West London Apartments Short Stay

West London Accommodation Short Stay

All parts of London have their own vibe and feel, and West London is no different. Its affluent air lures in travellers of all kinds that want to experience one of the richest parts of the city. But for those that are here for the short term, they have limited time to enjoy the area. All the more reason to book our short stay West London apartments. Ideal for bookings of a few days and a week or so, they are fully furnished and centrally located in the posh city districts so the high life is never far away. Business and leisure guests will have the sleek and stylish stay they’ve come to expect for the heart of West London.

Our Best West London Apartments for Short Stays

Like all immense portfolios, we have the best and brightest that go beyond the norm. The apartments that truly evoke what the perfect stay has come to define in the modern era. With plush apartments and interior designs that are up-to-date and have everything that the corporate and leisure worlds require, there’s a reason so many guests come back to experience West London all over again.

Below are a few of our top West London apartments for short stays:

Why Should You Book Our West London Apartments for Short Stays?

Short stays need that fine touch, that elegant appeal. Whether booking for a few days or week, every guest wants to feel that they’re receiving a first-class experience which is why we go out of our way to deliver accommodation that everyone can appreciate. They are full of all the facilities anyone needs and are close to pivotal and popular attractions that fill the busy days. Plus, with London Underground connections never far away, the office and city landmarks are simple to get. Convenience and comfort sorted.

Facilities in Our West London Apartments for Short Stays

All of our apartments in West London have the vital tools and amenities to guarantee a cosy stay. A fully equipped kitchen enables home cooking, a flat screen TV to watch all the programmes one wants in the evenings, a bed with high quality linen and spacious living areas to spread out in. Aside from those key attributes, there are extra amenities that can be included at an added cost for a short stay guess. A gym, sauna, spa and concierge services are just some of these things. Business and leisure are made all the more pleasurable with the facilities that our guests can return to after a long day out around the city and weaving through the incessant crowds.

Where Can You Find Our Short Stay Apartments in West London?

The area of West London is home to some of the most affluent parts of the city. From Kensington to Chelsea, it really is a gold mine of high-end properties and amenities. We know that those who choose West London want the high lifestyle that is synonymous with its reputation. That’s why we have a host of apartments all over the top neighbourhoods and districts that meet all the picky requirements. Wealthy streets, a cultural hub or a spot with green space, those that come to West London will have plenty of places to book.

Some of the key districts and areas in West London that we have short stay apartments include:

  • Richmond Upon Thames - A very affluent area across the River Thames, the eponymous park creates a peaceful atmosphere that is one of the main driving points for those that choose this area fro their short stay with TheSqua.re.
  • Hounslow/Heathrow - With international connections being easy to make, it is no wonder that guests stay here to make quick flights to other global hotspots so they can finish one short stay and then head on to the next destination.
  • Ealing - Known for the film studio from the 1950s that made many classic British comedies, the area is diverse and full of commerce and culture. Due to this, it merges the needs of business and leisure quite succinctly. 
  • Hammersmith - Music venues and theatres swamp the area, to make it a pinnacle of entertainment that drives in all the guests that want their short stay to be one of non-stop fun.
  • Fulham - An upmarket residential area, it has chic boutiques, home-goods stores, and posh delis, amongst other things to make it appealing for everyone that wants to see another side of London they have yet to experience.
  • Harrow - When anyone mentions its name they conjure up images of the posh independent school that has taught a wide succession of Tory Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden, As an area itself, Harrow is fairly quiet and well-connected.
  • Notting Hill - The Portobello Market and the yearly festival make this upscale area one that people flock to every year, along with the possibility of seeing the locations that featured in the 1999 film starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.
  • Kensington - Its high street and boutique shops ensure that this district remains popular and highly expensive, as does its close proximity to places like The Natural History Museum, Science Museum and the V&A. 
  • Maida Vale - With elegant Victorian houses and wide, quiet roads, business and leisure travellers that book short stays here can cruise down Little Venice’s waterway in canal boats and stroll along the footpaths.
  • Chelsea - One of the most expensive parts of London, Chelsea is more than perfect for those seeking to feel the affluence of West London to maybe see a celebrity walking by on their way to the shops.

Attractions Near Our Short Stay Apartments in West London

London is full of iconic landmarks, and anyone can list off the big few that give it it’s status. The chimes of Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and many more fill the long lists. In West London, some of the most popular museums are scattered through Exhibition Road and give insights into the natural world, science and art. Such institutions make this area of the city the packed and cultural beacon that it is. Then, of course, there are the shops down Kensington High Street and Harrods that offer the exclusive and luxury vibe that is another part of the area’s appeal for many.

Our short stay apartments are close to the attractions listed below:

  • Hyde Park - The most popular park in London, many musicians like the Rolling Stones and more have graced the stages, and it’s always one of the top areas for a sunbathe when the British weather perks up in the summer months. Other than that many come here for that muscle-aching run or to kick a ball around with mates.
  • Science Museum - From James Watt to Issac Newton, Marie Curie and many more, the world of scientific discovery and progress can be found within. Temporary exhibitions shed light on particular aspects of the scientific community, while engines and spacecraft all form part of the displays.
  • Natural History Museum - Visitors can travel across 13.8 billion years from the birth of the universe to the present day, jump into the microcellular world, see the evolution of humanity and explore the life that dominates the seas and lands. Night openings are also a must for those that want to see the museum in a new light and enjoy a temporary show.
  • Harrods - One of the most luxurious destinations in the whole of London, there are many jokes said about the cost of goods here and how it is full of toffs. But it’s always best to ignore them as nothing quite screams luxury than carrying a Harrods bag around the capital after a shopping spree.
  • Kensington Palace - Now the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the grounds and palace display the modernity of the House of Windsor as it goes from one century to the next representing the British people at home and abroad. The gardens are part of the appeal of the palace too.
  • Buckingham Palace - The residence of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s monarch and head of state lives behind the huge fences and the unsmiling guards wait poised for Instagrammers that want to try to make them blush and smile. The changing of the guard is always on the cards for those that want to see something incredible.
  • National Army Museum - The British Armed Forces are amongst the proudest in the world and the museum pays tribute to the progression of the forces and the sacrifices that all of the nation’s soldiers make when they are posted overseas and put in challenging and life-threatening situations.
  • Richmond Park - Guests can get lost in London’s biggest Royal Park, a deer park for Charles I in the 17th century. It is packed with joggers and those seeking a bit of fresh air outside of the smoky city, or to get away from it all to contemplate life, the universe and everything.
  • Kew Gardens - Hosting one of the largest collections of living plants in the whole world, Kew Gardens is a botanists dream. A full day out can be spent here wandering around the massive array of greenery and colourful plant life.
  •  Saatchi Gallery - Showcasing the very best of contemporary art, the gallery is often inhabited with cultured and cardigan-wearing art lovers and intellectuals looking to admire the new seeds that will be taking the art world to bold new levels.

Best Restaurants Near Our Short Stay Apartments in West London

Food is one of the cornerstones of the travel experience. Eating out and sampling the local cuisine, even for short stays, is an essential part of going abroad in the first place. London, with its global reputation, has a collection of restaurants that will tickle the appetite of all visitors. No matter what the favourite cuisine or meal may be, it can easily be found somewhere within the dense metropolis. Our short stay apartments in West London are located fairly close to the luxurious and stylish eateries in the area so our guests never have to panic about long trips on the tube or an insufferable wait in the taxi through clogged streets.

Some of the big restaurants that guests must visit in West London include the ones below:

  • Antipodea Richmond - An all-day Australian menu, the globe is here for all guests to devour and try at their convenience. With so much to sample, seconds might be on the menu.
  • Four Regions Restaurant - A smart Chinese restaurant serving classic dishes in a sleek modern dining room with a striped floor, guests can order their usual favourites or try something out there and brand new for a change. Plenty to choose from.
  • Pizzeria Rustica - An Italian restaurant with wall murals and tiled floors, scrumptious pizzas are here and ready to be devoured at all times of the day. Ideal for those that love the Italian temperament.
  • Le Salon Privé - A homely French brasserie, it dishes up classics made with British produce and the finesse of the French art of cooking to keep all appetites happy and to drive in guests through the door that love food that hits the gut.
  • Zaika of Kensington - Those that want to try creative and modern Indian cuisine whilst sitting in a wood-panelled restaurant with silk drapes and antiques will adore this fine establishment that puts as much spice in presentation as it does in the cuisine.
  • The Belvedere - Located in a grand 17th-century summer ballroom at the centre of Holland Park, this is a posh place to eat the 3 meals of the day. A sumptuous menu will keep bringing hungry folk back into the sphere of influence to try something even more divine.
  • Charlotte's Place - Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or cocktails, the choice is endless when the table is booked, filled and the food ordered.
  • Ealing Park Tavern - A large and popular neighbourhood gastropub with fireplaces, sofas, several bars and a walled patio garden, this is a dreamy and cosy hideaway for a pint or two in the evening after work or seeing the latest exhibits at the museum.
  • Bluebird - Guests can enjoy grilled meats, seafood and English breakfasts served in an airy, stylish space with big windows that can give a half-decent view to go with the sublime meals.
  • Kutir - Set in an airy townhouse and serving elevated Indian fare, all the old and tasty favourite dishes are here as well as a few hidden originals that are worth asking for to test the taste buds.

Corporate West London Apartments for Short Stays

Short business trips need a splash of colour, an air of exuberance. This is where our corporate accommodation in West London enters the scenario. Each one of our apartments has the required amenities to enable the space to function as a second home for a few days, and a remote office if needs be. The free Wi-Fi more than ensures that the remote working can take place when the office doesn’t sound appealing, and keep loved ones connected for the short period away from home. For short term business stays in West London where everything is taken care of, corporate guests choose TheSqua.re.

Short Stay Apartments in West London for Leisure

Families, couples and lone adventurers that like a bit of class to go with their few days in London book our wide array of serviced apartments. They have the big living areas and equipment that can develop the romantic night in, an evening watching TV with the family, or a quiet night with a glass of wine to read the favourite novel and watch the sun go down. And aside from that, they have the attractions and restaurants in close proximity to ensure a great time in West London.

Transport Near Our West London Apartments for Short Stays

The London Underground is one of the most robust city transport systems in the world, alongside the New York subway. Its efficient access and fare payment methods are what keep bringing visitors and locals to use it to go back and forth every day. We know and have experienced for ourselves the need for robust access to the city. Long commutes don’t have to be on the cards and we help to make sure that is never the case. Our apartments are centrally located and keep our guests connected to the city in every possible way.

The essential transport stations near our West London short stay apartments are:

  • Notting Hill Gate
  • South Kensington
  • Marble Arch
  • Hounslow Central
  • Ealing Broadway
  • Hammersmith
  • Richmond
  • Sloane Square
  • Kew
  • Harrow and Wealdstone

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