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With over 4 million people that call Los Angeles their home, it boasts of being the largest city in California. Sitting majestically in the southern basin of California, the gorgeous city is a dream to stay in. Consider yourself lucky if you get to be here on a business trip. With the huge mountains, Hollywood, and the Pacific Ocean brushing with the city on the side, weekends here would be nothing less than a paradise. 

With the most popular beaches, vintage car museums, and lots of business opportunities adorning the city, you will have a great time here. With an equally exciting display of our corporate housing in Los Angeles, a stay with us will surely add to your memorable experience here. 

 Our Best Corporate Apartments in Los Angeles

Corporate housing in Los Angeles is judged by three top-most parameters namely; added in-house comfort, proximity to the office area, and proximity to the fantastic ocean. While curating the finest homes for your business trips right here in LA, our top priority has been your working comfort. From a whole study area with a window by the side to the seamless Wi-Fi making your work and personal life easier, our business pads take good care of both the worlds.

As the city is home to some very celebrated corporate giants and even corporate packers and movers, a lot of travelers fall head over heels for the business potential that the city has to offer for a short-term partnership or long-term expansion. With neighborhoods like Downtown and FD being the epicenter of the strong finance game of LA, and our abodes keeping you sorted for as long as you wish to stay, take this as a little heads up to screen the city with all possible lenses of business opportunities. 

Pick from some of our finest displays of corporate housing in Los Angeles below:

 Why Should You Consider Our Corporate Housing in Los Angeles?

Let's admit it, business trips aren't the kind of stays that allow room for goof-ups. A fully-furnished and fully-functional serviced apartments are the best choices to go for. With nothing to worry about piling up hotel bills or getting your stomach upset with the unhygienic order-ins, you have all the practically tested reasons to consider our corporate apartments in Los Angeles. Each apartment is curated by a professional team of people who know what they are good at. With a cautiously chosen and guest-approved set of 5-star amenities awaiting you here, you must trust our corporate housing experts. 

 Facilities in Our Corporate Apartments in Los Angeles

Our sets of fully-furnished corporate housing in Los Angeles takes into account the tiniest details. From your morning coffee to your evening chilled beer with colleagues coming home, aged wine in stunning glasses to enjoy with a date or just a quick bowl of cereal milk warmed in the microwave on busy working days, your food and drinks are sorted. Why just food, your beauty sleep on the fluffiest beds will not let you look any less presentable for the big presentation at your office. The spacious almirahs and the locker will not let you misplace anything in the house to mess your workday. Even if it does for some other reason the coziest bathroom will welcome you home with a hot water bath to set things right. 

Let's take you through a thorough list of 5-star amenities that make our corporate housing in Los Angeles stand out:

  • 24-hour concierge desk
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • CCTV
  • In-house locker
  • Coffee maker
  • Dining table
  • Free parking
  • Gym access
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Bathtub or sauna
  • Washing machine & dishwasher
  • Lift access
  • Flat screen TV 
  • Balcony with a view

Where Can You Find Corporate Housing in Los Angeles?

The world knows that California is an ultimate hub of businesses and financial opportunities in itself. From the biggest entertainment giants calling Los Angeles their birthplace to visually fantastic parts of its neighborhoods brushed with the coastline, business and leisure go hand in hand in the corporate hubs of the city. While the neighborhood like the Financial District is home to the law firms and the real estate industry, Santa Monica steals the show for its entertainment business opportunities, Warner Center tops the charts for its financial clientele, and the whole of Los Angeles is thriving like never before. Come visit LA and stay with us while you explore the finest work possibilities here. 

Our fine abodes are sprinkled in the best parts of the city. They offer you the complete comfort of living along with a team that offers you round the clock support for all your requests. Once you make up your mind to consider our corporate housing in Los Angeles, our most loved apartments can be found in the following neighborhoods:

  • Downtown - When you think of a business trip, Downtown should be one of your top choices. Guests from across the world flood Downtown for a comforting, convenient, and manageable business stay amidst the hub of commerce. There are plenty of food choices and experiences here.
  • Financial District - If looking for a potential corporate client or investors, your chances to find their office is the brightest here. From real estate to law firms, Ernst & Young to Aon Center, the Financial District of LA is the ultimate hub of corporate offices. 
  • Santa Monica -  The business scene here is equally bustling as well but the entertainment sector opportunities sure see a heavy inclination in this Los Angeles neighborhood. With the biggest entertainment giants like Lionsgate and Viacom sitting here and the gorgeous beach, this neighborhood is gold. 
  • Warner Center - Head to the famous San Fernando Valley and stay in a very thoroughly planned gem of a neighborhood across California itself. Expect to find here clients that work in either professional services, the healthcare sector, or the thriving financial services. It has plenty of restaurants to host client brunches.
  • Bunker Hill - With a whole hub of retail and residential spaces right here, this is one of the most convenient LA neighborhoods to consider. The unbelievable jump that this part of the city has seen for its corporate investment and interest by people makes it a great choice for upscale real estate. 

 Best Attractions Near Our Corporate Apartments in Los Angeles

Whether you adore art and cinema or you are crazy for vintage cars, exciting Universal Studios to the most fascinating Natural History Museum, there is so much to see in Los Angeles. Our corporate housing in Los Angeles gives you the clear advantage of making the most of all major tourist attractions here. While most places are located nearby, the proximity to public transportation makes even the faraway places conveniently accessible. From beaches to museums, you will have a lot of options to choose from for fun evenings post busy working weekdays.

From the iconic Disneyland to the community hub of Griffith Park, right below are some of the handpicked attractions sprouting near our corporate housing in Los Angeles that you must know:

  • Griffith Park & Observatory - Spread in a whopping area of over 4200 acres, Griffith Park is one of the most enjoyable attractions in LA. With the LA zoo, walking trails, planetarium, tennis courts, and Greek theater right inside, enjoy a picnic or a fun day here with friends.
  • Hollywood - With its rich history, endless icons creating cinematic history around film sets, Chinese Theater, and the celebrated Walk of Fame, Hollywood is a list topping attraction. 
  • Santa Monica - A representative of this gorgeous city, this attractive coast is full of people from all walks of life. The crowd is happening, everyone can be seen having fun, partying, and surfing around. Blend in with the tourists and the locals and make memories here. 
  • Natural History Museum - Head to this massive museum with a whole section on dinosaurs spread over 14000 square feet. If you have been a history buff all your life, this is a must-visit place for you. 
  • The Broad - If you are more into art, this is the museum you should take time off your busy schedule to go to. With quite a fascinating installation concept of veil-and-vault, the museum showcases a must-see collection of art from across Europe. 
  • Petersen Automotive Museum - From over 300 car models ranging from the year 1886 to today beautify this wonderful museum. This is a perfect attraction for every car lover. Their architectural installations and detailed tours are equally loved.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Popularly called the MOCA is a celebrated gallery of art curated from around the world. It comprises MOCA Grand, MOCA Geffen, and Double Negative, each of which can be found in three different locations. Iconic art pieces from the 1940s can be admired here. 
  • The LA Farmers Market - When staying away from home, buying exotic or local organic ingredients is quite an exciting experience. Head here on a perfect summer evening and buy everything for that special weekend dinner at home. 
  • Venice Beach - If on a short trip particularly with friends, this is an ideal beach to head to. Enjoy skateboarding with the locals or just soak on the sandy beach after a relaxing weekend dip in the bright blue ocean of Los Angeles. 
  • The Nethercutt Collection - Another fantastic collection of the most gorgeous cars from across Europe. The antique car models are showcased on a fascinating display for you to enjoy. Not just that, one can even spot some vintage musical instruments and furniture here.

Best Restaurants Near Our Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

If you like skimming through breakfast and brunch spots nearby before picking your corporate stay or you prefer restaurants elegant enough to take a date to, our urban pads for business trips share proximity to both alike. Whether you like satiating brunches or you prefer tacos on the go, star-studded restaurants known across the globe or quaint ones in lesser-known streets, you can expect them all in Los Angeles. Expect all kinds of culinary experiences at the most convenient distances from our corporate apartments in Los Angeles.

While you appreciate the interiors of our corporate housing in Los Angeles, our exquisite picks of restaurants surrounding these urban pads will give you an elaborate food experience to remember LA by. Choose from an eclectic list below:

  • Gjusta - The coziest deli in the entire city, Gjusta is often stuffed with popular musicians and actors. Noticing its popularity, try anything on the menu, it would be a delight to your taste buds. No matter what, don't miss their smoked fish. 
  • Bavel - Bright, minimal, and refreshing are what perfectly define this excellent Middle-Eastern restaurant. They serve the best mushroom skewers, Marrakech, and hummus along with a fine wine selection make it a delightful package.
  • Rossoblu - Before the food, head here for the most stunning Danish art on the walls here. Handmade pasta floods the menu of this stunning Italian restaurant. Don't miss eating on their cozy sunlit patio. 
  • Cassia - This is your home to comfort food from Vietnam that you were looking for. This is the ideal restaurant to blog about with its beautifully plated dishes and the most balanced taste mastering culinary aesthetic. 
  • Little Sister - Dive in the most amazing Southeast Asian delicacies prepared to perfection at this little eatery in Downtown’s heart. The young crowd here is quite fun to be around as the ambiance is quite chirpy.
  • Sushi Tsujita - Come find this little Japanese heaven in LA’s Sawtelle Boulevard. The most interesting attraction is that sushi lovers from both budget extremes are welcome here. From the fanciest sushi on the menu to the most affordable one for brunch, it has something for all. 
  • Guerrilla Tacos - With a cozy open kitchen to the most quirky graffiti adorning its walls, their tomato sauce with an impressive taco range are two of the top favorites of the locals. Don't miss their classic Mexican breakfasts and sweet potato quesadillas here at all costs. 
  • Republique - From a separate elaborate menu for lunch, dinner, and brunch, this is your ultimate spot for a fulfilling meal in the heart of Los Angeles. The brunch here is particularly the richest in the city. 
  • Pizzana - Head here with empty stomachs to get a taste of the delicious pizza menu adorned with the perfectly cooked crust and a dreamy set of toppings. Their soft mozzarella is bliss!
  • Nightshade - If by any chance you happen to find a date on your trip, this is your best choice. It is a very sophisticated restaurant to go to for a stylish culinary experience. Their rich and diverse flavors on the menu here are effortless and irresistible. 

Public Transportation Near Our Corporate Housing in Los Angeles

LA County is known for its endless traffic with over 4 million people living here. Cabs and shared cars are quite preferred by travelers who choose comfort to travel over time. If you are a business official who prefers the quickest possible mode of transportation, go for the metro. Once known as the world’s largest electric railway system, the metro rail system here is still quite extensive and reliable. Just get your TAP card and pick any metro or bus based on your distance and you are all set to explore the city. While buses are comparatively slower, you can choose from a single-day pass, a 7-day pass, or a 30-day pass as well to ensure hassle-free payments at the least.

Some of the most easily accessible public transport stations near our corporate housing in Los Angeles include:

  • 7th Street in  FD (Line A, B, D, E)
  • 26th Street/Bergamont in Santa Monica
  • Hollywood Highland/Vine/Western (Line B)
  • Culver City (Line E)
  • Grand Avenue Arts in Bunker Hill (by 2022)
  • Wilshire/Rodeo in Beverly Hills (Line D)

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