Weekly Serviced Apartments London

Weekly Serviced Apartments London

London is one of the most loved destinations across the globe for a weekly getaway. From corporate employees looking forward to a peaceful staycation to a couple willing to enjoy a romantic stay in the vibrant England capital, London has something for all alike. Once the entire plan of stay is ready for action, that is when TheSqua.re dives in. With our exquisite range of weekly serviced apartments in London, we are all set to provide you with a temporary home with all possible comforts in this foreign city. A hotel room might feel luxurious on the first two days, but the nostalgia for home-cooked food and messy living room hits hard on the third. With our ready-to-use kitchen, cosy beds, flatscreen TV, sunlit living room, spacious rooms and lavish bathrooms along with so much more, a week in London will pass with a blink of an eye.

Our Best Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

Two prime factors make our weekly serviced apartments in London stand out. First is the premium quality of living that the eclectic range of amenities, combined with modern furnishings, offer. Second, comes the strategic locations where each apartment sits. No matter how majestic a serviced apartment is, if the location isn't secure and exciting, nothing else would matter. We at TheSqua.re understand this and that is exactly the reason why we have curated each of our apartments in some of the finest and most secure neighbourhoods of London City. From an endless variety of restaurants to the easy availability of daily essentials, tube stations mostly at a walking distance to a cluster of London attractions to accompany, the list of the location advantages is endless.

Some of our handpicked apartments ideal for weekly accommodation in London include:

Why Should You Book Weekly Serviced Apartments in London?

A week sure sounds quite less when compared to people looking for apartments for a month or more, but here is a catch. One gets agitated right after three days of living in an unlikely environment. Most of us have felt the need to shift our home overnight to a whole new city. That is because we sure want to change our external environment and have new experiences but without compromising on the comforts of our home. Our weekly serviced apartments in London come with this same motive. The full-fledged kitchen at your disposal, clean beds, bathtubs, balconies, Netflix on TV, Wi-Fi, and so much more in our apartments will feel closely like your home but in London City. Not just this, after one spends a long day to travel to and fro or work on a hectic meeting, or just do all the touristy stuff all day long, coming back to you home-brewed coffee on a cosy couch sure feels the best. 

Facilities in Our Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

What makes our serviced apartments so loved by all kinds of travellers from around the world is the irresistible set of amenities that we offer. From high-speed Wi-Fi with Netflix to spacious bedrooms with luxury bathrooms, from a replica of your home kitchen to a grocery pack reaching you every week, the apartment offers an entire package of comfort. Apart from the luxuries that the interiors of the apartment come with, the prime locations that have been exclusively chosen for each of our apartments in London are particularly interesting. To top it all, this plethora of facilities is squeezed in an unbelievably affordable price bracket, which is often quite surprising for travellers. The best part is, one can always add the kind of luxuries that one wishes to make the entire stay as personalised as possible. 

Some of the fine amenities that either come in-built or can be added at an extra cost include:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Dishwasher
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Washing machine
  • Lift access
  • Flatscreen TV
  • Netflix and Amazon membership
  • Balcony
  • Business centre

Where Can You Find Our Weekly Serviced Apartments in London?

Most parts of London have some fine speciality to offer. While Shoreditch can get you closer to business houses, Canary Wharf has a food paradise as a bonus, the Angel has a hip lifestyle to share while Greenwich has a piece of London’s history. Each neighbourhood which has something exciting to offer, one can find our weekly serviced apartments in London right there. No matter which apartment you end up picking, you can be entirely assured of the strategic advantages that it offers. Every traveller trusting us with their much-awaited weekly London stay is free to expect an impressive variety of restaurants and popular attractions near any chosen area. Not just that, even if you are the expecting a vacation that involves vigorous to and fro from one part of the city to another, our proximity to the tube stations will take care of that as well. 

Following are some of the cream neighbourhoods where you can expect to find our weekly serviced apartments in London:

  • Canary Wharf - Enjoy an array of eclectic delicacies and tiny markets in this neighbourhood offering a mix of business and culture. 
  • Greenwich - A child-friendly neighbourhood with so much to do with kids. The Cutty Sark and Docklands are the two most popular attractions here. 
  • Primrose Hill - An ideal getaway for a romantic stay in London with lush green spaces, pastel-tinted houses, and Victorian outlook. 
  • Crystal Palace - One of the most suitable neighbourhoods for young families willing to spend a fun time in London. Along with a lot of green space and the National Sports Stadium, this is the safest area in London. 
  • Angel - A lovely neighbourhood to party and enjoy with your partner or group of friends. Enjoy an impressive variety of art and cafes here. 
  • Spitalfields - A warm and lively neighbourhood to choose. It offers a mix of vintage markets and a closely-knit community to explore.

Attractions Near Our Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

From Crystal Palace for a cosy family picnic to Camden Market for a fun outing with friends, from a romantic evening on the dock to whatnot, London has so much to experience. Our weekly serviced apartments in London have been cautiously chosen in the prime neighbourhoods of the expansive city. A week is a quite limited time to be able to do justice to this massive city, but we have made our best effort to make this doable. With our careful choice of location, TheSqua.re has brought the most wonderful London attractions right near to your chosen apartment. With the tube station being at a walking distance as well, moving around the city over the entire week will get way easier and quicker. 

Some of the notable attractions near our weekly serviced apartments in London include:

  • Camden Passage - This Islington beauty is a car-free street full of vintage vibes, local foods, and an absolute paradise for shopaholics. 
  • Kyoto Garden - With impressive water features and shrubs, this is a lovely Kensington attraction designed by a popular Japanese designer. 
  • The Screen on the Green - One among the first cinemas of the country. Cinema lovers must experience this when around the Angel. 
  • Crystal Palace Park - With Dinosaur sculptures, sand maze, and a weekly local market, this is an ideal place for fun with kids and family. 
  • The British Museum - This gem in Bloomsbury is a must-visit in London. A historic landmark and an absolute treat for every history buff. 
  • Big Ben - This popular bell in the iconic Elizabeth tower built in the Gothic style is 14 storeys high and a symbol of National importance to London.

Best Restaurants Near Our Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

The first thing that tops anyone’s idea of a vacation is good food. Each of our weekly serviced apartments in London ensures just that. Thanks to the carefully chosen areas of London City, every traveller trusting us with their vacation will have the advantage of variety. One can easily explore so many more dishes, cuisines, hidden local gems, and even the most sophisticated restaurants than one could usually try on their own. We make sure that one doesn't have to go all the way to other parts of the city just for a quick healthy breakfast or even a weekend party. One can easily expect to try new restaurants and street food stalls every day of the week without running out of options. 

Some of the finest and the most popular restaurants among locals near our weekly serviced apartments include:

  • The Dead Dolls Club - This beautiful restaurant opens overnight and is adorned with illustrations by Quentin Blake while piano jazz sets the right mood. 
  • Elk in the Woods - This rustic restaurant in the heart of Angel offers slow roast pork delicacies and a hearty breakfast menu. 
  • The Crystal Palace Market - Don't confuse this with the market, it is a Modern European restaurant offering grilled delicacies and fresh seafood. 
  • Joanna’s - A polished restaurant offering an eclectic menu which is quite impressive and equally delicious.
  • Ottolenghi Spitalfields - This Mediterranean restaurant offers a varied menu ranging from the Middle East to North Africa.
  • ROKA Canary Wharf - This contemporary restaurant has an open grill, Sushi, and an array of Japanese dishes to offer.

Cost of Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

One of the most attractive features of our weekly serviced apartments is the cost-effectiveness. Finding an ideal accommodation in an expensive city like London, that too just for a week is a task in itself. On top of it, if one gets particular over the localities, the security feedback of the chosen area, and the distance from the nearby attractions, the road to London might get difficult. With absolute transparency in terms of the distances and the reviews of the apartment facilities and the chosen location that TheSqua.re offers, making a final judgement on the fairness of the cost isn't tough at all. We come intending to provide the best living experience with prime amenities in an exquisite area. Thanks to our experience of almost a decade in the housing industry, we can squeeze all these visions and luxuries in a highly affordable and fair package for you.

Weekly Corporate Accommodation in London 

One of the top two demands of our weekly corporate accommodation in London comes from business travellers. One can always choose from a studio apartment, 1 bedroom or even 3 bedroom sets for a comforting stay based on the strength of the group accompanying you. Our sleek and modern furnishings make sure that a sophisticated environment is created at all times. Apart from that, our stable broadband connection and a spacious and mostly sunlit study area in the apartment takes good care of the office away from the office on lazy days or untimely Zoom calls. Cooking and grocery shopping can be a problem for travellers staying here for work purposes. Our weekly grocery packs come to rescue your homemade food cravings. For other days, a quick coffee and homemade pancake breakfast, that too in another city, would never be easier than this.

Weekly Accommodation in London for Families

Families come over to London to enjoy a weekly stay amidst the beauty and the vintage streets of this city. With spacious rooms, a fully-stocked kitchen, a living room with all the essentials for comfort and hygiene standards maintained at all times, living with a family here would be quite a treat. The comforts of your home come together with the luxuries of a hotel while you have an entire home to yourself, what better stay with kids could one ask for. After long days of roaming around the city doing all the touristy activities, finally coming back to your cosy couches and beds with hot coffee would feel no less than heaven. If it is a romantic getaway in winters that you are looking forward to, a fireplace and hot chocolate on a late winter evening in London will surely make your vacation memorable.

Centrally Located Weekly Serviced Apartments in London

The first parameter of any and every one of our apartments is the proximity to any mode of public transport. The same applies to our selection of weekly serviced apartments in London as well. We understand how difficult commuting can get in a foreign place and, especially with an extensive itinerary squeezed in just one week. Thanks to the thorough transport networking of London City, getting around is fairly convenient with a clean set of tube lines laid out for each traveller. While the Underground system and the red buses ensure utmost travel convenience within the city, the London Rail takes care of the intercity to and fro. Each of these can be easily tracked from wherever you choose to stay with us. It doesn't end there as we have got you covered even for heading back to your city and your country with most of our neighbourhood locations offering proximity to the London Heathrow Airport. All that sums up the innumerable strategic advantages that the central location of our weekly serviced apartments in London have to offer. 

Some of the most convenient Underground stations near our weekly serviced apartments in London include:

  • Hounslow Central Station
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Angel
  • Canary Wharf
  • Goodge Street
  • Elephant & Castle Tube Station
  • Limehouse
  • Aldgate East
  • South Quay DLR
  • Chancery Lane

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