maintain. From beds to cleanliness of the kitchen, easy availability of food nearby, to 24x7 attention of the service team, the Temporary Housing London offers all.

With concierge services available, you can make the most of all the advantages that can simplify living with family for you right in the heart of London.

Centrally Located Temporary Housing in London

One thing that TheSqua.re keeps at a very high priority is the convenience factor that comes with each serviced apartment. Every apartment has been cautiously chosen in the best of the London neighbourhoods which are mostly at a walking distance from the tube station. Just buy an Oyster Card with a deposit if you don't want to pay extra at every transportation ticket which you can later return before you leave London. Every area not only offers an easy travel convenience to just nearby places but also most London attractions. In most abodes, even interstate travelling is also convenient, just in case your trip involves to and fro from Kent or Surrey. Overall travelling costs and time will be reduced a lot because of the strategic locations of our short term rentals which come as a big plus for your short stay in London. 

Some of the common Underground stations near our apartments exclusively suitable for temporary housing include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • South Quay DLR
  • Chancery Lane

All our properties have been verified by experienced property managers.

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